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[Magician] Albrekka Starbright

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[Magician] Albrekka Starbright Empty [Magician] Albrekka Starbright

Post  Albrekka Starbright Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:28 am

Albrekka Starbright


[Magician] Albrekka Starbright Y8axBzN

"What can I do, we all do, if all science does is stumble around in the dark? If only one could open their eyes, then everything would be clear."

FULL NAME: Albrekka Starbright

APPEARANCE: Albrekka is one of medium stature with long green hair that is well kept and braided. Her skin is light, due to her almost nocturnal sleeping schedule, leaving little time for daylight. She tends to wear fashionable clothes with a feminine wardrobe, which suits her personal tastes. Her warm appearance and stature is inviting, and she moves with grace and purpose.
HEIGHT: 175 cm
WEIGHT: 170 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Aside from having a feminine appearance, Albrekka looks like most women. She gives off a faint aroma of freshly cut grass and herbs and her hair is dyed green.

Curious About All Things
Albrekka has long thought of the nature of things; of her own place in the world and the world's place in reality. To this end, Albrekka tends to be easily drawn into anything new and different. She does not go truly in-depth, but tends to skim the surface first to see any relevance to her personal goals or with helping others. Because of this, one might see Albrekka as one who has passing hobbies in most things or is simply a thrill-seeker; in most cases a week after picking something up she will abandon it.
Empathetic to Those Near
As with someone who seeks all knowledge, one cannot do so without looking beyond ones self and to others. Her own personal transitions in her youth helped her see others in a new light, and cares for those around him. When someone asks something for him, she genuinely considers it. When someone is in trouble, it gives her pause. What she seeks is not just for herself, but for everyone.
Although lacking in a clear faith structure, Albrekka sees a spiritual nature involved in all things. This is one reason as to why she meditates and seeks the truth of the universe: there are certainly scientific methods to find the truth, but there is something inherently spiritual and magical about life and the world that is beyond their reach. Whether or not the church is correct in what they say is unclear, or in any religion for that matter; however, a grain of truth may exist in all of them.
Dedicated to her Craft
Deep down, Albrekka knows her goals are lofty and, at worst, impossible, especially with the cold truth that she cannot live forever. To see that her life is not wasted, she spends her time wisely on just about anything she puts her mind to, only allowing herself to relax in more casual environments with friends or family, this time being few and far between.
A Bit of a Socialite
In her downtime, when any of her friends are free, she enjoys talking with them and doing activities with them. Most of the time spent on her own is serious, requiring focus and dedication. Its an activity Albrekka sees as a time to recharge and a reward for her efforts. It is a rare occassion, but she cherishes those moments.
One who Exuberates Tranquility
In most instances, dealing with Albrekka is calming. She speaks with focus, with kindness, and wisdom. She dances between one who is blunt and one who elaborates. In a sense, she would be perfect to sit down and talk with over a cup of tea about anything under the sun without worry. Although in many respects she would prefer if it was the night sky; to each their own.


  • Stargazing
  • Fashion
  • Socializing
  • Simple foods and drinks
  • Pastel colors
  • The feeling of finding a breakthrough or solution
  • Listening to people's problems and offering support


  • Food with overly strong flavors
  • People who are egotistical and narrow-minded
  • Violence, or the idea of inflicting harm
  • The feeling of being unable to find a solution
  • Cloudy nights
  • Being up during the day
  • Being referred to as a man


  • Optimistic
  • Altruistic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Charismatic
  • Open-minded


  • Physically frail
  • Low stamina
  • Easily intimidated
  • Lack of magical combat experience
  • Gullible
  • Is only effective as a magician at night

HISTORY: Born in the town of Haslemere, Albrekka experienced many things in her youth. Her parents, Brian and Noelle Starbright, were open to her education, despite being magicians themselves, allowing her to enjoy a normal life as a child, withholding much of their knowledge; in essence, Albrekka's knowledge of magic was something like a religion, a state of mind. To them, or at least Albrekka's sense from them, a magician's decision was one that would determine their future, and would cut them from the world a child would enjoy, similar to a priest. For a while, as any child, Albrekka wanted both, but over time understood, taking the decision more seriously and deciding to live a normal life growing up.

Throughout her youth, Albrekka was interested in just about anything, and tried anything to find herself. She delved into the sciences, or at least as much one could in the small town of Haslemere, finding herself fascinated with the world. How does an apple fall from a tree, how can one prove that a number is irrational, how can we know that certain food is good for us? Her favorite activity growing up was to go south with her family to South Downs, watching the stars with them and pondering about what was, what is, and what will be; well, to an extent expected by a child, anyway. By all accounts, she was certainly meant for a serious academic career, perhaps as an astrologer or physicist.

It was during this time that Albrekka found herself curious about fashion, her own clothes, and deciding to become more feminine. It was her personal comfort, but to those around him, was a source of ridicule. She pondered long about those who hated him, and after a while, that discomfort turned to pity and care to many in a position of weakness, becoming more active and helping those close to her and later those she did not know who found themselves in similar, rough situations. Over time, people came and went, and it had become more of an rumor that Albrekka was biologically male, and to her it didn't matter. Perhaps she found some solace, but there were others who were not so fortunate, which gave her no comfort.

On the other hand, her parents had a worse time. To be a magician in this day and age placed a heavy burden for generations to come: the treaty indirectly forced many families to continue a magical tradition, and the Starbright family did not want to force their child one way or another, perhaps to a fault. With Albrekka coming of age, close to making a personal decision for herself, they had to make a personal decision on how to handle their relationship with him. At worst, they would have to fake their deaths, or simply disappear. It would be hard, especially considering their care for him. It was simply a means to an end, and they were more than prepared to do so, spending what they felt their remaining years emotionally preparing themselves for it.

During this and after, Albrekka kept pursuing knowledge; however, a common trend became rather clear to her and would not go away: to be a man of science, one must be blind, to move one's hand through the universe, to "feel" the truth, and to draw a small part of the whole, in the hopes that the collective can complete the picture. If only one could open their eyes. It was this notion that pushed Albrekka in the complete opposite direction, and so occurred a shift nobody could have predicted: her decision made, she swore an oath within her heart to find the truth of the universe, the fabric of everything, a mark certainly within the stars, within the stories of history and of those close to him, and pledged herself to magic. Her parents, usually hands-off in terms of her education, stepped from that shadow and began training him, Albrekka's presence in the public eye quickly vanishing. One could say her parents were more than relieved that they could still be close to her in the end.

Considering Albrekka had grown to be a socialite of sorts, outspoken and helping others, this sudden shift must have seen peculiar; however, to them Albrekka had simply moved away. Her first few months of training were especially surprising, as she had never fully understood what magic really was. All she knew was that it had the ability to break through what is expected, something she had sought for in the scientific realm and finding herself with no real answers. Truly, if there is a truth in the universe, such power would find it. To others, such a desire, or perhaps even a finding, would cause disaster, but to her it would mean a new generation of mankind; an evolution of the world at large.

Years have passed, and Albrekka has been given the blessing of her parents, that she is ready to seek magic of her own accord, swearing to secrecy. For now, Albrekka stays in the town she grew up in, reuniting with those she long supported in her youth. The town, near what she felt was the entrance to heaven in South Downs, was a place to hone her skills, to help guide others and herself. With that, and after some basic training, Albrekka found herself as a counselor of sorts, her doors open at night, a time where many are at the tipping point with nowhere to turn. In her spare time, she tends to read whatever she gets her hands on, figuring out the status of the world at large.

RANK: None
Caelestis088: "The truth is scattered across the heavens."

Both the name and number hold significance to her oath to seeking the truth of the universe. In name, she looks for the truth of things beyond the world one knows: to the sky, the stars, where all was once dust. The number itself, 88, is the number of modern constellations in the sky. To this end, Albrekka's magic is tied to the search for truth in the stars, specifically in constellations. A spell is either a minor or "true" effect, the effect being related to the properties that the constellation or star exemplifies. A minor effect is a piece of the truth, a part of a story and part of a whole effect. A true effect is a spell that encompasses the true nature of a constellation. One must first dig through the minor bits of truth of a constellation before a true effect is realized, therefore knowing a minor effect is a requirement, although one does not need to know a minor effect for every property.

Ursa Minor
The spells of Ursa Minor invoke a part of the truth behind the constellation; a symbol of healing, of guidance, and of family.

Minor Truth - Cynosura's Touch
Description: An invocation of the Greek story of Cynosura, a nymph who nursed the god Zeus to health while he escaped from his father, Cronus. Her touch gave him comfort, and in exchange she was placed among the stars.

Idol Theory: The story of Cynosura was that of a healer who nursed Zeus. Any bowl filled with water suffices as a base and any assortment of herbs changes the effect of the spell; this simulates one who nurses another back to health.

Effect: The place Albrekka touches with her hands will instill that region with whatever effect the herbs Albrekka placed within the bowl of water instantaneously.

Conditions: Under the night sky where the stars are visible, Albrekka must fill a bowl with natural, clear water and place it on the ground, placing herbs within it. With this, Albrekka must place her hands into the water, which absorbs the herbs and instills the water clinging to her hands with the effect.


  • Since effects are related to herbs, only herbal effects will work, and the effect is similar as to one who would take medicine or ointment based on that effect.
  • As the water on her hands are what is blessed, when Albrekka's hands are dry the effect can no longer be applied.
  • The spell only takes the herbs' main effect into account, not any minor side-effects; to this end, any bad side effects come with the spell's effect. An example would be an herb that reduces swelling but may cause nausea. It will do both, as the main effect is to reduce swelling.
  • Albrekka can not intentionally use the spell to cause harm, and herbs not generally used for treatment have no effect as what counts is the herbs' main effect; herbs that intentionally harm or cause death simply vanish and the touch does nothing but make the target wet. This is to keep the spell in sync with the myth it represents.
  • Albrekka can not use this spell on herself, as it would misalign with the myth's purpose.

The Truth of Ursa Minor - The Seer of Endless Nights:
Description: Invokes the combined truths of legends of the constellation Ursa Minor. A sign of healing, of family, and most of all, guidance. Together, this forms a whole: a father, an overseer. One who sees over all, and has seen all, for all of time. One may consider such a man God, but he is of no sort, but a man stuck upon the pinnacle of all, watching as the universe slowly reaches its end. The man, named Na-gah, climbed the tallest peak and conquered adversity, yet was unable to return to share his bravery with his father. Such a man, fixed among the night sky for generations, has not only given guidance to those who have traveled but has seen much and will see much for years to come.

Idol Theory: As Na-gah reached the pinnacle of the world, he rested, eating the nearby grass and water he could find. A container filled with fresh water, as well as fresh grass, simulates this part of the story when Na-gah reached the top of the mountain. In addition, one must be on a "mountain". In a sense, this is some elevation higher than others. Therefore any location with a higher than average elevation is acceptable. Lastly, as the myth involves a mountain among the stars, and one's journey to them, the stars must be visible, as well as Polaris, which was Na-gah's destination. A place of low light pollution is then necessary, and it must be nighttime.

Effect: While under meditation, Albrekka is able to learn anything that has been, or can be, observed. The concept that she focuses on in her mind, as well as the question, is slowly taught to her over the course of fifty minutes. During this time, Albrekka is mentally separated from the world and is unable to break from this meditation until the effect is over or if she decides to break the effect of her own volition.

Conditions: Albrekka must be outside at night where the Polaris clearly visible, climbing any nearby mountain or hill; a place in that region with the clearest sight of the stars and the highest elevation. There, Albrekka must find both grass and water within 50 meters of where the ritual will take place. She must sit, bowl in one hand and grass in the other, and say 'Seer of days past, present, and future, I have climbed in your footsteps, and I have climbed your mountain at last.'. Albrekka must then eat the grass and drink the water, placing the bowl in front of him, closing her eyes. Speaking clearly, Albrekka must introduce herself by her magic name, and ask a question verbally, then only think of that concept.


  • Since she is unaware of her surroundings, Albrekka is completely vulnerable in this state for 50 minutes.
  • A concept is not simply given to Albrekka with 100% clarity. The effect is akin to a teacher teaching a student. So if one asked what was in a book, Albrekka would not learn every detail of its contents, it would give a summary.
  • A concept cannot be learned completely in one session; multiple sessions must be performed before one understands a concept wholly, the amount of which depends on the difficulty and Albrekka's past understanding of the concept. If the concept is basic or Albrekka already knows most of its background it can take one session, but this is rare.
  • Only what can be "observed" can be learned; the spell cannot read thoughts that have never been shared, for example.
  • As should be obvious, any ability or effect that makes one unobservable makes the concept unable to be taught. For example, if one were to make it so their presence cannot be observed, then the star could not tell Albrekka anything about them during that time.
  • For the spell to function perfectly, Polaris must be within view. To this end, if the sky is heavy with light pollution, or if one were to place an opaque object between Albrekka and Polaris, the spell will lose effectiveness, turning what is shared to a jumbled mess heavy with misunderstanding. This can range from minor breaks in information that may be possible to stitch together to either complete silence or misinformation.

The spells of Pleiades invoke parts of the whole truth of the constellation; a symbol of life, of death, of vast knowledge, and of safety.

Minor Truth - The Mind's Sacrifice
Description: Based on the Thailand tale of a chicken and her six chicks, the chicken's life was filled with comfort and security under the watch of an elderly couple. One day, the couple asked for the chicken's life to eat and the chicken obliged. As its feathers were thrown into the fire, the chicks jumped into the fire to join her.

Idol Theory: As with the tale, the feathers of the chicken that was sacrificed was thrown into a fire. To this end, six feathers and a fire are necessary and the feathers are thrown into the flames to simulate their death. In addition, Albrekka must also "sacrifice herself". In a sense, one's self is tied to their mind. If one's mind changes, they are different; they have changed. To lose what you once had is to sacrifice. To this end, the concept of sacrifice is tied to Albrekka's thoughts. To him, this is her essence, and what she sacrifices. To signify the concept of repayment, all that is required is that the person Albrekka parts her knowledge onto is someone she sees as worthy of having it.

Effect: Once the spell's effect has taken place, Albrekka imparts any knowledge she wishes to share upon a target. They are filled with intuition and understanding of as much as Albrekka wishes for the target to understand. Once the effect ends Albrekka forgets almost everything about what she imparted. Basic information is not lost and the knowledge that she indeed imparted a concept is not lost; it is merely the details.

Conditions: First, before the spell is set up and cast, someone must ask Albrekka for knowledge. In turn, she must feel an obligation to give them that knowledge. If these are satisfied, then Albrekka must make a fire, stand over it, and cast the feathers into the fire, saying "My time has come; your generosity will be rewarded". She must close her eyes and think of the concept in question as she does so.


  • The knowledge that is parted is what Albrekka knows, not what is true. If Albrekka's knowledge is a misunderstanding, the target will learn the same misunderstanding and, unless the target notices the contradiction, will believe it.
  • If the target already knows what Albrekka is willing to impart, the effect still occurs and she still forgets the concept.
  • The mention of Albrekka only parting her knowledge to those she sees as worthy is not simply fluff: if someone tries to force Albrekka to sacrifice her knowledge when she does not see it as compensation, the spell will do nothing.
  • It is possible for the target to reteach Albrekka, but in essence it is a waste of time.

The Truth of Pleiades - Zone of Endless Void
Description: Invokes the combined truths of legends of the constellation Pleiades. The stars are a sign of life, of death, of knowledge, of safety. Of beginnings and ends. Together, they form a single concept: the void. Of where all has started, of where all will end, where all will be made clear. In invocation, of a main focus is the continuation of the story of the daughters of Titan who, in their desire to escape, found that their wings were insufficient, and thus became the stars.

Idol Theory: At first, Zeus transformed the sisters into birds in the hopes of escape. To this end, upon transitioning to the stars, all that was left were their white feathers. To invoke the spell forty-nine feathers are required to mimic the shedding of one's wings to become the stars themselves, seven given to each "nymph". Along with this, the concept of nymphs needs to be invoked. This can be done in several different ways. Nymphs are, essentially, eternal maidens that are sought after. Fictional women, generally anime girls, can be used to satisfy this condition. They can take any form, as long as they are popular and sought after. Human participants can be included, but only if they are feminine and can be noted as attractive or desirable in some sense.

Effect: Upon the spell being cast, Albrekka and up to six others within three meters are surrounded by a seven meters in diameter barrier. The barrier is simply a portal to an endless void which spans for eternity littered with countless stars, only passable by those with the ability to break the barriers of infinity that the barrier itself provides within a finite time period, which is of order two. This not only includes physical objects, but also sound, light, and air. Conveniently, the void itself provides air for those inside, settled at the end of the infinite void. As it is an infinite void with little mass inside, gravity quickly dissipates inside and, when one is deep enough in the portal, will experience weightlessness.

As it is a portal unlike most portals one usually thinks of, its physics require clarification. If an object were to come into contact with the barrier, it would seemingly slowly shrink in size until it is effectively impossible to see. If a large object is dropped on top of it, the object would quickly shrink and then seemingly disappear into the barrier If one were to run against it, they would seemingly shrink to the floor, becoming a speck of dust. If someone were to punch it, their hand would seemingly taper to what appeared to be a thimble. If one were to try and rip the floor from under the barrier, a hole would remain in the floor and the floor would be still inside the barrier. An overhead swing of an object will never reach the ground, the tip shrinking into nothingness. All of this is because the void is infinite, but its width is finite. If any object is within the void when the spell is cancelled, whatever is inside will be ejected a second later (to clear the void of debris), their speed tied to the distance it was from the entrance or exit.

Conditions: For the spell to succeed, Albrekka must have six "others" that satisfy the role of the nymphs. Regardless of the type of participants, they must hold, or have feathers that are ready to be removed. Generally, this is in the form of them holding the feathers and then dropping them. For something like a picture, it must be placed on top of them where the picture is visible. For something like a doll or puppet, the feathers should be stuck into them. For a human participant, holding the feathers in their hands is enough. Once this is done, Albrekka must speak these words: 'Our Orion chases us, through the rivers, through the planes, and through the forests. Here, in this open field, we beseech those above, take us to the stars'. With this, a burst of light will shine, and all seven must "drop" their feathers in kind to signify the shedding of their wings to become the stars. Whatever can be done to move the feathers away from the participants is done, essentially. The feathers vanish and form the barrier.


  • Unlike the original tale, it is theoretically possible to reach those inside the barrier. If one were to move faster than order two within a finite period of time, be it object or person, they can pierce through the barrier.
  • The shrinking effect is purely visual and a part of the physical properties of a portal, nothing more.
  • Although the side effect of cancelling the spell has potential benefits, the time the ritual takes to set up far outweighs any potential benefit where it would be useful.
  • The effect of the eternal void is two-directional: those inside the barrier essentially cannot leave freely unless the spell is cancelled or if they move fast enough, and the barrier itself cannot be easily moved as it must move through the same endless void as those inside.
  • If more than one person (sans Albrekka for obvious reasons) or object would be destroyed while within the protective barrier, the spell will cancel as the spell no longer reflects the myth it replicates.
  • While within the barrier, because of the endless void that is created between those within and what is outside, it is not see-through. When one looks at the barrier on either side, it is simply a void filled with countless stars. This means that either side has no way of telling what the other is doing, or what is there.
  • The stars generated from this spell are not the real stars in the sky, and as such if, for some reason, this spell was cast near grass and water, it would be impossible for Albrekka to also cast The Truth of Ursa Minor within it; Polaris is not in view, and the spell will only give silence.
  • As the barrier is simply a portal, it is entirely possible for someone to create an object within the barrier if the ability in question does not need to travel, such as teleportation.

Corona Borealis
The spells of Corona Borealis invoke a part of the truth behind the constellation; a symbol of guidance, of return, and of mutual agreement.

Minor Truth - The Thread of Return
Description: Based on the story of Theseus, a man fated to be fed to the Minotaur of the Labyrinths. Instead of his tragic fate, he was given a thread that led him to safety, finding himself able to escape a labyrinth specifically designed so not even the Minotaur could escape.

Idol Theory: The story revolves around a string used to guide Theseus back out of a labyrinth "not even the Minotaur could escape". This invokes a sense of guidance beyond magical opposition, or barrier. To be able to return to where you desire regardless of obstacle.

Effect: Once the effect begins, Albrekka is able to find her was back to her original destination, regardless of illusions or passable obstacles. She gains a sense of where to go as long as the string is with him.

Conditions: At any time, Albrekka may pull out a piece of string or thread and keep it on her person. Generally, tying it to one's finger is preferred. Once she does, she must say "I will return here, and then we can flee this place together".


  • If something were to make it physically impossible to return to where the spell was cast, the effect ends. Examples include the return position being in another dimension, sealed in a box that can never be opened, or any path leading to the return position is impossible to physically traverse; this occurs even if Albrekka can teleport to the position. All that occurs is that Albrekka will find themselves at point where the path was sealed; it is the furthest the spell can take him.
  • If the string is destroyed or is dropped, the spell effect ends.
  • The concept of "a room" is not what one is guided to, its the coordinate. Therefore if a building were to suddenly collapse, she would just find herself returning to the collapsed building.

The Truth of Corona Borealis - The Council Network

Description: Invokes the combined truths of legends of the constellation Corona Borealis. The stars are a sign of guidance, of togetherness, of joining for a cause. A sign of structure. Together, this signifies council. Those, all of whom are separate, join for a common cause to find a solution. This is exemplified by the Pawnee interpretation of the constellation: a signal of group council of the creators in the heavens, the ones who created the universe.

Idol Theory: The constellation signifies a council, or gathering of a group to find a solution. To this end, a "group" must be called to meet and to convene. Here, a sharing of ideas and strategies is given. This signifies a bond of minds, working together for a common solution. The shape of the stars is circular, with the center star signifying one who prepares a meal for those who will convene. This is the part that Albrekka plays, and the others within the circle are those who convene.

Effect: Those who hear Albrekka's call and are aligned with her and are willing will essentially share brain power, almost as if by parallel processing, to solve a problem at hand, to find a strategy, or to relay information. This is facilitated by Albrekka who joins the minds of those willing. During this time several effects can be had. If all work together then they essentially share a common goal or cause; the ideas of the group are instantly shared so any strategy thought up is quickly debated almost instantly. If one acts alone, and the others simply support them, the lone entity essentially thinks faster than ever, their ability heightened by the power of the others who are joined. Time practically slows for them, their reaction time heightened to a frightening degree. During this time, Albrekka hears and sees all that is relayed. If the participants wish, they can even see through each other's eyes simply by the others describing what they see and the others focusing on that description. It is essentially a mental network.

Conditions: This spell is heavily related to lodges, a place for those who saw the stars as a symbol of joining in council. This is, in essence, a temple, and as such Albrekka much emulate the temple for the spell to work. Of course, a direct replica of such a lodge is acceptable; however, one should note the key components for a lodge. First, a lodge is constructed by placing four "pillars", each in a cardinal direction; this is where the lodge begins. Next, the lodge itself must have an open roof somewhere, where one can see the stars. In the center, a source of heat. To the sides, a place of rest and of storage.

To clarify for the pillars, they must be something of a structural support for the temple, and they must be placed in the four cardinal directions; however, as a temple itself is a structure of magic in itself, the concept of pillars at the boundary is suitable a definition and therefore can be placed within any structure as long as it has walls. As these must face the four cardinal directions accurately, the four pillars should form a square. The circle that is tangental to the four pillars is the area of effect.

One basic example a construction of a temple is to place cans or cylinders in the four cardinal directions of the space you want to affect in the form of a square. In the center, place a lit candle. To the sides, place throw pillows and snacks. Note that the sky must be visible, so the room should also have a skylight or have no roof at all.

Once the temple is made, Albrekka must say: "The stars of the heavens are the signs of our makers, giving purpose, even now. For this, we lodge in their presence, friends in arms, prepared to convene as they once did for us. I promise you this: we shall find the truth in all things, together as one!", and say is loud enough that all effected can hear. During this process, Albrekka must think of a task for the those who are near him. This task will be the filter for the network.


  • Because Pleiades must be visible for the spell to work, the spell must be done at night and can't be used along with Zone of Endless Void (because its stars are fake).
  • To signify a convene, those who wish to benefit from Albrekka's effect must be within the place that is defined as a temple. Those who leave lose the effect. They do not regain it by re-entering the field. An exit is when one's head leaves the field.
  • The joining of thoughts, of course, can be problematic if there is no teamwork or there is chaos or panic. It is up to those who are joined to make it effective, it is not a passive benefit.
  • As Albrekka is a catalyst for the thoughts of others to transfer through, her own thought process is slowed by the workload. Effects are generally that things seem to move faster than they really are, or it takes a long time for her to respond to questioning. She cannot converse with those on the network mentally and must express anything physically. Most of the time its simpler to focus on the thoughts of others (and is more beneficial).
  • Because Albrekka plays the role of one who services those who convene, she must stay in the center of the temple she creates, making her highly vulnerable.
  • Although technically feasible to perform with only one participant, it is pointless since Albrekka's reaction time is heavily diminished regardless of participant size and cannot mentally respond.
  • As the spell is specifically goal oriented, members on the network gain no benefit regarding thoughts outside the task at hand and no thoughts regarding it are shared.
  • If one were to cast a spell to make their thoughts unreadable, then that person would be ejected from the network as they are not joining the council to solve a problem; they are only listening.

Albrekka, living by herself, has learned to cook a variety of meals, usually centered around basic ingredients and using herbs. She also makes great tea.
Star Encyclopedia
Knows just about everything about the stars in the sky, being able to pinpoint every constellation, even pointing out constellations completely out of sight.
Not one to encourage violence, Albrekka tends to use her words and her mannerisms instead, knowing how to address others, hear their concerns, and respond in kind.
Growing up, Albrekka had to defend herself from those who didn't quite agree with her lifestyle and wouldn't respond to reason. Knows basic techniques to disarm a person and to use a person's weight against them, as well as knowledge of how to use pepper spray and tasers.
Voice Manipulation
To reduce any awkward scenarios and for her own personal comfort, Albrekka knows how to speak in a feminine voice and does so around everyone, including alone by herself.
Night Travel
As she is effectively nocturnal and is active only at night, she knows where to travel safely at night, what services are open and what aren't, and is adept at seeing through the veil of darkness night provides.


PLAYER'S NAME: Albrekka Starbright
FACE CLAIM: Yuugumo from Kantai Collection (picture was modified, original here)

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Post  Albrekka Starbright Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:31 am

Test Post:
To the side, a stack of papers hit the table with a thud.  It was yet another dead end.

"As usual..."

Albrekka sighed.  The research out of London was rudimentary and was stuck in an endless loop, fueled by politics.  It was easy to judge new results if the results were simple, and referees were all too happy to not deal with major breakthroughs.  In this field, it had been like this for years, it seemed.  It was time to move on to greener pastures.

Silence, for a while, creeped into Albrekka's small home, himself lost in thought.  Perhaps it was time to go out, the night sky was especially comforting, after all.  But then, a knock.

Well, his hours were open, after all.

Moving the papers he had carelessly thrown to the side out of sight, he got out of his chair, dusting his skirt off, moving to the door.  Ah, it was him again.  Truthfully, it was remarkable that he had the courage to even knock on the door.

"Charles?" Albrekka would say, opening the door.  "Ah, its good to see you again."

As usual, Charles seemed nervous and distraught.  That is how it always has been: a man too prideful to acknowledge his failures, but realizing he can't make it on his own.

"Hey, Miss Starbright, I...well...look, I know I haven't paid you back yet, but..."

The man took his time to explain his situation.  In reality, Albrekka had been giving the man some money before in the past, and to many people, this would seem like yet another excuse, but...

"Aren't you cold?  Come in, I have tea on."  Albrekka would simply invite the man in anyway.

"...look, lady...I just need money, tonight is pretty crazy, so..." He wasn't having it.  He would look to the streets, seemingly hoping not to see something, or anything.

Most people who come to him are not this bold to simply want something and to leave.  It was rare, but there was not much to do.  Albrekka would motion for the man to wait, moving to his nearby purse, fumbling for a fifty pound note.  Returning, he would offer it, placing his hand on the man's hand as he took it.

"You seem serious.  Come back tomorrow night, I want to hear you out.  I'm sure you won't be in such a rush then, yes?"  Albrekka would look the man in the eyes as he said this.

"I..sure, sure, fine!"  Embarassingly, Charles would take the note from him.  "Alright miss...stay safe.  Seriously..." With that, the man would scamper off into the night.

Looking to the stars, Albrekka thought to himself 'I sure do need your advice right now...'.  In a way, it was just a saying; he would not waste the star's time with such a frivolous matter.  He did have another question to ask him, however.

"The breeze sure is nice tonight."  With that, he would return to his home.  Just another hour and he would have his curiosity satisfied.
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Post  Leivinia Birdway Sun Jun 12, 2016 11:07 am

So after an indian and a magic detective we’re getting a trap? Diversity level up. Woo.

I. General Blabla - Stuff I need to confirm
This might actually be something very complicated to deal with or express, but I wonder how much he knew about Magic until the day he made his decision. I’m more or less pointing at Volume SP here. The issue at hand is kinda similar to the Birdway sisters one, where one part of the family is tainted in the colours of Magic and the other directed towards science; the only difference being Albrekka finally settling on following his parents’ footsteps.
To formulate my intention a tad clearer: How were his parents planning on avoiding the worst case scenario of him heading towards science and its consequences?
To him, the training was hard, especially having to begin training at an age much older than most magicians, but to him it was a necessary sacrifice.
Not really an issue, just a random piece of information, but oh well: There’s never an age that is older than most Magicians. It’s a misconception to assume the majority starts at child-age. Pinpointing an average age truly is impossible, especially if we consider the fact that the series has already given us many that started with a bunch of life experience on their shoulders.
At least he shouldn’t have disadvantages from that~

II. The Spells - Clarifications are neat
Did I ever mention how much I like the overall concept of his spell list? It’s really neat, fitting and well thought through; something the reader really notices immediately.

But, then again I do have some understanding issues; starting with my actual favourite The Truth of Ursa Minor. What I keep wondering about is the actual effect of this spell, for dummies. The idea of grasping concepts sounds kinda vague without a proper example to clear up doubts, misunderstandings and the stuff. Therefore please enlighten me and any future reader!

For The Touch of Compensation I do wonder about the explanation for the link between the tale and the spell’s actual effect. Right now it requires more convincing wording.

That’s it for now. You actually did well in avoiding the usual issues there are with Magician profiles.
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Leivinia Birdway

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Post  Albrekka Starbright Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:05 pm

Alright, I made some changes to clarify and improve on what you said, as well as other changes.

  • Added paragraph in backstory to touch on Brian and Noelle's take on Albrekka's education.
  • Clarified Albrekka's knowledge of magic before taught; essentially, it was taught as a sort of religion or faith with some evidence to convince him.
  • Removed the mention of age, wrote more about his training and his parents' take on his decision.
  • Just about every Idol Theory has been changed.
  • Clarified what it means to learn a concept for Truth of Ursa Minor; he is essentially taught something by an overseeing teacher of sorts.
  • Touch of Compensation's name has changed as it is no longer a touch effect. Idol Theory is clarified. Removed some limitations as touch effect limitations mean nothing at this point, as well as the necessity that the knowledge has to be non-harmful; the knowledge just has to be asked for.
  • Revamped Truth of Pleiades, people are no longer required.
  • Overall limitations have been tweaked to either better clarify or removed them as they are no longer necessary.
  • Removed the flight spell as its effect and conditions render it worthless. Placed two new spells related to Corona Borealis in its place.
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Post  Leivinia Birdway Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:15 pm

Oh baby, I'm blue!

II. The Spells - The consequences of adding new stuff!
For some weird reason I am actually quite happy with what the current spells are like, even though there is still something among the idol theory of the ones you changed that is bugging me, but I guess I can let it slide.

However the new stuff has something to comment on, hooray.

So basically Minor Truth - The Thread of Return has the benefit of allowing Albrekka to return back to the place where he originally cast the spell? It’s merely an understanding issue I have here.

Now that the simple one is through, I need to express that The Truth of Corona Borealis - The Council Network is kind of weird in my eyes. Basically the whole spell works as an amplifier of unified planning, which is made possible through the interlinking of the minds of the people present. I need to wonder to which extent this works out. Is every detail that is inside the participants heads simply shared or does this thing have limiters in terms of what is shared to begin with.
Like does the whole linking solely serve the purpose of solving the issue at hand? Wouldn’t it be a requirement for the spell to function solely to solve the issue that the group has gathered to solve, due to this being «a council, or gathering of a group to find a solution»?
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Post  Albrekka Starbright Sat Jun 18, 2016 12:21 am

The Thread of Return does not guarantee a return; it simply directs Albrekka to where he originally cast the spell and it cannot be persuaded by illusions. Here are some examples:

Albrekka goes to a mall with some friends. The place is massive and is easy to get lost in. So, prior to meeting with them, Albrekka uses the spell somewhere outside of the mall; that way he can find a way out once he goes with them. If, lets say, the mall was then suddenly transported into another dimension by another spell. Then it would be impossible for Albrekka to return to the spot he cast the spell; it is in another dimension and he cannot actually travel to it. This would happen even if Albrekka somehow knew how to pass through dimensions. It is physically impossible to make the leap. On the flip-side, suppose someone casted a spell so that the mall was even more confusing and disorienting, where most people would become easily lost and find themselves trapped inside the mall. Albrekka can escape anyway because there is a physical path to escape. Lastly, suppose someone sealed every exist, making it impossible for Albrekka to leave. Then the spell could not guarantee a return. Remember, the spell effect was a maze that was simply so confusing that not even the minotaur could leave; it did not actually seal the beast within it. Hopefully this clarifies the effect of the ability.

You make a good point on The Council Network. Yes, because the spell is regarding a joining of people to solve a problem together, a task needs to be thought of as the spell is cast. This will essentially create a "filter" for the participants. ALL thoughts regarding the task will be shared; the only way they won't is if they somehow cast a spell to make their minds unreadable. Depending on how they make their minds unreadable it can span from being booted from the network or being able to only receive messages but not share them.

EDIT: In fact, they should be ejected from the network regardless because they are not participating in the council.
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Post  Leivinia Birdway Tue Jun 28, 2016 9:04 pm

Oh how tragic. It took me so long to reply to this that I lost the file of the evaluation and with that all my notes.

Anyway, I’m really sorry about that overly long wait. So many days solely for another reply is quite hurtful, especially if we consider how things used to be. I will try to make things better from now on, but I also realised how difficult evaluations are to handle under my current circumstances, so solutions need to pop up.
Thank you for your patience, I really appreciate it.

So, now about the character: I do believe that some of the spells might actually be a tad to weak limit wise, but I suppose you had something in mind when writing them. We will see where this will go in the RP and stuff.

Annnnd yes, I’m writing an overly long text to make up for the overly long wait, without getting anywhere close to the point I want to make.


[Magician] Albrekka Starbright 68oi3ekl

Now go and change the gender you typed into your profile~
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