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[Esper] Murakami Takashi

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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Murakami Takashi Fri May 30, 2014 3:59 am

Murakami Takashi/Zephyr

(Level: [X] | Ability Name: Current
  [Esper] Murakami Takashi Anime_boy_with_scarf_by_nikanono-d6oc7m0

“Please back down. I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I must.”

FULL NAME: Murakami Takashi
SCHOOL: A Certain Unnamed High School

APPEARANCE: A boy with an average build, brown hair, and green eyes. He can usually be found wearing a grey t-shirt in the summer time and in the fall he wears a darker grey sweater with his shirt. He also wears a tan scarf with which he leaves a long tail that hangs down his back.
HEIGHT: 5’ 6”. 
WEIGHT: 140 lbs.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Wears a tan scarf no matter what the weather.


Takashi doesn't like to be in a social interaction for too long and prefers to be as far from people as possible. While usually not out of ill-will, he will generally turn his back on people who try to make friends with him, especially if he is attempting to completing a task. In that case he will usually give them a quick look before looking away to see if it is worth their time look at the stranger. He would only communicate with the person if he is being threatened or constantly bothered.
If he set his mind on a goal, he would be hell-bent on completing it. Even if directly threatened, he would only back down if he was physically incapable of completing.
His daily meditation sessions conditioned him to very rarely become distracted from a task. 
In accordance with Takashi’s shy nature, he doesn’t like to fight. Instead he much prefers to take a diplomatic approach, trying to talk out situations that sometimes can only be solved with violence.
What few friends he has, such as his family, he usually tries to protect as much as he possibly can. He is often seen talking to his 15 year old sister who is one of few friends he has and as a result feels like he has to protect her, even if she is capable of defending herself.

Social Interaction

When in times of stress, Takashi has few concentration problems. His constant meditation has fortified his focus to almost completely eliminate distractions.
Takashi is not very strong and so through various exercises in his daily routine he has trained himself to be very agile in order to compensate for this weakness.
As a result of his arduous daily routine, Takashi is capable of working for extended periods of time before exhausting himself. He finds this important in case he needs to manipulate wind at farther distances.
While Takashi is very agile, he is rather weak, relying on the wind to provide the raw force in a fight. If he is left to stake his life on strength alone, his chances of success are significantly reduced.
He doesn't like conflicts which means that he never throws the first punch in a fight. In fact, he will usually take the first punch unless he dodges it if it could have severely hurt him. 
Social Interaction:
Because of his shy demeanor, Takashi distances himself from other people and whenever he does interact with others, he keeps his sentences brief and tries to get away from them as soon as possible. 
His protective nature can go a little overboard at times depending on the situation and his undying concern for his friends safety could potentially be used against him as bait as anyone who attempts to harm his family can expect to meet Takashi very, very soon. 

Takashi was born to a father and mother who both worked as meteorologists. His only sibling was his sister, Naomi Murakami, who was born 1 year later. From a young age, Takashi was fascinated with the sky. When he was brought outside, he would always be found staring at the sky, marveling at the clouds, blue sky, and sun. At night, he would stare out of his window and study whatever stars he could see and catch occasional glimpses at the moon. As a result of his extreme interest what was above him, he rarely interacted with world around him. He rarely talked with other kids around him and instead spent his time watching the clouds roll by. If a student came by to talk to him, he made interactions short and to the point before returning to his hobby. Only Naomi could hold his attention for an extended period of time.

            Upon entering elementary school, he partook in the Power Curriculum Program through which he gained the ability to manipulate the wind around him. When his father found out about his newly found ability, he showed Takashi something that he would never forget: a map of the world. However, it wasn’t a standard map showing boundaries of continents, countries, and other landmarks; it was a map that showed the world with several dotted lines drawn into the map. He explained that the lines were currents, which were caused by wind movement among other factors. He stated that these currents were one of the key factors to preserving the world’s stability. Quickly, Takashi became fascinated by this discovery and thought about it for the next two days until deciding to attempt to recreate it for he had the power to do so. Outside, in front of his house, he positioned himself in a criss-cross position and held his hands in front of his chest as if he were about to catch a ball. Then, he closed his eyes and attempted to focus himself but found that he was too distracted by his surroundings and could only slightly change the direction of the wind. He tried again and again to focus the winds into a circular pattern, but found it too difficult. However, he didn’t give up. He would try again and again for the next several days to complete this task, but was unsuccessful every time. Three days later, Naomi found him trying yet again to form the current in his hands and even though he had improved, the wind would simply curve 180 degrees upwards. He was simply too distracted wherever he went. Thus, Naomi showed him a quiet spot after school that day where he could practice. It was a small, uninhabited alleyway that was isolated from the bustling streets and as a result was deathly quiet. Naomi said that she and her friends would have fun here, but he could borrow the spot until he succeeded. After two more days, Takashi finally succeeded in creating the current in his hands. Although it was weak and small, he could sustain it for approximately twenty seconds before it dissipated. He had achieved his dream at long last thanks to his sister.

            From that point on, he continued his meditation sessions and grew more and more concentrated. Despite his dedication to his hobby, he still did well in school so that he could preserve the hours he had to meditate. He eventually asked for a scarf one winter which he stated was for beating the cold, but he actually used to calculate the direction and velocity of the wind a little easier. By the time he enrolled in A Certain Unnamed High School, he was able to boost himself short distances with brief gusts and create a cyclone which was about his shoulder width in diameter while meditating. He would use this to spin his scarf, which he would ball up and secure so it would not come apart, around him. As he trained and trained, he felt more and more in touch with the wind. He felt more ready to compete with the rest as he entered his first year.

Your character's Level ranking in the Power Curriculum.

           Through the Power Curriculum Program, Takashi gained the ability to manipulate wind in terms of both direction and velocity. Every change in the wind’s velocity requires a short delay as Takashi has to calculate each movement. The more air that he manipulates, the more strain he puts on himself and the longer it takes to actually change the wind’s velocity. In terms of strength, the strength of his manipulation ranges from approximately 5mph to 50 mph, but again this requires slight delay. Takashi is capable of moving a maximum of 10 cubic feet of air at a time. At maximum velocity, this is comparable to about 1.78x his sprinting speed, equating to about 25kmh or 15.5mph. This delay ranges between nearly instantaneously for the smallest amount (can budging) and approximately 4 seconds for the boost. This boost is capable of manipulating objects weighing around 170 pounds (or a little less weight than the average person), at 9kmh or 5.6mph. Takashi is capable of manipulating air in a maximum radius of 10 feet around him, meaning that he is mostly relying on maneuverability in order to deal with opponents at a distance. However, while Takashi is strafing/running, there is a half second increase in the delay between manipulations.
            Besides his wind manipulation, the only other tool he uses is his scarf which he uses to judge both the direction and velocity of the wind. When he is about to change the direction and velocity of the wind, the result will show in the direction and speed of his scarf. The direction and speed is vital because if he attempts to move air against an already existing current, the force will be significantly decreased making his efforts futile. He can also use the scarf as a potential distraction, in which he can throw it at an enemy’s face in an attempt to startle/temporarily cover their eyes to try and get in a cheap shot. He can also enter a meditative state in which he is capable of increasing the volume of air he manipulates by two thirds and reducing the delay between manipulations by two thirds. Also, while in his meditative state, Takashi is capable of bending the wind currents to his will after the delay instead of the bursts of air he would create while he is moving around. When practicing his ability usage while meditating he can often be seen creating a cyclone out of the wind currents that is about his shoulder width in diameter. However, in order to enter this meditative state he must concentrate which, without any distractions, takes him about 15 seconds to enter. Also, because he has to concentrate he cannot move any part of his body since he must concentrate entirely on maintaining his meditative state. Also, if any sort of attack connects with him the meditative state is broken and he loses those benefits.


Battle Music: Hooverphonic - Battersea
Battling Rival Music: Kodoku - Alex Roe
Battling Friend Music: If there were any other way - Soul Calibur 2 OST
Dramatic Music: Mark & Blade – Mark of the Ninja OST 
Meditation/Thoughtful Music: Reflection – Liquid Mind


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Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Guess Who!

Post  Murakami Takashi Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:03 am

I have returned so here's a present:

[Esper] Murakami Takashi Ep2_yuuko_mio_reaction_face

P.S: Profile is up for edits :3
Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Murakami Takashi Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:53 pm

      Clouds blanketed the sky, with sun rays piercing through any holes they could find. The streets were bustling with cars driving by, people walking, and even some people who stopped off to the side to meet with old friends.  However, for Takashi, who sat in his own haven off to the side, only one thing ran through his mind as he sat down. He took a look at his scarf, which fluttered in the wind.
      “Wind’s due east at approximately 10 miles per hour.” Takashi thought to himself.
      With this knowledge in hand, Takashi untied his scarf and placed it in his lap, knowing he would have to start quickly so it wouldn’t run off with the breeze. He sat on is feet, straightened his back, and placed his hands in a circle, connecting his index fingers and thumbs and resting the circle on his lap. His eyes closed, and he began meditating. At first only the direction of the wind changed, but eventually the wind began to pick up speed. He felt the scarf leave his lap and circle around him, following the new current of air and with the scarf left his perception of time and the events around him. He dug deeper into his mind, reflecting on what had happened today. At school, he still kept to himself, as he always had. He did not perform as well on that test as he had hoped. He did, however, help that girl out with those people that bullied her today. But that was Naomi. He would always help her out after what she did for him. They were family. That’s what family does. Eventually, his mind entered an empty state, in which not a single thought flowed. He said nothing and he thought nothing. He simply felt the wind brush against his skin. He didn’t even remember what was going on in the world outside.
      However, he then heard a loud crash. He returned the current to its original track and put on his scarf. Curious, but very alert, he rushed over to where he heard the sound, which seemed to have been replaced by footsteps and what seemed like yelling: a struggle. Takashi quickened his pace down the alley until he turned the corner, then he stopped, followed by an eerie silence.
      On the ground, he saw three boys, about Takashi’s age, collapsed onto the ground. One of them had a black eye and another had a broken nose. The third one had a pipe lying next to him. They were all unconscious, but alive. The perpetrator stood amongst the bodies, panting after the struggle had ended. “Goddamn thugs,” the person said, but judging by the rather light voice it was probably a girl. She turned around to leave when she saw Takashi and smiled. “Onii-chan!” she happily exclaimed as he face lit up. It was Naomi, her hair slightly tangled after the fight. Takashi sighed and walked forward.
      “Alright what happened?” he started.
      “They started it! I didn’t really have a choice!”
      “Except you could have just ran or tried to talk things out. NOW look what happened!”
      “You know that would not have worked. At all. They didn’t give me any choi-”
      “Well you could have at least tried.”
      “I would have if I COULD, but they just came at me swinging.”
      “I highly doubt that. But whatever, we have to get going. We’ll talk about this later.”

      Takashi grabbed Naomi’s wrist and dragged her out of the alleyway, as she kept trying to make up excuses. At this point though, he didn’t care about her excuses or the fact that she beat up those three. He was simply happy that she was mostly unharmed. Happy enough to not ask her about the strange smell of smoldering plastic and burning cloth. 

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Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Furuhashi Gou Sat Sep 13, 2014 3:31 pm

There we are! After several months: Finally your eval!


I just wonder which is the first name and which the last name. Please tell me~


Was he born inside Academy City and does his family live there? If yes, then he would have gone through the Power Curriculum once he entered elementary school, I believe.

Aaand I need to confirm: Is he a second year student?


Ok, this one needs a little more work. Your description for his Esper ability lacks a lot in my eyes, like the things we can see in the story.

My second concern in here is the ability’s full potential. Like what is he able to do? I’d like to see things like maximum range, strength, number of small wind currents he can control at the same time etc. (there’s actually even more you should put in)
Also there seems to be a lot the control of air currents allows its user to do, so give me a little bit more insight on that. Add for example some more possible applications of his ability.

What do you actually consider a small current? Please define their strength etc. as well.
Is he the centre of his ability? Can he only manipulate currents close to him or even more in the distance?

About weaknesses: You should put those into your description as well. I mean what for example would happen if the currents around him were too weak to be noticed or too strong to be influenced, like in a heavy storm? In my eyes he wouldn’t be able to influence these then. Like I said, more insight on the ability’s weak points.

Finally I need to confirm how an opponent for example would be capable of noticing his attacks. To me they sound quite invisible.

Also you should add that Meditation skill to the OTHER ABILITIES section.


…I think you mean “Onii-chan”…
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Second Draft

Post  Murakami Takashi Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:17 pm

Second draft is finally up after combatting exhaustion, work, and generally other distractions. To help make up for the time it spent to make it, here's something cute. 
[Esper] Murakami Takashi Dark_souls_2_by_vincentowo-d7aw5ft
Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Furuhashi Gou Fri Dec 12, 2014 9:59 am

For some reason I believe that we discussed a little bit too much in those PMs and yet it only lead us into a wrong direction. I’d say a I prefer handling the evals in the thread anyway. Simply because it gives me more time to consider certain points.

This time I will dissect your ability in order to ensure a good outcome and to speed some things up a little.

1. The ability’s weaknesses are missing.
We talked about logical weaknesses being unnecessary to mention, however when reading through this profile I figured out that there still would be some people who wouldn’t come up with those in an instant, as not everyone on this board is able of scientific thinking. And even more important: Aren’t most weaknesses rather logical? If we left out every logical weakness in every case, there wouldn’t be much to see anymore.
Please add those into your description.

2. You added numbers, that’s fine. However, there’s nothing against examples to help us people understand. Would you please add them into your explanations, too?

He can also enter a meditative state in which he is capable of capable of doubling the volume of air he manipulates and halving the delay between manipulations at the price of not being able to move at all.

Leaves me to wonder: How large is the volume he can control without meditation? You never explained that~

4. I also feel like you should invest more explanation into that whole meditation thing, as it is one of his key abilities.
Does using it actually require preparation time? Can you add a short description of his ritual into the description as well? I mean, I can’t imagine it to be like a video game where you simply have to press a button and then go “poof meditation mode on”.

It also feels like this is lacking something. You only wrote that the meditation would allow him double certain effects of his ability, however that is too vague. Please give a proper explanation to his maxima once he is meditating. I think of it like he is unleashing his ability’s current full potential, so those descriptions would be necessary for assigning the Esper Level. And it’d make it easier for anyone to compare normal ability usage with meditation usage.

Further I believe that doubling your ability’s effect would be too strong.
I mean, the meditation does increase his overall capabilities by a lot already, as it allows him to refine his ability control and to lower the calculation times, not to forget the increase of strength. A little bit too convenient in my eyes. Thus I’ll ask you to reduce the increase of strength a bit. 150% or less would do fine.

he was able to boost himself short distances with brief gusts and create a cyclone which was about his shoulder width in diameter while meditating.

That shouldn’t only be mentioned in the history alone, but also in the ability description! The more examples for possible applications, the better the overall ability description.

6. Please highlight his scarf’s importance during the ability’s application. I feel like it is a crucial object in order for him to do his calculations, don’t you think so as well?
However it still sounds like it isn’t that necessary for him.
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Third Draft Done....Finally.....

Post  Murakami Takashi Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:08 am

Imagining volumes is a lot harder than it sounds
[Esper] Murakami Takashi 3312816_o
Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:23 am

Back to it again. Time sure did pass.

2. Examples
The maximum wind velocity caused by his ability is ranked as 50mph, which is comparable to a storm, however I still need to ask you to give an example making it easier to imagine the boost and its limits.

4. The Meditation
reducing the delay between manipulations by 150%
I guess that’s a mistake. Please fix it.

7. Calculation time
While repeatedly thinking about this ability and its maximum output, I decided it’d be better to raise the maximum calculation time up to 4 seconds.

And with this it seems like this evaluation’s conclusion is close. Before however we can go on to make the next step, I need to address a certain issue towards you:
Do you think you can keep up with active posting? I figured that you were quite busy now that you enrolled college, which lead to this profile being worked on for the longest time ever (nearly a year). Therefore not only me but all members of the staff are worried about you keeping up the activity necessary to keep the RP alive.

Don’t get me wrong. I just wish to hear your own thoughts here, before wrapping everything up.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Hopefully Final Draft! =D

Post  Murakami Takashi Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:31 pm

I hope that this is the end of this process. I will be able to reliably post when it is my turn. Thanks a crap ton Iva! =D Here's a cute picture XD
[Esper] Murakami Takashi Tumblr_ni9p0cB0061sehsa5o1_1280
Murakami Takashi
Murakami Takashi
Level 2 Current

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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

Post  Mugino Shizuri Wed Mar 11, 2015 1:15 pm

Good. I figured that it became a little confusing to deal with the many numbered values you added. I know back when I started evaluating this I asked you to add more of that, but over the course of time I realised just how confusing such content would become. Of course I’m not totally against the usage of numbers in an ability description; there are still parts like range etc. that are usually required.
You don’t need to worry, though, I will not tell you to rewrite your ability, leaving it the way it is.

If you wish to you could still change it a little, to make it easier to understand even for “idiots”.


[Level 2 Current]

As such the currents you can create are capable of knocking an unprepared human being off their feet. However if they were to bring up a sufficient amount of strength they’d be able to withstand your boost. So in short: A reduced maximum output from the current version.

Additionally I’m sorry for this evaluation process not being the best example of how it should be, but all of it becoming a mess on both sides couldn’t be prevented considering the long time the process had taken.
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Murakami Takashi Empty Re: [Esper] Murakami Takashi

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