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[SS] Loan Sharks

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[SS] Loan Sharks  - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] Loan Sharks

Post  Aoki Aiko on Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:49 am

"Alright Helpful Wanderer; there might be something you could do to help."

"Say? Can you move well with your ability active? There is a meeting we need to crash over there and we can't be seen or the bastard would know something is up."

'Of course I can move and use my ability.' Aiko was about to say before 'Rika' continued...

"Or would I need to Princess carry you?"

This changed things, being carried around sounded like a silly, fun time to Aiko and she was all about that.

"It's very challenging to use it and move at the same time," Aiko stated. Oh course this was blatantly false. She had just been using her ability while moving back in the employee break room at the restaurant. However 'Rika' was not away of this, unless she could see through walls. Even so, Aiko didn't make any attempt to make her remark seem at all truthful. 'Rika' being someone from the Dark Side would have no hesitation in knowing that this statement was false.

"It looks like you'll have to carry me," Aiko exclaimed as she glomped 'Rika'. "Carry me, we have a meeting to attend."

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[SS] Loan Sharks  - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] Loan Sharks

Post  Oda Taichi on Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:17 pm

[SS] Loan Sharks  - Page 2 Ririni10

Rin Oda had paused for a moment to study Aiko's response. She would readily admit that she could forget the fine details of any ability recently explained, though this one she had not forgotten. The very least the little adventure at the restaurant had proven that she could, in fact, move while using her ability. So the reason she had asked was to not only test her reliability but also her honesty. She had clearly lied, though it was an unharmful one since it was very obvious she hadn't tried to hide it.

Could have this been an invitation?

She nodded her head slightly as she had decided to punish Aiko.

Rin's eyes sparkled at the thought and had immediately picked her up without delay. Showing no signs of fatigue or struggle, the devilish girl even remarked Aiko's lightness despite her clear ability to pack it away. She would place her hands in questionable positions that would be perceived as perverse. Despite her clear intent to grope Aiko into submission, she would carry the girl straight into the alleyway with her using her ability or not.

This would be fun to see how reliable this girl can be though, it wasn't hard to notice that this all seemed like a game.

A battle of minds perhaps or a battle of wills? Either way, Rin had struck and it was time for Aiko to play her part.

And in doing so have she had successfully adventured in the alleyway, Rin would've jumped the fence with Aiko in tow running with a decent speed not expected by anyone carrying another human. What they would find down the secluded spot would be many bins some neatly placed side by side but many scattered everywhere as they've been targeted by adolescent aggression. There was also a small opening between the buildings which could be described as a pseudo courtyard. There was a rundown car in the middle, though there was a reasonable question about how it got past all the bins and obstacles, two of the four ways into this place was blocked by a metal fence and numerous broken and worn down cardboard boxes with different company labels.

Clearly, there has been a large occurrence of company stock falling from the back of vans, though that wasn't their concern. What would be the girl's problem would be where should they stand among what looked like a decent size gathering of eight people. They all seemed the sort that rebelled against authority and so using the standard profiling they're probably skill-out members.

Though profiling isn't always accurate.

There were three girls sitting on the hood of the car, their faces clearly have shown where average in looks and weren't really distinguishable. The others were boys who all seemed to have their hoods up, clearly not wanting to be identified had kept their faces away from prying eyes all looking towards the girls and were discussing among themselves.

The question now would they notice their stalkers or not would be up to Aiko.
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