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[SNPC/Magician] Kusaribe Yumeji

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[SNPC/Magician] Kusaribe Yumeji Empty [SNPC/Magician] Kusaribe Yumeji

Post  [Old] Sasha Kreutzev Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:11 pm

FULL NAME: Kusaribe Yumeji
AGE: 27 (Highly sensitive about her age)
GENDER: Female

She is 180cm tall and well built with long hair that reaches up to her knees, tied up in a ponytail. She is usually seen wearing a tank top and jeans that are easy to move around in along with a white, flowered lady's kimono, which she drapes across her shoulders and over her tank top.

[SNPC/Magician] Kusaribe Yumeji Yuzu_zps61ccdaf8


The laid back and flamoyant Sword Instructor of Amakusa-style Church.

She has strong roots as the priestess of Kusaribe shrine in Kyoto that serves the buddhist god Bishamonten. Unwilling to carry out her destined duty as the head priestess, she left the Kusaribe shrine to live out her younger days travelling, learning, challenging martial arts across the world until eventually settling down as a Magician of Roman Catholic Church for a short while during a contract with a famous courier of the magical world, Oriana Thompson to serve as her bodyguard.

During her years working with the young Oriana, she taught the younger girl (at the time) in various Eastern martial arts, remarking that there are bound to be situations where magic alone won't be able to defend her and in such times, martial arts will come in handy.

Upon returning to Japan however, she came to learn that the Kusaribe shrine, which lost their priestess (for years) had reluctantly merged with the Amakusa Church, thus she returned from her long overseas experience bringing with her a valuable years of experience to share with her new allies.

The first assignment that was given to her was to train their blessed Saint who was designated to become the Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Church in swordsmanship. These years of training were, in Kanzaki's own testimony a living nightmare, as the 10 years older Kusaribe's trainings were some of the most grueling training forced on Kanzaki from childhood.

When Kanzaki Kaori denied her heritage and opted to become a travelling ronin, eventually ending up working for Necessarius, it was Yumeji who helped devise the plan and thus allowed her to easily bypass all security that led her to her freedom from responsibilities. Promptly after Kaori's departure, as the Amakusa Church considered her to be one of the possible candidate as a Substitute Supreme Pontiff in Kaori's absence, she too disappeared without a trace wishing to continue living out her days without huge responsibilities.

At present she lives inside Academy City teaching Kendo to young middle school students.


Amakusa Style Custom
Her swordsmanship is comprised of years of experience, travelling most countries in chasing her childish dream of further improving her swordstyle by crossing swords with various weapon users across the world. As a result she has further polished the Amakusa Style Combat upon returning from her adventure to share it all with fellow members. While she doesn't seem to possess the kind of skills to cast magic (like Stiyl), it's not a simple exaggeration to say that she possess the strongest swordstyle across the world. She wields the reforged Longinus Replica in the form of her beloved nodachi, 神切 (Kamigiri - God Killer)

A swordstyle that focuses on powerful strikes that "start in a split second" and "end in a split second", meaning that energy isn't miss-used outside the attack while the sword is sheathed). Among all the style she has mastered in her younger experience she has come to rely on this style more than others she mastered and has been one of her forte. She is fond of the style and is upset that her prized student dislikes it.

Zanto Gari (斬刀狩り)
One of the reason why she is revered as a Sword Saint in the Magical side. It's a pinnacle of Iai technique yet it's considered one of her most basic attack. She draws her sword and strikes her opponent before resheathing her sword so quickly that when the sound actually reaches the opponent, the technique is already finished. Furthermore depending on the depth of the attack, Yumeji can reach up to 5 meters, cutting all within the path of her slash albeit the attack being considerably slower than if she had performed it within the range of her sword.

Shinto Kourenzan
An extremely powerful sword technique whereas the user seemingly fuses with their sword and changes their appearance to that of a white wraith like silhouette. While in this mode the user can unleash devastatingly powerful sword strikes.
This technique is the epitome of Yumeji's philosophy that one must fight with their weapons as one. This technique cannot be learned through pure skill but the user must have an intimate bond with their sword and there must be trust between the sword and user. As she puts it, you and the sword must love each other. The greater the bond, the greater the ease this technique can be performed and the greater the overall potency of the attack. As a result, this technique is known as the highest level of sword mastery.

The Art of Bushin (武神の術式)
Kusaribe contract based on the concept of Idol Theory. Intricacies of using codes and logos through the ordinary, originating from several abandoned religious rituals, choreographed repeatedly, showed their mastery of Idol Theory, and as a consequence making her unexpectedly powerful. The ability allows Yumeji to possess super human physical abilities by making frequent sacred offerings to the Bishamonten. By all rights in a magical point of view this would be considered a active Feng Shui spell where the sacred offerings would be required to be sacrificed in a properly constructed ritual area.

However because Kusaribe Yumeji's existence itself can be considered a walking temple and the very clothes as well as her own sword (and the decoration on her sword) that she wears is counted as offerings, Yumeji is able to use this skill as a active ability with a indefinite time limit (possibly when she's in a bathrobe waiting for the washing machine to do its work). She claims that the ability is always active by offerings through the way she breathes and walks (there is an actual study of this in martial arts where one can reach a state where they can walk/breathe in a balanced calm state of mind which in itself is an offering to a god of war like Bishamonten).

FACE CLAIM: Yuzuriha (Under Night in Birth)

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[SNPC/Magician] Kusaribe Yumeji Ilyawhat4re6k
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