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Problems with my Magician OC. Help!

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Problems with my Magician OC. Help! Empty Problems with my Magician OC. Help!

Post  Yamaguchi Hiromi Mon Mar 28, 2016 4:51 pm

So as I mentioned on the chatbox, I had the idea to make a muslim magician. However, even though I like the idea itself, I found it might be hard to pull off, for the following reasons:

I- Reasons related to the RP:

While this is not the most important one, I felt it is still worth mentioning. I am afraid that I won’t find where to involve such a character. As our magic side focuses heavily on Necessarius or in general plots taking place in either Britain or Academy City, with a lack of magicians of other factions in the world, would a muslim magician even fit in? To make it somewhat easier, I thought I’d make him a British muslim, precisely (and thanks to what Alex said) with North-African origins.
Another thing is that, introducing a whole new category/faction of magicians would make the universe more complicated than it already is and would make the work to organise/plan things for the forum even harder. Is that really alright with everyone?

II- Reasons related to the character himself (mainly his magic and faith):

These two reasons that I will mention only are valid if he is a real believer, not just using Islam-related spells. A proper analogy would be the difference between someone from the church (nun, bishop, etc…) using Christian-based magic and a random magician who isn’t really a believer (or isn’t a very religious person at least) using such spells. As I was planning to have this character be of the former category, I found that his use of magic would contradict the very essence of his faith xD Which posed the biggest problem, and I was at a loss of what to do XD This is also what I wanted to explain on the chatbox.

1- The use of an Idol in the Idol Theory:

This is a weaker reason than the ones that will follow.
In the Idol Theory, the presence of an Idol is essential. However, the worship of Idols is considered not just a sin in Islam, but negates the very faith of the person making them a non-believer. I know the Idols in the Idol Theory are not in the meaning of a worshipped Idol, and are by no means worshipped by the magicians using them xD But still, the Idols of the Idol theory are considered sacred in their respective legends, and by him using them as his Idol, he would be as if he is aknowledging that they are worthy of being considered sacred, which won’t be that far off of the first point xD The only case where it won’t be a problem religion-wise would be if his Idol is considered sacred in Islam itself… which would restrict me a lot as such things are very very few xD
Nonetheless, I also get the feeling that I might be overthinking things (as usual xD ) That is why I put it as the weakest point.

2- The very use of magic:

While not as bad as worshipping Idols, the use of magic is nonetheless a sin in Islam (yes we do believe it truy exists in reality :p ). Anyway, this does not constitute a problem for the individual character (as I can just make him not a very religious person, just as any muslim might have faith but commits some sins willingly). But I find it hard that there would exist a whole religious faction encouraging committing a sin XD Unless it is something like Necessarius, a group that believes in the “Necessary Evil”. Buuuuuuuut, uuuuuh… unfortunately, in our real world, “Islam” + “Necessary Evil” would equal __________ for most people. So even I do not intend it to be seen that way, it probably would look like it for some xD And I hate the idea of RPing a faction that might be directly or indirectly representing such groups >_> Unless… someone here has an alternative xD Any ideas?

3- The concept of Idol Theory, and how magic works:

While the other two points are just me overthinking and complicating things more than they need, this one is actually pretty rational imo xD And thus it is the most solid.
It is just that how magic works in the Toaru universe itself is drastically different than how magic works in the muslim belief, on their very fondamental details.
While in Toaru magic is based on the Idol Theory, in Islam it is described to work under a totally different laws.
In Islam, to use magic one has to summon a Jinn (Like in Magi :p ), and through this Jinn they will be able to do things out of the nature of this world.
First I will explain what the Jinn are. As described in Islam, they are creatures just like humans, but instead from clay they were created from fire. They also have good and evil in them like us. Their (religious) duties are the same as humans. They live on the same world as us but are separated from us. We cannot see them or come into contact with them. And they can’t come into contact with us either, but are able to see us. And there exist prohibited rituals to invoke them and make the contact between us and them possible, and that is magic.
However, (unlike what Magi shows) magic does not grant the magician any control over the elements or supernatural abilities or anything like that. Magic as described in Islam mainly consists of casting curses and maledictions on other people. Religion does not explain how to conduct such rituals though. It just mentions that magic does harm to humans, and that it is an evil deed, because the Jinn who conduct those rituals with the humans are the evil Jinn, and they want by no means helping humans but only bringing them harm. So this is where the religion-based explanation stops.
Now we enter the superstitious and rumor-based explanation xD It is said that magicians use herbs and food and daily tools, etc… to cast their maledictions on people, which usually cause illnesses (that are uncurable by normal medication and that doctors are unable to understand or diagnosis or treat) and in the worst cases the victims lose their mind and go totally insane, and are said to have been possessed by the Jinn in that case.
So now that I explained all of this, you see that it is so different from how it works in Toaru xD That is why, if I were to make a muslim magician, he would be using the Idol Theory while his teachings mention something totally different? Then, what would he even think of the magic as described in his belief? xD I just find it would be self-contradicting xD And this point is the most problematic one I faced xD

Soooo, I’d like to hear your opinions guys xD Any ideas to help, please?

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