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[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto

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[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto Empty [Esper] Meirin Sakamoto

Post  Meirin Sakamoto Fri Mar 08, 2013 4:22 am

Meirin Sakamoto

Level 4 - Flash Point
[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto My_oc_zps094251f7

"Stay out of the kitchen, or you just might get burned."

FULL NAME: Meirin Kisami Sakamoto
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student, Judgement
SCHOOL: Gakuen Toshi (AKA - A Certain High School)
FACTION: Judgment

APPEARANCE: Meirin doesn't wear her uniform outside of school, and she changes clothes in the bathroom once classes are over. Once outside, she wears jeans with a brown belt, short boots, a black, sleeveless shirt under a sleeveless white one. On her arms, she wears gloves that go on her arms, but not her hands. These are affixed in place with metal rings on her upper arms and lower wrists. She has long, bright red hair and piercing blue eyes. She usually sports a frown on her face; not because she is displeased with something, but because that's how her face naturally is. Meirin is slender and athletic.
HEIGHT: 188cm (74 inches) [6'2"]
WEIGHT: 56.7kg (125 lbs.)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her eyes are rather bright, and catch the stray gaze.

Enjoys causing pain in others.
She's REALLY stubborn!
She's not afraid to break a few eggs to make an omelet. If you're in her way, she'll cut you down.
She's viewed as one because she gets into fights, but she actually does study and worries about her grades. She does get angry easily, though.
Dislikes girly things; prefers manly things.
(Sudden girl mode ACTIVATED)
Goes ga-ga for adorable stuffed animals. Gets embarrassed later; otherwise, pretty much lacks shame.

Fruity/spicy foods. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE stuffed animals. A few other things.
Bitter/sour foods. Being hit on (unless she's the one to flirt first). A few other things.
Fighting. Meirin spends a lot of time at the gym doing physical training and sparring. She also got into a lot of fights. As such, Meirin is an extremely capable hand-to-hand fighter; what she may lack in technique, she makes up for in strength - and her technique isn't that bad, thanks to the sparring. She is also rather athletic; she can run quickly and jump high. Furthermore, she is rather durable; she can take a hit rather well, so fistfighting her is definitely not a good idea.
Poor impulse control and anger issues. Has a problem with "leaping before looking," by which I mean she does it constantly. She also has a rather deep-seated dislike of scientists, authority figures, and people in positions of power. She is also extremely stubborn. Things that don't burn render her power useless.

HISTORY: Meirin has spent a large portion of her life in Academy City. She originally came when she was five years old. Her parents died not long after, when the jet they were flying in crashed into the ocean. However, Meirin Sakamoto did not cry. It was worrisome to the people who were taking care of her; Meirin Sakamoto never cried. Instead, she kept all her negative emotions inside her, never letting her caretakers know how she felt.

It was when she was eight that Meirin's Esper abilities suddenly came to the light. She had gotten into a fight (which was rather common, as Meirin acted out a lot as a child), and the boy she had punched suddenly received a burn. Sakamoto had started on the Power Curriculum not long before this, but had shown no signs of power until then. When studied, it turned out that Meirin's abilities had been growing without anyone noticing, since she had been too weak to actually affect anything enough for it to be noticeable.

On that day, Meirin's day-to-day life changed. She finally received the parental attention she should have been given... by scientists. This didn't matter to the young girl; somebody finally cared about her enough to pay lots of attention to her. Her ability was rather interesting, and, like Misaka Mikoto, her ability could be exploited for gain. In this case, it was the potential for infinite energy through the constant creation of heat. However, over the years, Meirin grew tired of the scientists that continually tried to figure out how her ability worked. The constant attention grated on her nerves, and she began to simply want some space. However, she kept this to herself for a long period of time.

At the age of fourteen, Meirin lived a somewhat normal life in Academy City - she went to school, participated in clubs, went to the gym, took fighting classes, et cetera. However, outside of school, she got into fights almost constantly, though mostly with members of Skill-Out. Meirin was smart enough to figure out that beating up the "good people" was a quick way to get in serious trouble, so she vented her frustrations on outlaws. At night, she slept in the laboratory where scientists scanned her brain waves and did tests in an attempt to advance her abilities so they could get more results. However, it still got on Meirin's nerves, knowing she was being constantly monitored.

Eventually, Sakamoto's frustrations and negative emotions overflowed, and she couldn't take it any more. Halfway during a test, Meirin stormed out, declaring that she would no longer be anyone's guinea pig. When someone tried to stop her from leaving, she burned the man's arm by grabbing it, applying her ability, and refusing to let go. When she was finally pried off, the part of the man's arm she had grabbed had been charred black. She was promptly booted from the study course, as a test subject that would intentionally harm one of the scientists was too much of a liability. She was monitored for a while longer after that (to watch for any anger issues or problems that might arise), but being free of the constant testing had significantly improved the girl's mood. She still got into fights, but they were far less common, and the negative tendencies she had been displaying for a while dropped off almost immediately as well.

Eventually, Meirin found a dorm, a part-time job, and a way to vent her frustrations with daily life outside of beating up Skill-Outs. She became mostly normal, but she still has anger issues from keeping her frustrations pent up for so long. For the most part, though, she became normal. Meirin took up sparring and physical training in a gym near her dorm, and the next three years of her life were normal for a school-bound Esper in Academy City. She even joined Judgment, as she wanted to be of help to people.

And now, the story of her daily life begins.

LEVEL: Level 4.
(Flash Point): Meirin Sakamoto has a rather unique ability. It involves thermal energy and the rapid acceleration of atoms. In other words, Meirin can increase the temperature of whatever she touches. There are, however, some limits. She can't, for example, lower the temperature of whatever she touches. Her ability only increases temperature.

Meirin's body is extremely resistant to heat, and she is nearly impossible to burn. She could walk through a raging inferno and come out on the other side with slightly singed hair. However, she cannot breathe the smoke, nor are her clothes flame retardant. Furthermore, she must touch the object she wants to increase the temperature of with her bare hands. This means that, should she grab or punch someone, they would receive a burn. It also means she could grab a metal pipe, apply her power until it becomes malleable, form the pipe into a molten ball of metal, and throw it at someone.. as long as it doesn't melt completely. She could also melt her way through a metal wall. Something else to note is that Meirin can turn her power on and off, as well as slow the heating. In other words, she could slowly or rapidly heat something up, and she can stop heating it once it reaches the desired temperature or consistency.

Something that MUST be noted is that different objects will heat up at different rates. For example, metal objects, which transmit heat energy extremely well, will become malleable at 2.5 seconds, and completely melt away in 4 seconds. The less conductive something is to thermal energy, the longer it takes for Meirin to heat it up. In other words, rubber gloves would protect your hands from being burned for quite a while, as long as they aren't in contact with Meirin's hands for too long.
(Thermal energy acceleration)
Can increase the temperature of an object she touches with her hands until it burns away or melts; basically, she can increase the temperature of something until she literally can't hold onto it any more.
(Heat resistance)
Is extremely resistant to heat and burns.
(Contact burns)
Can rapidly increase the temperature of whatever she touches with a single, quick touch, to the point of causing burns. The longer the object is touched, the higher the temperature rises.[i]

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Meirin Sakamoto
Meirin Sakamoto
Level 4 Flash Point

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[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto Empty Test post.

Post  Meirin Sakamoto Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:13 am

Meirin Sakamoto stepped up to the curb of the street, waiting for the signal to change. It was a slow day, job-wise; nobody had needed help, nobody had gotten themselves into danger. Hell, nobody had even lost a balloon in a tree or anything. It had been a peaceful, but boring day.

The signal changed, and Sakamoto began to cross the street amidst a small crowd that was moving in the same direction. Someone passed through the crowd from the other direction. Suddenly, a woman in the crowd shrieked. The person crossing from the other direction had snatched a purse. Sakamoto grinned and gave chase. Finally, she was seeing some action.

The boy holding the purse was fast, but Sakamoto was faster. She sprinted up to the boy and grabbed his shirt collar. She threw him to the ground and planted her foot on his chest. "I'm with Judgment, and you're under arrest," she announced. The boy on the ground merely laughed in response. When Sakamoto frowned in confusion, the boy managed to push her foot off and stand up.

"You fool! You think you can stop me?! I am invincible!" the boy shouted, sounding half-crazed, before bursting into a maniacal laugh. Sakamoto had stumbled back when the boy had displayed an alarming amount of strength. She quickly regained her posture and grinned cockily. "I don't think you understood me. I'm with Judgment, and you're under arrest. Get back on the ground, or I'll be forced to hurt you. And while you're at it, drop the purse," she commanded, placing a hand on her hip. She looked rather worry free. In response, the boy's laughter stopped, replaced by an inhuman-sounding roar.

Sakamoto was surprised when she beheld the boy's Esper power. He suddenly grew to eight feet, with huge muscles rippling all across his body. When the boy's hands grew in size, they reflexively opened, and the stolen purse fell out from between the boy's huge fingers. Sakamoto's frown deepened. "Hey now, that's hardly fair," she complained. In response, the boy, now a hulking mass of muscle and anger, charged at her. He was surprisingly quick for his size, and Meirin was forced to roll to the side, else she be trampled beneath the boy's now huge feet.

The boy turned and started a ferocious assault. He threw wild punches, kicks, and swipes. Sakamoto was driven back. She dodged every attack; she had to, or else the boy's huge limbs would crush her bones. The boy suddenly took an especially wild swing with his left arm. Instead of hitting Meirin, he accidentally hit a light pole. Sakamoto didn't waste her chance; grinning cruelly, she rushed through the opening, jumped, and grabbed the boy's face with her right hand. The fight was now as good as over.

Sakamoto used her Esper ability. All she needed was a moment. In the two seconds her hand was attached to the boy's face, the skin where her hand was touching burned away. Screaming in pain, the boy tried to swipe her off; however, Sakamoto was already clear. She had jumped off the hulking Esper's chest, flipped through the air, and landed on her feet about three yards away.

The boy fell to his knees in pain, but he did not go back to his original size yet. Sakamoto pressed her advantage; she rushed around behind the monster and landed a savage kick on his backside, knocking the boy to the ground. She then jumped onto the boy's back and placed her hand on the side of his neck. Sakamoto applied her Esper power again; not enough to melt the skin again, but enough to heat it up to an extent that it was vastly uncomfortable for the boy. "Surrender now, or I melt through your jugular," Sakamoto threatened. To ensure he would comply, she gave the boy a light burn. After yelping in pain, the boy began to rapidly shrink in size. He was his normal size a few moments later.

Meirin didn't give him time to change his mind. She pulled a pair of handcuffs from her back pocket, grabbed the boy's arms, and cuffed them behind his back. "Now stay where you are, or I'll set you on fire," Sakamoto threatened again. Keeping a foor planted firmly on the boy's back, she withdrew her cell phone and dialed the number for Anti-Skill.

A few minutes later, the boy was on his way to prison, the purse had been returned, and Meirin had nothing to do again. She wandered around the area for a bit before finding a vender selling crepes. Sakamoto rewarded herself for a job done well by buying one. She sat down on a bench and watched people walk by, enjoying her crepe in silence.

Meirin Sakamoto
Meirin Sakamoto
Level 4 Flash Point

Posts : 60
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[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto Empty Re: [Esper] Meirin Sakamoto

Post  Accelerator Fri Mar 08, 2013 9:58 am

I can't see any problem here, and since you're so eager to start I'll take the initiative.

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[Esper] Meirin Sakamoto Empty Re: [Esper] Meirin Sakamoto

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