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[Magician] Vanni

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[Magician] Vanni Empty [Magician] Vanni

Post  Vanni Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:40 am


(Adversor639 - 'To oppose the absolute and take control')

[Magician] Vanni Dmcka

"Hey, who the hell do you think you are trying to tell me what to not do? That's not fresco at all..."

OCCUPATION: Magician for Necesarius
FACTION: Necesarius(forced)

APPEARANCE: Vanni is a young man with a lean and average build that hasn't done much exercising, but is somewhat toned from damage taken from multiple battles. His skin is light and is almost as slender and clean as a woman's. The boy's eyes are light green in color that comes from his Italian heritage while he has sharp thin eyebrows that show off his Asian descent. On his head, Vanni has tea-colored hair that stretches forward to the left side. Vanni occasionally wears a black-collared short-sleeved shirt, with the collar usually unbuttoned for fashion purposes. To his left wrist he wears a stretchable black wrist band. Below are dark purple pants that aren't too tight, but not too baggy. Even further below those are black gym shoes
HEIGHT: 171 cm
WEIGHT: 5'6'


Vanni doesn't exactly take fond of being ordered around by other people, actually he's someone that takes command of a situation when he sees fit. He doesn't take kindly to opinions that differ from his own and will try to force his own down their throats. When he is unable to take control of something, he tends to go with doing something negatively against the opposer. To Vanni, his opinion is the best opinion there is. At times he is accepting when absolutely needed.
Vanni is a rather talkative person when an interesting subject happens to come up, actually he pretty much loves to talk. He can talk while also making several jokes in the middle of it.
Vanni has the belief that no matter what, everyone and every thing is controlled in some form or fashion. People should find some way to stop being taken control of. However, Vanni believes that him himself is the only one allowed to do the controlling as he thinks that people can't naturally be trusted to control things the right way. Yet if there was a way, he would wish that nothing could be controlled and there only be freedom, even from the grips of God and destiny.
A Bit Competitive
Vanni is quick to think someone is trying to challenge him with even the slightest clue. He gets pretty heated and excited as a result of it. At times it's to the point where he doesn't think clearly like he usually does. However if he doesn't see it as any challenge he usually just tries to get it over with quickly.
Vanni has a fascination with calling almost anything he thinks is cool, 'fresco'. 'Fresco' being the Italian word for 'cool'. What he thinks is 'cool' depends on a variety of things that will be revealed as the story goes on. However, when Vanni thinks something is 'fresco' he almost wants to take it for himself.
True Magician
As most other Magicians, Vanni cares the most about his goal, which is the reason he has learned magic in the first place. He's more than willing to kill anything that gets in his way. Also as a Magician, he isn't too fond of using science or thinking through things scientifically, but he will give credit where credit is due if he finds it really 'cool'

A nice conversation
Being in Control
Showing Off
A good challenge
Things that are fresco~
Being Controlled
Being called a satanist
Being called unmanly or a wuss
Great knowledge on Luciferean magic
Knowledge on western magic
Decent knowledge on eastern magic
Knows how to kill
Not great at following orders
Certain Christian spells
Doesn't have spells that can heal
Any spell that has to do with destroying darkness
The feathers being changed to a different color so he can't control them.
His blood being washed off the feathers so his spirits cant possess them.

Vanni was born into the slums with a single mother that often sold herself as a prostitute. That kind of life was always hard for Vanni especially with how hard it was to get food and with him being made fun of for having a prostitute as a mother, however because of his kind mother and the few friends and sister he had. Vanni was satisfied with what he had, even if things weren't beautiful the way they wanted it to be. However, whether for the good or for the worst, things didn't last forever. A disease had spread throughout town they lived in, killing many and eventually lead to Vanni and his sister and mother moving somewhere else.

This separated Vanni from friend the close friends he had cherished. That was the first time a structure had fallen apart for Vanni. Even so, Vanni was still happy that he had his mother and sister by his side. Vanni and his family had moved into a new neighborhood which was only slightly better for then. Just like in the town before, Vanni stole food when needed.

Some time later, Vanni's sister had died by the disease from their previous town, apparently someone from the former town had brought it there. Not only did a part of their family had been taken away, but his mother's heart seemed to have been killed as well. She no longer seemed to have the same light of kindness she once had. No, rather it seemed that she had given up on life and everything else inside of it. That woman had eventually stopped selling her body to gain profit for her child.

On one unfortunate night, Vanni had been kidnapped and taken away in his sleep. When he had awoken, Vanni found corpses around him. The frightened boy was met by a man, who explained that the boy had been captured by kidnappers, however this man had managed to stop them and save the boy. Unfortunately, the man said that his mother, trying to save her son, had been killed. Once hearing that, Vanni fell into a deep despair, yet this man reassured him that he was a Magician, someone that could preform miracles. A miracle, yes, that was what Vanni and his mother had wished for when they saw that small girl dying.

Vanni would join that man and that 'magic cabal' he belonged to. The people there would be the new family for him to live his life with. Once he joined that Magic Cabal, Vanni had been taught about magic and the world around it. Vanni had came to quickly realize that this was a luciferean Magic Cabal, although that sounded rather untrustworthy, Vanni himself didn't really care. After all, it was them that saved him right?

As Vanni came to understand magic, he started to form a connection with the being 'Lucifer'. Apparently it was said Lucifer had done the impossible, he defied the structure he was under and his mighty creator. Vanni was amazed by this. How could someone defy such a powerful being as God? At around the time he thought about that, Vanni did something terrible. He had sold out his own Magic Cabal to the Church of Necessary Evil, Necessarius. Once given information about the location and weaknesses of the Magic Cabal, Necessarius swiftly attacked and destroyed them.

Why Vanni had done this was for no reward, it was just that he didn't like being apart of something that was structured and controlled, so he got rid of it. At the same time of doing that, Vanni found enjoyment with ruining the order of things. Although Vanni had helped Necessarius, they still would not just leave him off so easily. The Church wanted some punishment for what he had done, as such, Vanni had been brought into Necessarius. Of course he wasn't an official member, the church would just have him do service for them that they needed.

Vanni's first mission is to go into Academy City, although Academy City and Necessarius are on good turns and even work with each other, there is still suspicion that Academy City may be hiding Magicians for their own use or creating ways to combat the Magic Side. As such, Vanni would do infiltrate Academy City as a rouge Magician, secretly under Necessarius's orders. This way, even if Vanni is caught, he can give no information about Necessarius, not only that but it doesn't affect them if he's killed. So for the time being, Vanni resides in Academy City...

RANK: Your character's rank within their faction if applicable.
(MAGIC NAME): Adversor639 - 'To oppose the absolute and take control'
(ABILITY NAME): Cattivo Contratto(Wicked Contract) - The main spell that Vanni uses. What Vanni does is use black feathers, which symbolize feathers of the fallen angel Lucifer while the black shirt represent Lucifer himself which creates a connection that allows Vanni to control the feathers. The feathers also has Vanni's blood, symbolizing an even deeper connection with the blood symbolizing life. With the black symbolizing ones darkness and the blood of life, Vanni is able to create an evil spirit(darkness + life) within the feather that is aligned with one of the seven deadly sins of his, that creates a magical effect towards the feather depending on the sin. A feather can only hold two evil spirits at the same time. As long as something is lifeless, black, and has Vanni's blood, he is able send an evil sprite into that object(although he can't physically control the object).

    - Spirit of Gluttony: The feather with this spirit gets bigger the more mana it gets. Once this feather touches someone, that person begins to think they're starving for 10 seconds.

    - Spirit of Sloth: The feather with this spirit makes the feather heavy and gets heavier the more mana it has, the feather is also able to attach to objects. When this feather touches someone they begin to feel lazy for 10 seconds.

    - Spirit of Lust: The feather with this spirit makes the feather 2 times faster.

    - Spirit of Wrath: The feather with this spirit makes the feather harder and sharper.

    - Spirit of Envy: The feather with this spirit is able to switch places with Vanni. Only one of these spirits can be out at a time.

    - Spirit of Greed: The feather with this spirit is able to stretch and wrap itself around Vanni, and harden to the point it is able to defend against physical attacks

    - Spirit of Pride: The feather with this spirit is able to locate an opponents weakest point and fly towards it. The feather also makes whoever touches this feather lose faith in their abilities for 10 seconds.(only one of these can be out)

Hide & Black: This spell uses the symbolism of hiding in the dark. Vanni is able to put in or remove items in his own shadows similar to a pocket dimension.

Dark Sight: By using the symbolism of luciferians should be able to completely understand the darkness, Vanni can see completely in the dark and can sense others in it.

Stay Away from The Darkness: This is a people clearing field spell where Vanni uses the history and the idea that people tend to not want to be in complete darkness and that all people who do not understand the darkness should stay away. This field creates an effect where people will think 'I should really get away from here' and 'pay no attention to what is happening'.
Chant: "May this place be the black domain with the stench of blood"

The Great Rebellion: This spell uses the logic that; Lucifer was able to defy his own creator, God. With his black shirt and reversed Cross, Vanni is able to use that as a symbol to set himself in the same position as Lucifer. The spell allows Vanni to defy any mind controlling, psychological and body controlling commands given to him. If the cross is removed or reversed, the spell is canceled. The same condition goes for his black shirt.

Deepest Sin: Vanni uses this to bypass the all too easy weakness of his spell. With this spell, even if the blood is washed off, the evil spirit will still remain, this also counts for other objects that contain negative energy. This is created by using his mana to bring to life the logic that even though god used the flood to cleanse the world, evil still remained. However, if Vanni(the source of that 'evil') is mostly washed, then the spirit is destroyed.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

FACE CLAIM: Green from Pokemon
MISC. INFORMATION: Vanni is currently in the works for a new spell. Some parts of history still not revealed yet.

(Still working on test post)

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[Magician] Vanni Empty Re: [Magician] Vanni

Post  Vanni Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:28 am

4 people stood together in a broken down facility in Academy City. All of them were Magicians that shouldn't be in a city like this, in fact this is enemy territory. Yet, it's because this is enemy territory that they are here. It's natural to want to enemy base isn't it?

This is something even children know because of the war videogames that are all the craze nowadays. They also know that this is location that is highly dangerous and one should be the most careful. Despite that, all of these Magicians are yelling among each other.

The enforcers of Anti-Skill would be coming to investigate that loud commotion, but a barrier that blocks out sound has been placed around this area, so the chances of them being arrested is unlikely. That also means they can yell as loud as they like.


Magician A roared despite all of them being so close. It's incredibly obvious that they are having a disagreement.

"You want the mission to be done right?!"

Said Magician B

"Yeah but I don't want to do something like that!"

Magician A retaliated back with anger in his voice. They were arguing over the mission on how to attack the enemy, that is of course Academy City.

The plan is like this

The group of Magicians would kidnap a child and hid her somewhere. They would leave a letter stating that if Academy City didn't close down it's satellites, they would kill the child. However, there was no guarantee that if Academy City had gotten the child back, they would keep the satellites up. So what was also included in the letter was that if the satellites did not stay down, the Magicians would continue to kidnap children.

It was a plan to cripple the power of Academy City by using the most disgusting of means.

But that was where the problem lied.

"I'm not going to bring a child into this! That's the last thing I'll ever do! Even if it's to take out the Science Side!"

Magician A had the problem with this plan the most. Magician B on the other hand..

"But we have to do it! It was what our leader wanted! The final mission before he died! Don't you want to honor his last wishes?!"

They both stared into the eyes of the other. Magician C stood there with a cold but obviously frustrate demeanor.

"Enough of this you idiot! It's fine as long as we take out Academy City!"

He had grown annoyed by Magician A's complaining. Just like the rest of them, he too wished that things hadn't lead up to this....

About a week ago, a letter had been sent to all the members. That was the way they communicated. The letter was from the leader about bringing in a new member into the group. One that was smart and could be trusted. A few days after that, he had sent a letter for a mission, but due to a cruel fate he had met his end after being gunned down by Anti-Skill.

The final mission was this one and the new member was here, purple pants, black shirt and a mixture of Italian and Japanese in his blood. His name was Vanni, the new recruit that wasn't speaking much but obviously agreed with the plan.

"Then why can't we just use someone else besides a child!"

Said Magician with a clenched fist as if he wanted to punch something. Right after that, the new recruit, Vanni, spoke up.

"We can't, a child is not only easier to handle and imprison, but also Academy City would be more sympathetic and caring for a child. Not to mention if one of them went missing, the parents would be in an uproar and start taking their children out of Academy City..and that's the last thing they want. The leader always did like having things completely done, didn't he?"

Magician A slammed his fist against the steel wall beside him. He had enough of this sick joke.

"Fuck this then! I quit!"

Before Magician B could stop him, A had already stormed out of the building.

"Hmpf, what a lot of trouble. You bastards are a mess. I don't need anyone holding me down...I'm out of here."

Magician C commented without much of a care. He left without as much noise as the other, but the impact he left was just as terrible. Magician B stood there in silence with Vanni, his head held down in despair. Vanni didn't seem to mind all of this happening, but Magician B traced through his mind and thought back on the memories of the former leader he cared so much about.....

While thinking back, he noticed something..

"Wait....a minute ago you said the leader always liked to keep things completely done, but from what I heard you never met the leader face to face....Also, I never heard of you from him, and he tells me just about everything!"

...Upon hearing those words, Vanni smirked. The truth has been revealed. The brown haired Magician didn't seem to be all that disappointed, in fact he didn't care too much whether it was found out or not.

"Yep you caught on to me, that's pretty fresco. Actually I never thought it was going to be a success. It was just that you guys are rather stupid. No wait, it was my fault that you noticed me knowing about your leader's habit. So I guess I'm not the smartest either, you can blame that on me liking to talk a lot though. Either way it wasn't going to change anything. You catch my drift? I'm the one that killed your precious leader."

He talked rather quickly before laying down those cold words that lit a fire in Magician B. Vanni only smirked, it wasn't that he got excited off of messing with his enemy's head. It was just that he didn't care if this guy was angry. This was the world of Magicians, killing was a natural thing among them especially with each other. In fact if it was the other way around, Magician B probably wouldn't be bothered.

This was the real way on how things went down;

Vanni had gotten a mission to destroy this group of Magicians, although Vanni isn't the type of person that likes to take orders, he just had to do this one. After receiving intel on all the members, Vanni started intercepting letters that the leader had given to the members and rewritten them, one of those happened to be the entry of a new recruit, him.

The letters weren't natural, they were letters that only trained Magicians would take notice of. The letters took the form of cats and would walk from destination A to B

On the final letter, the leader wanted a meeting to discuss a plan, however the letter hadn't been received to any of the members. Vanni had intercepted them, leaving the leader at the meeting place by himself. Once alone, Vanni lead Anti-Skill to the meeting place instead.

Anti-Skill were known to use rubber bullets, but such things wouldn't work on a Magician of his caliber. Leaving them to use actual ammo to take him down.

With him out of the way, Vanni used the final letter to his advantage. He knew the info on all members and used that as his advantage as he wrote the letter for the mission.

Magician A was a Magician that wanted to take the Science Side down, but what lead to that resolution was because of children in his neighborhood being used as test subjects and dying.

Magician B was loyal and had been with leader nearly all of his life. So he would be the one that honored his leader's final wish the most and would stand behind it.

Magician C was a natural loner and any discomfort would have easily made him left the group.

Vanni wasn't some brilliant strategist,

He wasn't some psychopath

Nor was he someone that liked seeing being breakdown.

He was someone that just liked to break apart in these collected orders, connections and organization. This was just the way he went about things in this mission. Last time he had simply picked off members of a group one by one.

"You bastard! You couldn't take all of us so you separated us didn't you!?"

"What? Hey that isn't fresco. I'll have you know that I just wanted to see you all separate, but what you just said actually annoyed me. Actually it sounded like a challenge to me!"

With that, Vanni pulled something out of his pocket. It was a spiritual tool that was used by the members and could connect to others that had it. However it only covered a short distance. Vanni had mostly gotten it from the leader. Such a fact made Magician B boil.

After speaking on the tool, the two members that had one left, returned two minutes later with angry expressions like beast ready to tear apart their prey.

Vanni had informed the members that had just left about his plan and what he had done. He also threw in some disrespectful words to get the even more rared to kill.

Yes, he had done such a foolish thing because that was the way he was. He would easily feel challenged by others and be quick to accept and take that challenge whether they meant to or not.

Looking back, this completely ruins the efforts he had just went through...

Anyways, it was 3 against 1, could Vanni take them all on? 5 minutes later the answer was given....

The 3 magicians that were tricked were all hurt and bruised, but in an even worse shape was Vanni, who layed with his back against the wall with blood and wounds around his body.

That's right, these Magicians weren't fodder, they were all pretty strong in their on right. Actually in the attempt to kill the leader, Vanni had to secretly help them so they could deliver the decisive blow.

With Vanni open and defenseless, Magician B moved in to land the final blow that would avenge his fallen leader. Yet that didn't happen, an ugly noise had interrupted him.

A sharp black feather had started tearing apart the weak metal wall Vanni laid against. Moving according to his will, the feather created the shape of a large door. Once finished, the metal fell outside, letting in sun light that temporarily blinded the three magicians, but that wasn't his goal.

His goal was to expand his shadow, which now laid underneath the 3 Magicians' feet.

"Let me show you something really fresco!"

He yelled out as his hair covered the blood on his face from being seen. The three of them tried to escape but it was to no avail. They all knew how is spell worked as the battle progressed, so......

An army of sharp black feathers, like blades, flew out from underneath their feet. It was black, there were so many feathers that the mens' bodies could not be seen in the blackness. But one could easily know what were happening to all of them. The flock if feathers had gathered so fast that they didn't have time to scream..

After that, only black feathers rained down from above. It was a beautiful sight, or rather it would have been a beautiful sight if there wasn't a pool of blood on the floor. There had been so many feathers that pieces of flesh could hardly be seen.

Vanni sat there alone as he watched the beautiful view of the black feathers being illuminated by the sunlight behind him. It was like....

It was like there was a heaven of black angels similar to Lucifer,...

They aren't being guided by anything...

Just going wherever they like..

"Now that's something fresco."

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Post  Aleister Crowley Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:22 pm

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