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[SS] Lighting the Fuse

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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Misaka Mikoto on Thu Nov 17, 2016 9:23 pm

Contrary to her usual long-winded sighs, Mikoto decided to simply take a very, very deep breath before saying anything because she had a feeling she needed to learn how to keep her nerve in check around him sooner than later.

Because he certainly wasn't going to go easy on her whether she decided to learn self-control or not.

“Let's... put aside your mistaken sense of wonder for a minute.” She simply muttered with a palm pressed for her face, lightly rebutting herself for expecting any normal reaction out of him though she herself had been numbed to Academy City inventions long ago. “The Daihaseisai wouldn't work out; all you'd be advertising is bloodlust between schools that're trying to prove their superiority to each other and outsiders are allowed to visit so they'd see what the city has to offer for themselves anyway.”

Landmarks were probably out of the question, that much was clear. If there was a landmark, Academy City had already advertised it and any more than that would be mindless redundancy. But it's not like they could go and photograph Academy City specific birds either, not that that existed.

...She hoped, at least.

In a rather pensive manner, Mikoto gazed at the structure that seemed to never be there yet always be there and took a certain amount of focus to be truly acknowledged. Her shoulders considerably slumped after a few seconds. This exercise had proved to be quite a difficult one and if these girls were anything to go by then randomly asking would not help.

Turning towards Guy in a somewhat desolated manner, she simply pouted as she spoke. “No good. I have absolutely no clue of what they could mean by the city's “spirit”. Why such an occult-sounding word in the first place? It's not like there are individual things that define Academy City that haven't been advertised to death already. The technology, the superior curriculum, the Esper abilities, the landmarks, the individuals... If it can be advertised it's already been. I'd know about that last one specifically” In the end, she could only be left rambling to herself in a slowly degrading volume.


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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Guy Li on Wed Nov 23, 2016 1:44 am

He prodded her in the forehead as he passed.

"You're overthinking things. It's just some buzzword. The whole point is to make it seem exotic and exciting. At the end of the day, some executive is going to sit down and look at these before picking out whatever he thinks looks the best. That's all there is to it. It's not a Zen koan or something." He shook his head as if in disbelief. "Honestly, you're taking my job more seriously than I am." The young man muttered to himself.

"Well, thanks for the help. I should keep looking anyway. I was going to check out the district 15 first if you want to tag along." Guy considered slipped the map out of his pocket and unfolded it. It already had several markings over it, all indecipherable to anyone but him. He considered his other options. The Judgement training centre might be interesting. Perhaps he would catch a drill or training exercise in action. If attracting tourists was the goal then perhaps the visitor's accommodation would be worth a look. For parents and prospective students then something like the School Garden would give a good impression. More industrial sectors were less enticing.

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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Mugino Shizuri on Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:21 pm

In and of itself, the entire situation was perfectly in their hand. As Frenda took care of the technological aspect, Mugino would just fold her arms while leaning against one of the dimly lit space’s walls. Her expression bore neither signs of boredom, nor those of joy. To put it bluntly, she was entirely thoughtless this entire time.

This entire advance had been all too eventless.

Neither had they been dragged into another confrontation with the enemy’s forces, nor was there any complication up ahead. Not that complications would actually do much of a change with her around, but still, right now everything was left at nothing.

The cold metal walls, the giant actually rather silent machinery and dimness of the light. It was a tranquil scene. Only the tip-tap-sound of Frenda’s fingers running across the key board of the control panel posed the hint of a change. However when even that fell silent, the space was entirely dead.

«Let’s go.»

In reply to her comrade’s confirmation, Mugino immediately set into motion, brushing her hair into order yet again. The two of them would head through the lower of two doors, right into an even darker area. Maintenance lights never were the truly powerful kind, meaning that they’d only weakly illuminate their surroundings, especially now that the entire pump had been locked into maintenance mode. With darkness crawling around them from all around, it was only natural for Mugino to forge an orb of green light for it to float a few centimetres above her palm while advance deeper into the construction. While there were still shadows enveloping nearly everything, at least a bit more of them were driven away by the green light.

Ahead of them it awaited them. A gigantic rotor, a few times their body sizes was just ahead, spinning its final rounds slouchily. The gate that’d finally allow for them to step into the armoury.


The sound of a tiny metal object colliding with the floor, bouncing off and landing right in their middle. An occurrence forcing Mugino’s body to tense up immediately.

From behind…?!

And before their eyes were even able too seek it or its source, their tranquil world of green and black was annihilated by white and noise.

Their eyes too adjusted to the dark and their ears too little harmed by the silence made easy targets for that sudden burst. It was the brunt in its fullest.

It went without saying what it was, had it been an all too common thing to begin with.

But that’s what made it so dangerous. That’s what was the worst about these rotten flash bangs. You’d just use them and in 9 of 10 cases the result went above positive.

Mugino shouted something, yet it remained unheard.

«You ready do die you fucking pant pissing sissy?!»

Even Academy City’s #4 fell powerless for a single instance.

Entirely defenceless, disoriented as she was, even her recovery would eat up at least a second or two of time.

Even if she was just a moment away from flinging around her hands, firing beams even though aimlessly, that was enough.

A gap had been created.

In just that short gap of time, the enemy could strike. They could move through the darkness. Pour their gun’s barrels empty, strike from close range or unleash whatever calamity they had been prepared.

And they would strike. From the white void they would come, the unseen hunters ready to finish their prey.

Or would…?

Mugino Shizuri
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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Kira Kohaku on Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:30 am

It was time for the mad dash to begin. That was what Frenda had expected to happen. Mugino would blow through the rotor and they would blaze a trail forged by Meltdowner beams to make their way to the vacuum control panel in the armory and shut it down. That was what Frenda had expected to happen. Who could blame her? After all, the two of them had been tearing through the mission in a blaze of explosions and beams without too much effort before.

Frenda was unwilling to admit it, but the lack of resistance was enough for her to partially let her guard down. Under normal circumstances, she would have been far more aware and far more likely to react in time.

The high-pitched, instantaneous sound of metal bouncing off of metal reverberated from behind Frenda.

It was an all too familiar sound to Frenda. It was the sound of something small being dropped to the ground—an explosive.

The girl quickly pivoted about her foot to face the sound and saw what it was that dropped. It was a cylindrical device with a loose handle and multiple holes within its body.

There was only one thing it could be. It was an object she knew all too well.

Stun Grenade.

With the hand that was ready over her skirt, she hastily grabbed a pair of earplugs and tossed one towards her left hand. However, as she pulled her right hand up, her left hand missed the toss. The ear plug it the tip of her fingers before bouncing off and rolling somewhere in the dark.

There was no time to react. She simply had to make do with the tools on hand, so she slammed her left hand over her ear, hastily attempted to stuff the other earplug in her right ear, and shut her eyes.

In tandem, a thundering bang roared and a bright whiteness filled the entire pipe. Despite closing her eyes, the white light pierced through, smashing into the rods and cones within. While the sound was muffled in both of her ears, the simple act of covering her left ear with her hand was nowhere near enough for the 170 dB intensity to be cut to a safe amount.

As the detonation ceased, she pulled out her earplug and opened her eyes while struggling not to stumble. All she could see was a pure white that was beginning to fade.

«You ready do die you fucking pant pissing sissy?!»

Using Mugino’s angered shouts as a metric, Frenda could tell that her right ear had lost some of its hearing capability but was mostly functional while her left ear’s functionality felt like a complement to the right’s as it was somewhat functional but all sounds that entered were much weaker in intensity.

Frenda slammed a fist into her leg as she used the pain to counter the feeling of disorientation caused by the fluid in her eardrums being rattled by the stun grenade.

She had to regain her orientation quickly. There was only one reason for someone to be using a stun grenade. Those few seconds in which the target was left disoriented was always a perfect opening. In order to take out someone like Mugino, disabling her was a wonderful strategy.

But, there was one issue with the enemy’s plan.


There it is!

It was muffled, but Frenda was certain she heard it—the sound of a weapon being cocked by the enemy.

Stuffing both hands into her skirt, she pulled out a single anti-tank warhead with one hand and a number of small pyramids with her other hand. It was a large bomb and a cluster of small bombs best used at close range. In actuality, there was zero compatibility with those two bombs. They were merely bombs Frenda had pulled out at random. One was designed to create small explosions and larger shockwaves while the other was designed to pierce through and annihilate tanks in a rain of flames.

But, compatibility did not matter. She merely needed to gain time to let Mugino regain enough of her senses to tell where the incoming attack was coming from. She threw out the five pyramid shaped bombs first, leaving them to scatter in mid-air before firing the warhead towards the center.

As the warheads and bombs exploded, a great wall of light and shockwaves erupted.

In the end, there was truly one chink in the enemy’s tactic. They had neglected to take into account the reliable support that was Frenda Seivelun.  

The five seconds that had passed had been enough for the effects of the stun grenade to wear off for her and Mugino was likely regaining her senses as well.

“Mugino! Gunman in that direction!” She said, pointing to the general direction of where she heard the click coming from.

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Re: [SS] Lighting the Fuse

Post  Misaka Mikoto Yesterday at 2:43 am

Mikoto's cheeks puffed up into a small pout. “There's something wrong with you not taking your job properly. Ah, right, I'll have to take care of that tonight...” The sight of Guy's map, though she had no clue of what the markings were supposed to represent, reminded her of her own set of maps and other "official" papers that she made use of during the experiment and had yet to hide away or discard entirely, so as she thoroughly analysed the mentioned districts, she made a mental note in the form of a mutter without realising it.

“But that's not a bad idea, coming from you. The city advertises Esper abilities enough already so putting some focus on more physical and diligent activities could convince reluctant parents.”

She straightened at once with a hand on her hip as she hummed in satisfaction to herself, wearing a small and awkward smile as she followed up with what may have felt like a joke but also painfully sounded like reality as she scratched her cheek. “I'd call Kuroko for some pointers since she's a lot familiar with that district than us, but I'm not sure I want to deal with all the explanation that'd come with it, so I think we'll have to pass on that. Come on, let's go.”

And perhaps it was simply because she was just that bored, but it never occurred to her a single time that she didn't have to tag along with him. She simply walked on in the most natural of matters, as if feeling compelled to do so.


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