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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

Post  Hitotsumi Futaba Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:42 am

Hitotsumi, Futaba

Level 4 Doppelmaster

[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Futaba-Prof-IMG

"They have new Starphin plushies in stock! Even the shiny version! I'll take ten!!!"

FULL NAME: Futaba Hitotsumi (二把  一三)
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student; Judgement
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

APPEARANCE: Your average adorable schoolgirl with a thing for fashion. She keeps her hair tidy, and a bandana tied into a bunny-ear bow on her head, and the rest is free game, fashion-wise. She is a half-caucasian girly girl, whose perkiness and smiley demeanor light up the room and make her stand out. She's well-developed albeit still has some inches to grow vertically before she'll really be done. She has light orange shoulder-length hair, clear blue eyes, and rosy cheeks that seem to be in a perpetual light blush regardless of makeup.
HEIGHT: 152cm (5'0")
WEIGHT:  42kg (92.5 lbs)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Her trademark 'Bunny-Ear Bow' look is ever-present no matter what she wears, unless she actively swimming at a swimming pool. While on patrol, she wears a Judgement armband and a messenger bag, containing paperwork, minor officeware, handcuffs, and her dolls and marionettes.

High Energy
Futaba is an upbeat ball of liveliness that keeps things and people moving and shaking until the sun goes down, sometimes literally in the case of parties. When it comes to getting what she wants, she's definitely non-stop, and is known for pulling all-nighters without seeming the worse for wear of it.

Low Maintenance  
She doesn't need others to take care of her, and keeps that mindset of hers firmly. Whenever she finds herself in a pinch, she will calmly analyze the situation and try to solve it herself long before she asks for help. However, she is not so against asking for a favor or two that her friends need to check up on her to make sure she hasn't gotten tangled up in her own stubbornness. She doesn't like asking for favors too often though, so if she realizes that she's been needy of late, she's more likely to get stubborn.

Futaba plays with her cards close to her chest, and has a keen sense for the perfect moment to use them. When she learns sensitive information, she's the sort to use it against somebody at the worst time, and no sooner. Of course, she's in it for herself and her friends, so she's not actively malicious about it. This applies to her style of law enforcement as well, setting up trump cards well in advance to save herself the trouble of not having one when she needs one.

Girly Girl
If we're done talking about her generalities and mindset, we can talk about her tastes. She is very much into fashion fads and sometimes even takes a risk, fancying herself a bit of a trendsetter. She likes maximizing how good she looks with the least effort, leading to visually interesting ensembles that also look quite comfortable. Her trademark bandana is the crown jewel of her fashion statements. With this taste in fashion comes periodic shopping sprees with friends and such.

Additionally, she has a sweet tooth in many senses of the word. She regularly gets sweet crepes from a local café, often loaded with fruit or chocolate or even sometimes ice cream. She also has a soft spot for adorable-looking things and acts of kindness. It takes a great deal of effort for her to avoid adopting stray animals, but since that would conflict with the Tokiwadai dorm rules, she can control herself with that reason.

Legally Oriented
When she grows up, she wants to be a lawyer or a police officer or something that deals with rules. Not because she has a craving for power or money, but because abiding rules is always something she's found herself gifted at. She's the sort of girl who took a few weeks to get used to the idea that she can jaywalk if she's chasing a perp, the sort of girl who makes up rules for herself to follow. In fact there are several restrictions she's purposefully placed on herself and her powers that she only lifts for the sake of her work at Judgement. Otherwise, her Ability might not even get used at all.

On the flip side, she is quite the sadist when it comes to criminals. She likes toying with them psychologically before capturing them if they put up a fight, specifically to make them regret their choice to ignore the law when it's so easy to follow. This is typically done by overwhelming them with tactics and traps until they give up or she gets bored or scolded. This is played off with her usual cheery smile of course, because her ability to empathize with rulebreakers borders on nonexistent. Until they've been tried and fairly punished, they are just wild beasts damaging society and the best they can hope for is food in their belly and a cell where they'll be safe from her.

-Cute Things
-Acts of Kindness
-Following Rules
-Enforcing Rules

-Bitter Vegetables
-Asking for Help
-Party Poopers

-Strong Will that doesn't break, and doesn't bend to evil.

-Excellent taste in fashion

-Knows all the best spots to hang out, shop, or get gossip in Academy City.

-Categorical knowledge of Academy City law code. She can use Doppelmaster on her Judgement handbook by memory without touching it. (A tough feat to accomplish for books in particular, as it implies she knows its content word for word)

-Slacked on the martial arts training of Judgement, because she believes she can rely on her Ability and tools.

-While her grades are fine, she's rather ditzy when it comes to street wisdom. Clubs and malls are more her forté.

-No musical talent at all. Last time somebody heard her sing, they thought she was mocking a song she liked.

-Unnecessarily self-restrictive. She places arbitrary laws against use of her own ability which she only exempts herself from while patrolling, and uses them as excuses. Some of the laws she says are specifically for her *are* actually real by-laws set by Academy City, however.

-Highly ticklish

HISTORY: The Hitotsumi lineage is a line of world-class chefs, each daughter in the last five generations before Futaba being a wildly successful culinary expert. This was the result of one woman's dream, and the tyrannical tradition passed along to her daughters and those daughters after her. It is often joked that Futaba was born under Japan's final Shogunate. Her mother was a rather famous culinarian, who fell in love with the only man she considered her equal in the kitchen. Futaba was raised in a wealthy household, of course, but her earliest memories were both savory and bitter. The tyranny the Hitotsumi spared her not, and she was developing skills in the kitchen from the day she could reach the counter with a step stool. It was her least favorite chore, and so she fell out of love with her God-given gifts very quickly. When she reached the zenith of her skill in the kitchen, her mother finally realized that she had no passion for the art. Happily, her younger brother was much more enthusiastic about it, so it was he who would carry on 'the Shogunate' as it were.

She was still young, so when she showed an aptitude for academics, her mother put together some resources and sent Futaba away to Academy City. She and her mother have been quite distant since the split, but in the end it was the best choice for her. When she arrived to Academy City, it was not long before the paperwork was filled out, and the chemical trials began. Medication to induce some sort of mental change, the same sorts used to awaken many of her peers. It took a year or so before it finally showed signs of working, and before she knew it, she was filled with new power the likes of which she hadn't believed before then. Well, it felt like it anyways. At first, she was just a level one with a telekinetic power that only worked on experimental materials brought to this dimension through the Academy's super science. But once she discovered the connotations and theories behind the materials, worlds of possibilities opened up. A girl who spent her life in a haze of stovefire and medically-induced mental instability finally awoke to something special.

Throughout her training, she found a passion for the rigorous programs and restrictiveness of some of the more strict individuals in the Academy Faculty. Her ability to follow instructions and abide rules and regulations made her something of a star pupil in her elementary years. It gave her a sense of fulfillment. Since she was such a teachers' pet, she was often viewed with scorn by the class clowns, and looked up to by a few of the more goodly neutral students, leading to lasting friendships she cultivates to this day, and eventually becoming the reason why she started the bunny bow accessory and gained a taste for fashion and cute things. Moving into middle school was a shift of pace, however, as she was inducted into the all-girls Tokiwadai Middle School, which did not let most of her friends come with her. In this school, the curriculum focused not on following instructions, but on pushing their limits, for the following of rules and regulations was implied by the exclusivity of the school. Punishments for so much as breaking curfew or missing dinner were harsh, so the students fell in line.

Perhaps because of a fundamental misunderstanding of her passion, she felt herself fading into the background again. Perhaps if she abided more rules than anybody else, or even helped enforce them, she could feel the same way she did back in elementary school. This was the thought process which lead to her joining the School Police Force, Judgement. While this didn't bring back nostalgia for the old days, and the regimented lifestyle was rather harsh at first, she acclimated nicely after some time. Indeed, this experience tempered the burning passion she once felt, and helped her feel like she was not a cog in the background, but a part of something bigger than herself. This feeling is one which has shaped who she wants to be, and is one she'll cherish forever.

RANK: Judgement Member, Department Branch 179
Doppelmaster: Also known by its technical name, 'Dimension Shifter', this ability allows for the exact duplication of objects by means of 'borrowing' (see: stealing) them from other dimensions. This is not meant to imply the existence of parallel dimensions in the timeline sense, but simply utilizes the fact that all objects continue to exist in a state of 'Supersymmetry' on all dimensions beyond the first three the humans can typically perceive. The dimensions that Futaba is working with exist on this very plane of existence, right alongside the three we imagine in our dreams and stare at when our eyes are open. Reality is a tesselating fractal, and Doppelmaster lets her break off a piece of that fractal to serve her purposes. In the simplest of terms, it is a powerful telekinetic ability that works on matter native to any dimensions except the first through third (and the eleventh, for some reason).

In practical terms, Doppelmaster allows Futaba to 'recreate any object' by peeling it out of the swirl of supersymmetry, which more or less looks like mitotically splitting a clone away from the original, though no harm is done to the object on this plane, since the three dimensions most can perceive are unharmed by this ability. Futaba can then precisely manipulate the objects she has Cloned ('Doubled') in this way, on a physical level, and doing so will also have no effects on the original object. The limit to this ability is 'things which aren't restrained on all dimensions', which is to say that if something is bolted to the ground, it's safe, but otherwise her ability to double things is limited only to what she can touch or otherwise knows the location and shape of very precisely. Further 'safe' from this manipulation is anything that can actively resist her control via locomotion: While she can Double such things, she cannot control them very well if at all. The best subjects are complex, inanimate, and unable to self-propel.

Once something is Doubled, the double is under her control, and only telekinetic powers of similar nature can undo them, save for one detail of the Ability. They are not illusory and can interact with the environment freely as the original object might, except for the original object it was Duplicated from. Futaba can even do this to people, however, doing so is useless because they can easily resist doing anything she tries to make them do. She cannot Double herself, as trying to do so results in a Supersymmetrical tug-o-war across the dimensions, with no winner. Doubles will naturally gravitate back to the original item or individual without her intervention, and on contact, they will rejoin the tesselated weave from which it was drawn, essentially dispelling. It is possible for people who are Doubled to forcibly separate from themselves to avoid this gravitation, but plot contrivances always result in them recombining before the story's end. If a person who has been Doubled dies, their Double dies as well, but not the other way around. A Double can be dismissed by the person whose clone it is as an autohit part of any action, simply by touching them, presuming they are within range to do so. Since the two are the same character, the player can control their Double if they opt to,  but otherwise falls under Futaba's player's control (thought respect will be payed to the characters' personality, and the player might still be referenced for advice on what the Double might do if it's not clear). There are no actual detriments to long-term separation from a Double, as far as Futaba knows, but such a situation requires staff permission, player cooperation, and will probably unearth some detriments since she's never actually done it to a person.

Doubler is at maximum efficiency when she's only Doubling one or two things. She is capable of creating 10 Doubles at a given time, each needing to originate from a different object. When doubling things, she allocates the thing to a particular finger and holds up that finger while manipulating it, usually gesturing it to accentuate the movement she's attempting to cause. She starts with her pinky fingers on either hand, and thusly the most common gestures involve dextrous pinky movements. She can manipulate multiple Doubles at once by holding up multiple fingers, but the movements become less precise, a little at first, but they get exponentially more clumsy and hamfisted as she goes. Regardless of how precisely she can move the Doubles, they only ever move about as quickly as she can move her own arm, which can still be devastating, but shenanigans like using telekinesis to break the sound barrier is strictly not possible. However, it is possible for said things to be manipulated to use self-shattering force, being able to hit things hard enough to break them (since she needs not fear recoil to her person). Thusly, if used to restrain somebody, that person would need to have enough strength to actually break the object being manipulated in order to break free. Her maximum telekinetic reach with this ability at the moment is 75.3 meters, and she is aware of the location and structural status of all Doubles she has active, and the maximum weight of something she can Double and Manipulate remains undiscovered (due to a lack of testing, but it does cap somewhere in the 5.3 ton range, with sizes no larger than a shipping crate. This is split up between all objects she is actively controlling, but not between all that she has doubled)

Due to her powers being in the Academy City records, there are certain legal restrictions she has to abide regarding currency, namely that she is legally disallowed to use physical tender within Academy City, and instead has to use a charge card provided by the institution, and nobody is allowed to let her borrow their credit cards unless they are within the same store and confirm that she is allowed to use it for each purchase she makes. This is because her ability could have devastating economic repercussions were she to use it improperly. However, it's something of an obscure by-law and not every business running in the city is aware of her in particular, but she self-regulates like the good girl she is. This law is in-addition to her self-imposed 'legal restrictions'.


The idea of 'doing many things at once without losing track of any'. The literal definition is impossible for the most part, but Futaba possesses a strong affinity for the prospect anyways. Keeping track of several things at once comes part and parcel with her Ability, and thusly she can do such close to flawlessly. With the proper situation, keeping track of 10 fairly complex activities isn't a problem for her, albeit without proper equipment, she's still limited to two activities at once in fairly close proximity. This is related to keeping track of physical tasks, though, and she is capable of this tenfold in terms of purely mental tasks such as calculating, counting, strategizing, and so forth.

Dolls, Marionettes, and Mannequins
Futaba comes off as a doll and puppet enthusiast, because she collects a number of such toys and carries some on her person regularly, even on patrols. These dolls and puppets are specially-made for use alongside her ability, Doppelmaster, which lets her clone these toys, and control them telekinetically with incredible precision. Thusly she can use the doll and puppet clones to wrestle restrain her targets. While individually unimpressive, they can be a complete nightmare in even groups of three or four.

In a pinch she keeps a person-sized battle mannequin in her dorm room's closet, which she can bring to a fight she's preparing for. This mannequin is reinforced for combat with steel rods, iron studs, and an angry expression that was painted on. Its material strength puts it in league with tools of war in her capable hands, and it can punch holes through inch-thick steel plates with only minor surface damage to itself. If destroyed, she'd need to spend a major part of a storyline getting a new one or getting it repaired.

Five-Star Chef
Although she despises the actual process of cooking, it was one of the skills her mother taught Futaba before she moved to Academy City. Cooking was always a huge chore for her, but once she got the quality her mother saught to drill into her, it became less of an issue. Futaba is capable of creating dishes that would make you wonder why she isn't getting rich on Cooking Competitions, but she very rarely cooks. It's usually done as a gift for her friends on their birthday or something, but the sheer diversity of dishes she can make might raise some questions into her upbringing. Additionally, her knife-handling skills are unnerving to a theatrical degree, and they can substitute as a martial art in kitchen scenes.

CHARACTER THEME: None at present

DISCORD NAME: Burgundy#3240
FACE CLAIM: Nakano Yotsuba from Go-Toubun no Hanayome (Quintessential Quintuplets)
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.

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Hitotsumi Futaba
Hitotsumi Futaba
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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty Re: [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

Post  Hitotsumi Futaba Sun Nov 01, 2020 2:45 am

Local Schoolgirl Stops a Bank Robbery

Little Girl, Big Justice
-by Josuke Okimoto

When it comes to the subject of criminal justice, most folks think about Police Officers, the Public Service Intelligence Agency, maybe the neighborhood watch. But yesterday, a gang of Psychics attempting to rob an Academy City Bank discovered that criminal justice comes in many forms, including an adorable middle schooler still in her school uniform with a bow on her head.

On the 27th of June, around 4:15 PM, Futaba Hitotsumi – a middle schooler and member of Judgement, a student police force in Academy City – happened upon an ongoing crime scene during one of her routine patrols. While no alarm was sounded for the police, she happened to peek in through the window and saw hands in the air, even though nobody appeared to be armed. She took action immediately, using her standard radio to call for back-up. However, by the time police arrived to officiate the arrest, young Ms. Hitotsumi had already subjugated all robbers.

The apparent leader of the operation was not available for questioning, but one robber happened to let it slip that 'there was no middle schooler in that room, just a monster.' In a brief interview, young Ms. Hitotsumi said, "I was just doing my job. Judgement exists to enforce the law, after all."

Speculation abounds regarding the specifics of the event, but unless the bank relinquishes the security video footage, we at the Academy City Journal will have little more than eyewitness testimony to go off of. Keep an eye out for our next issue, in which we will have a clearer picture of what happened inside the Bank. Until then, make sure to tell any Judgement members how good a job they're doing in keeping our city safe.

The yound maiden's face was aflush, beet red in honest surprise. She hadn't expected a simple feat like 'stopping a bank robbery' to be an event which had her name plastered all over Academy City. As she read through the article, she noted that the writer was clearly a fan of justice being served by anybody and everybody, since it seemed to glorify her age as opposed to the feat itself. It seemed to say, 'A fourteen year old girl in middle school can stop a bank robbery, so a 23 year old can stop a mugging' and such; Not directly, but the implications were there.

Of course it made no mention of the fact that attended Tokiwadai Middle School, who were notable for their high Esper Level requirements. This article implied that all it took was some self-defense training and a bold approach to justice. While perhaps it was sending the wrong message, Futaba hoped that she might still inspire people to be like her, provided that they actually did research and didn't just jump into Vigilante-ism all gung-ho-like. The commanding officer in Judgement, who had passed her the news article, seemed expectant for a response, "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Despite appearing quite embarassed, she did feel a solid degree of pride for this achievement. "Ahahaha! Y-yeah, I didn't think he was a reporter when I answered his question," she admitted with a nervous laugh. Being put in the spotlight sure felt weird, it kinda tickled, "I'd probably have lied to him and said I had backup otherwise. After all, you guys did show up a few minutes after I finished; before the police showed up, even. So it wouldn't have been hard to sell."

Her boss shook his head, "No no, that's not what I'm trying to imply, Hitotsumi-san. Did I imply I was upset again? I didn't mean to sound mad." Futaba always did have trouble reading her boss, so perhaps she needed to spend more time with him to get a better read on his mannerisms? That's what a good employee would do, right? "O-oh. Well then why bring it up? Not that I'm not happy to see it, mind you," she asked directly.

"Simple! Congratulations are in order!"



Suddenly all of her coworkers slipped out a bunch of confetti poppers from their desks and jackets, and filled the room with celebratory banging noises and thin streams of colorful paper. Futaba took several moments to process the events unfolding around her and held a blank, confused stare on her face. It was... party time?

"Party time?"

"Party time."

"Party time!!"

Her expression took little time after confirmation to go from confused and embarrassed to excited and cheerful, which is to say that she perked up immediately, to the point of bouncing on her own feet with excitement. It was all she could do to keep from squealing unprofessionally. As one coworker sealed the deal by placing on the table a tray of brownies and a plate with a cupcake on it (and a few peanut butter cookies for their coworker with a chocolate allergy of course), it seemed that a one hour distraction from justice was in order.

The criminals could hold their horses — This cupcake wasn't going to eat itself.

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Hitotsumi Futaba
Hitotsumi Futaba
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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty Re: [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Tue Nov 03, 2020 5:21 pm

As the Queen of Tokiwadai I am happy to welcome you on the grounds of my kingdom ☆

Now without any further ado let’s get down to the spanking evaluation ☆

1. Strengths and Weaknesses – Soooo minor

For formality’s sake I would like you to remove the „Powerful Ability with many uses, which she is gifted at using whenever she needs to“ paragraph from her list of strengths. After all, as long as the ability isn’t assigned with a proper level, I wouldn’t recommend to describe it as powerful. Furthermore, an ability shouldn’t be treated as a strength in the first place.
The rest can and should stay the same, though. Very well balanced ☆

2. The Ability – Standard values

While you name the maximum weight of objects she can control as undiscovered, it is still necessary to request an upper limit to the size and weight of the objects she can double/control. After all, that’s another rule of thumb for telekinesis.

3. Test Post – A rare pointer

Oddly enough, while I did enjoy your test post, I must point out that it didn’t leave me as a reader much of an impression of her character in execution. That way it unfortunately doesn’t satisfy the requirements we place on these yet. You might wanna expand a little on it ☆
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty Re: [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

Post  Hitotsumi Futaba Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:10 pm

1: Strengths and Weaknesses

I deleted the unnecessary strength regarding her Ability and left everything else the same, as you've suggested.

2: The Ability - Standard Values

Stuffed a some standard values into it, in a set of parentheses following the mention of 'yet undiscovered' to clarify that the limits are still there. Let me know if they need tweaking.

3: Test Post

I adapted the original test post into a basis for a new test post, which I hope gets her character across better than the original version did on its own.
Hitotsumi Futaba
Hitotsumi Futaba
Level 4 Doppelmaster

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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty Re: [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Wed Nov 04, 2020 5:09 pm


We ran quite fast through this one. But that just confirms you did a great job in writing this profile ☆

[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Shokuh13

[Level 4 Doppelmaster]

It’s really rare for any of us to hand out a Level 4. Especially with specs this high. Don’t disappoint me Razz
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
Level 5 Mental Out

Posts : 35
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[Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba Empty Re: [Esper] Hitotsumi Futaba

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