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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Fukumoto Yukihime Sat May 09, 2020 5:21 pm

Fukumoto Yukihime

(Aurora Veil – Level 3)

[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Imglul10

"Ever heard the tale of the man with fake wings who flew too close to the sun?"

FULL NAME: Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)
OTHER ALIAS: “Yuki-Chan”, “Yuki-Onna”,
CURRENT AGE: 17 Years Old
GENDER: Female ♀
OCCUPATION: Highschool Student, Freelance Agent
SCHOOL: Kirigaoka Girls’ Academy

APPEARANCE: Yukihime is just your average Academy City Esper with a slim figure and a cynical look. Possessing long white hair and sapphire-blue coloured eyes, this young lady prefers to wear a mix of bland and rather subdued coloured clothing (mostly composed  of sets of grey and white) in order to better fit herself with the crowd. As someone who delves into the dark side of Academy City and still does her best to maintain her status as both a student of the Kirigaoka Girls' Academy and a freelance agent, it’s safe to assume that Yuki has the common sense to keep her personal life and her “Extra-curricular activities” apart from each other for her own safety and also the safety of others, something that means that her attire differ according to the situation and the place she’s in. When at school or during her day-offs, Yukihime can be seen in her standard school outfit which itself is composed by the academy's school-designated blazer and shirt along with its mandatory red necktie for contrast. Her standard schoolgirl uniform is swapped for a more tactical and professional appearance. Considering the more constant use of her abilities during her missions, she chooses to equip herself with a pair of black military boots with a rubberized heel, a regular set of black and grey camo pants, a long sleeves shirt and a heavy leather jacket on top of everything. Her prestigious white hair, which is usually kept loose and free to roam with the wind is now tied up in a single pony tail in order to prevent it from being grabbed by a foe or simply getting in the way of her task.

HEIGHT: 5 ft 7 (170 cm)
WEIGHT:  116 lbs (53 Kg)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: A small set of scars on the palm of her left and right hands, despite being healed, they present a lot of similarities to frostbite wounds.

- Discreet: A low-profile individual, Yukihime is a rather tame person, from her choices of clothing to her tastes and her hobbies. She’s the type of person who you would probably ignore or even forget that she crossed your path or happened to bump into you during your daily routine. She possesses what many call a lack of presence, that strange and rather cold feeling you get when you enter a room and no one is there.
- Individualistic: Not one for trends, fame or even silly gimmicks, Yukihime tends to just follow her own thing regardless of popular opinion. Rebellious by nature, she likes to achieve her goals by her own means and not focus too much on the common standards such as “right” and “wrong”. She gained this mentality due to the hardships endured during her Power Curriculum Program trials, showing her that the only thing that matters in Academy City: Results.
- Meticulous: As to be expected of someone living a double life, Yukihime is very careful. Not one for many mistakes, she is the very example of someone who knows more than what she leads on, the biggest example of this traits comes through her heightened sense of awareness. While having the means necessary to succeed, she always tries to place herself in that uninteresting middle field of averageness in order to hide herself from curious eyes.
- Nihilistic: In a place filled with technology, powers and dark secrets, it’s safe to say that the average citizen and even the standard Power Curricular Program participant serves nothing more as a piece of data for the city. This interpretation serves as to illustrate Yukihime’s for the future, knowing you won’t go anywhere in this city that unless you are a high enough level, she views the Power Program as an easy check in the mail.
- Peace-monger: Despite all odds, Yukihime is a kind person even if she doesn’t portrait it very well. When out on a job and things resort to a combat situation, she always opts for non-lethal damage and will intentional avoid situations that would result in the death of someone by her direct influence. While this aspect doesn’t overcome her instinct of self-preservation, having the power to immobilize her problems sure does help her keep her conscious clean.

- Cold Drinks
- Fish-based food
- Physics
- Rainy Days
- Scary Stories
- Loud Noises
- Spicy Food
- Summer
- The Colour Pink
- The Sight of Blood

- Acrobat: As a student of the Kirigaoka Girls’s Academy, Yukihime enrolled in several extra-curricular activities and one of them happened to be gymnastics since one of her mother's dreams was to one day become a professional gymnast. Through the practice of this activity along with several attempts to use her powers for mobility, Yukihime attained impressive levels of both agility and stamina, being able to traverse obstacles as if she was some kind of parkour expert.
- Combat Prowess: Due to her choices in after-school activities and overall money making habits, Yukihime has encountered her fair share of troubles and other sticky situations. This caused her to look for alternative means to defend herself without relying too much on her abilities, leading Yukihime to choose Jujutsu since it was the same martial art that her mother practiced when she was younger. After some years of training and dedication, she reached the six-leveled blue belt.
- Resourcefulness: A term used to refer to those with a set of skills normally referred to as “street-smarts”, capable of using her intellectual comprehension in junction with the overall knowledge of social queues in order to improve her odds when faced with an unusual situation. While many consider this as the natural affinity to improvise your way out of trouble, Yukihime refers to this as her “natural ability” to adapt to any situation given enough time.
- Temperature Tolerance: Probably linked to her abilities, Yukihime has shown to be capable of enduring rather harsh declines in temperature without decay in her overall aptitudes. Despite struggling with heat and usually having to her powers to keep herself at a comfortable temperature (especially during the summer), this trait tends to come in use when using her powers since it means that her body is often pushed into situation where it has to adapt to sudden shifts.

- Haematophobia: Another side-effect of that unfortunate accident involving both of Yukihime's arms at a young age, despite the use rehabilitation to deal with her physical injuries, it was clear that the damage wasn't strictly physically. While the effects vary from subtle tremors to complete immobilization, Yukihime hasn’t dealt with this fear in a healthy way, despite learning how to force herself to endure through it, she tends to pass out after a couple of minutes later.
- Nerve Dysfunction: During her first trials in the Power Curriculum Program, Yukihime ended up sustaining a serious injurious on both of her hands in an attempt to freeze a large container. As a result of this incident, the misuse of her powers caused frostbite and Yukihime ended up losing forty percent of the sensibility of both her arms. Despite recovering from the overall injury, the neurological damage was permanent and she retains the scars on her hands.
- Socially Inept: Living a double life isn’t easy, while it comes with some benefits such as a heftier bank account and overall life experience that comes with the job, all the drawbacks tend to affect the social life to some degree. Yukihime doesn’t have a big circle of friends and most of her classmates only know her as that quiet girl that comes to class and doesn’t interact with others to the same degree as the rest.
- Physically Weak: Due to her slim appearance, it’s no secret that Yukihime isn’t exactly what you would call a powerhouse or someone with great physical prowess. Making a person choice to focus on speed and agility rather than strength and brute force, she tends to use her Esper abilities to complement her flaws. This lack of physical endurance usually means that most of her injuries tend to heal rather slowly which causes her to be extra careful.


Yukihime is the oldest daughter of a small family of engineers that reside abroad, despite not knowing exactly how she ended in Academy City, she did remember her father mention something along the lines of it being a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, a statement that till this day still brings her a smile each time she remembers it. From an early age, Yukihime participated in the Power Curriculum Program which itself served as a great motivation source since she believed that espers were the closest thing to real-life superheroes and always wanted to be a hero capable of helping others. But despite her ambitions and her best intentions, progress wasn’t easy to attain and most of the times, she ended up having drawbacks than actual achievements in most of the experiments she was a part of. Around the age of eight, Yukihime ended up sustaining a rather serious injury during one of her trials, due to the restriction on the implementation of her ability to produce ice, the test had the purpose to study how well her powers would manifest themselves via proximity rather than the easier and much easier form of physical contact. As time passed and Yukihime began to grow impatient, she one day decided to simply shove both of her arms into the container in an attempt to end that test and move on to something else, this rash action caused the liquid in the container to rapidly freeze with both her arms still in contact with said liquid.

As the temperature continued to drop at a rapid pace, triggering the emergency protocols as the scientist rushed to her aid, the extraction process ended up taking much longer than what it was estimated and at the end of the day, Yukihime ended of exhibiting the initial symptoms of Frostbite. This incident caused her to lose almost half of the sensitivity in both arms, causing Yukihime to be temporary suspended from the Power Curricular Program and enter a rehabilitation program, something that came at a rather opportune time since she had just joined the Kirigaoka Girls’ Academy due to her ability being classified as a rare trait. The transition to the new school was thanks to a drastic improve to her grades, something that allowed her to move from the more lenient public school to a much stricter private academy that happened to be one of the most prestigious schools in Academy City. After the first couple of months in this new academy, Yukihime was starting to feel the drawbacks of a private educations, despite residing in the campus and her parents handling most of her expenses, unlike many of the students that attended the school, she didn’t exactly have the funds to participate in their after-school hangouts.

From the constant visits to that expensive pastry shop down the street to the daily shopping sprees, Yukihime found herself being slowly isolate due to her inability to partake in their spoiled habits. After one of the city’s big events, rumors began going around that a less than reputable group was going around certain high schools, offering cash cards to students in exchange of some less favorable acts. With the funds of her Power Curriculum Program activities being used to cover the expenses of her rehabilitation process, she decided to give it a try since part of her knew that someone as dull as her would never draw too much attention to herself. The first couple of times were simple and paid just enough for Yukihime to ditch her social outcast life, it was nice to finally be able to enjoy the other side of life that didn’t involve looking at her bank statements when she wanted to buy something.  This however, caused her to develop a rather expensive taste, instead of having the self-control to only buy what was necessary, she resorted to doing more of these jobs in order to maintain her lifestyle. From light sabotage to breaking-and-entering, a couple of years went by and she continued performing these jobs under the code name “Yuki-onna”, a reference to the Japanese tale of a ghostly woman that appeared during snowstorms, now in her final years of high school, Yukihime rejoined the Power Curriculum program and finally managed to balance both her school life and her job.

RANK: Freelance Agent
LEVEL: Level Three
Aurora Veil: Based on the standard Cryokinesis category, Aurora Veil (オーロラベール) is a trait that allows its wielder to freely create ice. Mechanically, this ability generates ice by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms, not only reducing their movement/vibration but subsequently reducing the temperature as less agitated atoms produce less heat. As the temperature continues to drop and the movement of atoms/molecules slows down, they eventually stick together, this is manifested by the transitions in the state of matter, gases become liquids and eventually liquids become solids. It’s important to state that a cryokinesist can only create ice and while the manipulation of ice can be performed to some extends, any attempt to unfreeze something would be in vain since it requires the production of heat to do so. Like many cryokinesists, the AIM (An Involuntary Movement) field emitted by these types of users seem to cause their surroundings to become colder than usual.

After several weeks of testing and a few incidents, it was concluded that through the use of this ability, an Esper with this specific powers could achieve several feats such as lowering the temperature of the surrounding area, dictate the phases of ice upon its formation (i.e. create ice with a specific shape or form) or simply freeze a specific target in its most basic usage. However, there seems to be some limits to the user’s capabilities, the first and most noticeable drawback is the implementation of this power since it requires an initial contact from the Esper through physical contact, that means that in order to generate ice the user must be in contact with matter and even with this requirement, the range of the user seems to be limited to a ten meters radius and an overall quantity of approximately 2,500 kg/m3 which roughly translates to the total amount of water present in a standard public swimming pool.

Despite the straightforward application of this ability, it’s important to note the considerable toll and overall strain that is put user’s body. The factor of hydration seems to be an important aspect for the usage of this ability and while it’s possible for the user to reach negative temperatures with this type of power, most cryokinesists have shown to possess some resistance to these severely low temperatures that caps at around -5.5 ºC Celsius or 267.65K. Any temperatures below this one stated will without a doubt endanger to user due to the standard cold-related threats to the human biology such as hypothermia and frostbite. On a controlled scenario and thanks to the use of a cold-resistant suit, the lowest output registered managed to reach -50 ºC Celsius or 223.15 Kelvin but after reaching this point the Esper was unable to continue.


Auxiliary Breathing Mask
A small mask with an electronic filter capable of providing breathable air for 120 seconds on a full charge, this piece of tech is probably one of the most expensive things that Yukihime bought with her money. Considering the implications that are associated with low temperatures, she usually keeps this around her as a last resort.

Locked Journal
A standard silver and white diary with a bright red locket on the side, despite its old-fashioned nature and the fact that it does not provide the best security, Yukihime keeps this around as close as possible. This was a gift from her mother after being accepted in the Kirigaoka's Girl' Academy and due to her parents having a busy work schedule, this holds a great sentimental value.

Portable Hygrometer
Bearing the design of a traditional pocket, this digital hygrometer is a handy instrument used by Yukihime to measure the amount of humidity and water vapor in a specific area. Considering that this object has a better precision/reading in closed area, she usually uses it to estimate her options when using her powers outdoors.

ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Yukihime's Playlist
◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 1:17 / 3:48 ⠀ ───○ 🔊⠀ ᴴᴰ ⚙ ❐ ⊏⊐

┌───────────────────── ∘°❉°∘ ─────────────────────┐
Sad Theme: PMD2 - Don't forget
Stealth Theme: Detroit Become Human - Now
Standard Theme: Marina and The Diamonds - Savages
Stealth Mission Failed Theme: Digital Devil Saga 2 - Divine Entity
Battle Theme: Hollywood Legends Productions - Do you remember?
└───────────────────── °∘❉∘° ─────────────────────┘

RATING: Mature
FACE CLAIM: Mihie Miach - Harmony (Project Itoh)

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Fukumoto Yukihime
Fukumoto Yukihime
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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Fukumoto Yukihime Sun May 10, 2020 6:19 pm

Test Proof Post:

A strange phenomenon was occurring in Academy City, a massive blackout caused the entire campus to go absolutely dark without any prevision of it improving anytime soon. Having a test in the following morning, Yukihime was at her dorm studying along with her roommate while talking about the fact that the stuff that they stored in their small mini-fridge would probably end up going into the trash if the power didn’t come back anytime soon. Considering the prestige of the Academy, it was obvious that certain rules were in place to preserve the standards of hygiene and a manner, considering it was a strict girls-only high school. The mini-fridge was brought into the room in a rather illegal fashion but in a matter of hours, its potential and usefulness were quickly revealed after a massive line at the cafeteria on a busy Monday. Considering her roommate was the complete definition of a bookworm, it was almost a guaranteed thing to find her in the door rather than outside, this was actually great since she had a wonderful taste when it comes to snacks and made sure to keep the thing packed of juicy thing whenever it was possible.

— Osana-chan? I have an idea but you might want to grab a thick jacket

With a reluctant stare, she agreed and stood up while adjusting her glasses and walked towards the closet in order to grab one of her oversized winter coats with fur details around the neck area. Looking at the clock, Yukihime did some mental calculations trying to figure out how long the power was out, considering they lot of wonderful things that were in danger, she walked over to the cabinet where the mini-fridge was stanched and sat down in front of it. The pudding was starting to loose its gelatinous goodness, the chocolate and vanilla ice-cream was melting, the diet sodas that she loved so much were now mild and the slice of cheesecake that they managed to sneak out from the teacher's lodge was starting to go back. Using her esper abilities, Yukihime placed her hand inside the fridge and took matters in her own hands. For about 2 hours, she sat down on the floor with physics book on her lap, one hand flipping the pages while the other kept the food cold, it was for sure the strangest study session she had but eventually things paid off, she got a 69% on her test and everything in the fridge was able to be kept, except the egg-salad.
Fukumoto Yukihime
Fukumoto Yukihime
Level 3 Aurora Veil

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Mon May 11, 2020 7:48 pm

Here we are again ☆

Honestly, I love myself some Dark Side characters. Mostly because they’re usually the second most tricky to write and evaluate right next to Magicians. So let’s see how this one fares ☆

I. I don’t always check the BMI…

The first thing that sticks out to me is her height and weight comparison. Usually that’s not something I’m all too bothered with, but I’d say it’s a bit rare for your average girl (especially a slim one) of 1.70m to weigh 70kgs. In fact, that way she would certainly be overweight.

On the sideline, a major change to the school uniform such as using your own personal skirt doesn’t fit with the core idea at the bottom of such a regulation. Adding some accessories should be fine, but changing the core structure is definitely too much.

II. GROUP and the issue of timelines

I did point this out on Discord earlier, but I am gonna do it again in here: As of right now GROUP has not yet been established in the IC. In canon the unit was only formed as a result of the September 30 incident (also known as the Invasion Arc). However, as we are still stuck around the end of August with no Invasion in sight yet, the organisation hasn’t been brought to life yet. Additionally, given that we don’t have an actually running Dark Side organisation outside of TASK, which currently has all members slots filled I’d recommend to go with the easy route of putting Yukihime into the role of a freelance agent. After all, this both allows her to meddle with all groups equally and eases the process of including her into a Dark Side themed thread on any side.

III. Combat Prowess

You mentioned that she has some kind of combat skills, but not exactly what these entail. Please specify.

IV. Unclear In-Universe Details

Now let’s face the very key aspect that’s gonna matter in this evaluation. On the very baseline we declared as less favourable the idea for a character to have parents who actually live in Academy City. The simple explanation for that would be how rare such an occasion was in the actual canon, the more complicated one being tied to the core aspects of the series itself. The idea behind Academy City is to forge a gigantic laboratory where every student enrolled is nothing more than rat under the scope of the scientists. Meaning that actually isolating the children from the watchful eyes of their parents is a core aspect of the city’s strategy.
Anyway, to cut it short: Ideally it’d be better to not have parents who actually live in the city (as stated in our guidelines).

In a similar vein I have to provide some clarity regarding the fundamentals of the Power Curriculum Program. In itself, the moment you enter into Academy City with the intention of studying there as a student, you also enter into the Power Curriculum Program. After all, the very idea behind Academy City is to create Espers by injecting them with varying chemicals to alter the nature of their brains. And with 80% of the citizens being students, it’s pretty obvious that the intention of the city is a straight forward mass production of said Espers. As a result of all these facts, the moment she would have entered the city to live and study there, Yukihime would have automatically become part of the program. And that’s not even where it ends. The moment the program turns you into an Esper, you become a valuable specimen to the city which no longer has the ability to freely move about in the world. Meaning that any Academy City brand Esper isn’t allowed to leave the city just like that.

The final concern with this profile is Yukihime’s entry point into the Dark Side. While the idea of being recruited by word-to-mouth job offers is quite fitting, the execution isn’t entirely. After all, making a business man slip to distract them like that is a bit surface level for the Dark Side. My suggestion here would be to press the criminal nature of this aspect of Academy City a bit more. Furthermore, you should also try and take into account that the majority of people working in the darkness don’t stay there out of their own free will.
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Fukumoto Yukihime Sat May 16, 2020 8:14 pm

Sorry, this took me longer to edit because I'm struggling through exam seasons and time is almost non-existent xD Anyways, I've performed the following changes:

• Changed the weight since I forgot BMI was a thing (this weight would put my BMI at around 18,3 which fits the whole slim thing);
• The appearance description was also changed to fit the Academy's uniform; Thanks Discord People
• Removed the GROUP part from the sheets and inserted the freelancer part;
• Changed the history in order to better fit with the setting/universe, I hope its more acceptable now;

P.S: I didn't get any suggestions/mentions regarding the ability so I'm assuming it was okay xD so I didn't touch it
Fukumoto Yukihime
Fukumoto Yukihime
Level 3 Aurora Veil

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Mon May 18, 2020 11:13 am

It's rare for me not to jump at the ability in any way, so yes, good work ☆

All your edits leave us with are three very minor things to wrap up this evaluation: (1) I still spot one mention of GROUP in the Strengths section, (2) you should add a nod to the car accident into the history and (3) also mention that she enrolled Kirigaoka because her ability was deemed a rare kind.

Then we’re good ☆
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
Level 5 Mental Out

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Fukumoto Yukihime Tue May 19, 2020 4:13 am

Shokuhou Misaki wrote:It's rare for me not to jump at the ability in any way, so yes, good work ☆

All your edits leave us with are three very minor things to wrap up this evaluation: (1) I still spot one mention of GROUP in the Strengths section, (2) you should add a nod to the car accident into the history and (3) also mention that she enrolled Kirigaoka because her ability was deemed a rare kind.

Then we’re good ☆

I've removed the GROUP mention from the strengths section sorry about that, I should've paid more attention to that and added the ability trait detail in the part of the character's backstory regarding the enrollment in Kirigaoka's Academy. I've also decided to remove the car accident part completely and simply assign both her fear of blood and the lost of her sensitivity to the same accident in order to simplify it a bit. I hope that's ok
Fukumoto Yukihime
Fukumoto Yukihime
Level 3 Aurora Veil

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Wed May 20, 2020 9:24 am

Less is always more. I also like it better the way it is now. I’m genuinely happy with how everything turned out even though there is actually still a mention of the accident in the profile.

[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Shokuh13

[Level 3 Aurora Veil ]

Now chill out for a bit and make yourself at home ☆
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
Level 5 Mental Out

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[Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫) Empty Re: [Esper] - Fukumoto Yukihime (福本雪姫)

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