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[SNPC/Esper] Izumii Hideyoshi

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[SNPC/Esper] Izumii Hideyoshi Empty [SNPC/Esper] Izumii Hideyoshi

Post  Kisaragi Anko Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:19 pm

[SNPC/Esper] Izumii Hideyoshi Hideyo14

«No matter how worthless I am. There’s a girl out there totally worth it!»

FULL NAME: Izumii Hideyoshi
AGE: 17 years.
Tall, muscular, yet slender and a tiny bit goofy. Upon first impression Izumii Hideyoshi doesn’t qualify as your average thug, yet on the second he probably does a bit too well. He’s obviously strong, with arms that aren’t underused and a face that is slightly rough. Flushing a smile his oddly white, big and sharp teeth will show and grinning he will be more scary than friendly looking. His amber eyes and orange dyed hair make him seem even wilder, along with the collection of piercings ornamenting both his ears; signs of a spirit of youthful rebellion.
And as a proper rebel he is mostly seen wearing the attire of a classic biker, skinny leather pants, leather jacket, leather gloves and leather boots, all of which made from first class Academy City materials, increasing both heat resistance and surface stability, yet not less sweat inducing (something which he tries to make less obvious by drowning himself in oceans of aftershave). To add some sense of security or safety he would oftentimes pick protectors for both knees and elbows, made from solid aircraft metal, just to A shield the important parts of his body and B increase the damage for the poor souls struck by these. Similarly to these protectors, as the leader of the MissFits, he picks a black skull shaped mask made from the same metals to cover the upper half of his face.
Putting a cherry on top of it all, he always wears a hand knitted read scarf around his neck, he would claim his girl made for him, adding even more flavour.

The Masked Madman
As the leader of the MissFits one just has to have some screws lose! Izumii Hideyoshi probably lost his mind around the time they started the organisation. Just like the president, his one and only partner in crime he has a colourful personality, filled with odd tweaks and twists, behaving like an utter retard most of the time. The world seems to be his garden, filled with an infinite spectrum of colours. He does things for the sake of doing them and for the sake of them not being normal. Hardly anything he does seems to be normal, just for the heck of it. Is he odd? Is he weird? Yeah, everything of that. If one is a perfect match for the insanity that is that girl at the top, then it could only be him, the maddest of all dogs. Or isn’t he?

The Man with the Gameplan
He is no fool. He is no dumb thug. From the beginning on Izumii always followed plans more strictly than anyone else around him. All he does is carefully calculated, be it the punches he throws or the directions he walks into. Even his meals and the dosage of drugs he takes is entirely carefully chosen. You could say there is hardly anything he does on a whim, as anything has a plan behind it. But who notices? No one. After all he’s way too quick at it.

Quite Worthless a Man
From his perspective he himself is worthless. Everything he does up to a certain point feels just entirely worthless, does the world around him have no worth either. All is just so worthless, he can’t help but seek out anything that gives his life worth. Be it through joining up with a drug trade organisation to become their mindless henchman, or serving his girl to make up for everything he and others caused her, somehow he always seeks to find worth in the world, yet doesn’t seem to find it. However, did he ever realise that he himself and the things he is capable of make him actually worth something? Or is trying to make him realise that another worthless action?

A Man and his Heart
In the end, he probably is the most down to earth person in the entirety of the MissFits. Not as crazy as the rest of them, he might actually be the most adult in the group. Yet he does not ever show it. What he is, he is for the sake of Akiko, therefore he would twist his entire being just for her to enjoy his presence to the fullest. She does crazy things, so he has to do those, too. She laughs at something, so he has to, too. She needs something, he has to get it for her. All his life just exists to serve a single person entirely. That’s all there is left for him. That’s all he wants. That is what his love is about.

Insane Man
Insanity takes many shapes. The downside to a life as gritty as his own will always weigh down upon him. Drug usage, participation in an endless reel of crimes and the constant fear of being caught up to by his past will never leave a man alone. He may believe he has things under control, but he can easily feel it creep up to himself. No matter how hard he will try to dull those voices in his head, silencing them is impossible. He is no hero. He is no villain. He doesn’t know what he himself really is. Is he even anything at all?

Another worthless life, Izumii Hideyoshi was born somewhere unimportant, son to someone unimportant. Unimportant enough to have his parents dump him in Academy City the day he was old enough. From there on, he would live without anyone’s care or worry, simply going down a worthless path.

What was it that made him that worthless? You see, he was never like the normal kids of the normal people seen anywhere. Many would follow a set path in life, journey towards something worthwhile by the ways of the academics, finally meeting some sort of profession, while on the sidelines gathering social contacts. For him both didn’t seem to be in any way valuable at all. Neither was there an understanding of a desire for the future, nor were there friends popping up, did nothing he found on his path make him feel as though he belonged there.

So what happened? Some time during middle school, after truly beating the crap out of a group of thugs, he found himself approached by a shady group, pretending to have a decent job offer that’d perfectly suit his talents. Truth be told: The offer was decent and the job did suit him. However the circumstances weren’t as bright. His new employer was part of a business as shady as their entire get up. Drug trade. The kind of business always in need of someone to support their combat force one way or the other, namely by piling up masses of expendable thugs. As worthless as he was, Izumii ended up agreeing, did he consider himself worthless enough to fit into said role.

Being pretty good at the craft, given his fists could pack amazing punches, he would climb ranks quickly, closing in to the one at the top of the organisation: The mysterious individual called PHARMACY, another of those countless shadows of the city. However, little did Izumii mind, was he a prime example of thug mentality, accepting his status as a tiny gear in the machinery.

Becoming an elite in the organisation, he gained himself privileges. Drugs could serve many purposes. While the classic ones were mostly geared towards people’s personal enjoyment, some specimen found application in the military sector. Of course the latter would also need test subjects, so PHARMACY chose his personal underlings for that task, both to increase their capabilities and of course witness all side effects from up close. Side effects Izumii himself would be no exception of.

Destiny dictates that all times come to an end eventually. Being part of PHARMACY’s inner circles, he would often meet the man and enter his testing grounds. A vault hidden somewhere in the basement of a run down building in the declining District 19, harbouring a prison for young girls abducted from all over the city, victims to countless inhuman experiments. Lab rats. The place was so devoid of life’s happiness, even the worthless speck Izumii Hideyoshi would feel blessed in comparison. Looking at their faces, witnessing their bodies slowly falling apart as the ruin bringing medication conquered every phase of their being, his endurance was tested.

However, the worst point was reached when he met a freshly taken girl, meant to become a new addition to the subjects. Tsuishi Akiko. Much like the others she was young, frail and not deserving of this world’s cruelty. Worse than them however she was lonely. She had been way before she had been stolen. He would often visit her cell to talk, hearing out her stories whilst seeking to cheer her up. He didn’t know why, but for some reason he was drawn towards her. Something invisible seemed to be building up between the two of them, as every time he visited, they would talk with no end. Absorbing her loneliness and pain, that from the life before, one devoid of friends, and the life now, one devoid of hope, he would grow more and more attached…

…until the day he could no longer stand her decline.

Fuck the world. Fuck this organisation. Fuck everything. He wasn’t just some worthless thug.

Just like that he simply broke her out of the cell, kicked the asses of all those standing in his way and ran off into the night without a trace. It had been an action less well planned than simply executed. However somehow he had gotten away with it and thus managed to cut all ties with PHARMACY and his past life. There was no way back for him, just like there was none for Akiko. But they both accepted it just the way it was. Normal life was lost entirely, yet some kind of life would still remain.

Being the understander of her pain, he would do all in his might to brighten up her world, making up for everything she had gone through, both due to the world being against her and his own actions. All her dreams would be fulfilled, one by one. Be it a wedding cake for her birthday, a gigantic penguin dragon plushy, eating ice cream on a high rise rooftop or riding an auto scooter cart on the open streets, he would make it reality. Eventually, though, he could not escape her greatest longing, that for friendship, that for a club. As a result the MissFits were formed. A club for all of those outcasts in society, the worthless and the lonely, the odd and the crazy.

It began with a few from all over the place and suddenly they had a small family. Originally they would simply hang out, having tea parties and waste time, but slowly their interests spread. Akiko, the club’s president, had crazy ideas and Izumii, the vice president would make sure to make them reality with all his might. The bright life of another Bonny and Clyde…

Or so it should have been. However having been subject to PHARMACY’s ploys for too long left lasting damages. No matter how bright her smile, it would always require the support of saturation. With the traces of artificially enhanced addiction never waning, there had been an unending need for supply, the sole means to keep the symptoms at bay…

And in order to keep that up, Izumii Hideyoshi had no other choice than turn against his former employer…

Level 2 Crashsite Pillow
An ability allowing the user to change air resistance levels by manipulating their body’s own drag coefficient.
In motion dynamics air resistance plays a major role, is it one of the most significant forces of friction. This for example is oftentimes taken into consideration when shaping aircrafts or vehicles, since aero dynamics are in dire need of good baselines. The drag force, which basically embodies the concept of air resistance and thus the force directly opposing a moving object’s path, is calculated by taking into account various conditions, like the object’s movement speed and the density of the fluid it would pass through, for example the air. However another crucial factor in that equation is the drag coefficient, which is derived from the object’s shape. The lower the coefficient, the lower the air resistance, thus the weaker the force opposing the object’s movement and vice versa.
Izumii, with his ability can alter his own body’s drag coefficient, by either lowering it (up to one third of his original) or increasing it (by up to two times), enabling him to possibly soften his own falls or accelerating his movements. Whichever it is, he is always required to decide up to two seconds in advance, due to calculation time.
Furthermore as increasing the coefficient would cause the air resistance to increase, the reduction of kinetic energy could lead it to transform into heat, which then again would come to bite him in the neck, depending on how great the conversion leading the air around himself to heat up up to tremendous degrees; a downside he would oftentimes work against by specifically choosing protective gear like heat-proof biker’s clothes.

Masked Luchador
From the beginning on Izumii’s greatest talent were his fists. They can throw punches easily making most of Skill-Out drool in jealousy. His body is strong, his mind is trained and his skill is a natural gift. He’s a good fighter through and through, making him a tough one to take on.
However if that doesn’t suffice then his style most likely will. He doesn’t have a preset one like most people. It’s wild, yet stupid. He enjoys the idea of copying wrestling moves, yet even there won’t differentiate between the styles possibly available. The things he does mix everything there is into an impossible patchwork that is ugly, tasteless and lastly hard to predict or cope with, pairing things like the acrobatics of the Mexican styles and the bluntness of the classic American. It’s just chaotic, arrogant, narcissistic and entirely childish. Odd.

The Wrong Kind of Medication
Having been a lap dog serving the enigmatic drug overlord PHARMACY, Izumii has become subjects for all kinds of military drug prototypes, freshly made in Academy City. The range in his case is quite versatile, consisting of specimens like artificial adrenaline boosters, perception enhancers, mind deepeners or special steroids; all of which in one way or the other increasing his body’s already well shaped capabilities. However even being Academy City models and thus highly advanced in comparison to what the rest of the world may offer, they do not come without downsides, given their role as prototypes, wearing down on him in one way or the other.
Especially now that he is no longer tied to an organisation, he does not have much of a choice left, mostly picking up whatever he can steal from the company, limiting both his freedom of choice as well as the supply he has at hand. To compensate for that, he is quite well versed in the art of usage, meaning he does know perfectly well how to dose the products to draw out the most positive effects with the least downsides.

Standard Marksman
As part of an underground organisation, kind of involved with criminal activities, Izumii Hideyoshi has also been trained in the way of guns. While he is still a high school boy at heart, he does have capabilities that make him at least useful in gunfights. As such he can wield and make good use of smaller models like handguns or SMGs, yet nothing beyond that. While that doesn’t make him a good sniper, he could easily hold the upper hand in something akin to a gang war.

FACE CLAIM: Sakamoto Ryuji from Persona 5.
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