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[Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

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[Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

Post  Kerri McKinley on Tue May 07, 2013 1:51 am

Mari Illustrious Makinami

Level 4: Force Command

"I love to fight, that's all there is too me. No deep problems or issues, it's where my passions are. Any problems you have with me, I'd be happy to discuss... with violence."

FULL NAME: Mari Illustrious Makinami
OTHER ALIAS: Pusher, Problem Child
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Worker for organization known as Deep-Six
SCHOOL: A Certain Unnamed High school

APPEARANCE: Mari is a slender young woman who stands at 5’4”. Her hair is brown, which she keeps in two twin-tails and has a blue hair band in it. Her eye sight isn’t the best, so she wears a pair of red glasses to help her see far distances. Her eyes are green. When she’s not wearing her school uniform, Mari chooses to wears a pair of
HEIGHT: 5’4”
WEIGHT: 120 lbs.

Fight Lover
She loves to fight. That’s it. She’s always been an active girl, and has the most fun battling against someone, with or without her ability.
She loves fighting, but doesn’t fight people who can’t or refuse to fight back unless she needs to. She believes a fight is best when both sides are fighting with their all, and with complete focus on the battle.
She tends to go against authority for the most part. She’s broken rules without care or consideration for years. All rules except those of her current employer. Seriously marches to the beat of her own drum.
Overly Familiar
Tends to act really friendly and kind to people without thinking. She also never really holds grudges, and even acts friendly with people she’s fought before.
Enjoys bugging people from time to time, playfully. May unintentionally scare people when she does.

Fighting, training, practicing with her power, messing around, hanging with friends, watching soap operas, dancing in arcades, candy
Killing, fighting people who don’t want to fight, vegetables, losing her glasses, people who don’t take her seriously, misjudging people because they are different, and being judged because of her Blood Knight attitude.
Making friends, ability to let go of grudges, focused on her goals, she’s enthusiastic about her work, willing to let people go when they don’t want to fight her, unless she has no choice but to fight.  
Staying calm, not destroying a place she’s fighting in, being considerate for people, being quiet, she’s kind of obnoxious when she’s trying to get people to tell her things. She always constantly holds back against people in order to prolong fights so she can enjoy herself more.

HISTORY: Mari had been born in a normal neighborhood, as a normal child. Her parents were middle class and had raised her trying to make their perfect little girl… unfortunately, this wasn’t what she grew up to be. Mari had instead grown up to be a tomboy. She didn’t like sitting around and knitting, she loved physical activities, and because of that, she had hung out with guys most of her younger life.

Her parents tried to reign her in, but she kept resisting. Naturally, because she was around guys so much, she was teased about being weaker then them, which she proved wrong. Her first fight was with one who attacked her, but she was the winner. However, the aggression she had, and the fat that she broke the boys nose, shown caused her to get kicked out of her first grade school at a young age.

Over the years, her aggressive tendencies had only grown worse. She kept growing and people kept challenging her or she kept challenging them. She never fought anyone who didn’t want to because she knew what it was like to get attacked. The first person she ever fought jumped her when she didn’t want to fight. She hated how she had been attacked, and despite that she enjoyed putting him in his place, she didn’t like how she was attacked when she didn’t want any trouble.

Her parents even tried entering her into a kung fu class so she could release her aggression. She took to it like candy, but she still got into the occasional scuffle outside of it. When she was ten, she participated in a junior tournament, and managed to win. The grand prize: A scholarship For Academy City, and participation in the power curriculum. Mari was neutral about it at first, and reluctantly accepted, but after gaining her ability, and a way to make her fights even more fun, she felt that it was the best decision she had ever made.

In Academy City, she spent the last seven years training her power and fighting people, managing to get average grades all around and keep up with her classes. She had been arrested by Anti-Skill countless times for fighting and using her powers outside of school grounds, but she was released early due to the great potential she showed with her abilities.

One day, she had met a purple haired man as he was limping to a hospital. He had been heavily injured by something, and Mari decided to help him out. She used her strength to carry him to the hospital. She asked him what he was doing after he was stable, and, while he was resting, he decided to just tell her that it’s dangerous. This only made Mari more curious, and she kept bugging him for hours, returning each day for a week.

The man reluctantly decided to introduce the girl to his employer, and, after learning about the danger of the job, and the risks she was told about with the information she had, she had become an employee, working under the man who she had helped with four others, totaling a group of six, with several other lesser members shifting in and out. After he left, she had become the leader of the group. As of now, she manages to keep up with her job and her schoolwork fairly balanced, not taking the schoolwork very seriously, and manages to live a relatively stable life. The only people she is very careful to listen to are the purple-haired man, and the boss who they work under.

RANK: Team leader
(ABILITY NAME): Force Command

This ability revolves around the manipulation of forces, specifically the force applied to, and released by her body.

Mari is capable of increasing the force of her body, allowing her to make, say, a punch or a kick have a lot more power then a normal one would. This increases her offensive capabilities, and seemingly increase her strength. By manipulating the force of her movements, she is able to seemingly increase her speed, such as increasing the amount of force in her steps, letting her move faster, or push herself forward.

Her maximum force output is approximately ten times the amount of force her body can create on its own, at least without causing unnecessary damage.

As a defensive ability, Mari’s Force Command let’s her seemingly nullify the force of solid objects on her, or the force put on her body. In example, if she were to fall from a long drop, she would be able to land without any issues, seemingly increasing her durability. What really happens is that she minimizes the amount of force put on her body to a point that is near zero.

The weakness about this is that is only work on solids. With things such as electricity, fire, or concussive blasts, etcetera, her ability won’t protect her from those. Only solids.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Street Fighter
Mari loves fighting, and does it constantly, meaning she is very experienced init. She has some formal training as well.
She is a very good leader, and authoritative in serious situations. She isn’t afraid to admit when she doesn’t know something, and is always willing to ask others for any information they have.
Knife skills
Uses a combat knife when she needs to. Is able to use her abilities to increase the danger of it.
Roller skating
just a way she likes to get around. She hates taking the buses because they’re boring, and she isn’t old enough to drive a car.
What she lacks in brain power, she makes up with creativity, something she typically implements into her fights.
While she is reluctant to use it normally she has been well versed in how to wield and use a gun, but only a handgun, nothing larger.


Casual dayz- (I'll fill this in later)

Fighting with fun-

A warriors regrets-

Let's get frantic!-

PLAYER'S NAME: Kerri McKinley
FACE CLAIM: Mari Illustrious Makinami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

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Re: [Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

Post  Kerri McKinley on Wed May 08, 2013 3:56 pm

I'm actually gonna revise her profile, give me a bit of time.
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Re: [Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

Post  Kerri McKinley on Thu May 09, 2013 7:23 pm

Done, and ready to be approved (or edited, depending on what someone thinks)
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Test Post

Post  Kerri McKinley on Sat May 11, 2013 2:14 am

OOC: Wow, this was such a long post! .........I regret nothing.

Late at night in Academy City, it was nearly pitch black outside save for the light of he moon shining down. The streets were empty, save for the occasion passing car, and the sidewalks had no people on them. All was peaceful in District Six, at least it was in most parts. At the local amusement park, however, there was a disturbance.

A small group of people were gathering in front of he gates of the park, all coming from varying locations,. Each of them dressed the same way, wearing pitch black hooded jackets and pants, along with special masks. These masks were pitch black, coated with a special form of one way glass. A recent creation of academy city, meant to be an easy way for the average person to get some extra privacy in their lives by covering their windows. Instead, they were used on these masks to help hide the faces of this strange group, the hoods helping to obscure the mask, making it seem as if their faces were simply being covered by shade. These members had various weapon with them, but only about half were armed. Two members had brought several large suitcases with them.

There were people of varying builds there, waiting in the open for several minutes. Some of them were shifting around nervously, worried about the person they were waiting for. After ten minutes, they heard a boisterous voice call out.

"Sorry I'm late!" Al of them visibly flinched from the noise, but that was their only reaction. It seemed that they were expecting something like this.

A young woman with two short pig tails, and glasses, was running up to them. She wore the same outfit as the rest of them, but kept her on mask not covering her head, but in her right arm. She stopped, panting,

"S... sorry I... i took long, I... my skates broke and I... need to get a knew... pair..." The group members nodded in acknowledgement. One of them stepped forward to address her,

"Mari, I'd say it's good to see you, but the fact hat I can see you means you aren't hiding your identity." He stated... though the distorted voice he had made it difficult to tell.

"Oh, I know what I need to do. I just took the helmet off about ten feet away to surprise you guy. Figured a little lighthearted joking would be nice to ease the tension, you know Mack?" The man known as Mack sighed.

She's always teasing people and messing with them. Sometimes I wonder why she's one of the group leaders... then I keep remembering, The man nodded before turning to everyone. He stood beside Mari and addressed the crowd,

"Okay everyone, we scouted the area and confirmed no one is in the area, along with a few scouts in the area to deter any passerby who wants to go exploring. We're going to brief you n the details again. Mari?" The brown haired girl nodded and turn toward the group, her easygoing attitude fading to a more serious,

"Everyone, our assignment is to capture seven members of a local gang in this location. This group has been kidnapping young people here when their guards were down, and holding them for ransom. How the keep managing to escape is unknown. Tunnels to different locations are found at places where the money is exchanged, but how they were made is what we, and Anti-Skill, it unsure of. After several scouts have surveyed the area, we managed to find out that several people spent time canvassing this recreational location. Matching the descriptions we were given, one scout tailed several to a location and managed to get information in on their meetings. At the moment, we're not aware of any abilities these four may possess due to the short notice we received to work on this job, except for the fact that one of them is a Level 4. She was remarked as the strongest according to the meeting our scout eavesdropped on two days ago. She will be my target," Mari looked towards the various men and woman in front of her,

"You've all been given descriptions of each member of the group, including images stolen from security cameras. If there are any civilians in this area, incapacitate them, and be sure to take any cash they have. Make sure they won't wake up for a while. We need them to think they were just mugged. Are there any questions?" Mari was answered with silence,

"Who here has an ability that can be used for combat?" The man named Mack and another man raised their hands, "Good, you two are with me. Just some back up to be safe." Mari stated before checking the messages on her cell phone. One message had arrived, saying,

ther r 5 memberz meting in oark centr. camera imaqges clear. a straglerr is wandering around neer feris weeel. teh level for, nd 1 other.

Wow... Haruka needs to get a phone with spell check. She thought as she read her informants message,

"Okay everyone. If you have any weapons, keep them ready. Phones on vibrate, and only text if you need anything. Mack. You, me, and..."

"Raymond, ma'am."

"Raymond are going to meet this mysterious Level 4 and her associate. The rest of you, meet up with the other group members and take them down. Don't let any of them leave." Mari dawned her mask, and spoke in her distorted voice,

"No one leaves this place alive." She stated coldly, hiding the disdain in her voice. She didn't like killing people, but at least the people she did kill were never saints. Usually the opposite.

One member of the group quietly jimmied the lock and entered the area. Five members were heading to the center of the park, while Mari, and her subordinates, Mack and Raymond, headed to the ferris wheel.

They walked through the night, observing the various rides and attractions in the area. Despite the cheerful atmosphere the area presented in the day, it felt more ominous now that night was upon the area.

The three of them had managed to find the ferris wheel with ease. The large construct stood high, taller then most others in the area. In front of it, two teens were wandering about. The first was a young man with mean looking eyes, and sort cropped hair. He had the looks of a common thug, despite dressing in a surprisingly fashionable way,

From the cash they've been earning, no doubt. Mari thought. She felt a bit nervous not knowing what her target could do, but excited about the risk as well. Some rich guy, a close fried of a board member, felt humiliated having to pay for his own kid's release, and wanted them gone. At least, that's what the boss told us. He also said it was because students were avoiding the area here. They were a disturbance that needed to be ended, in the Boards eyes.

Mari and her two companions listened in on the conversation the two were having,

"You sure they won't be suspicious about this?" The guy said to the girl. She was a frail looking girl, with fair skin and short, grey hair, and a very nice face. She was very pretty,but there was a coldness in her eyes. Similar to the one in the eyes of her co-workers without their masks on,

"Of course, I already told them I was helping you out. You should be grateful I'm even helping you. If I wasn't so nice, I'd turn you in for everything along with the rest of those idiots. You happen to be loyal, so I felt generous."

"B-but... they helped us out... I mean we al worked together on this, it just seems-"

"Unfair?" The girl said, "Well, so is life. Bad things happen to good peopel, good things happen to bad ones, but that's just the way the world is." Mari grinned. She had heard enough,

Time to act,

"That's a nice motto. You come up with it yourself, or did one of your flunkies have to think it up for you?" Mari said, walking out of the shadows. Her two companipons didn't bother. They shifted to the side, where the man was,

Both the man anth the girl jumped at the sound of Mari's distorted voice. The two of them had put their guards up, they were ready to fight,

"Wh-who're you?" Mari walked towards the two, slowly,

"Oh, no one really. Just someone looking for a fight. Whether you also are or are not, isn't my concern." Mari stated, and stopped, waiting for the two of them to make their move.

I can't enjoy myself much, so I won't be able to hold back for long. Hopefully I can fight against these two with whatever abilities they have,

The brown haired girl glared at her, "Noburu, stand back," the girl stated angrily, "After I take care of this idiot, we'll just report this girl as another accomplice along with the others to Anti-Skill."

"Yes Kimiko," the man said, stepping to the side, unknowingly getting closer to both Mack and Raymond, still hiding in the shadows,

Mari's mask didn't show it, but she was smiling slightly, eager to see what this girl had up her her sleeve,

"So, i hear your a Level 4. So am I," Mari says, "What can you do?"

"You really want to know?" The girl said. She lifted her arm, and a part of the concrete on the park ground rose up. As she shifted her arm to her font, the rock followed the movement, rapidly being sent into Mari's face. She fell back, her mask shattering, her body unmoving, "My ability is Terraform. Useful when I need to dig tunnels. It lets me control any earth around me. Faking my true power in the Curriculum tests helped me slip under the radar... not that it matters to you, considering your dead," The grey haired girl began to walk away, but stopped when she saw the impossible,

Mari was standing back up, her head unharmed. Her hood was down, and her face was revealed, with her mask the only thing damaged. She checked her glasses, and sighed, "Phew, thought you broke these." She said casually,

Kimiko stood in silent disbelief, wondering what had just occured. She thought about what the twin-tailed girl Mari had said. How she was a Level 4.

Kimiko didn't waste any time. Lifting both arms at her side up, she brought up two more rock, and hurled them at Mari,

Mari started walking towards her. "You know..." She started, he first rock hitting her dead on the head, but only falling harmlessly to the ground.

"if you give yourselves up-" Mari back-fisted the the second rock, shattering it, "you'd be making this easier for us."

Kimiko had gotten even more irritated, "And then what!? Help us out? Huh!? You're just here to kill us!!! I know it!!!" She stated, stepping forward and thrusting both arms forward, sending a stone spike out from the ground a few feet in front of her, jutting out low, and aimed at Mari's torso,

It impacted, and she bent over. Kimiko had believed that it was over, but Mari simply looked up glaring at her, "Yeah, that's true, but you guys dug your own graves by becoming common kidnappers. But at least," Mari grinned and lifted both her arms up, breaking off and sending a segment at Kimiko, suddenly grinning "You're fun to fight!!!" She screamed,

Kimiko had sent the segment earthbound to pierce Mari, but she had already moved, at a remarkably high speed. Kimiko Aimed her hand at Mari, causing a large stone spike to appear where Mari was standing. She backstepped just at the last second, the spike tearing through her jacket, and stepped forward to smash through it, and head straight towards Kimiko.

The girl had panicked, and tried bringing up several more spikes but Mari managed to side-step them easily, being completely aware of how her ability worked with her bodies movements. As soon as Mari had gotten cose enough, Kimiko could see the girls mad glare behind her glasses, coupled with her wild grin, all too clearly as she reeled back and punched her dead center in the face, sending the grey haired girl tumbling several feet away, her nose and mouth spurting blood, wihich spattered about as she kept going, until she stopped,

"Kimiko!" Mari had forgotten about the man accompanying her. He had been so quiet up until now.

His name was Noburu, right... what are Raymond and Mack doing? They should have taken care of him by now, Mari looked towards the man, who looked like he had just throw something. Suddenly, she feelsomething coming towards her from the wind, and quickly moves out of the way. She can't see what it is, but something is leeving a pretty bad cut on her arm.

"Shit!" She shouts. She watches as the man seemingly tosses more projectiles at he, and mari simply moves rapidly to different spots, hoping to avoid geting cut by anything. As she moves, she manages to evade the invisible slicing objects aimed at her...

Air! He's cutting me with freaking air! No wonder my ability won't work, I'm not being hit with anything solid!

Mari continues to move, receiving multiple lacerations on her body. Kimiko struggles to stand, gradually getting back on her feet, watching two men jump out of the shadows, attacking Noburu,

"Watch out!" She screams, but it's too late,

The first man uses his ability to create a blinding light, disorientating Noburu, and allowing him to to cut a gash into his chest with a knife. While he's still blinded, the second man places his hand onto the wound, and it can be seen as the blood freezes,. The man tries to scream, but his mouth is covered as the cold reaches his heart, killing him.

Kimiko's eyes are wide with fear. Mari stares her down, the cuts all over her body ignored. She looked upset, but determined, "It was fun while it lasted, but I' afraid it's time to end this. Nothing personal," Mari says, and takes a step forward, suddenly dashing through the air with her ability towards Kimiko.

Kimiko raises both arms up as she produes a quick shield, making it rather thin. It isn't enough to stop Mari. She punches the wall, easily breaking through it, and stopping right in front of it, looking towards the ground.

"I really wish I didn't have to kill you, but like i said, it's not personal..." Mari yanked her arm out of the wall, coated with her enemies blood, "Just business." She heard the girl Kimiko making a few hollow noises before collapsing to the ground. Mari didn't need to see her to know the damage that had been caused.

A flash of sadness went across her face, but it was quickly replaced with her professional attitude.

Enough leisure time, it's time to get back to work, She turns to her subordinates, and walks towards them, but stops after receiving another text,

Targets confirmed dead. Storing in suitcases and cleaning up blood. Delivering two to you ASAP. Mari closed her phone,m satisfied, and turned towards her subordinates,

"Hey, nice job." She aid, smiling slightly, "You really pulled my fat out oif the fryer there."

The man known as Raymond scoffed, "Well, if you had focused on stealth killing, then this would have been easier. Why the hell did you expose yourself life that!?" He staed angrily.

And he has every right to be,

"I figured I didn't need it since the place was abandoned. I like fighting, and I like them to be as fair, or as challenging as they can get. Right Mack?" The man named Mack, nodded. Even though they still wore masks, Mari was pretty good at identifying people by how they responded to her.

"Right... hey Mari?" Mack stated,


"You should get back to your dorm room, it's getting late." Masri looked at him, irritated,

"Oh, what? Come on! I cam all the way out here to help, I'm not some little kid who has to listen to curfew!" She says indignantly,

"Yeah, she should help too!" Raymond said indignantly,

"There's no need for that. It's just a simple movement now, like a regular delivery but... well, you know," Mack stated, "Mari, you're still a growing girl who needs plenty of rest for school. Go on. I'm taking not taking for an answer," Mari looked at Mack angrily, and left,

"You know what? Fine. Go ahead, and good luck!" She said, walking away,


"And you better be careful!"


"And be sure everyone gets the pay they deserve!"

"I will,"

And with that, Mari left, skulking through the streets, and moving quickly back to her dorm room. The next day, she would act like a normally eccentric student living in Academy City, no one being the wiser to what she had done he previous night.
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Re: [Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

Post  Accelerator on Fri May 17, 2013 1:12 am

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Re: [Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

Post  Mari Illustrious Makinami on Fri May 17, 2013 2:46 am

Thanks. I just made an account for her.
Mari Illustrious Makinami
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Re: [Esper] Mari Illustrious Makinami

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