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[SNPC/Other] Kisaragi Anko

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[SNPC/Other] Kisaragi Anko Empty [SNPC/Other] Kisaragi Anko

Post  Mugino Shizuri Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:14 pm

[SNPC/Other] Kisaragi Anko Pigcc77u

FULL NAME: Kisaragi, Anko.
AGE: 19 years.
GENDER: Female.
«The average girl» is likely the most famous nickname she has ever received and it fits her quite well, are all of her features completely average for a Japanese person. Her face isn’t remarkable in any way, she just looks like any other girl her age, her hair is long, black, with a pony hiding her forehead, nothing too outstanding. Even her height of 158cm fits the absolute average. However unlike those features comes her body that has been trained to the maximum. In that regard she would easily surpass an elite athlete if necessary.
Lastly her choice of clothes is rather average as well. Most often she would wear the clothes of an office lady, which was her choice for her disguise when infiltrating Academy City. If she doesn’t you’ll catch her wearing whatever is trending among average people, nothing too outstanding, perfect for her profession.
Maiden of Pride
Any warrior has it in their hearts, that thing referred to as «pride». Kisaragi Anko is overflowing with it, always honouring her own skill, not showing any doubts in anything, breathing to show how proud she is of all she could do, becoming deeply hurt by those that would treat everything she has worked so hard for as worthless. However those that are of honourable skill or nature, are often honoured by her as well, since that is part of what her pride is about. Hard work and the skill resulting from it are holy.

Despising the modern, loving the old, ancient. Kisaragi is a collector of things from the old days, times long before mass production had become a thing. Be it weapons or anything else created through true Japanese craftsmanship, it just captivates her. On the other hand, nothing made by Academy City would ever turn out to become impressive.

Human under development
Originally she had been nothing but a machine, made for killing, made to bring death over every human life she would be assigned to take. She had been cold, devoid of anything, but she had begun to change. Upon finding friendship, love and belief Kisaragi Anko had begun to grow, change, develop. She learned what emotions are, learned how great their importance is…and lost the value of the teachings of her masters.

19 years is likely the age that makes you expect someone to be enough of an adult to live on their own, know their fair share of things and of course being able to understand the workings of this world. Kisaragi Anko is someone like that and she isn’t. As someone raised by the Fuuma Clan, a famous ninja family she is well aware of the darkness that this world holds, on the other hand she is unaware of those simple things, like love, betrayal, loss. She can’t handle such, since she has never been taught to. «Remove anything that weakens you» may be a philosophy they have attempted to teach her, yet it is nothing that has really stuck with her, ever since she had started developing emotions beyond.

Just like this
It’s fairly difficult to pinpoint her personality outside of those things, but she actually gives out her true identity and personality whenever she can, always being honest and straight to the point. At least she would be when not working under disguise or in secret. Even to her enemies she would reveal parts of herself, intentions and the pride she carries. It’s a little strange to look at, but that is just the way she is. Just like this.

Trigger her and she will explode! Violently! Not the kind you would expect, though. Whenever faced with situations she is unable to cope with, cornered, without any way out, she will explode like a fire work. Blushing, panicking, shouting, screaming, running in circles, that’s the usual characteristics of the Kisaragi explosion.

Born as the only daughter of the Kisaragi family, one that served the legendary Fuuma Clan since centuries, Kisaragi Anko’s path in life was long since decided. Admittedly she wouldn’t have chosen any other road to follow anyway. Growing up as kunoichi, enduring the inhuman training, she evolved differently from ordinary humans, yet still feeling the same desires any average girl would feel, but how can a killing machine handle those?

For the majority of her life, Anko simply lived her days executing any order she was given, plain and simple. Among the servants of the Fuuma Clan she was surely recognised to be the most vicious killing machine, acting like a robot that handled anything the exact way it was supposed to be. Of course not all kunoichi or even ninja were intended to serve for killing to begin with, making her a special exception, as the majority of what she learned was focussed on the simple act of assassination.

Only when she joined the group of Harada Saki, at the age of 15, Kisaragi Anko finally discovered friendship. Arimoto Yosuga and Arima Shizuka were those that would be with her from then on. Strong bonds formed with the two of them through spending every second with he respective members. Even their leader Harada Saki had become precious to the usually cold Kisaragi. And with the passing of time that killing robot had actually developed emotions, becoming somewhat awkward in her very own sense. All of sudden life was not only about martial arts, but about being a human.

One day Arima died during a mission, delivering a heavy blow to that Kisaragi that had never experience the loss of a comrade before. While all others next to her simply lived with it, it left a very deep scar on her.

When the group was tasked to infiltrate Academy City to find and assassinate Hattori Hanzou, along with their new member Harada Yuu - Harada Saki’s little brother - everything and all went down the hill. Not only did Kisaragi Anko discover a new emotion called «love», she was also betrayed by those she had considered her closest friends, even family. Just like that Arimoto and Harada had discarded her, even going as far as to sacrifice her on the orders of the clan itself.

In the end she was the only one to be captured by Academy City, alive…

Killing Blow Specialist
Kisaragi Anko is a martial artist that only has one goal in her style: Instantaneous death. She has trained any and all techniques that could enable her to kill a target within a single blow. Using her bare hands with the techniques she has mastered, that girl is truly capable of killing anyone in her path by just striking once - usually no second strike would be necessary. Besides that her prowess ranges from all sorts of simple close combat techniques to those used by real masters, not just for the goal of killing a person, but also to leave the targets alive.
As it is common for such styles, she doesn’t rely on her physical strength most of the times. It’s more about aiming for the other sides vital points, bringing promised death to them.

Ninjutsu - The Art of the Ninja
A kunoichi that hasn’t been raised in the proper way is worthless. Thus it is to be expected of her that she knows of all the quirks the ninja have taught for generations. Be it the classical sneaking, disguising, deception, body control, poison usage, tool usage or the more advanced things like crafting plans out of nowhere, she can do all that with great ease at this point. Need somebody to infiltrate a heavily guarded fortress? She could do all that all on her own!

Weapon Mastery
Standard as well. Ranging from the mainstream shuriken, to weapons like the bou or tessen, Kisaragi Anko is trained in all that and quite adept in using those. Still she would do way better if only left with her bare hands, since that is where her specialty lies. It’s just a matter of taste for her to still grab the tessen, is it the absolute favourite in her collection.

FACE CLAIM: Igawa Emi - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso.

Old Version:

[SNPC/Other] Kisaragi Anko Pigcc77u

FULL NAME: Kisaragi, Anko.
AGE: 19 years.
GENDER: Female.
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: “An extremely average girl” is what most would call her when judging her overall appearance. Her hair is long and black, her eyes dark, while her facial features are of rather plain nature, nothing that would distinct her from the masses. Even her body proportions, weight (50kg) and size (160cm) are to be considered absolutely average.
When in disguise she is often seen wearing a typical wine red business woman’s suit with a short skirt, adding up to an absolutely average appearance.
INFORMATION: Among the many members of society Kisaragi Anko is often considered to be a strict and merciless person that would hide all emotion behind a strong and cold façade, there being rarely occasions for her to lose her cool. It can also be noted that she has some traditional and extremely patriotic mindset, which forced her to develop a certain amount of disgust towards modern civilisation and its future development.
However there is a second side, unknown to most. Whenever the conversation is drawn towards martial arts she’s bound to enter “fangirl mode”, meaning her eyes will begin to sparkle while everything different from the topic of martial arts will be forgotten just like that.
Being 19 years old, the girl is close to the ideal age for marriage. Sadly she hadn’t been able to ever enter the world of dating so far. In order to help tackle this problem her friend Yosuga had been doing lots of training lessons with her, forcing her to read maaaaany guidebooks on the intersexual interaction. The end result of this was Kisaragi Anko’s transformation into someone that is deeply worried about her future family situation, longing to finally find the ideal husband!


FACE CLAIM: Igawa Emi – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

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