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[SS] Fish Noise

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[SS] Fish Noise - Page 2 Empty Re: [SS] Fish Noise

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Thu Jul 18, 2013 8:41 am

"Well, I am stationed in this city by the Roman Catholic Church, if my attire did not give that away."

Shinobu’s eyes quickly traveled down his attire then up again to meet his eyes. Her expression didn’t even flicker.

‘Since when did Academy City cooperate with a religious organization?’ Nunotaba wondered.

Academy City prided itself on science, logic and technology. Although she didn’t know much about any kind of religion, the fish-eyed girl had always imagined religion as nothing but silly speculations. Something completely opposite to everything that Academy City stood for.

Her eyes narrowed suspiciously but said nothing as Shirou continued to speak.

"As such, I feel that it is now my responsibility to offer you an escort back to your place... Or wherever it is you are headed, Nunotaba-san."

Shinobu pursed her lips, regarding Shirou carefully.

He was a strange person. Nowadays, it was difficult to find anyone who was willing to help a complete stranger. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, he continued to follow her, even offering to be her escort.

So what did he want in return?

Or was he just really that naïve?

But then, he was a religious person. Who knew what kind of silly values his religion enforced on its followers?

Shinobu knew she had the option to turn away from this person and forget about him in a moment’s breath. But something about him drew her curiosity to an extent she couldn’t ignore. It was like discovering a new specimen that she had never believed to be in existence. And now that it was right in front of her, before her very eyes, the scientist felt a surging need to plod and poke, and figure out how it all worked.

“Tell me something,” she suddenly said, completely ignoring Shirou’s offer. “Why did you help me earlier?”

Her strange eyes were fixed on him and him alone.


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