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[Omake 2] One Thousand and One Nights

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[Omake 2] One Thousand and One Nights - Page 2 Empty Re: [Omake 2] One Thousand and One Nights

Post  Damion Koyoko on Fri Feb 20, 2015 6:45 am

The anxiety on Koyoko's face was easily shown. Regret clung into the back of his mind as he felt the hour long minutes go by, as the group of individuals searched in his immediate area. Should he have left the guy behind? If he did, then he wouldn't be in this mess. He'd be home on his computer, wasting away his consciousness before getting up at the last minute to pass out on the bed instead. He knew better though. Guilt would cling to his mind if he just let the man die there, and would haunt him for the rest of his life as some dark secret he wouldn't even tell to his parents.

Koyoko was still holding his breath, feeling it was just as loud as throwing a pipe on the ground and would alert them if he exhaled. But as luck would have it, they stopped searching and moved on with swift speed. As soon as they were out of his 25 meter 6th sense radius, it was safe to say, they were gone from the immediate area. A shaky exhale came out, leaning back slightly and wiping sweat off his face. Although he could defend himself, there was a chance that he'd have to kill someone to get away, or worse, the woman whom he dragged with him into the metal box would be considered an accomplice, and ultimately have her chest cavity cut open.

Koyoko's fears changed to awkwardness in an instant when he felt two objects softly squish into his back. A chill went down his spine and he flustered up, gaining a cold sweat. What made it worse, was that she was rather close to his ear when she whispered and made him even more conscious of this women.

"I think they're gone for now and I have an idea, if you'd like we can bring your friend to the church and treat him there."

Koyoko quickly turned around and put his hands on her shoulders, making sure he doesn't touch her anywhere else that would be considered vulgar, and lightly moved her back bit so they weren't touching him. Registering the words he heard, his mood brightened slightly. At least some solution was brought to him. The Church most likely has a first aid kit. Though it may not be good enough for this particular wound, it'll stall his death until real help arrives. Hell, there might be a phone if they installed one there. However he doesn't know much about treating wounds, and honestly, he felt she didn't either, so this may cause problems. Hopefully there might be someone there with experience.

"That's not the worst idea I've heard, and sadly it's our only one. I never really had a plan from the start." Koyoko agreed with the plan without much hesitation. He opened the dumpster and lent a hand to the air headed nun, letting her out first. Then grabbed the wounded magician, who groaned in return. He slowly passed him to her, and made sure he didn't collapse into the ground. After they were all out, he closed the dumpster to make sure they didn't leave much tracks, and kept his hand over the man's wound to keep blood dripping too much to leave a trail. "Grab his other arm, we don't have much time. If I sense anyone coming, we'll have to hide again. If we're caught..." Koyoko hesitated on answering. There was no clear answer after all. Fighting them is a bad idea, but running away will only be useless. "...If we get seen, you take him there as fast as you can. I'll deal with them and catch up when I can." Koyoko decides to give a reassuring answer, though will he actually do something like that? Though to break a bit of the tension he decides to say something comforting. "My names Koyoko. Sorry about dragging you into this and...y-you know...'holding' you." He introduces himself and gets an apology out of the way.
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