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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Sakamoto Daisuke Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:44 am

Sakamoto Daisuke

Level ?? Mental Link

[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke 103496

"You blabber too much. If you’re a real man, talk with your fists!"

FULL NAME: Sakamoto Daisuke
OTHER ALIAS: Dai, Aniki, Dai-Aniki
OCCUPATION: Highschool Student/Part-timer
SCHOOL: A Certain Highschool

APPEARANCE: Daisuke is a young man of average height with spiky light-colored hair and high eyebrows. He had a rather athletic build, muscular but light. His casual wear consists of loose comfortable clothing and a sports jacket which he drapes on his shoulders rather than wearing properly. He wears earrings and a necklace for accessories. He also has a habit of opening the top buttons of his shirt.
HEIGHT: 175 cm
WEIGHT:  150 lb
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Most noteworthy of his features would be his sports jacket that he drapes on his shoulders and his earrings and necklace accessories.

Daisuke is very susceptible to emotions. He is quick to anger, grieve, laugh, and smile.
Daisuke isn’t very good at complex thinking. He has trouble understanding overly complicated plans and can be quite narrow-minded. This also leads him to tackle challenges with the first, simplest, straight-forward approach that comes to mind, unwary of traps or danger. He takes any situation he receives face-on. He’s also quite gullible, trusting even a random stranger on the street.
Daisuke’s a nice person at heart. He dislikes seeing troubled people and goes out of his way to help those in need, even against the person he’s helping’s will.
Daisuke strictly follows a vague personal code of honour. To him, men must be strong, fair, just individuals that protect those who they care for. This is his life code and when he sees someone straying from it, he tries to steer them back to the right path. He also doesn’t like dishonourable means of combat like guns or poison. He believes men should battle it out with their natural powers alone.
Never Give Up
Daisuke is extremely persistent. Once he’s fixated on a goal he won’t stop until he achieves it or he’s been forcibly rendered unable to do so. No matter how much damage he takes or how much he loses, he won’t give up.


Daisuke doesn’t hold back when it comes to fighting. Violence is his main means of settling conflict and he’ll swing his arms and legs wildly until the situation is settled. He won’t go for the kill but beating someone into the ground is ok for him.

Above all, Daisuke has the innate nature to sympathise with others. He feels their pains and problems as if they were his own and tries to understand what other people might be going through.


Daisuke always seeks to improve himself, whether physically or morally. He trains both his physical body and esper powers regularly in hopes of becoming stronger to protect people. He also admires strong people, especially Academy City’s level 5, who he believes have achieved their great strength through endless hard work.

+ People

+ Spicy Food

+ Manliness

+ Shonen Manga

+ Rain

+ Big-breasted Women
- Injustice

- School

- Bitter Food

- Crustaceans

- Puzzles

- Guns
+ Fighting

+ Sports

+ Arcade Games

+ Cooking
- Studies

- Strategic thinking

- Being Gentle or Subtle

- Lying


Sakamoto Daisuke was born into a family of elites. His father came from a line of renowned doctors while his mother was a lawyer. So, as a child, he was expected to follow his bloodline and become some bigshot too, and originally he did. He did exceptionally well in his studies and was seen as a bit of a prodigy. Daisuke was never a quiet bookworm though. From youth, he was an energetic hard worker who didn’t hold back in bragging about his abilities. He’d get into fights often, with kids who didn’t appreciate his intelligence and an even wilder older cousin who liked to wrestle him for fun, and ended up becoming both mentally and physically fit.

After elementary school, to improve his studies, his parents decided to send him to the city of schools, Academy City. Considering their goal, it was quite the mistake for the city would change him significantly. Enrolled into a nice, prestigious middle school, Daisuke continued to do well in studies and began to develop his esper powers as well. But, one day, he was just walking down the sidewalk when a purse-snatcher ran past him. Spurred by a lady yelling for someone to help, he immediately jumped into action, chased down the criminal and stopped him by tackling him, knocking both of them to the ground and slowing him just long enough for a Judgement officer to arrive. It was a nice heroic moment but for Daisuke it opened a new viewpoint to him. When he tackled the purse-snatcher, his power ended up activating and he ended up reading the man’s mind. The whole time, all the criminal could think about was his sick mother who he was desperately trying to buy medicine for. His savings had finally dried up and he had run out of options to get honest money. Even though he knew he probably wouldn’t succeed, he had to try to get any money he could, even if it meant criminal means.

The experience shook Daisuke’s view of life. He began to contemplate about the life troubles of other people and started thinking about what he could do to help others. Eventually, he came to a resolution. He wanted to know more about the troubles people have. He wanted to know their motives, feel their pain, and maybe fight their enemies. With his power and his fists, he could understand someone better than anyone else could. With a single punch he could read their heart. So, Daisuke began to seek out the troubles of others. Victims, bullies, delinquents, petty criminals. He'd purposely wander the streets and dark alleyways to look for these troublesome people and try his best to understand them, and maybe bring them back onto the right path.

As Daisuke continued to follow this new lifestyle, his studies began to drop drastically as he spent less and less time at the desk and more time on the streets. Eventually, he dropped out of his prestigious school and entered a more average highschool. He got into fights more and more often, beating up petty thugs here and there and getting better and better at fighting with each battle. Most of all, though, he occasionally found someone who'd strayed from the right path and managed to beat some sense into them. Through his many fights, he's gathered a small following of close former-delinquents who follow him like a bunch of gang members.

Of course, his violent tendencies weren't unnoticed and brought him quite a bit of trouble with the authorities, specifically Anti-skill, and also his parents. As a whole, the Anti-skill officers didn't approve of his actions and a few times brought him in for temporary detainment and plenty of lecturing. They understand he means well but still don't want him on the streets trying to take justice into his own hands. His face has become a regular sight to many Anti-skill officers who individually may or may not like him. As for his parents, they were originally shocked when they received news that their son had dropped out of his prestigious school and was involving in constant violent activities. However, after a while, his father seemed to stop caring about the whole matter and no longer even tried to contact Daisuke. Daisuke believes it's because his old man had just given up on him.

RANK: None
Mental Link:

Mental Link is a Mental ability similar to telepathy. The user can create a link between his and a target individual’s mind, allowing for transfer of information between the two people. The link is a two-way bridge controlled by the user, allowing him to read the target’s mind or send the target information at his discretion. The link is not necessarily mutually accessed as the user can choose to keep the target out of his own mind or only send his own thoughts as he likes. The information sent comes in three forms: words, images, emotions, and a high level user can choose to read or share any combination of these three.

While higher level Mental Link espers may be able to establish long distance links, at Daisuke’s level, he can only create one with physical contact. He must be touching a target to link their minds together and the link will break once physical contact is broken. Though bare skin is optimal, Daisuke can establish a link through clothing, though the layers blur the information. A thick winter coat will generally block the link. Also, the thoughts read and shared are real-time. Daisuke cannot look through memories or access previous knowledge unless the target is actively thinking about it while the link is established. If he touches the person for an instant, he can only receive the information they were thinking about at that instant. Mental Link also cannot be established while the target is unconscious.

Additionally, his control over the information read and shared is rather poor. He is unable to choose what forms of thoughts he reads and instead receives a jumbled mix of words, images, and emotions. What he receives is somewhat arbitrary but generally the stronger thoughts are more prominent. Also, he can choose to block one side of the link, either only reading or sharing information. However, mutual thought transfer synchs the minds up better, allowing for clearer transfer of thoughts.  As a side note, he can only establish a link with one person at a time.

Through his history of brawling, Daisuke's become a skilled fighter without any formal martial arts experience. He has gained a innate sense for fighting and a small collection of self-taught techniques. He can take on 5-6 unarmed level 0 thugs with a bit of effort.
Natural Athleticism
Daisuke has a naturally high motor skills. He has a good sense of balance and quick reflexes.
Charismatic Leader
Daisuke's ability for empathy and honourable charisma make him an easy to follow leader. He has a small gang of former delinquent friends who help him out occasionally. They number around a dozen men.
Former Prodigy
Though he now is nearly failing all his courses, Daisuke was once a prodigy. He has the potential to be an exceptional student again... If he'd hit the books for once.
Since he lives by himself, he's a pretty decent cook. His specialty is spicy Chinese food.
Compassionate Speaking
His honest, from the heart words have a way of touching someone's heart. His passionate speeches are extra-effective at convincing someone.


PLAYER'S NAME: Sakamoto Daisuke
CHATANGO NAME: zikari8  
FACE CLAIM: Shinagawa Daichi from Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

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Sakamoto Daisuke
Sakamoto Daisuke
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Sakamoto Daisuke Fri Dec 25, 2015 1:52 am

Test Post:

It was a nice Thursday afternoon. The sun was setting, leaving a orange gold colour over the city, and students were making their way home or loitering around popular meeting spots. The sound of people walking, machines moving, and a body colliding with a trash can could be heard.



"What the-Who the hell are you?"

A small group of young men exclaimed in astonishment at the sight of their buddy being sent flying with a kick and quickly turned to the culprit.

"Hm? Me? No one important. Just a passing-by student."

Daisuke responded to the group's question as he let his leg drop after having kicked the nearest guy to him as a greeting. He was still in his school uniform and carrying his bag in his right hand. His face was a mix of nonchalance and contempt; he did not look happy.

"More importantly, what are you guys doing? Ganging up on a single girl? Don't you think that's a little despicable?"

He pointed towards the young female student the circle of men, about 6 in number, had previously surrounded, one of them still holding onto her arm. She looked somewhat bruised and signs of fighting and burn marks could be seen in the surrounding dark alleyway they were all in. If Daisuke had to guess she probably was a fire-type esper and had tried to fight back but was overwhelmed by the men's numbers. Well that didn't really matter.

"Shut up! What do you want!?"

One of the men, the one holding the girl shouted at Daisuke. At his loud words, the girl quickly flinched. Daisuke just chuckled and calmly answered.

"Oh nothing much. Like I said I'm just passing by. Just gonna say hello and leave quietly if you don't mind. Well, after I kick all your asses, of course."


"Why you..."

His taunt seemed to have quite the effect as the delinquents immediately scowled and dropped into pseudo-fighting stances. One of the ones closer to Daisuke, a big guy with slicked hair, moved first and charged at Daisuke.

"I'd like to see you try brat."

He swung his right fist at Daisuke with great strength.

In response, Daisuke simply grabbed the man's wrist and began to crush it with his grip strength.

"Grrrr... Damn you..."

"Now now, while I love violence as much as you, do answer a question first. Tell me, why are you attacking this girl?"

Suddenly, Daisuke's face turned serious as he glared at the big guy he was holding in place. Instead of waiting for an answer that probably wasn't going to come though, he focused and activated his power.

"W-Who the hell would tell you!?"

The big guy bellowed in response trying to break free from Daisuke's grip. But it didn't matter, Daisuke's power took effect. A link between his and the big guy's minds was created allowing Daisuke to read the big guy's thoughts, in the form of words and emotions as he had set it.

He quickly scanned over the information he received. The big guy's emotions were anger, pain, and... sadness? As for his thoughts...

"This guy wouldn't understand... What it's like without powers... Damn cocky espers."

Daisuke had heard enough... He understood now.

He suddenly let go of the big guy's wrist, causing his opponent to stumble backwards a little due to the sudden lack of force. Once he regained his balance, the big guy went back into a tense stance, as if waiting for Daisuke's next move.

Instead of rushing at him though, Daisuke stood still for the moment and just sighed.

"Things have been hard on you guys haven't they?"

"Huh? What are blabbering about?

"Heh... Nothing."

Daisuke only smirked at the men's confused bark. He was just blabbering wasn't he. Well, that was enough talk. Time for action!

Abruptly, Daisuke's body tensed and he pounced into the crowd. Expecting it, the big guy stood to block his way and stretched his arms to grab him, but Daisuke swiftly sidestepped and spun around his reach.

"First of all..."

As he stopped his spin dodge, two other men rushed him. Using the momentum from his spin, Daisuke round-housed one before hastily turning to block a baton the other one had swung at his head. Dull pain shot through the arm he used to block the blow but he pushed forward without hesitation. He followed through with his defective movement and swiped the baton away, before head butting the guy. He stumbled back from the impact, leaving Daisuke an open path.

"Save the girl!"

Daisuke shot a glare at the man holding onto the girl, making his intentions clear. The man understood immediately and, after a moment of hesitation, let go, pushing the girl away, to free both arms for defense. He managed to raise his arms fast enough to block a punch to the face.

Daisuke readied to follow up with a knee to the stomach but changed his mind as he sensed another guy coming from behind him. He, unexpectedly, rushed up to the man who had blocked his punch in a big step and, rather than throwing another blow, grabbed the guy's wrist. He followed up by smoothly turning and throwing the guy over his shoulder, just in time for him to collide with the guy attacking from behind. The two smashed into each other and tumbled onto the ground.


Daisuke took a quick breath after the combo attack. The guys he had knocked down were quickly getting back up.

"Hey, are you ok? Can you move?"

He hastily shot a worried inquiry to the girl he had painstakingly saved.

She mad a timid nod in response.

"Good. You should get away from here. It's dangerous."

With perfect timing to his statement, the big guy from earlier charged him with a punch. Daisuke didn't bother dodging and exchanged a sharp hook, only twisting his body a little to reduce the damage. Both of their fists hit the fast but Daisuke's counter had a better angle. The big guy's head flew back, letting Daisuke continue with a full body tackle.

"Now go! Don't turn back. Also, don't call Judgement, I'll be fine."

He yelled at the girl, prompting her to get up and begin to head down the alley. He smiled as he saw her petite figure get smaller and smaller.

"Now then..."

He turned to the six men who he had decided to fight. Even for him, six was a pretty intimidating number. But still... His fists has some talking to do!

"Come! I'll beat some sense into y'all!"

Sakamoto Daisuke
Sakamoto Daisuke
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:49 pm

Admittedly it’s been quite a while since I took a proper look at a profile, let alone evaluate it, but this one is still quite a refreshing one. So let’s go for the ride.

I. Nitpicks - Pointers About The Universe

You see, Tokiwadai Middleschool is located in Academy City’s famous School Garden, the place where the precious young maidens of the city live and the exact place no male being should ever set a foot into. Looking at that reputation it is quite obvious that loitering around closely to Tokiwadai is an act impossible to perform, or at least to survive~

Another common mistake you made (not that it is really important, I just feel like mentioning it occasionally) is the fact that you named Judgement as the instance watching over the city’s peace. The true peace keepers however are our good old pals of Anti-Skill, Academy City’s official police force.

II. The History - Questions For More Depth

I left off with Anti-Skill and I think I’ll continue on with them. Daisuke’s actions are those of a criminal, or at least they do cause some trouble, since he’s trying to execute justice on his own, endangering himself and others. I would say Anti-Skill would at least have set their eyes on him, in form of trying to apprehend him, maybe trying to lecture him about how reckless his actions are and all that fuzz. They’re teachers in charge of protecting the students after all.
My request to you is to add some further enlightenment about his relation to the law; how they treat him etc.

Actually how large is the „gang“ that has gathered around him? Just an approximate number of people would be fine here.

III. The Ability - BALANCING!!

First of all, please be aware that that strong focus on street brawling skills automatically means for a potentially low Ability Level, since the scale is required to be kept even.

Keeping what I just said in mind, let’s continue.

For the current Level he should only have the capability to link himself to one person at a time, as the effects are limited to physical contact only anyway. More people would be the next step, afterwards short distance usage and so on~

Furthermore I would like you to lessen the control he has slightly, in terms of choosing what kind of information he’ll receive. Strike that and have him receive any of the other person’s current thoughts as a jumbled mess he first would have to put in order and analyse before actually gaining something from it. Personally I see this as more tasteful and befitting to somebody that is longing to understand others. After all only somebody capable of understanding another person’s thought structure is somebody that could reach full empathy.

And lastly I do wonder if he can also transfer his own thoughts or if he is just limited to reading minds?
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Sakamoto Daisuke Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:13 am

Alright, everything should be in order now.

As for the pointers on the universe:

I sort of meant loitering in the general area around the School Garden. Maybe run into Biribiri at the convenience store or something like that but I guess that's still sort of farfetched. I just removed that part as a whole.

Also, huh... I thought that while Anti-skill was the police force, Judgement still had some authority over little matters like delinquent fights or petty shoplifters while Anti-skill generally handled larger operations. But I guess that makes sense.
Sakamoto Daisuke
Sakamoto Daisuke
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Misaka Mikoto Thu Jan 07, 2016 4:35 pm

Hello there, I'm passing by as a replacement for Iva who's been endlessly busy these days!

Now, colour me very pleasantly surprised, I actually don't have much to say about your character himself beyond what's already been said in the evaluation; he seems like a nice, earnest young man even if his way of going about things is inherently flawed. The last paragraph of your history also shows potential character plot development later in the RP.

However, this is an RPing board so there's two things I need to mention and elaborate on for the sake of everyone getting along.

Firstly is that we keep a balance between the stats of intelligence, strength, and ability. This balance is to avoid all-around characters that have basically no flaw, so we usually request proper focus on only one of those stats. Now I do see your character was once a former prodigy, which puts focus on intelligence, but has lost that focus and is now more oriented towards strength with an ability only as a means of support.

So while there's no balancing problems with Daisuke, I however do want to warn you to keep a look out for that balance as you RP; sometimes in the midst of events people tend to assign stats not befitting of the character at all.

Do keep that in mind and we're all clear with his current stats, especially seeing how he's not good at strategic thinking. Razz

Now, secondly I want to address the ability. By itself there's nothing wrong with it as far as I can see, but due to a lot of our characters having hidden backstory or parts of it, guilty as charged, I would like to clarify something.

I do know by your paragraph that Daisuke doesn't choose what he receives and what he receives can be a mess, but for clarification's sake I want to ask if what he reads is the person's current thoughts and emotions or a truly arbitrary thought in their mind such as a memory in whatever form it's delivered? Could he read a backstory without the person actively thinking about it?


"Mikoto speaks"
'Mikoto thinks'

Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Sakamoto Daisuke Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:03 pm

Daisuke can only read current active thoughts. No memory diving or any of that.

I should also probably include that it doesn't work on unconscious people. So no dream diving either.
Sakamoto Daisuke
Sakamoto Daisuke
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:16 pm

OK, no risks of character backstory leaking out, so we're good there. In the event there's such a risk, do make sure that the owner is all right with him reading and whether you're allowed to write out the backstory part or not.

With that, assuming you've kept my comment on stats in mind, I hereby declare you:

Level 2 Mental Link
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
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[Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke Empty Re: [Esper] Sakamoto Daisuke

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