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[Magician] Tierney Bevin

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[Magician] Tierney Bevin Empty [Magician] Tierney Bevin

Post  Tierney Bevin Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:16 am

Tierney Bevin

Probitatem641 – “Nature will reclaim honesty and condemn your lies.”

[Magician] Tierney Bevin 1e6a8ce629

"Liar, liar, pants on fire~♪"

FULL NAME: Tierney Maeve Bevin
CURRENT AGE: 23 years old.
GENDER: Female
FACTION: The Anglican Church's Necessarius branch.

APPEARANCE: Standing an average height for her age, Tierney has silky blonde hair well matching her light peach skin and blue eyes. She often wears her hair in a ponytail or an updo, though leaves it out when it gets hot outside.

Her clothing mostly consists of pink and white assortments, such as a white dress shirt covered with a smaller pink sun dress with a small amount of lace and a single bow on the front torso part. On her shoulder rests a somewhat big, red violin case which hides a stringless-violin and strings.

HEIGHT: 1m63
WEIGHT: 55kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: She only has her right ear pierced with a rain-drop shaped blue topaz earring.



One can have no doubts on her gender, Tierney loves appearing feminine even if she tends to go for cuter clothing rather than attractive clothing. She can dress in most styles one can think of, though she loves the surprise of finding new styles of clothing.

The mid-line between passionate yet lazy, and patient yet impatient.

A lover of procrastination. It takes quite a handful of time and bait to motivate her when she's not bounded by obligations, when she does get motivated though she won't let go of her current objective until it's done. She is also quite impatient like a child, preferring taking direct actions instead of standing by and wait, even if she is gradually teaching herself to do the latter more often.

The child in the adult's body

In her free time, she likes to play alongside children who enjoy old ways of playing that don't include technology. This makes her somewhat surprisingly childish, but she isn't ashamed of this trait at all.

I will most certainly not forget my grudges...

If someone does something bad in her opinion, she will hardly allow them to live it down, making her fairly anal-retentive on revenge-related matters.

But perhaps we can work something out.

However, she may reconsider depending on what they've done and what she can get out of them, making her quite manipulative as well.

Childishly hyperactive and unnecessarily prideful

She has a handful of issues with pride, often getting in trouble from being unwilling to ask help from people and often doesn't openly acknowledge all the help she's had. When faced with a success, she has a tendency to act like a child.


Sweet and spicy foods, though she can't fathom the thought of them being mixed, unlike some people.

Animals, she's very friendly towards animals who generally like her, although a few tend to take their nerves out on her, making it that she always keeps band-aids in a pocket.

Outside games, without considering the Magic and Science side treat she isn't a big technology fan, rather preferring going back to old methods of playing like a child.


People that are too mysterious annoys her to no end as she likes meddling a lot.

She doesn't mind lies depending on the context, but liars will be remembered.

Sour food is the bane of her existence.

Anything she can't learn quickly annoys her despite her persistent nature.


Tierney is very sociable towards others even if she keeps them at a distance, but is also a very reliable friend to those she actually trusts, though those friends are virtually non-existent due to previous trust abuse.

She isn't a determinator, but will always carry out her missions as far as she possibly can, always aiming for, even if sometimes not achieving, the best results.


On the spot, logic isn't really her forte even though she's rather intelligent when she focuses, making it that she runs in situations without a clear idea of what she'll be doing. And she also has a tendency to look back often, focusing a lot on her past mistakes than her possible future accomplishments even if the mistake was unimportant.

She also relies on her magic a bit too much as a result of lack of motivation to develop actual physical strength. Too much physical exercise is the end of her.

HISTORY: Although living in a rather poor environment in Ireland after the passing of her mother at birth, Tierney, an only-child, had a rather happy childhood playing outside with whatever she could find without really minding the lack of proper toys, though she had managed to bond with a boy of her age she'd often run into and spent a lot of time with him as they started meeting everyday.

But over the years,  he'd gotten negatively influenced by school peers and started being cold. Though she had kept her trust towards him, on a day where she was assaulted by one of his friends, the boy believed Tierney to be lying due to his friends openly denying it and pushing the blame on her, which broke the remains of trust she had towards him. Feeling soiled and depressed for a while, Tierney wondered why people would do and lie about such things. Months passed with the belief that making lies disappear would make her life much better getting stronger by the day.

Gradually she recovered from the incident, but an accident happened to her father when she was fifteen. Her father, overworking himself to feed both of them while lying about his state of health, fell gravely ill and after nearly a year since Tierney learned he passed away. Tierney grieved and felt frustration, incapable of understanding why her father would lie as well and drive himself in such a corner when she could've helped take some load off his shoulders.

“If only people would stop lying”, she thought. The wish to get rid of lies and liars had returned, stronger than ever as Tierney dreamed of achieving a world of honesty where she'd never be hurt in such ways again. At her father's funeral, an aunt she got along with moderately well when her father was alive but never really got to know all that much decided to take her in, half out of concern and care, and of a feeling of obligation towards her deceased brother.

Having returned to a depressed state, Tierney was hard to communicate with, she would virtually never communicate other than greeting and formal talking even if her aunt's household was luxury compared to what she was used to. But not many efforts were made on either side to bond with the other, leading to silence reigning in the aunt's household as the aunt would often spend time outside. However, after a year or two she gradually got tired of Tierney's attitude even if she studied and did housework properly without being requested to, and decided to have her spill the beans on why she's acting so miserable.

As she heard Tierney's story, what started annoying her next was the weakness in her, the self-pity and lack of fight in her attitude. She decided to force Tierney back up by introducing her to a way of making her wish come true, and that was magic. Her aunt was a magician whose goal was to achieve higher standing than most people to never have to struggle with life, but as her small, discrete cabal would be likely to not help Tierney's goal, she took the role teaching her magical knowledge and must-knows by herself in private out of growing care she refused to show too much, as pride run strong in the family.

Her ways of teaching were harsh and threw Tierney off at times, but it was needed and with time Tierney learned and slowly but surely got better, until a day five years later where Tierney was thrown out, deemed to be back on her feet and ready to work her ass off for her goal herself. Although confused at first, Tierney decided that the best start point would be joining a cabal to acquire more knowledge and means.

Probitatem641: “Nature will reclaim honesty and condemn your lies.”

The Fairy with Turquoise Hair: Tierney's magic is symbolic of the Fairy with Turquoise Hair, who in tales would admonish the wooden puppet Pinocchio so that he wouldn't behave improperly, but in turn provided guidance and protection. Through hard work and maintained good behaviour, Tierney is granted limited control over wooden and water elements whilst her hair turns a similar turquoise colour.

Her spiritual item is a replica of Aaron's rod, a wooden staff with several floral decoration at its head allowing her control to bring trees and wooden statues to life on fertile land, using them as minions sometimes provided with wooden weapons of their own, and manipulate water when in an abundant body of water.

The control over wood limits itself to only being able to control and reshape existing wood; control tree branches as vines to capture an enemy, barriers, or even weapons with the most notable one being a bow. And finally, she can create a familiar made of wood, its strength would depend on the number of trees it was created from as the more trees are added to its base body, the stronger and heavier it becomes. However, she cannot create the familiar on the spot and need to properly focus to create it.

As far as water goes, she can not control it without her spiritual item whereas she has, although limited, control over wood without Aaron's rod. Controlling water allows her to move water around in bubbles in an attempt to choke enemies, and pressurise water to cut through things.

She prefers reshaping from trees or solid blocks of wood, though she is capable of bringing scraps together even though they're harder to keep the shape than solid blocks. But in case where she isn't surrounded by nature, Tierney carries around a wooden violin case with a string-less violin for the purpose of always being armed, with strings hidden underneath the violin.



From the poor environment she grew up in, Tierney has talent in sewing and patching up clothes even if she's somewhat of a klutz and always gets needles in her fingers.

General housework.

She does actually enjoy cleaning and cooking, and many other general house tasks that many would quickly be annoyed with.

Violin playing.

From keeping around a well-maintained violin offered by her aunt as insurance to always have a weapon on her in case of danger, she has learnt with time how to actually use the instrument the way it was meant to be used. Her violin skills are, however, completely self-taught and pretty amateur as she has never had the money to afford taking any lessons from professionals.

CHARACTER THEME: Everyday Theme: Daily Life – Xenoblade Chronicles.

FACE CLAIM: Miyazono Kaori (YumikoNagi on DeviantArt) – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso  (Your Lie in April)
OTHER CHARACTERS: Hujisaka Natsumi, Misaka Mikoto.

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Tierney Bevin
Tierney Bevin

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[Magician] Tierney Bevin Empty Re: [Magician] Tierney Bevin

Post  Tierney Bevin Sat Mar 14, 2015 1:19 am

Test Post:
London, one of the, if not the most well-known city of the United Kingdom, to the point where some foreigners think it to be England itself. The city bearing the stereotype of belief that it is plagued by shitty weather constantly, by those same foreigners.

And, quite frankly, they weren't exactly incorrect in saying that it did have its dose of shitty weather. Today however seemed to be an exception, a God-sent poorly timed exception.

(It's so hot!!) Mentally screamed Tierney, a young woman walking out of a train station, dragging heavy luggage behind her. Today was supposed to be cloudy, the perfect day to travel to a crowded city like London that had a constant flow of people, whether they lived there or were just tourists from other countries. (What was I expecting, it's times where I want bad weather that the sun decides to go “Hello there, how are you today!”, that must be why there were so many tourists... Eh, eh, uwaaah!)

Speaking of, Tierney started drowning in waves of tourists leaving the train as well, being forced to walk in the same direction as them for a while even though she had no bloody idea of where she was going. It took a good fifteen minutes before she reached a point where it was acceptable to stop in the middle of the street.

...But it was too late, she had already been thrown off the mental map she had made in her head. May curses fall upon all those tourists!

Tierney raised her head, looking at the sky in despair. The thought of trying to read the stars' positions to find her way passed through her mind until she realised that, firstly, you couldn't see any stars because the sun shone brighter than any other stars. And that secondly, she didn't even know how to do that properly, so it would not have helped anyway.

Though something caught Tierney's attention, the sight of multiple teenager girls looking at her like she came from another universe.

(“She's so pretty!”... They must definitely be thinking that!) Tierney grinned and waved at them, expecting someone to approach her so that she could ask ways. However, those teenage girls snorted at her before walking away, though without forgetting to look at her from head to toe with a scornful expression. (...Okay, maybe not.)

Time passed as she walked in the streets of London, clearly desperate to find some clue as to where to go. A miracle occurred when she bumped into someone, clearly distraught by Tierney's expression as sweat dripped from her baby-face and fell to the asphalt below.

“...Are you okay?”

“Yes, I am.” Tierney said with an unconvincing voice, deciding to put her pride aside as she sighed. “Would you happen to know where St. George's Cathedral would be...?”


“Haha! St. George's Cathedral, and I'm somehow not late, I'm seriously a genius for thinking to arrive a few hours before the audience!” Jumping up and down, Tierney praised herself for getting to her destination, openly forgetting about the difficulties she had getting there.

But hey, no one needed to know how badly she lost herself for two hours before arriving, right?

(I'll definitely make my way through and join this cabal...!) She thought with conviction as she calmed down and clenched her fists.

Right, first time actually writing up a magician, so I can't say I'm entirely satisfied but I feel that's good enough for what I could do. Feel free to mention anything that doesn't makes sense, and many thanks to Jack and Iva for their help with the spells and history respectively
Tierney Bevin
Tierney Bevin

Posts : 30
Join date : 2015-03-14
Location : London, England.

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[Magician] Tierney Bevin Empty Re: [Magician] Tierney Bevin

Post  Shokuno Misaki Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:07 pm

I'm not entirely convinced what good it would do her to carry around a violin case worth of wood as a source of insurance. Never the less everything else checks out fine.

[Magician] Tierney Bevin Misachibi_zpsc561dbdf

Shokuno Misaki
Shokuno Misaki
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[Magician] Tierney Bevin Empty Re: [Magician] Tierney Bevin

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