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Stella Dellinger di Ariana [SNPC/Magician]

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Stella Dellinger di Ariana [SNPC/Magician] Empty Stella Dellinger di Ariana [SNPC/Magician]

Post  Leivinia Birdway on Fri Apr 17, 2020 3:48 pm

Stella Dellinger di Ariana [SNPC/Magician] 8MpM0dk

『Ohohoho. I just discovered a new angle to his theories ♪』

FULL NAME: Stella Dellinger di Ariana.
AGE: 26 years.
GENDER: Female.
There are two key characteristics one would discover upon meeting Stella. She is both a British high class lady and a true eccentric. By nature this woman is always overdressed for any occasion, given that her usual attire consists of a fancy victorian dress, gloves, overpriced pumps  and high rate jewellery. However, instead of simply being fancy, her entire outfit is composed to form a perfectly balanced horizontal divide between white and black which is connected by red accents found all over. As for her choice of accessories the six most distinguishing pieces are her rings which are evenly divided between her hands. These are ornamented with a piece of lapis lazuli, amethyst, emerald, onyx, ruby and garnet respectively.
Still, if we ignore her choice of attire and focus on her general looks one can once more find noblesse – yet not entirely real. Be it the blonde colour of her glossy long and hip-length hair, the jewelesque gleam of her purple eyes or the pure white of her imperfection-free skin, none has found its origin in nature. But that is the power hair extensions, hair dye, contact lenses and makeup grant their expert user.

British High Class Lady
On first sight Stella Dellinger di Adriana perfectly well embodies the idea of a refined lady living in the highest class of society. Her looks, her demeanour, her manner of speech, her culture, even her taste in foods and drinks – it doesn’t matter which you look at – all them are what you may expect of someone who isn’t just part of royalty but was born into it.

Still, nothing in her life has come to her for free. Neither her status in the upper class nor her skill as Magician. Everything has been accomplished by over a decade of hard work by a working class girl. With odds always piled against her, Stella is one capable of facing world entirely on her own, not requiring anything like assistance at any point in her life. Fundamentally, she is always prepared to face the entire world all by herself.

Happy Go Lucky
Always smiling, always humming, always up-beat. This woman’s mood just cannot be spoiled. Then again, you wouldn’t want to be at fault for that ever happening.

Unstoppable Force
When Stella Dellinger di Adriana wants something, she will get it. Never taking «no» as an answer – no matter how explicit – she will simply charge forward unleashing her firey temperament like the sharpest of all swords to slay any obstacle.


Over the years one would hear the name Stella Dellinger di Adriana from time to time, however, only there where there was the occult. Eventually, though, that woman would find her way to the heart of western Magic, the city of London. There, no longer anything like her past self and coated in a fake identity, she would soon use her charms to marry a man of high status, setting foot straight into British royalty. From the beginning on her motives were entirely questionable, but given that she had at least chosen a difficult victim suspicion was kept at bay. Still, she wasn’t too shy to abuse her status for the sake of her personal goals. After all, the teachings of Magic were the most important thing in the world to her.

Now four years later, Stella is still living that double life somewhere between being a happily married high class lady and a dedicated researcher of the mystic arts confined to deep underground sections of the British National Library.

FACE CLAIM: Priscilla Barielle from ReZero.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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