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[Other] Kisaragi Anko

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[Other] Kisaragi Anko Empty [Other] Kisaragi Anko

Post  Kisaragi Anko Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:09 pm

Kisaragi Anko

A Certain Average Girl

[Other] Kisaragi Anko Image010

«Let me show you the way of a true professional.»

FULL NAME: Kisaragi Anko.
OTHER ALIAS: The average girl.
CURRENT AGE: 18 years.
GENDER: Female.

APPEARANCE: Kisaragi Anko is an average girl. Her height is average, her stature average, her entire existence average. Neither being tall nor small, she has the looks of any other Japanese girl her age. Her black hair is cut to be shoulder length, wearing bangs that just perfectly cover her forehead. There is no unique texture to her hair itself, is it just like any other girl’s. Even her face is not anything outstanding, does it lack extraordinary beauty marks. Yes, even her skin is the kind you’d find on any Japanese girl these days. A bit soft, a bit bright, but that’s all. However, that girl’s eyes are different. While perfectly black and round, their glance is always sharp and piercing, as though she’s staring right into your soul. Beyond that her figure would be that of any girl’s, with average thigh and chest regions, weren’t it for the fact that she is actually quite muscular and sporty. In fact, she is well trained enough for anyone to immediately assume that she is an ace member of one of her school’s sports club.
Typically her garments would consist of a bordeaux coloured tracksuit with white stripes and highlights at the cuffs and zippers. Unlike ordinary tracksuits, hers also has zippers allowing for both the arms and lower leg portions to be detachable. Underneath that she’d usually wear a skin-tight body suit, only covering her chest, belly, and lower body regions, while leaving shoulders, arms and legs fully exposed. As for shoes, she’d usually wear comfy trainers, perfectly rounding the sports club look. Lastly, no matter when or where you encounter her, that girl always wears the same fashionable black collar around her neck, never taking it off. Is it that important to her or…?
HEIGHT: 1.63 metres.
WEIGHT:  62 kilograms.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: If anything at all, Kisaragi is the epitome of an average looking girl.

The Prideful Maiden 
The most outstanding aspect of Kisaragi is her pride. It's not something she was born with, but something she spent her entire lifetime growing. It’s deeply rooted in all her hard work and the achievements gained from it. Thus, it is actually a well-deserved vice, yet at the same time a cancerous fact as well. She is proud of her skills which were mostly unparalleled among her peers. She is proud of the kunoichi she has become after all these years. She is proud of the strong well-developed lady she is. And she is proud of the fact that no one in Academy City could ever be like her, standing on their own two feet without the help of any trickery such as those over-glorified Esper abilities. Put bluntly, Kisaragi Anko is someone living enveloped by that larger-than-life pride of hers.

That girl is straight forward. Usually not wasting any time on hold-ups, she simply gets to the point as quickly as she can. This can mostly be reflected by her modus operandi of dealing with sudden problems intuitively and without hesitation. However, even in everyday life that girl would open a menu only to order the very first item striking her interest without bothering to do a second or third reread – even if it was her very first visit at the restaurant.

Human under Development
Given her upbringing it is not unusual for Kisaragi to defy the idea of your normal girl. Never having hung out with her friends, let alone engaged in your typical girl talk, she was raised to be but a tool meant to serve a simple purpose. She had lived like that for many years, solely focussed on harnessing her skills to pursue whatever the clan commanded. However, eventually something changed as she would meet other people. Friendship is a strange thing, indeed, but it does add previously unknown variables to your life. In a sense that had also happened to Kisaragi and that black and white world of hers. Just a drip of colour had been enough to break it all apart. Thus, she began to change. With simple emotions as the bottom, that robot of a human would break off onto the journey of becoming properly average girl.

Childlike Innocence
Adulthood is a state achieved only after years of facing the world. It’s not simply based on concepts such as understanding how to handle your taxes or seeing someone die. In reality, adulthood itself is based on experience. And, while Anko would often display pride in how much experience she has accumulated over the years, none of that is the kind of experience that matters. This means, Kisaragi lacks the life experience to call herself an adult, leaving her as nothing more than a mere child as a result. She lacks understanding of many fundamental aspects of human life and would truly encounter them for the very first time when out on the field. The first love. Cruel betrayal at another’s hand. The joy of a lazy afternoon. Those are some of the many things she had never seen.

Living by the Honour Code
Surprisingly, for someone in her field of work, Kisaragi Anko is an actually honourable type of person. At least if you accept that twisted sense of the topic of her’s. Abiding by self-imposed rules and etiquette that girl actually lives life on the light side more than in the darkness. She enjoys facing other warriors, even though ultimately the methods she will choose when clashing with them are hardly appropriate by common standards. It’s not in her nature to kill blindly either. Her victims, no matter what, are always those deserving. However, being deserving is something that is defined by conditions that are again against the common sense. In fact, anyone on her target list, does deserve to die – no further questions asked. Those outside of this spectrum, however, are a different story. Because, again, Kisaragi Anko has her own interpretation of the idea of honour, whether or not it does actually make sense.

Kind of…explosive!?
It’s rare phenomenon, but when you truly try you might make the volcano break out. Just keep pushing Kisaragi into a corner and then never stop nagging until she cannot endure it. It’s not a matter of mean-spirited actions, though, but one of flustering or embarrassing her. Then, and only then, will her true weakness unfold upon you. And she’ll blow up. Like a nuke!

Martial Arts The Fuuma Clan Training Fighting Respectful Warriors Traditional Tea Traditional Clothes Traditional Architecture Antiques Nature Hitotsui Hajime
Academy City Science Dishonourable People Fools Non-Professionals Skyscrapers Advanced Technology Noisy Music American Fast Food Cowards Being Captive Esper Abilities
Trained Body
Doesn’t that go without saying already? Having been a Kunoichi ever since birth, Kisaragi Anko was trained to the absolute peak of her physical condition. As a result her entire body is covered by muscles, robust and strong. Not to forget that she is a fast runner, far jumper and just generally above your average human. Still, she is no bodybuilder, was the main focus of her entire training accomplishing incredible dexterity and a high level of bodily control. Things which she clearly boasts nowadays.

You will always find her talking about how much more of a professional she is than her team members. But do you know why? Because, she has been active for far longer than anyone should even be. Ever since her early childhood she has undergone training and been sent to missions as soon as the Fuuma clan could send her. Thus, she has seen a lot. Done a lot. Dealt with a lot. There isn’t much to surprise her anymore. Even if, building on that immense experience she can find ways to embrace said surprises.

Scary Eyes
There is nothing more scarier than that girl’s eyes (and ears). It is entirely normal for her to pick up on even the most minor details on things, usually noticing occurrences nobody would have ever paid heed to. But mind you, she is an expert at deception and stealth, so being able to pay close attention to your surroundings is something that comes naturally in return. Knowing how to deceive others, she of course had to learn how to pay close attention to absolutely everything. Therefore, slipping anything past her attention is nearly impossible.

Old Fashioned
It hurts to admit it, but Kisaragi in all her love for tradition is a really old fashioned person, especially once it gets to the area of technology. While she still knows how to handle herself in terms of modern everyday tech, Academy City’s standards are something she hasn’t been able to catch up to. Being the idiot that has fallen behind the rest of the class due to an unforeseen absence, she therefore is most certainly useless when it gets to anything demanding an understanding of Academy City’s status quo.

Slave to the System
Crime and punishment. From Academy City’s point of view Kisaragi Anko is nothing but a criminal. However, as she at least has her own value for some schemers they actually developed a security mechanism to bind that girl to their will. Their solution in her case as a literal collar that was put around her neck. While assuming an actually fashionable shape, the collar itself is made from an advanced material which may appear like ordinary fabric on the first glance, but reveal itself to be entirely difficult to destroy. In fact, as of right now there is no way for Kisaragi to remove it. However, as little chance there is for removing it, as little is there knowledge about its purpose. All she knows is that some sort of machinery has been embedded into it, enabling those holding her reigns to track and kill her. How exactly? She doesn’t know. All she ever knew was that it put her under constant surveillance, enabling whoever holds the controls to rule over her very life.

If there is anything dragging that monster of a girl down, then it is her own pride. ‹I can do this by myself!› ‹This isn’t a challenge for me!› ‹I would never resort on such cheap moves!› ‹You are nothing compared to me!› ‹As if I would ever touch this kind of thing!› Those are just many of countless examples of her pride manifesting in the wrong ways. Sadly, Anko is exactly the type to put this one thing above all others, leading to dumb decisions as well as sure failure. After all, living like that closes you off from many more possibilities. Not just in one area, but in countless. Take a fight for example. While there are rules and etiquette established in common sense, nobody ever forces anyone to follow these. Now, thinking like she does, she’d instantaneously put herself at a disadvantage. At the end of the day, her way of life is a fundamental flaw in itself.

HISTORY: Kisaragi Anko’s life had never been any fortunate. Born as the only daughter to the Kisaragi family, her destiny would never be under her own control. No, if at all it belonged to the true masters of her lineage: The infamous Fuuma clan. A clan so deeply tied with Japan’s history that nowadays many would call their existence only fiction. After all, the Fuuma had come to fame as ninja or – more appropriately – ‹rappa›. While originally a band of burglars, pirates, brigands and thieves, the clan had come to great fame during the Sengoku Era – the high time of the ninja. Yet, even though they had met their historical end at the hands of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the clan had never been destroyed entirely. Splinter factions had remained forming a new whole under the leadership of Fuuma Kotarou’s descendants years later. From there on the clan had lived in the shadows of history, surviving by becoming servant to whoever needed their service. Still, with their craft being what it was, their growth had come to a halt and turned towards decline instead. Only kept alive by the ancient lineages and orphanages they had spun their spiderwebs around, their numbers would never come to rival the golden days again. One last remnant of their own lineage was Kisaragi Anko, who would be handed over to the clan’s teachers at only age three. Barely having any knowledge of the world, the girl would enter the path of the kunoichi just like her mother and father had before her. As such her childhood would be stolen by a new life consisting of harsh norms and regulations. Instead of a single language they would teach her many. Instead of just running they would teach her how to fight. Instead of patience they would steel her endurance. There was no mercy. No kindness. Just the doctrine. All day. All night. All her life. No breaks.

Thus, Kisaragi Anko would eventually grow into the idealised version of a ninja. At only age 11 she had become a master at the 18 arts. Ruthless, cunning, without any restrictions. Much like her peers the girl would be able to infiltrate any enemy territory, survive any catastrophe and overcome the world without a single fear in her mind. She was more tool than human. So much even that she easily exceeded all others around her, making her one of a kind. Enough to warrant turning her into something greater than just a spy. The current Fuuma Kotarou himself had decided that it was time for Kisaragi to become a true weapon. A sword to be wielded by the Fuuma. An assassin pure to their purpose. Thus, she would truly delve into the most sinister of all: the art of killing.

Things would change. At age 15 she would finally be granted a different chance. Ninja hardly ever work alone. Usually put into groups of two to three, it was assumed to bear more success in terms of accomplishing the mission. Thus, Kisaragi, too, would be moved to group with others. Arimoto Yosuga, Arima Shizuka and Harada Saki. Those were destined to become her future companions through thick and thin. And truly, for someone who had never had had any sort of human interaction outside of their unending training, this was a rare chance. All of a sudden she hadn’t been alone. All of a sudden she was forced to interact. And truly, it was difficult. From the beginning on she was the odd one out, while the others – even though their harsh realities – were actually quite the ‹ordinary girls›. Gossiping together, laughing together, fleeing responsibilities together. These things had never existed before this once in a lifetime chance. And it was strange, but even the ice-cold Kisaragi would eventually begin to melt. Yes…an irreplaceable bond had been formed.

Sadly, life is cruel. Some may describe it as the professional risk of the ninja, but death is not something Kisaragi had yet experienced. When it came, however, it hit hard. Arima Shizuka had been killed in the process of a mission. And while the others had learned to accept fate, Kisaragi hadn’t. It wasn’t that she hadn’t been prepared. She simply never had thought about things that way. A strange sensation had come upon her, breaking something within her, thus giving way for change. Maybe it was because she had never held these feelings of respect and care towards anyone before, but that girl had been the most affected by her comrade’s death.

Shortly after, the remaining group would receive a new member – Harada’s little brother – and be tasked with a mission of greatest importance: Assassinate Hattori Hanzou, descendant of the Fuuma’s greatest enemy. To do so the group was to infiltrate Academy City. They had known all along that said city was a fortress unlike any other. However, when they had gotten there, they would learn just how difficult their task was. Overwhelmed by the city’s tight security, the small group would be found out about in no time. And from there on it was only bloodshed that would follow. The first to fall was Harada Saki, the group’s leader. And without their leader the group itself would break apart, with each member revealing their true nature in the process. Both Arimoto and Harada Yu sought the kill, while Kisaragi herself was overwhelmed by both the pain of loss and the fateful sensation of…romance!? Unable to handle these new emotions, she would find herself in the crosshair of her former comrades. An in-fight in the middle of a battle for survival against an overwhelming force. That incident had gotten out of control. Eventually, though, Yosuga and Yu would lose their lives, while Anko would barely survive.

However, what worth had survival when you would become a captive instead? From there on Kisaragi Anko’s life had reached a new low. Locked up in an empty but brightly lit room, stripped of all her belongings, even the clothes and underwear, she would be chained to the ceiling and floor. She knew they were watching her day and night. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t escape. She was just there, bound to stillness. People would come every day, every night, always at the same times, always asking the same questions. Mental torture, meant to break her spirit. But she would remain unbroken. She would endure it, for she had to survive. Or so she thought.

One day she would be approached by someone else. Someone different from her captors. They made her an offer. Freedom in exchange for servitude. They needed her skills, but not her knowledge. In fact, they saw no value in the Fuuma. However, to convince her they pressed on a simple fact: After all that had happened she most likely had been labeled a traitor. With how things had gone that day, there was no way the Fuuma would accept her return. Thus, to them she had died either way. However, she herself excluded death as an option, had she become aware of a world unknown to her. Life still had value to Kisaragi Anko and so did this opportunity. She couldn’t reject it. Thus she would be set ‹free›. A freedom she’d own all the while bound by a collar issued by her captors. Still, she wouldn’t let that life go to waste.

She’d live. She’d explore the things she had never before. She’d keep on moving. She’d make sure to seek a way to restore her honour.

RANK: Assassin.
NINJUTSU: Ninja are people faced with lots of romanticisation in modern pop culture. Every manga, cheap drama or even Hollywood blockbuster seems to be obsessed with Japan’s legendary warriors. But hardly any of these acknowledge the true art of their kind. Kisaragi Anko, however, knows perfectly well what a ninja can do, has she – just like any disciple – been forced to master the 18 fundamental skills of their kind. While their number might at first seem overwhelming, these are essential skills, which she was forced to master to degree where they might come in useful. As such this does not necessarily mean that she is the best of even above average in these areas. In detail said skills are as follows:

Seishin Teki Kyoyo The art of spiritual refinement. Essentially this is one of the ninja’s most fundamental teachings, is not simply a physical skill, but a mental one. To gain an understanding of oneself, one’s personal power, one’s strength, one’s weaknesses and the influence one has on the whole. It is an art of fully coming to an understanding of all conditions existing in one’s surroundings, in order to be able to paint a complete picture. In itself this is a skill allowing the respective ninja to understand and evaluate all conditions, all the while keeping one’s own mind in harmony.

Taijutsu Anyone learning the art of ninjutsu has to be capable of fighting without weapons. After all, a spy does not always carry weapons and could forced into a life threatening situation around any corner. Therefore, the art of self-defence needs to be mastered to a degree where strikes, kicks, blocks, grabs and holds can be utilised in straight out combat. And this is exactly where Kisaragi’s specialty lies.

Kenjutsu The sword is one of the weapons the ninja have become infamous for using. A basic mastery is thus unavoidable. As such any ninja must be capable of wielding at least the ninja sword to an extent where they can use it to perform quick kills and commence a duel. Kisaragi, however, does not favour the sword, meaning she doesn’t do as well as others in the craft of using it. She’s a bit better using daggers or knives, but still far from a genius.

Bojutsu The Japanese art of using fighting staffs. Entailing many applications such as long, medium and short staffs as well as club weapons such as the tessen – a war fan – the art itself is a must for any assassin using concealed weapons. In practice Kisaragi is pretty decent in using these kinds of weapons, actually showing more skill than with the sword itself. In the end, though, it’s also far from being her specialty.

Shurikenjutsu Throwing weapons are the ninja’s signature weapon. Small blades can be hidden anywhere and are quick to be used. They’re tiny, but when properly aimed and flung these weapons can become the most lethal of all weapons. Kisaragi herself mastered all traditional throwing weapons of the ninja, actually being able to adapt whatever she touches for these purposes (as long as it can be thrown), thus breaking this limited scope. Still, she is no master who could bounce items off of walls or perfectly aim across long distances. It just so suffices for everyday fighting purposes.

Yarijutsu Fighting using a spear or lance is a skill that is of course taught to practitioners of ninjutsu as well. However, in terms of actually using it, it’s one of Anko’s least favourite weapons, meaning that she is actually not that good with it. Yes, in theory she achieved a degree of mastery in said area, but that has been long ago. If worse comes to worst, though, she could still use it for basic self-defence purposes.

Naginatajutsu Similarly to the spear, the naginata is a halberd made up of a short blade mounted on top of a long staff. In the past it was treated as the women’s weapon, yet still being an immensely powerful tool. Due to its similarities with the lance, however, it ranks lowest on Kisaragi’s list of preferences. She hates it even. Therefore, she never uses it at all. Given her upbringing she had been forced to master it as well, but honestly she can do better with her bare hands.

Kusarigamajutsu Running through the list of the many weapons a ninja must have mastered, one cannot avoid stumbling over the traditional chain sickle, called Kusarigama. In essence the weapon is a sickle connected with an iron chain and weight at the other hand, enabling its wielder to both fight on close and mid range. Being a proud kunoichi, Kisaragi mastered that weapon to some extent, which makes it equally fruitful as her sword skills. However, that still makes it something that isn’t actually brag-worthy.

Kayakujutsu The art of explosives. By tradition the ninja are masters of the theatric. And what is more theatric than spicing your appearance by means of smoke, explosions or simple distractions? Furthermore, the value of an explosive in terms of sabotage or even trap setting has grown ever higher over the years. Now, in Kisaragi’s case, it is something she is quite familiar with. She herself knows how to create simple items such as smoke bombs or fire works, while also having a high awareness of most explosive’s possible applications. Still, in terms of building and utilising them her specialisation is clearly geared towards the truly traditional means.

Hensoujutsu Disguise is the spy’s most valuable tool. It’s not simply the idea of slipping behind enemy lines, but integrating yourself entirely into that environment. A good spy isn’t just sneaky, but capable of perfectly blending in with society. Hensoujutsu is fundamentally the ability to take up any disguise, adapt any new personality and settle into your new role on any and all aspects. Basically, it’s the ability to become an entirely new person on the spot. Now, believe it or not, but Kisaragi has that skill as well – even though not on the level of a master.

Shinobi-Iri Breaking and entering, paired with silent movement. Those are the fundamentals of the legend behind the ninja. Having been taught methods of moving in silence, hiding in the shadows or crossing through buildings unnoticed, Kisaragi has embraced the art of stealth with true passion, expanding far beyond the average skillset a ninja should have.

Suiren Water is the ninja’s ally. It’s not simply that swimming or diving can be useful on the job, but that is a general means of moving unnoticed. There is a large array of skills related to water in the teaching of ninjutsu, covering not only the human body’s movements in water, but also the usage of boats, floats and the like. While not having needed it that often, Kisaragi is still rather proficient in that area. Meaning she’s a better swimmer and underwater combatant than the majority of people.

Bajutsu Originally the ninja were supposed to have mastered horsemanship. However, in recent times horses have become a rare sight in most areas of the world. Therefore, instead of simply learning how to ride a horse, the teachings now also entail vehicles. Among the ones Kisaragi mastered to ride are bicycles, skateboards, cars, motorcycles and trucks.

Bou Ryaku The ninja aren’t simply pawns, they are strategists. Manipulating the battlefield not simply by crafting elaborate plans but by actually getting into their enemy’s head, they are capable of changing circumstances into their favour. In itself this is the art of understanding and controlling events by relying on concepts like political plots, deception and exploiting the prevailing circumstances. Something, Kisaragi Anko can possibly do, but doesn’t actually prefer to.

Chou Hou A spy is a spy. Chou Hou is the branch of ninjutsu serving this purpose. Espionage by this style naturally entails the ability to analyse information as well as to pass it on ideal channels. Therefore, mechanisms of analogue encrypted communication need to be known and applied. Furthermore, this also needs the ninja to be capable of discerning other spies by seeing through their actions.

Intonjutsu Naturally aligned with both espionage and stealth is the art of escape. Traditionally the ninja have used nature to their advantage in breaking away from pursuers. Nowadays this can be extended to exploiting your general surroundings to create favourable escaping conditions.

Tenmon Nature can be an important ally at any times. Thus, understanding the ways of the weather is among the important teachings of ninjutsu. Here, both forecasting and moving alongside the weather changes have become a fundamental piece of the ninja’s skillset.

Chimon Ultimately, those who master ninjutsu have to master the ability to understand their surroundings. Sneaking, invading, deceiving, escaping and fighting do require one to fully understand their surroundings. It isn’t just necessary to take a look out for traps, but to be able to catch up on all necessary details, bearing them in mind at all times.

Killing Blow Artist
Kisaragi Anko is a monster. While Taijustu usually is a discipline with less relevance than the general weapons mastery for the ninja, she broke those rules, deeming weapons as the inferior means of combat and assassination. In fact, long ago that girl had settled on moving down a path of unarmed melee specialisation, not even doubting her decision once. And in fact, Kisaragi spent the last seven years perfecting her own unique martial arts style.

Originating in the applications demanded by the secrecy driven nature of the ninja, Kisaragi’s personal fighting style, is one built around the idea of a quick finish or – more bluntly – kill. Having learned countless martial arts styles like Juujutsu, Judo, Aikido, Karate, Bujinkan, Kyusho Jitsu, she collected their core concepts in order to craft an art of her own. Ignoring ideas such as self-defence or honour codes she instead sought out all lethal possibilities from the respective schools, giving them a more straight forward application. Further incorporating lessons about the human anatomy, pressure points and the conception of ki, she arrived at a high understanding of the function of the human body. All to deepen the lethalness of her every move.

The style itself, while lacking any beauty derived from stances or characteristic motions, is really straight forward. All she needs to do is perform the right grabs or strike the correct areas to quickly end her enemies. No big spectacle included. Usually, not even picking the open fight, Kisaragi would just make sure to close in to her targets and deal with them before they can even figure out where she had come from. However, in terms of actual combat, the style revolves around the very idea of slipping into the enemy’s blind spot. To do so she utilises fluid and hard to follow motions which are usually meant to confuse the enemy as well as a general tendency to strike with perfect timing at the most unforeseen point. Therefore, she relies absolute minimalism to accomplish the maximum goal of damage, not minding the desire for a passionate match you would usually expect of a true warrior.

At her current point, Kisaragi Anko’s mastery makes her a truly dangerous fighter, capable of taking on a dozen of street-level opponents simultaneously. Even in serious situations, such as a one on one duel with an actually skill-full fighter she could easily hold her own, given that she can be treated as one of the finest martial artists among all of the ninja found across Japan. Still, no matter how great her skill, its highly specialised purpose makes her only useful against other people. Thus, leaving her mostly useless when facing anything inhuman.

Stealth Master 
You won’t even notice her when she comes for you. Fundamentally, being a kunoichi Kisaragi Anko is meant to be skilled at being sneaky. But saying that would be an understatement. After all, stealth is her speciality. She knows how to sneak around, dodge the vision of others or even disappear from plain sight. It’s not magic, it’s not an Esper power, it’s just pure skill, building on the foundation of a deep understanding of human psychology as well as geographic conditions. No matter where she is, no matter how small the actual blind spots, she will be sure to find and exploit them.

Full Body Control
Being stealthy is a good, but that demands one basic thing to master: Your own body. Kisaragi has spent her entire life honing that very body of hers to accomplish a degree of perfection that would allow her to transform into the ideal kunoichi. Thanks to that she has full control over he body. She can stop her breathing any time. Slow her heart on command. Hell, she could become entirely silent from one moment to the other. However, on top of that she is also quite flexible, enabling her to perform extremely advanced movements.

Shed Shell Body Armour 
Unlike what she’d usually claim, Academy City has given her a piece of equipment. In her case it was an advanced body armour given the shape of a tracksuit. In fact, that thing is just like any ordinary tracksuit, with the simple difference that the material it was made from originates from Academy City’s highly advanced technology. Shed Shell describes a brand of fibres that is both tear resistant and fire proof. Being elastic and robust at the same time, Shed Shell basically cannot be torn apart without an immense amount of force. Furthermore, when hit by a high output of kinetic force the weave of the entire tracksuit immediately thickens, temporarily tightening it to a degree where the source of the impact – for example a bullet – cannot push the tracksuit’s fibres any further into the wearer’s body, thus stopping it. As such, many types of projectiles or piercing weapons can be stopped by the tracksuit. However, this also causes the suit to tighten extremely for a short moment, robbing the wearer of their usual flexibility easily stunning them. Beyond that, the impact isn’t absorbed either, meaning that the wearer will still experience the full force of anything hitting them.


FACE CLAIM: Original Art by @utoooooxs.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Leivinia Birdway, Kamijou Touko.
MISC. INFORMATION: Ironically I’m writing this section before anything else, but that just proves that I made up my mind. I’ve decided to make some changes to her original SNPC profile. These include her general body measurements, the FC and a bit of her skillset. Fundamentally she is still the same character, though. Her history was based on the original and the actual IC events that took place in the forum so far.

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Post  Kisaragi Anko Fri Sep 06, 2019 4:10 pm

✪ Test Post:
The wind was swaying the trees on the roadside. Some leaves were detached from the branches and sent dancing into the air. It was warm outside. However, even warmer was the steam emitted by the stoves and pots right before her. Water was boiling and mixed with the aroma of the seasonings. It carried a nice smell. One of both nostalgia and satisfaction.

«So where ya from, girlie?»

The man behind the counter spoke while chopping some vegetables with a fine blade.

He was in his early 40s, a bit chubby, a bit dirty, but also friendly-looking. Yes, if she thought about it, that man perfectly well fit the ideal description of a passionate cook. Maybe not skilled in his art, but highly dedicated towards it. It was classic. Traditional. And so unlike the rest of this city.

«Hakone. You?»


That man kept smiling jollily, still chopping the ingredients.

Still, his reply seemed to have caused the girl’s mood to drop visibly, did her face grow ever sterner. It wasn’t his fault, though. It simply was the memories of the past she’d just been trying to leave behind her.

«So whatcha doing in Academy City? Came here to study? Or is it the powers?»

«Neither. It was business. I just didn’t leave yet.»

While her replies were full on pragmatic, there was a visible hint of melancholy stuck in her voice. Was it wrong to behave like that? Or was it right? She didn’t know. She didn’t understand yet. This place was odd in itself, was it the polar opposite of everything she had encountered in this city so far. It felt strange. Out of place. Like home.

It was a shabby small ramen stand at the road side in a less popular district. The entire area wasn’t as stylish and modern as the city would usually be, drawing her in naturally. And yet she still couldn’t shake the feeling of doubt. Something just didn’t seem right. But what?

«Heh? Getting accustomed to place?»

«No. Things just dragged on.»

Tracing the choker around her neck with her hand, the girl lowered her glance.

«Maybe try’n embrace the good parts of it then. Bein’ here’s still some kind of opportunity. Ya know?»


«Anyway, here’s yer meal!»

Finally that man would place a large bowl on the counter. Matching the reputation and expectation towards the shop it was filled to the brink with soup, noodles, vegetables and meat. It was the kind of serving that had made Japan’s ramen culture so famous in the world. The majority of people would have dropped jaws and celebrated that passionate chef’s work like a piece of art. However, for some reason that girl remained cautious. Something was off.

Picking up the chop sticks, saying «Itadakimasu!», breaking them apart and digging in, the decisive moment would pass in only seconds.

And once it had, she had arrived at a conclusion.

«Tch. Academy City stays Academy City.»

That was Kisaragi Anko, lover of the traditional hand-crafted aroma and enemy of the modern synthesised flavour.
Kisaragi Anko
Kisaragi Anko
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Post  Vita Vesta Caesar Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:25 pm

Goodbye starry-eyed maiden, hello definitely-a-perfectly-average-girl! You have my compliments and condolences both on the extraordinarily long profile, for I am afraid I must ask you to cut it down to size; you have eight paragraphs in your history and the profile templates clearly state you can only have a maximum of seven paragraphs. Granted, the eighth is pretty short, but rules are rules. And as for your abilities, in the same place it is (also clearly) stated that there is a five paragraph maximum for the description and, well, nineteen is obviously a bit much~


I kid, I kid. Don't give me that look, I learn from my mistakes!

So she is one of the many fair maidens lusting after Hitotsui Hajime's notoriously hot bod, is she? Very nice, very nice~ I don't really see any particular problems are issues here, nice job!

> age three
> can't walk or talk
She developmentally challenged? 'cause she'd have to be. Kids generally have started walking and talking by twelve months of age. For walking, while the exact times obviously differ, having nothing to show by even two years of age would be a big red flag. And for talking, while it obviously takes a while to go from first words to fluent conversation, by age three even if they ain't quoting Hemingway or having deep conversations about the geopolitical significance of the falling popularity of bar soap, they should still almost definitely be talking in full, comprehensible sentences, and 100% have started speaking.

Also, bound naked? Perv.

Whew. WAO. That's a doozy! That's a ton of shit! But that's about all I've got to say about it. If I had to find a nitpick to give, it'd have to be in Shed Shell's bullet blocking capabilities. You say that bullets can be stopped by the tracksuit even if it deadens the impact, but can it really do that? Even if the bullets don't tear through the material, I imagine they'd just drag the material into the resulting bullet wound. Of course, that would make removing the bullet relatively easy (just gotta tug on the tracksuit some), but you would still have a bullet+tracksuit inside your body, tearing apart blood vessels, muscles, organs, nerves, etc. Kevlar and stuff can block bullets without running into this kind of issue because it's a stiff material, but if Shed Shell acts like a normal tracksuit and has the give of normal fabric, it wouldn't be able to replicate that. If you wanna keep that functionality, though, then I suppose you might be able to add something about how the material is designed so that 'when the material absorbs large amounts of kinetic force the weave automatically tightens, resulting in it having significantly less give than in its normal fabric-like state and being able to emulate the functions of Kevlar'. Or something.

Up to you!

What other characters are you running in this RP, Iva-chin?

Aaaand that's about all I've got. This is a very well written/adapted profile, and I can feel quite a bit of polish from it. Congratulations on your hard work, and I'm looking forward to seeing your edits!
Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

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Post  Kisaragi Anko Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:28 am


Honestly, I'm fairly surprised about the mistakes I made in this run. Then again, perfection is absolutely non-existent in this craft.

Therefore, I changed the history, removing the bit about her not being able to talk or walk properly, while also adding some further explanation to Shed Shell as well as the other characters I am playing. I hope all of that is sufficient, Jack-san.
Kisaragi Anko
Kisaragi Anko
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Post  Vita Vesta Caesar Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:51 pm

[Other] Kisaragi Anko 6apPPry

...But I'm not going to keep you waiting. I can see no further issues, so go forth and enjoy your SPQR-certified approval!
Vita Vesta Caesar
Vita Vesta Caesar

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