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[SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

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[SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Mon May 22, 2017 10:28 pm

Wednesday, April 4th.

The time has come for the outside dormitory of Tokiwadai Middle School to, once again though belatedly, celebrate its annual festival meant to showcase only part of the luxury being a Tokiwadai student offers, from young girls who are potential recruits to people who've missed their chances (or simply never had one at all) alike!

…yet, in those busy days heavily delayed by Misaka Mikoto's mysterious absences during the month of July, the preparations and training that need to be dreadfully hurried to compensate for lost time have lost their supervisor.

Yes, the supervisor: that demon-like Dorm Mistress who rules over the school and dormitory with such an iron fist that internet has brought up many rumours as to its origins – from an undercover spy to Academy City's prototype machine meant to eventually replace human, therefore fallible staff, even passing by the most-innocent theory that she is simply a tender woman hidden underneath thick layers of ice – has disappeared from her expected position as organiser of the event.

And in her stead, appears a more than peculiar young girl with whom Tokiwadai students are strangely familiar with despite not belonging to the school... even being an outsider?!

Registrations for [SS] Arduous Tasks, which I've made known in the past as “Tokiwadai SS” are finally up! Though this is a mere formality seeing how this is a private, invite-only thread, keeping an OOC as per forum protocols will help keep things organised for everyone and help keep track of who's playing what character.

I'm not going to be very inclined towards a Discord server for now since I want to make communication a vital point here, and staying with the OOC will help to keep everyone on the same page, but if there's a high demand and everyone agrees to it, I'll consider making a channel for it.

But for now, since we still have some time before the thread opens while I polish up details, everyone who's been invited to the thread is free to announced their preferred/assigned character(s)!


Misaka Mikoto, Hujisaka Natsumi, Mystery Girl & Uiharu Kazari - Natsumi
Shirai Kuroko & Hoshino Noriko - Kohaku
Guy Li - Guy
Saten Ruiko - Iva
Kaneko Mirai - Lemouri

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Hujisaka Natsumi
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Mon May 22, 2017 10:35 pm

That sounds rather promising Misaka-san.
Saten Ruiko (clearly not the cute sexy highschool girl Meltdowner of impending doom) desu.
Mugino Shizuri
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

Post  Erin Lightheart on Tue May 23, 2017 11:14 am

Kaneko Mirai (The girl with the golden future)
Erin Lightheart

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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

Post  Kumokawa Maria on Tue May 23, 2017 2:34 pm

It's time for Hoshino Noriko to shine and hit people with harisens~

And for Shirai Kuroko to do things too.
Kumokawa Maria
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Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks (OOC)

Post  Guy Li on Thu May 25, 2017 1:26 am

As funny s it would be for Accelerator to bust in on the happy Slice of Life funtimes, I'll be going with:

Guy Li - The unfortunate sap who has to take care of all you troublesome kids.
Guy Li
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