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[SS] Friends with Benefits

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[SS] Friends with Benefits

Post  Nikolas Remes on Fri Mar 09, 2018 12:04 pm

Chapter 1
And so the trouble begins.

[b]March 4th, 9:21

In Germany, there exists a tavern known for its vast array of beers and warm reception; it's a safe spot for weary travellers heading towards the low countries and back. Its built just outside a national park and has excellent access too breathtaking views. Its also known to be pet-friendly with an old female Greek Harehound guarding the entrance, greeting visitors as they enter and with five other harehounds roaming around the property. This tavern is called 'Ye Olde', and its owner has a problem.

Nikolas Remes is very good at managing the tavern even when he's not around, leading such an elusive life that his regular customers often chat how they rarely see him at the bar. This doesn't mean he has no experience or skill to deal with customers in that sort of environment, but mainly due to the true nature of the establishment and his entire life. He is often called away to fulfil his obligations elsewhere or following leads for his personal reasons.

Whatever takes him away from his home in Europe, the owner understands he has obligations to his employees even being support staff from the Anglican church. Even they deserve some form of holiday, and this is where his problem lies. Nikolas Remes could give them all the time off they deserve, but it would leave him short-handed. The easy solution here was to close the kitchen and only provide essential snacks while keeping the bar open. As long this is achieved Nikolas could handle this on his own, but it would increase his work ten-fold and service time would suffer as a result. However, this would mean all the support staff would be able to have some time off after covering his absence so many times.

"Hmm." Nikolas thought about it as he looked towards the staff rota and nodded his head before heading towards the bar.

This was the best choice available to him, by shutting the kitchen he can provide limited service which he shall inform the customers as they enter the establishment by a notice on the door. Not only does this allow him to fulfil his obligations to those who work for him, but also to his customers by remaining open. And so as he got to work by informing his staff and preparing for opening while Orais stayed in her usual position to greet the first customers of the day.


As the time approached midday, customers started to fill the tavern, and it wasn't so overly busy that would be impossible for one to manage at this point. That challenge would come around at 5 pm, so, for now, everything was going according to plan. Some customers weren't happy with the limited service, but in the world of customer service pleasing everyone was impossible.

And he wouldn't have to worry too much as his faithful harehounds which roam the property as sentries being outside and in helping him keep an eye on everything. Notably, Dromas was outside the front of the tavern pacing around, who would typically be on the second floor. He was the largest of the Harehounds and made an excellent guard dog, but something has caught his notice across the road. But the faithful companion dare not to leave the property boundaries showing an example of his excellent training.
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Re: [SS] Friends with Benefits

Post  Atsa Tsinaajinii on Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:34 am

Staring back at the dog from across the road was a white haired boy who had two blue feathers sticking out of his hair and a red scarf comfortably wrapped around his neck. An eagle poked it head out from the boy's coat, where it had been sheltering itself from the cold air up until that point. The bird keenly watched each person who walked by with its cynical eyes and if it deemed anyone grew to close for comfort it would threateningly peck the air quickly indicating the fate that awaited anyone who didn't heed its warning. The boy on the other hand possessed a very welcoming aura to him and the small grin that decorated his face seemed to indicate that he didn't have a care in the world. However, this illusion of tranquility would quickly be broken just a moment later when a loud, pain filled roar echoed out from around his general vicinity.

It would only take a moment for anyone who happened to be nearby to figure out what the source had been. It had been his stomach, it had been a day or two since his last meal and while his face may have continued the act of tranquility his body had no intentions of doing so. Logically speaking, it would've made sense that after not eating for so long he would've rushed into the tavern to quell his hunger but there was one important detailed that was holding him back. He was broke, his empty pocket where his wallet had once been served as a constant and cruel reminder of his foolishness. He had fallen victim to his own naivety and this was his punishment for it. His wallet had been stolen and the thief had doomed him to starvation in this country that was so far away from home.

There was a small part of him that began to consider begging but each time this thought entered his mind it was quickly silenced by his pride. If worst came to worst he could always try heading out to the nearest forest and hunting but at this point he wasn't even certain if he had enough energy for that. His bird had tried to help him out a few times but he wasn't so hungry as to settle for uncooked rat just yet. The overwhelming and crushing feeling of defeat pervaded throughout his entire being and yet he rose to his feet. The instinctually desire to survive hadn't given in just yet and he refused to be defeated by a simple low class thief. He was going to survive this and get back to Necessarius base in England.

As he got to his feet the eagle in his jacket quickly took flight before returning to him to perch on his shoulder. He pickup his backpack which had been laying beside him on the bench and for the first time the empty quiver and bow that had been on his back became visible. He slowly made his way to the other side of the street over to the guard dog who had been watching him. Cautiously he moved the back of his left hand near the hound so that could sniff him without feeling threatened. The worst thing he could do right no would be to get in a fight with the dog. There was no way he had enough strength to win a fight like that right now.

"Hello there, I'm terribly sorry for the trouble but could I ask you a question? Do you happen to know the owner of the tavern over there or at the very least if he is looking for any part time employees? My wallet was stolen just the other day and as you can probably tell I really could use something to eat"

Yes, the white haired boy was asking a hound about employment at a nearby tavern and while to any onlookers he probably looked like a man driven mad by hunger his sanity was actually completely intact. He paused just a moment before an apologetic expression crossed over his face and he spoke again.

"I almost forgot! I need to introduce myself, my name is Atsa Tsinaajinii and its a pleasure to meet you. What would your name be?"

Atsa didn't expect an answer from the hound right away especially considering what just happened. It most of been quite strange for the hound hearing the shaman's voice and understanding everything he was saying. It was like walking down the street one day and suddenly running into a dog that could speak english fluently. As such the boy had no problem giving Dromas the time he needed to get his thoughts together.
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Re: [SS] Friends with Benefits

Post  Vita Vesta Caesar on Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:53 am

Saravati Nair was someone Vita had first set her sights on some time ago. At the time, they had not yet met directly. They had not worked on so much as a single assignment together. In all likelihood, even though Vita knew of Saravati, Saravati was completely unaware of her. For someone without a disposition or goals like Vita's, that was entirely natural. But Vita had heard of the girl escaped from India first from word of mouth, dropped mentions from and eavesdropped conversations of people who had met the girl, or knew other people who had, and next through firsthand accounts, obtained through personal effort.

"You, how would you like to become a citizen of mine?!"

It was slow-going, extracting information through casual conversations and non-overt people watching to avoid undue suspicion, but she was hardly in any hurry. For cases like these, the methodical path was the only one to take. And besides, when she first heard of Saravati, that light which indicated she had discovered an opportunity to make wonderful use of something had already appeared. Not only would the girl be potentially useful on her own, she could kill two birds with one stone and have her help with another project as well. For something like that, this amount of work was hardly anything to complain about.

"...a tavern in Germany. It's right by this national park, I hear it's a beautiful place!"

And eventually, certainly, she made contact. She scheduled a coincidental encounter, began the usual spiel to cement first impressions, and worked as a guide to bring the conversation to its destination.

"Saravati? Saravati, Saravati, where have I heard that before...?"

And eventually, preying on all the bits and pieces of the girl's personality she had researched beforehand and what she had gleaned from firsthand conversation, the Empress of Rome experienced, of course, success.

"Haha, this'll be fun! Can't wait!"

Negotiations that Saravati never knew began, concluded, and the two girls' trip to the tavern and home of Nikolas Remes, 'a convenient guy to know', was cemented from scheme to reality.

And thus poor, innocent Sara's fate was finally sealed.

"It felt like we were in that inn forever, but eventually that scary-faced- Ah, here it is, here it is! Saravati, let's go!"

Even if Saravati were to tend more to the side of a night owl than an early bird, that morning she found that with Vita as a traveling companion, it hardly mattered. The pair had awoken bright and early that morning, in no small part due to Vita's constant assertions that if they were going to pay visit to an owner of a tavern, the morning hours when dining traffic was slim was best.

Pulling on Saravati's hand, she urged her companion to hurry as she herself hurried forward, looking as excited as she felt. The impression the genuine anticipation gave was more than somewhat ironic considering the true motivations behind it, but unfortunately there was no one present to appreciate that observation at present.

Passing through the doors and into the immediate interior of the tavern, though, Vita's mind sharpened as her gaze stayed natural. Her target was somewhere within this building, and she could not begin the next step of her plan without confirming its location and composition. But the appearance of actively searching for it had to avoided at all costs, lest potential wariness against thieves mistakenly take notice of her.

Take notice of everything within that initial snapshot. Don't look for anything, simply notice everything you see. Even unable to expressly search, unable to move even her eyes as she wished or to alter her expression from its (thankfully, due to the lack of extra effort needed) genuine excitement even if she were to see, say, something as odd as a very, very hungry-looking boy asking a dog for employment, she would certainly locate what she was looking for.

Something very, very expensive, and hopefully very, very fragile.
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Re: [SS] Friends with Benefits

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