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[Esper] Autumnus Springs

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[Esper] Autumnus Springs Empty [Esper] Autumnus Springs

Post  Autumnus Springs Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:11 pm

(Autumnus Springs )

(Level 2 Location Read)

[Esper] Autumnus Springs Kariya_matou_30017

" Trust no one. Even yourself."

FULL NAME: Autumnus Springs
OTHER ALIAS: The man in the blue helmet.
OCCUPATION: Mercenary.
SCHOOL: N/A, as of now.
FACTION: Freelance

APPEARANCE: Autumnus has disheveled light brown hair, and brown hollow eyes. He isn't particularly attractive, and he hasn't really paid much mind to his looks. He is of medium height, and has a skinny build. He has several slightly discolored areas on his back from former scars. He usually wears darker tones. He has no facial hair, and his skin is pale, Often when he is working as a mercenary, he will wear a dark blue uniform that covers his entire body. This is because he is afraid of being identified. The uniform is covered in concealed pouches and he wears a helmet over his head. He also has an old Antiskill uniform. Usually, when in public, he wears a T-shirt and jeans, a well as a hoodie to hide his face..

HEIGHT: 5'9"
WEIGHT: 142 lb.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Autumnus once had scarring on his back, but now the scars seemed to have healed, and the only sign left of them is mild discoloration. His eyes seem to be empty with dark circles under them, and he fidgets a lot. He also has a scar on his face that hasn't healed yet.

Autumnus takes unreasonable risks in order to protect his own safety from threats that are either real, or imagined. He often distrusts people.
While Autumnus tries to help people, he is often unable to understand their emotions.
Autumnus often has difficulty sleeping, occasionally leading to irritability.
Poor Memory
Autumnus has trouble remembering things after a certain point, and usually forgets the details of things after three hours or so.
Conspiracy Theorist
Believes wild theories, often times with several of them contradicting.

Information ( to the point where he will even believe things he made up.)
The Beatles.
Long conversations
Standing still.
Standing in the open.
Lack of information.
Not understanding other people.
His own insomnia.
Vague authority figures.
Being watched.
Being unarmed.

Close combat.
Jumping to conclusions.
Poor Memory.

HISTORY: Autumnus really doesn't remember much about his past. He remembers as a young child being enamored by Academy City, and wanting to be an esper. His parents sent him to Academy City, where he first developed his esper ability. He originally was disappointed in his ability, but he later grew to appreciate it. He was a quiet child, who liked to stay alone.

By the time he was in middle school, he had joined Antiskill and was fairly active in participating in it.
However, later he started to have nightmares that made it difficult for him to sleep. His performance started to slip, and he started engaging in criminal behaviors. In Antiskill, he started to have trouble focusing on his duties. Once, on patrol, he and a colleague were attacked by Skill Out members. His colleague was killed and he ran away from the gang.
Eventually, his symptoms started to get worse. He was kicked out of his school, and increasing engaged in criminal endeavors for money. He started to use a fake name, Autumnus Springs, and eventually forgot his real name. He became a mercenary, and was originally in a small group, before he went completely solo, because he suspected his partners of planning to kill him. He never showed his face to the people he was trying to deal with, as he was incapable of trusting them. He lives in a small apartment.

LEVEL: Level 2
Location Read: Allows Autumnus to see the layout of his location within a 40 foot radius. It also makes it easier for him to aim thrown projectiles.
It can also detect lifesigns from certain areas in this field, and detect espers.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Capable of deducing facts given evidence.
Close Combat
Capable of fighting at short range, either armed, or unarmed.
Capable of moving quietly and hide successfully.
Capable of hiding objects on his person. Carries smokebombs, explosives, knives, handguns, and others.
Capable of setting up and/or building explosives.
Capable of formulating effective strategies.
Capable of using codes and ciphers without having to use scratch paper or the like.

CHARACTER THEME: Antidepressant 044

PLAYER'S NAME: Autumnus Springs
FACE CLAIM: Kariya Matou, Fate/Zero
OTHER CHARACTERS: None, for now.
MISC. INFORMATION: None, for now.

I'll post my test post in a bit.

Last edited by Guy Li on Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:15 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : Woops, forgot to finish a sentence there.)

Autumnus Springs
Level 2 Location Read

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[Esper] Autumnus Springs Empty Re: [Esper] Autumnus Springs

Post  Autumnus Springs Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:09 pm

Test Post engage!

The wind was cold and frigid.

Autumnus had been walking to the target location for quite a while, but once he reached there, there was no one there. He could see the smoke stains on the walls of the buildings surrounding the alley that he was in. He walked along the alley, looking suspiciously over his shoulder. He thought that this must be a trap, but his Location Read wasn't picking up anyone nearby. Perhaps someone had found a way to trick it. He looked above him. There was a open window above him.
"The target must have gotten away," he thought to himself.
He ran out of the alley, and into the apartment building with the open window. He was told that the target would be in the alley below, but someone must have tipped him off. Autumnus kicked down the door, and threw a smoke bomb inside the building. His Location Read detected someone in the bedroom hiding under the bed. He sprinted into the bedroom, and threw down another smoke bomb. He then struggled to put the bed aside. Under the bed was a girl in a school uniform.

"Please don't hurt me," she pleaded. She appeared to be afraid.

Autumnus pulled out the photo of the target, whose face he had forgotten. Surely enough, the target was not this person, but someone else. He walked down the stairs, and left, annoyed that his efforts were fruitless. He went back into the alley, and thought of reentered the van where he came from, but decided against it. He then proceeded to walk home. He pulled out a small memo pad, and wrote:
"Gvq tabvu vt Fizjrfz. Tbckrh zom yslur. Jwft kc temq gusok bfexl panagv fbie. Nlrqw phlwziza tarrhjood jvbp ttkkva. Dkaexszf tstgx cz ptkx fm sixxdpss. Cipgx pmcdzvfbbz wr irfheu lrq sypehcvy."
This meant "The third of January. Target not found. Note to self check image before raid. Check possible locations find target. Possible trick on part of employer. Check background of target and employer."
He had taken a liking to writing in code after he started having trouble with his memory, and was afraid of someone being able to read his mind. There wasn't much in it, but what was there could be enough to incriminate him, or find him, and anyone who was able to do such a thing shouldn't be trusted. Even code was difficult for him to write in, but he felt it was worth the effort.
He walked in back alleys when getting to his home to avoid detection, and once he got there, he locked the door. He didn't have much in his apartment, as it would cost too much to set up anything there. What he did have was an desk that appeared to have been taken from a junkyard, and a few books. He pulled out a PDA, and started to check the internet for background.

Autumnus Springs
Level 2 Location Read

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[Esper] Autumnus Springs Empty Re: [Esper] Autumnus Springs

Post  Accelerator Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:07 am

Level 5 Vector Change

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[Esper] Autumnus Springs Empty Re: [Esper] Autumnus Springs

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