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[Esper] Kamijou Touko

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[Esper] Kamijou Touko Empty [Esper] Kamijou Touko

Post  Kamijou Touko Sat Jun 23, 2012 1:23 am

Kamijou Touko

Level 0 Imagine Breaker

[Esper] Kamijou Touko F73fa110

"I'll break that illusion of yours!"

FULL NAME: Kamijou Touko
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: High School Student
SCHOOL: A Certain High School

APPEARANCE: Touko is a tall girl for her age with short, messy black hair that she styles up in quills. She has tanned, ruddy skin and soft, round facial features. Her wide blue eyes are bright and intelligent. She is skinny, with an athletic physique that could best be described as 'modest'. Touko typically dresses in a boy's school uniform, with dark grey pants and a white, short sleeved shirt over an orange t-shirt. Due to her hairstyle and masculine dress sense most people consider her a delinquent.
HEIGHT: 168cm (5'6")
WEIGHT: 52kg (115lb)

A Girl of Action
Touko is the kind to act before she thinks, often putting herself in harm's way because of it. She acts on her feelings and on instinct, which can often lead her to be manipulated by others. Something of a tomboy, Touko has a tendency to get into scrapes and fights due to her tomboyish nature and prefers male pastimes over more feminine pursuits.
A Strong Sense of Justice
Touko will always follow her heart, doing what she feels is right regardless of the consequences to herself. She will always help those in need regardless of her feelings for them personally, even going so far as to save the life of a mortal enemy. This quality often leads to her being called 'righteous' by others.
Stubborn Idiot
Touko is pig headed to an extreme, going against common sense and self preservation to uphold her ideals. She can also be rather dense in regards to the feelings of others, having a talent for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time without thinking. Far from a model student, Touko is considered something of an underachiever academically, but what she lacks in theory she makes up for in common sense and quick wits.
Jaded Pessimist
Due to her constant misfortune, Touko has developed something of a world weary outlook to life and often bemoans her bad luck. She has learnt to cope with the hardships her power brings, and never lets the trials she faces bring her down, maintaining a carefree and casual demeanour.
Touko's ability, Imagine Breaker, negates her own luck, resulting in misfortune befalling the poor girl at every corner. If something can go wrong for her, it will. However, despite this curse, or perhaps because of it, she is able to overcome all odds, never backing down in the face of adversity.

Peace and quiet.
Her family and friends.

Being looked down on.
Her own misfortune.

Anti-magic and Anti-Esper Close Combat
Running away

Long range combat
Thick headed

Touko is the only daughter of Kamijou Touya and Kamijou Shiina. At an early age she was seen as a jinx on those around her as the bad luck caused by her tight hand's ability would often affect others. This unfortunate situation led to her being labelled 'The Plague' by others.

This continued until one day a victim of Touko's luck snapped, attacking her. The situation was heavily reported in the news, leading to Touko's father sending her to Academy City. a place where she could grow up free among other gifted individuals, free from superstition.

This was not to be, though. Even in Academy City, Touko was persecuted for her ability. It was during this time that she discovered her right hand's ability to dispel Esper's psychic powers. Her bad luck, along with her low social standing as a Level 0 led to Touko getting into a number of fights with both unpowered street thugs known as 'Skill-Outs' and high level Espers alike.

Her life is a constant series of struggles and conflicts, but all these will be made to seem like child's play when she is drawn into the conflict between Science and Magic.

LEVEL: Level 0
IMAGINE BREAKER: Touko's ability is Imagine Breaker, an power which negates all other supernatural powers, including the effects of magical, psychic, and divine powers. Due to this peculiar ability her level cannot be accurately measured, leading her to be labelled a Level 0. The source of Imagine Breaker appears to be Touko's hand as it seems her right hand is the only part that can actively negate supernatural things, with the rest of her body immune to supernatural effects.

Despite of the extents of Touko's abilities, Imagine Breaker might have the ability to negate all "artificial" supernatural abilities. It appears that there are things that Touko's Imagine Breaker cannot destroy, including ley lines or a person's life force. It is believed to be for this reason that she hasn't killed someone through physical contact, suggesting that Touko's ability might have certain limits to it.

Street fighting experience
Touko is a capable fighter, making use of her right hand's ability to dispel supernatural phenomena to defend and attack with simple but effective brawling techniques. Strong enough to take down 3 capable street thugs single handed. She also has the uncanny knack of predicting an opponent's moves due to her experience fighting strong, powered opponents. Nevertheless, Touko prefers to avoid physical conflict when possible, running from unnecessary conflicts.
Quick wits
Due to her lack of traditional offensive or defensive powers, Touko has become adept at discerning her opponents' weaknesses and developing strategies to defeat them on the fly. She also has an instinctual understanding of her ability's limits, allowing her to make the most of its power.


Gensou Koroshi- To Aru Majutsu No Index OST
Nichijou- To Aru Majutsu No Index OST

PLAYER'S NAME: Kamijou Touko
MAXIMUM RATING: M for Mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes only.)
FACE CLAIM: To Aru Majutsu No Index fanart
OTHER CHARACTERS: Aleister Crowley

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Kamijou Touko
Kamijou Touko
Level 0 Imagine Breaker

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[Esper] Kamijou Touko Empty Re: [Esper] Kamijou Touko

Post  Accelerator Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:06 pm

You know, I think you should make a test post for fairness' sake. Neutral

And to show us how it's done, I guess. Razz
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