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[SNPC/Other] Senkaku Katsuro

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[SNPC/Other] Senkaku Katsuro Empty [SNPC/Other] Senkaku Katsuro

Post  Kisaragi Anko Tue Dec 29, 2020 12:19 pm

FULL NAME: Senkaku Katsuro.
AGE: 32 years.
Senkaku Katsuro, or PHARMACY as he likes to be called, is your absolute everyman scientist. He is neither tall nor small, neither fat nor slim. He is not even colourful. His hair black and short, his eyes black, quite dull to be precise. He wears thick rimmed glasses, simple clothing, consisting of both grey pants, and a grey turtle neck with your typical lab coat on top. Beyond this, though, there is hardly anything remarkable, or is there? You could say he lacks what makes humans truly human, but that’s it.

There is absolutely nothing about him that’s truly outstanding. You wouldn’t notice him. Not because he’s average, but for his very lack of personality. There is no special intonation in his voice or the way he speaks. Every single word he’d choose is just plain, ordinary and predictable. He does use scientific jargon, yet only to an extent any scientist would. He doesn’t seek out any special metaphors or flippant speeches. There is not even a single hint of a speech pattern to be found in him. He just speaks for the sake of speaking. He eats for the sake of eating. He lives for the sake of living. That’s all.

There is nothing inside him. No love. No hope. No dreams. No desire. It seems as though he is entirely dead. His eyes lack all spark, his heart pulse, his world colour. He simply walks forward, somehow still clinging to life. Why?

There is simply nothing better to describe him than snatch the average textbook description for the entities referred to as Ā«scientistsĀ». He is one from beginning to end. His entire life functions like that and so does it translate into every day. He follows routines in everything he does. Be it crossing the street or performing experiments. There is always some sort of method involved that is based on an entirely technical approach. Take for example his field of work: The tests he runs will always follow the exact same order of process. No matter how torturous the method, he will always follow a set of blueprints following technical approaches entirely.

Originally there had been something he truly had desired. Something that had given his entirely grey world a drop of colour. However with it gone, he became a monster, only living to saturate his own immense sadism. He entered the drug business with good intention and the will to fight, now he uses it to intentionally bring misery over the world, enjoying the outcome like a good wine on Sunday evening. A drug of its own.

Born into an ordinary pharmacist family from Hakone, Senkaku Katsuro’s life was nothing but entirely ordinary. And while it was, he never found himself able to grow attached to anything at all. Family, friends, lovers, none of these ever even managed to touch his heart. The world was entirely dull. Was there even anything extraordinary or special at all? To him at least it didn’t seem that way.

Eventually, not driven by any desire, he began to follow the same career as his parents had: The pharmaceutics. He easily made it into the country’s best university, scoring grades that were entirely perfect both in high school and the entrance exams. Said path of perfection would continue on through his studies, was there not a single course or subject he made a single mistake in.

Having completed his studies with such excellent results, the day he was done, an overwhelming amount of offers was laid before him from which, bound to a desire-less path of perfection, he naturally picked the best offer of them all. The one he felt would give him the greatest reputation, a thing anyone would seek in his eyes. Thus he moved to Academy City, becoming a researcher in the laboratory of one of the world’s most advanced pharmaceutical companies.
However from there on, everything fell apart. From the beginning on he turned out to be the greatest disappointment of them all, in terms of being a researcher. He screwed up, didn’t produce anything of value, he brought them nothing. Weeks and months passed with no change in sight, so they saw themselves forced to do something about it. To his own luck, he hadn’t been fired, yet he was removed from sight entirely. Being given a low position with little pay nobody wanted, he ended up sinking deep into an ocean of defeat.

With his life forfeit for the first time, Senkaku Katsuro encountered the feeling of human warmth. Like many men before him he fell in love. However unlike those many, this love would not be one of the acceptable kind. After all the one he had fallen for, was not someone he had been allowed to fall for. Her name was Hanabi. She was a girl from his neighbourhood, causing their paths cross more than often. Seeing her every now and then, he grew attached to the short conversations, the smile, the innocent kindness, the softness, her youth. She was a middle school girl of only 13 years, after all. One who didn’t know that the friendly man always greeting her with that awkward smile was secretly lusting for her in ways way too distant from her naive perception. She would never find out.

Tragedy occurred. From one day to the other she disappeared. When he researched the cause, he heard the news: She had fallen ill with something that was entirely unknown to even Academy City. No matter how far advanced the technology and knowledge, some things are always entirely new to discover. With no means of healing available under the current standard, Hanabi’s hope remained slim. Therefore, for the very first time in his life, Senkaku Katsuro acted with true determination. He would cure the illness. He would save Hanabi. He would recover her soft innocent smile of youth he had fallen for.

However such a project needed funds. A condition not granted by his heavily limited pay check. Another source of income had to be acquired. No matter how hard he worked, the company would never grant him anything. So a different solution had to be found. He had knowledge, he had an idea, he would use it. He began to produce drugs, not ones meant to heal, but the kind that’d increase people’s enjoyment of the world, while dragging them down the vicious circle of addiction. He would start off simple, but dive deep into the matter later on. His dedication unlocked a new talent, only he himself had. In no time he became big, were all of his products more than just well received. The circle of customers grew. From the hip street kids up to the city’s VIPs. He adopted the name PHARMACY, covering his real identity and began crafting an organisation around himself. While being granted the protection of his customers, he knew the necessity of crafting himself additional barriers. One man surrounded by many. Couriers, middlemen, security, PHARMACY would be surrounded by countless shrouded in darkness.

In the end, though, that had just been the surface. Down below, he began work of his own. He produced the medication and gathered test subjects. Girls of the same age with physical conditions matching Hanabi's were gathered, or rather collected. Using the means he now held, he would snuff out their medical reports and then abduct them with the right timing, locking them up in the prison that was his secret laboratory, a private vault nobody would ever find or search for, rented somewhere in District 19.
He would keep them there until their death. They would never see the light again. Never smile again. Stripped from all purpose except serving him to find the answer he was searching, they would simply rot there in those dark cells.

Yet, that desperate man, Senkaku Katsuro, would never get the chance to acquire his goal. One day it was too late. Hanabi passed. The medication had not yet been complete. He fell again. This time into an unending abyss from which there should be no return, killing the man Senkaku Katsuro entirely. What was left behind was the individual called PHARMACY.

PHARMACY was a sadist through and through. He would continue abducting girls, no longer for the sake of the medication. He would take them just to ruin them. Each and every drug he created he would test on them. See how they fell apart. Watch them lose everything. He would ruin them just like life had ruined his beloved.

Soft innocent smiles of youth being torn apart by suffering and agony. That was all there would remain to him.

Nothing truly significant.

Kisaragi Anko
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