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[SNPC/OTHER] Tanimoto Hana

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[SNPC/OTHER] Tanimoto Hana Empty [SNPC/OTHER] Tanimoto Hana

Post  Aleister Crowley Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:46 am

[SNPC/OTHER] Tanimoto Hana Ac1fa6527ffc9c5fd8f994ebe633025e

FULL NAME: Tanimoto Hana

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall with long legs and the figure of a catwalk supermodel, Hana is the epitome of refined elegance. Her long, wavy black hair contrasts porcelain white skin and her narrow, sharp-looking eyes project the image of a cool, intelligent beauty. Her expressions and body language are subtle and reserved, giving the impression of high-class nobility. She typically dresses in high quality but understated clothing with a muted colour palette, favouring white, black and navy blues.

INFORMATION: Tanimoto Hana is the sole heir to a prominent noble house within the Nine Dragons' Japanese lineage. Her parents' strict yet loving upbringing raised Hana to be a leader, not only of her own house but as an important member of the Nine Dragons organisation. Under their guidance she received the best education available, encompassing politics, diplomacy, strategy, economics, history, psychology and philosophy, all to prepare her for a role in deciding the future balance of the world. Since she was a child she has borne the weight and responsibility of her destiny with grace and determination.

At a young age, Hana was betrothed to the first son of another influential house within the Nine Dragons with whom she shared a deep, mutual love. Her beloved was a peerless fighter and virtuous hero the likes of which occurs perhaps once in a generation. The pair were expected to lead the Nine Dragons into an age of unparalleled prosperity and peace. Those dreams ended when her love was defeated in a duel with a vicious assassin and left mentally and physically broken. Grief-stricken, Hana lost her innocence that day, adopting a pragmatic and almost cynical attitude. She continues to care for her fiance and still prays for the day where he might be returned to his former self.

Hana is intelligent, cunning and highly competent. While she has a strong moral compass and a fierce drive to protect the innocent and see justice prevail, following the trauma of her beloved's devastating defeat she has become cold and ruthless in the pursuit of that justice, adopting a logical, utilitarian approach to her goal of 'saving the world'. She will weigh the lives of others on a scale to decide the best course of action and once set upon a decision will do anything in her power to see it through. Hana has a dry sense of humour that often leads her to be labelled as humourless.

Suigetsu-jutsu (Water-Moon Arts)
A form of Spirit Art passed down through the Tanimoto family and considered to be among the most potent. The techniques of Suigetsu-jutsu bear many similarities to traditional Japanese Aikijujutsu. An internal style that generates its power through relaxed, flowing movements resembling the motions of a dancer, Suigetsu-jutsu appear gentle but are highly effective for self-defense in the right hands, making the use of bare minimum force to turn the opponent's own attacking power against them. However, their primary strength lies in the manipulation of vital points. While other styles may use these points to cause damage to an opponent, Suigetsu-jutsu teaches the practitioner how to utilise them for healing and enhancement purposes. A skilled practitioner such as Hana can relieve pain, heal grave injuries and augment a person's physical capabilities to superhuman levels through precise manipulation of chi meridians.

FACE CLAIM: Sera Kang, The Breaker
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