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Post  Vita Vesta Caesar Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:34 pm

I was originally under the impression that this wasn't something that had a place in the forum proper, but I have recently been informed by Natsumi that it fits here in the Interest Check subforum. So, here we are. This is a list of all my unused ideas, everything from random plot, character, or ability ideas to random musings. It is unlikely that I'll be able to ever use anything but a small portion of these, but by making them available to the public it is my hope that others will find one that they decide they want to use, or are inspired by. Anyone can use any idea here without restrictions. All that I ask is you let me know if you find one you want to use so that I may remove it from the list.

Magician and Magic Ideas

-Magic based off of Satan and/or Lucifer. Perhaps something to do with how the two beings became viewed as one and the same by the general populace, despite being completely.

-Magic based off the Norse god Modi. Modi is the son of Thor, one of the survivors of Ragnarok, and surpasses even his father in physical power. Magic would have something to do with him being 'the strongest of the gods' and/or his association with berserker rages.

-Magic based off of the Ars Goetia and occult demon summoning. Through rituals can form contracts with the 72 demons and gain abilities depending on their associations, or perhaps has a spiritual item that can invoke them.

-Magic based off the story of how Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it man. Would interpret the fire that he stole as life and allow the magician to steal life from others. This would make him a very efficient counter to other magicians, as he can rob them of the fuel they need to cast their spells.

-A magic that allows for the user to 'persuade' and 'deceive' other people's bodies, instead of their minds, and cause them to deliver mixed signals. Like making someone's body interpret pain as pleasure, up with down.

-Magician with magic based off of Skirnir, the servant of Freyr who received his horse and sword as rewards for helping him woo his wife, and the indirect cause of his demise during Ragnarok.

-A magician that speaks like the titular character of Hitsugime no Chaika~

-Magic based off of Tamamo-no-Mae from Japanese folklore.

-Magic that creates tsukumogami for use as familiars.

-Magic based off of Nobunaga's Three Line Volley, which has become folklore over many years.

-Magic based off of the story of how the Norse god Heimdall created the class system during one of his adventures in disguise.

-Magician from the Greek Orthodox Church.

-Magic that allows for the manipulation of plant life, likely based on some earth spirit.

-Magic based off of the Wizard of Oz.

-Magician whose spiritual tools are a sword and a blade sharpener, which they dual wield in combat. ...There must be some interesting lore about a blade being sharpened.

-Magician who wields a sword several times their size with ease.

-Magic based off of the origin of the convention of naming ships using feminine names. ...Must research what that origin is.

-Magic based off of the Tao, and the passage in the Tao Te Ching that states that the left hand is worshiped during times of peace, and the right during times of war.

-A magician with magic based off of Alice in Wonderland and Alice in the Looking Glass. They have an ideal world, which is, in the view of others, absolutely surreal, and she wishes to make it into reality. Not just superimposing it upon the current world, but completely overwriting it.

-Magic based off of snakes. Traditionally, they symbolize rebirth, immortality, and longevity in a great many cultures, but there is also the famous myth of Medusa and her head of snakes, so it’d be interesting if you could connect the two.

-Magician who is a priest or priestess of a war god, and their magic/battle style involves swaying back and forth to put oneself into a trance, and from there, a battle frenzy with enhanced physical abilities and/or pain resistance/endurance. The war god would have to be one especially well known for blood, slaughter, and battle lust in particular.

-Magician that masquerades as a stage magician, pulling rabbits from hats, disappearing and escaping from impossible situations. All of the normal tricks. Only, doing them with truly impossible things that can't be explained away with trickery. Uses the veneer of a stage magician to hide the true nature of their magic, becoming a true master of misdirection, more of an illusionist than even the greatest of illusionists, despite being, in actuality, a true magician.

Esper and Ability Ideas

-Ability to change the way people about certain stimuli. For example, they could make it so that something that would normally make someone feel disgust, feel joy, or make them confident in a situation where they should be extremely cautious.

-A dark side esper that is forced to guard one of the Board of Directors, Makimoto Rizou. The concept his character is based off of is 'forever walking'. Is fitted with a device that will kill him if he ever stops moving, and that is used as motivation to get him to guard the ever-moving train with his life, since if it stops, he will die. His ability would be Equal Speed, or something else to do with momentum or acceleration.

-Ability to use other living being's senses in lieu of their own. See through someone else's eyes, hear with someone else's ears, etc.

-Ability that makes use of light propulsion.

-An esper born into a family yakuza, but was sent to Academy City at a young age because they were, and still are, in the midst of a vicious turf war. Despite having away from his family for several years, he is still a born and bred yakuza.

-Ability that rapidly increases or decreases air pressure within an area.

-A hikkikomori who gets kicked out of their dorm and onto the streets.

-Ability to convert kinetic energy directly into heat energy.

-Stomach acid becomes super powerful; they can secrete it from their body. Could be an esper ability, but could also be the result of body modifications.

-A Taser glove as seen used by Kujiragi in Durarara!!

-An esper who lost a limb and dropped a level in power as a result. (Donated by Cicero)

SS Ideas and Concepts

-The Perversion Propagation Committee makes their London debut.

-Someone getting horrible, messed up things done to them, similar to the screwdriver scene between Hamazura and Mugino.

-In a callback to Volume 1, have someone land on someone's balcony and involve them in an incident.

-A cabal that rebels against the advent of new, innovative discoveries and fields of magic. They are fiercely traditional, sticking to the old tried and true methods against all else.

-A yuri thread; lilies everywhere

-Beauty contest in Tokiwadai goes horribly wrong

-A group of magicians have had all their dreams come true. There is no longer any need to fight, no longer any need to traverse the dark underside of the world where common sense holds no sway. They have found their paradise. But something is wrong. It's subtle, something at the very tip of their tongues that they can't quite recall, but it's there. But... In such a perfect world, do they really want to risk investigating such a thing? No, surely they would prefer to continue living in bliss.

-An idol has recently gained huge masses of fans. She advertises herself as the Idol of the Level 0s, but what her fans don't know is that she is actually an esper with strong sonokinetic abilities. She carefully edits the tone and tenor of her voice in real time to make herself as a truly masterful singer. Her choreography is all hers, but the point that requires true talent is left completely to her ability, to the point something as clumsy as lip-syncing is hardly necessary. However, when someone moves to reveal her secret to the masses, how will she and others involves react?

-Someone spreads lego blocks across the floors of buildings all over the city and mass panic ensues as people everywhere lose the ability to walk after stepping on those accursed things

-Some plot that uses the Nazca Lines; Stonehenge, due to the lack of knowledge of its true purpose, has become a powerful tool that can be interpreted as most anything. Perhaps those have become something similar?

Vague or Miscellaneous Concepts and Ideas

-Someone who plays other people's roles. Like a substitute that fills in for an absent actor and plays their part, he finds the things and roles that are needed, but are not getting done or being filled, and does them until someone more suitable comes along.

-People have a psychological resistance to murder, viewing it as a great taboo. However, after you kill someone just once, you break down that barrier, and you'll be far less resistant the next time.

-Man is an animal. However, after millions of years, we've sealed that side of ourselves behind thick walls of civilization. However, behind those walls, just what kind of beast is a human?

-Just beyond the horizon. It is almost there, appearing to be just scarce inches away, but is in actuality so far that it can never be reached.

-After saving a young child at the cost of his own life, a man relates his life, his story, and his values to the child as he does, with the intent of making the mark they leave upon the child the proof that they had lived.

-Everyone lives an alien world from each other, based on what they consider to be 'common sense'. The smallest differences in values make the world different live perceive and live absolutely different on a fundamental level

-Saliva contains a painkiller six times more effective than morphine

-A character who wears a collar

-A girl who falls in love with something different everyday, without regard for its gender or even species; one day it might be an old salaryman, the next it could be an elementary schooler, then a dog, and then a stop sign or bus

-Cannibalism is a hobby for the rich and powerful

-Humans are reborn every moment. Simply waking up creates a brand new self.
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