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[SS Idea]An Unfortunate Gamble

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[SS Idea]An Unfortunate Gamble Empty [SS Idea]An Unfortunate Gamble

Post  Kinoshita Nori on Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:19 am

[SS Idea]An Unfortunate Gamble Money10

Money is power. Even in a city as advanced as Academy City success can be measured by someone's income as the members of the Power Curriculum Program are paid based on the prestigiousness of their school and/or their power level. Yet with sixty percent of all of Academy City's espers being Level 0's a large portion of the population stands at a financial disadvantage.

That's where the loan sharks come in preying on the less fortunate, promising quick and easy access to money through loans that would be much harder or even impossible to get somewhere else. For a little while, this can seem like a ray of hope allowing but eventually it all turns sour. High interest rates quickly increase the person's debt to something unattainable and the shark final descends upon its prey. Changing the terms of the contract, changing payment dates, and using threats or even violence to forcibly take the money they are owed.

Yet some people will only be pushed around so long before they finally reach their breaking point and eventually the loan sharks pushed them too far. A small group formed refusing to payback their loans and in turn the sharks pushed back with greater violence, threats, and manipulation. Tensions quickly rose between both sides with rebellion snowballing on one side and violent pushback on the other. On the verge of a war between creditors and debtors, which side will you chose?
Kinoshita Nori
Kinoshita Nori
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