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[SNPC/Esper] Tsuishi Akiko

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[SNPC/Esper] Tsuishi Akiko Empty [SNPC/Esper] Tsuishi Akiko

Post  Kisaragi Anko Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:19 pm

[SNPC/Esper] Tsuishi Akiko Akirin10

FULL NAME: Tsuishi Akiko.
ALIAS: Madam President
AGE: 16 years.
GENDER: Female.
Cute? Lovely? Frail? Innocent? Many words exist to describe the girl that is Tsuishi Akiko on first impression. Admittedly, though, the majority actually do suit her quite well. She isn’t tall, actually only the height of your average middle school first year student (144cm) and doesn't have a body different from any. No large chest, no curves, no muscles, just doll like. Her long fluffy hair, which is often tied to a pony tail is dyed pink, her eyes are brown and her face is overall truly childlike. There is no way that any aspect of her could ever appear sexy, are her features turned to the absolute of the cute. After all even her very skin colour is decorated by noble ceramic like pallor.

A bit special…just a bit
Basically, she is a weirdo. It’s not just that she’s a tad weird, she’s quite the extreme case. Having spent most of her life entirely on her own, only enjoying the company of her own imagination crossed with the many goods Japanese pop culture provides, it’s a rather obvious development. Akiko lives in her very own fantasy world. Talking to her stuffed animals and dolls, roleplaying the weirdest kinds of stories with herself, binge watching an anime series just for the sake of forgetting about it a few seconds later, or applying the exact kind of anime dialogue she’d just seen in a normal conversation. Wearing cosplay outside? Making stupid jokes nobody gets? Forcing others into situations that are quite similar to the one’s she just made up? Making random decisions? She does all that and even more. Really now, nothing about that girl is normal. She’s just too twisted in the weirdest of all ways and yet the cause is something as simple and plain as loneliness…

It’s like switching between programs on TV. Each channel is an entirely different one from the last, the program entirely different, like the transition from a serious drama to a comedy show, to a cooking show, to news, to a children’s program. Akiko’s personality and behaviour don’t add up at all. At one moment she says things like that and in the next she switches gears entirely. It’s like she is lacking the common sense to find the proper words or thoughts any other person would. A mess hardly anyone wishes to deal with on their own. Fortunately hardly anybody has to!

Little big Princess
Naturally Akiko is a princess of her own. She imagines to be one most of the times, thus behaving exactly like one, no matter if alone or with others. If something bores her she casts it aside, both people and objects, if she doesn’t like something, she wouldn’t bother keeping her attention on it and if she wants something she’d make everyone get it for her, no matter what. Especially with Hide she is the rather demanding type, knowing fully well that he’s more or less her loyal servant, her butler more or less.

Smart Girl
There is no use underestimating her. No matter how dumb or random her actions might appear, Tsuishi is a dangerous competitor in any strategy game, quiz show, board game or real life scenario. Her mind is just beyond anyone and everyone. She might not show it, but she is quite well aware of how everything in the world functions; a knowledge she has acquired via overconsumption of various media. But who cares, riiight? She’s not the type to reveal it openly, only if truly provoked to do so.

Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely…lonely…
Never having had any friends, she never experienced the warmth of having people around her. She quickly grows attached to anyone coming close to her, like the members of her club, yet still could never feel it entirely. It’s nothing she carries out in the open, but a subconscious barrier keeping her from opening her own heart towards others. A barrier that keeps her from not feeling alone. No matter how many might try, no matter how many will…Akiko will forever sit in that prison of her own emotions, unable to see through the walls…unable to realise just what it is that awaits out there, right in front of her nose.

Not that any of that matters. She knows it all too well. It’s a secret she has been hiding from everyone else, however, it is a truth she can not find to avoid. No matter how man genius doctors there might be in Academy City, none seems to hold the capability required to save her. No hope exists in this world for her. She will die. She will die. She will die. She will die. It cannot be avoided. She will die. There is no way to escape. She will die. Therefore she has to do everything that is possible until then. She will die. But she will fight to reach the stars before that happens. She will die. Her last wishes, she will grasp all of them. For she will die.


I have always been alone.

Kindergarten, elementary school, middle school. It was always the same. No matter how much I tried, no matter how desperate I was, nobody ever wanted to be by my side. My hunger turned into despair. I was wishing so strongly, I was working so hard, but for what? All I ever wanted were friends…

I tried in many ways: going to events, joining clubs, starting my own. Yet nobody would ever pay attention to me. At events I would be the sole person standing outside the circle, clubs I would join would never be welcoming or break apart just when I joined them and the clubs I tried to form myself would never become a part of reality, wasn’t there a single soul interested. I failed. I failed. I failed. I always failed.

Whatever curse life put upon me, it would deny my happiness entirely.

I was alone.

The days I would spend shut in in my room, having tea parties with my stuffed animals or walking out to the arcades, beating high scores of whatever title I haven’t done yet. Sometimes I would fantasise about a better world, let my imagination build me entire universes for me and only me to travel. I would find friends there, experience adventures and drown myself in something akin to joy. I was happy, yet never entirely. The emptiness of being alone would never leave me.

I would always be alone.

One day after another trip to the arcade, my regular one, something happened. My mind is blurry whenever I think about it, but somehow I fell asleep and when I awoke I found myself in a prison. The prison. My prison. My cell. The one where I would change. It was gloomy, dark, the ground and walls made of concrete, reinforced glass serving as the one wall to the corridor. Through it I could see other cells, sheltering girls just like me. I didn’t know where I was, nor did I recognise anyone. They were either wearing masks or simply just blending into the darkness too perfectly.

Why was I there? I never found an answer, nor would I care about one. They gave me medicine, pills, injected me with substances. Even the food and drinks they served had an entirely strange taste. A taste I would soon learn to associate with heaven or maybe hell? I don’t know. I don’t care. Suddenly, in my darkest hour, the world turned around, from a gloomy dark abyss to the colours I had once sought in my fantasies!

Yet even after I found that colourful world, things would stay the same. I was alone with myself and my torn apart mind, after all. There was no one to care, no one to talk, no one to see. Sometimes people came, but they never stood for long. Until him. I remember it all clearly! Hide! He was there! I kept talking to every passer by! But of the dozens that would walk past, only he gave me attention. One day he simply sat down in front of the glass, stared at me dumbfounded and waited. I threw my antics his way, yet never received anything in response. He’d listen! Listen! Listen!!! But talking wasn’t his thing. He’d sit, watch and listen. Maybe he thought I was a TV character? Whichever!

I wasn’t alone anymore.

At last, after days, weeks, months, who the hell knows, he replied. I forgot what he said, but it was important! The next thing I know is that he broke me out, no questions asked how. We ran away together, disappearing into the night, leaving that crappy prison behind once and for all. FINALLY! FREE!!

We had to hide. When I asked him why and from what, he never answered. He didn’t want to tell me where I had been or what my purpose had been either. I found out myself, but that wasn’t a hard task. I never told him, though. We stood together from there on out. I’d come up with stupid ideas and he’d see my needs through, always, anything, everything. I just had to tell him and he’d make it possible, somehow. We were happy, laughing together and enjoying our days. There was no return to normal life, but the world I saw now no longer allowed any of that. Really now, the colours were just too out there.

He’d do anything to make me happy, so eventually he understood my desire for friendship. A single friend wouldn’t mean anything, if you had the chance to make many. A club was formed, a real one! Under my guidance he helped me build it from the ground, raising it to become something awesome. Outsiders, outcasts, whatever idiots or crazy people we found, we’d let them in! Tea parties were held, get-togethers done and of course we did a lot pranks and other idiocies, just whatever I wished to happen. Suddenly the fantasy world I have been living in for those many years would materialise before me!

A world for me to mold and rule in whatever way I’d come up with. I had everything in my hands now. The reigns were mine. I was happy. Or I should have been. But I knew…soon I’d break.

Level 3 Signal Cooker
The most suitable ability for a Denpa Onna. Akiko’s ability basically enables her to emit and control a special kind of electromagnetic waves, namely microwaves, of her own. While she is capable of creating them herself, the rule of thumb has it that she can only do so using her fingers as the emission antenna. Microwaves being a type of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency between 300MHz and 300GHz, they are a special kind of wave often finding usage in short range communication, for heating objects or radar technologies.

Akiko holds the capability to emit microwaves from the tips of her fingers (using them as emission points in order to allow for proper targeting and her own safety) to cause all kinds of effects. The basic effect she has mastered quite well is heating bodies of water, by using the microwaves to force the molecules into movement. She can both heat water to a heavy extent as well as cause it to evaporate quickly, enabling her to even trigger sudden steam explosions by causing quick expansion in limited spaces, like water balloons. Beyond that she is also capable to function similar to an Active Denial System, through heating the water in a human’s skin up to a truly painful extent. It could also be taken to the next level, by heating up the water all over the human body, leading to much heavier effects than just burning hot skin.

Besides heating things extensively, she also holds the capability to disturb the internal systems of technological devices, leading to all kinds of malfunctions. It’s a capability that reaches from jamming the internal systems of computers up to the targeted destruction of the devices, if the proper wavelengths and amounts of exposure are met.

However, while the application of microwaves sounds like a powerful capability, Akiko’s range is limited to only 20 metres with her microwaves only travelling in a straight line from their emission point onwards. Beyond that the usual weaknesses of microwaves apply, namely the fact that are usually reflected by metals or electric conductors. However unlike most electromagnetic waves microwaves are less affected by isolators, like glass, as they can pass through these. Therefore it is actually possible to use lenses to further concentrate the beams.

Hyper Fantasy Simulator
Over the time she spent on her own, Akiko played a lot of imagination games. Oftentimes she was the ruler of some country she made up or the general of a heroic rebel army going up against a great mighty empire. Ripping the scenarios either from movies, history or even coming up with original ones, she had spent a lot of time imagining the weirdest possibilities to an amount that is nearly infinite. The end result now is that she is basically prepared for absolutely anything that could ever happen. And even if she isn’t, her imagination can take on any challenge. Problematic situations to deal with? Big plans to craft? Her imagination can tackle them all!

FACE CLAIM: Aligura from Kekkai Sensen.
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