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[SNPC/Esper] Ichigo Ai

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[SNPC/Esper] Ichigo Ai Empty [SNPC/Esper] Ichigo Ai

Post  Mugino Shizuri Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:43 pm

[SNPC/Esper] Ichigo Ai B4ovuy10

«Happiness or misfortune. I don’t care about neither, but judging from your diary you do ☆»

FULL NAME: Ichigo, Ai.
AGE: 15 years.
GENDER: Female.
Hair dyed pink of about shoulder length. A frail build, with a chest not too flat, a height of 1,53cm and the light weight of only 42kg. If it weren’t for her face to be filled with even more loveliness than the overall appearance she had been granted, Ichigo Ai would only hardly miss the image many youngsters would have of a Harajuku idol. Fortunately she quite hits it on the mark! Besides her looks she of course wears the proper clothing befitting to the image she gives off, high class yet – what is of greater importance – chosen to squeeze out even the last drop of cuteness; she needs to be at her most charming for a certain someone.
Girlish to the core,
Befitting for such a flashy and memorable symbol of modern Japanese subculture, Ichigo Ai is quite the ‹kawaii› one. You would hug her, love her, adore her and not expect her to be the kind of devil she actually is – spoiler! Lively as she is, she can nearly be fit in one of those typical stereo types foreigners tend to have about Japan.

with a little touch of sadism
However she is not the pure maiden many would believe she is. It actually surfaces quite a lot and is probably linked to her somewhat dirty part time job. No, she is not a hooker! Anyway she is the little bitch you would typically hate in any high school drama, or maybe somewhat close to a yandere? The suffering of others, their inevitable doom, their despair when realising how lost they are and their defeat after trying too hard: these things are what she can truly enjoy. Looking back at her own past, it is clear how twisted she’s become.

and even somewhat dedicated
To be a worker in her type of business one, of course, needs tome positive base traits. What lead her down that road was her insane dedication towards a single goal and a single person. Ichigo Ai, once a frail, desperate person, now is likely one of the hardest workers there could possibly exist. She is striving to accomplish her goals, clinging to anything she has set her eyes on. Yes, Ai-chan is somewhat comparable to your average shoujo protagonist. Somewhat at least~

yet the scariest stalker ever!
Isn’t she the yandere protagonist type? Oh well there is a foundation to that claim! Ichigo Ai is a stalker. Not the simple kind that’ll follow her crush around, sometimes snatch his towel or dirty clothes to take a thorough sniff, but rather the kind to easily invade any sort of private space without ever leaving a trace. Hell, it is likely she already read your diary after the first date, actually hiding a full copy of it under the table.

There is hardly anything weird or outstanding about some people’s lives. So much that it becomes depressing overall. Ichigo Ai, besides her parents’ bad taste in naming, originated from quite the ordinary family from Sapporo. Growing up without any special traits or anything special going on that young girl wasn’t given any opportunity to shine.

If it wouldn’t have been for the sudden decision she had made to change those circumstances by moving to Academy City, no change at all would have occurred. Caught in dreams of becoming the shiny star at the skies of the city’s Power Curriculum, Ichigo Ai truly was looking forward to the times to come. Unfortunately those dreams were crushed quickly by the simple fact that her Level remained zero for the longest time.

With time passing by, she reached the age of 12, still remaining the same unfortunate low level kid. Ordinary down to the absolutes, Ai was not able to endure the suffering she had undergone for the last two years, thus reaching the point of suicide. Her life wasn’t anything to care about anyway. Ready to throw herself off a bridge, discarding any hope left, she didn’t expect someone to actually interrupt her final action.

This man that had come to be her saviour was different. That one difference between them would turn out to become the decisive factor to stop her from committing that fatal mistake. Who was he, that he could simply speak words to true, so hopeful and yet so filled with an emptiness far beyond her own? It wasn’t that he was understanding, nor was it that he was charming or anything the like. It was just that he said exactly those right things that were needed to be said.

He had given her hope by claiming the truth, yet granting an outlook.

From there on on, Ichigo Ai started clinging to him. They would meet occasionally. However, quickly after she began to dig into all information about him, started to stalk him, following him literally everywhere. Over the short amount of time those two interacted, that girl had changed. She had dyed her hair pink to fit her name, began to wear much flashier clothes than ever before and all of a sudden – that girl close to cutting all ties with the world – had become someone clinging to life more than anyone else.

Unfortunately or maybe even fortunately she was pulled into his world…

Unlike many others, Ichigo Ai was not a person that had somehow been forced to wander down the path of darkness. She herself had chosen it in pursuing her saviour. Diving as deep into that world, she became part of more than just his everyday life. It wasn’t strange, neither for her nor for him. It was just the way it had happened. Maybe another of her changes, maybe something far deeper.

All of sudden everything had become different. Her faith in herself had caused her to believe anew in that ability of hers. Through hard work and a secret she remained yet unaware of, that girl made it into one of the city’s most prestigious schools, Kirigaoka, with her ability even being considered one of the rarer kind. Besides that jolly, slightly stressful high school life she also ended up working part time as the dedicated assistant of none other than that man, not intending to ever leave his side.

Fortunately, though, she still doesn’t fully know what she has gotten herself into~

Level 2 Charm Odour
A rare ability, even among the 2.3 million that inhabit Academy City. In itself Ichigo Ai’s ability enables her to control her own body’s sweat production, enabling her to produce specific hormones. Originally, that ability had only granted her a hardly visible benefit of making her a bit more charming for bees of all kinds, leading to truly unfortunate and unwanted encounters with the stingy creatures. However, at her current stage, Ichigo can fully control her pheromone production, granting her the capability of becoming a true queen bee. As such she can fully control bees in her surroundings, in a range of up to 100 metres without an actual limit in numbers. Sadly, this ability can only be applied onto bees, as no other animal or bug would react to the pheromones produced by her body. Still, when it gets to bees, there should be no one with a more powerful control than that girl.

Her Little Honeys - Modified Bees
With an ability like hers it is actually quite difficult to survive living in the underworld. Furthermore it must be noted that Ichigo Ai is not the most skilled combatant compared to the usual operatives, making her require to carry at least some kind of defensive equipment. To ensure her safety, she has been given her very own bees. Said bees have undergone special medications in a laboratory hired by her sponsor. As such the bees themselves can produce a special poison with lethal effect, that can kill a target within 10 seconds after the initial sting.

Pro Stalker
The best in the business. Ichigo Ai is such a pro-stalker that it is truly rare for you to not be an open book to her. She can invade anyone’s privacy, find ways to retrieve all kinds of intimate data and get away with it entirely unnoticed. It’s scary to think about, but that strawberry girl is the ideal stalker. A condition that is treated with respect both among the secret society of the stalking kouhai, and in the whole of Academy City’s Darkness.

FACE CLAIM: Kofuku from Noragami.
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