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[SNPC/ESPER] Rachel Niwa

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[SNPC/ESPER] Rachel Niwa Empty [SNPC/ESPER] Rachel Niwa

Post  Aleister Crowley Wed Nov 06, 2019 9:09 am

Rachel Niwa

Level 1 Harmonic Scramble

[SNPC/ESPER] Rachel Niwa 48298610

"The smarter you try to sound, the dumber you look, jackass."

FULL NAME: Rachel 'Anzu' Niwa.
OTHER ALIAS: Problem Student A
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Elementary School Student
SCHOOL: An unnamed elementary school

APPEARANCE: A small girl with waist-length blonde hair and wide, lively blue eyes. She has ruddy, pink skin and is typically seen with a broad, cheeky grin or a surly, tough-looking frown. Rachel tends to prefer boy's clothes, wearing baggy jeans and a variety of oversized t-shirts. A red and white varsity jacket and baseball cap are keepsakes with sentimental value to her, having belonged to her father before he disappeared and Rachel wears them with pride.
HEIGHT: 135cm
WEIGHT: 30kg

Rough exterior
Rachel is a tomboy hiding her fragile emotional state behind a tough, surly exterior. She pretends to be more mature than she really is, emulating people she admires for being 'strong'. She doesn't like to reveal her emotions to others and will never let anyone see her cry if she can help it. She doesn't think much of 'girl stuff' and is likely to react to being treated in a feminine way with confusion. Overt displays of affection can make her feel awkward so she tends to keep to herself.
Snarky, sassy and extremely outspoken with a mischievous side. She has a big mouth and will often insult her friends, though she is fiercely loyal to them and will put them before herself without question. She hides behind crass humour and insults and can be physically abusive to those who she feels can take it.
Rachel hates being bored and likes outsmarting others. These traits, along with her experiences as an outsider, make her fond of pulling pranks and causing trouble for others. It's rarely malicious and generally just for her own amusement.
Short Temper
Her short temper and headstrong attitude give her has a tendency to act before thinking, letting her emotions get the better of her.
Rachel likes to be the smartest person in the room and will often talk like she knows more than she really does. She is smart, and has a high aptitude for learning fast but her lazy streak also means she's likely to avoid putting in the work needed to truly master things.

'Cool' and 'strong' people
Junk food
Cute things (her one 'girly' weakness)
Sneaking around
Others recognising her superiority

'Girly' stuff (clothes, music, movies, you name it.)
Being reminded she's a kid.
Being alone
Quick learner
Quick temper
Physically weak
Big ego

HISTORY: Rachel was born to an American father and a Japanese mother. Her mother left her soon after she was born, walking out on Rachel's father and his life of crime. Her father, a career criminal, had little interest in raising a family and Rachel was often left in the care of friends and relatives. She quickly learnt how to take care of herself and picked up a number of criminal tricks and 'skills' from her various carers. Despite his neglect, or perhaps because of it the girl grew to worship her father though he never reciprocated, maintaining an almost business-like attitude towards the girl.

With the funds from his criminal endeavours he sent the girl to Academy City, perhaps hoping that he could make use of whatever ability she developed there. It soon became clear that her level would not improve through regular means and soon after, Rachel's father ceased contact. She considered for a while that he had been caught by the police or a loan shark or one of the other people who might have a grudge against him. But when she could not find any trace or news of him she slowly began to realise the truth. That he had abandoned her.

Rachel keeps his jacket and cap as keepsakes, unwilling to completely let go of the idea that one day he might come back for her. But deep down she realises the hope is false. The already streetwise girl built a wall around her heart.

LEVEL: Level 1
Harmonic Scramble:
Rachel is able to generate low-level frequencies by causing vibrations in the air around her. The extent of her power is limited, however, and she is currently only capable of creating a humming noise, though theoretically higher levels could be capable of creating any sort of sonic vibration. She can alter the pitch and volume of this frequency at will and often uses the noise to irritate her classmates and teachers.
Rachel is skilled at handling electronic equipment. (Hotwiring, surveillance bypassing etc)
Rachel has a working knowledge of most mechanical and electronic locking mechanisms and can deal with all but the most state of the art examples given the right tools and enough time.
Con artistry
Rachel is a skilled manipulator, often using her age and gender to her advantage when necessary.


Distance - Rie Murakawa  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO3DBembCIU

Session - Ace Combat 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER8uBcP4lug

Last Rag - Rungran https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoJLUemOhrg

I'll be your home - Rin Oikawa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FbSznBICV4

RATING: M for Mature
FACE CLAIM: Toshinou Kyouko (Yuru Yuri)
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