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[SNPC/OTHER] Alice Jacobs

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[SNPC/OTHER] Alice Jacobs Empty [SNPC/OTHER] Alice Jacobs

Post  Aleister Crowley on Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:41 am

[SNPC/OTHER] Alice Jacobs 384?cb=20131011162552

FULL NAME: Alice Jacobs
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Alice is a girl of average height with a full, buxom figure and long, blonde hair that she wears loose. With lively, sapphire blue eyes and a wide, permanently grinning mouth she always appears in high spirits. She tends to dress in a loose, short-sleeved white shirt and blue skirt with black bicycle shorts underneath to maintain her modesty. She wears heavy-duty boots and leather gloves reinforced with steel shot in the knuckles to augment her striking as part of her unique combat style.
INFORMATION: A tomboy through and through, Alice is impulsive, with a tendency to act first and think later, making up her plans on the fly and coming up with a justification after the fact. She has seemingly no self-awareness or self-consciousness, doing what she pleases without a sense of shame regardless of how it may make her look to others. She lives by the motto of 'be true to oneself'. Energetic and lively to an extreme, Alice relishes the chance to test her skills and learn something new. She is a thrill-seeker with a  love of adventure and excitement that she will indulge at a moment's notice if the opportunity arises. As a result, she will go seeking trouble, using even the flimsiest excuses to engage in reckless behaviour. She has an almost childishly simple view of the world and loves happy endings, making her the type to always choose the underdog in the fight, no matter how heavily the odds are stacked against her because she believes that the 'story' will always turn out well in the end.

Confident and dauntless even in the face of defeat she considers every defeat an opportunity to learn from her mistakes. She has a fanatical love of martial arts, deriving her own style of combat and techniques despite having no formal tutelage. Those around her consider her a little peculiar and perhaps delusional.

At a young age, Alice became enamored with martial arts. She would mimic the techniques of her childhood heroes in the movies and 'taught' herself to fight. She styled herself as a hero, standing up to bullies and getting in fights throughout her time in school to the point where she gained a reputation as a delinquent. Because her family would travel frequently for her father's work,  Alice rarely got to stay in one place for long and as a consequence, she had trouble making friends. However, in a stroke of luck, Alice became acquainted with another young girl after her family settled briefly in Japan. This girl, Tanimoto Hana was the head of a small clan of Reishi.

Becoming acquainted with the world of Reishi, Alice seemed to have found her calling and when her family moved on, she opted to stay in Japan, being taken into the care of the Tanimoto family. She began learning all she could from the Tanimoto family's archives.

FACE CLAIM: Katsuragi, Senran Kagura
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