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[SNPC/OTHER] Imai Kazuma

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[SNPC/OTHER]  Imai Kazuma Empty [SNPC/OTHER] Imai Kazuma

Post  Aleister Crowley Mon Dec 21, 2020 8:34 pm

[SNPC/OTHER]  Imai Kazuma 7e3f9810

FULL NAME: Imai Kazuma (AKA: Kazuma of the Wandering Clouds)

AGE: 18


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A handsome youth with short red hair styled into spiky quills and a long strand of a ponytail. Kazuma dresses in a loose black suit with a white shirt that he leaves mostly unfastened to display his lean physique. Aside from his hair, Kazuma's most distinguishing feature is a small scar underneath his eye, a punishment from his teacher for flippantly disrespecting the older man during training, and a reminder never to underestimate an opponent. Kazuma tends to carry a reinforced extendable baton as a weapon.

INFORMATION: Kazuma is a free-spirited individual with an arrogant, narcissistic attitude and a casual approach to violence. He doesn't see much wrong with using force to get his way as in his mind it's simply nature taking its course. The strong get to do as they please and if you're weak enough to be preyed upon then that's your own fault. He has a carefree personality and doesn't treat anything seriously, even acting jovial in the heat of battle. This masks a strong cruel streak. Kazuma will often mock and toy with his opponents, enjoying the feeling of superiority and the opportunity to showboat, especially if there's an audience to appreciate it.

Kazuma was orphaned at a young age and raised in one of the Nine Dragons' orphanages. The handlers there took notice of his rebellious temperament and tendency to get in fights and he was given special attention as a potential candidate for advanced training. He showed an aptitude for the Spirit Arts that soon caught the attention of the Four Winds School. He was adopted into the school and soon distinguished himself as a star pupil of the Head of the Four Winds. That man was the only person Kazuma ever showed respect to and the only one who could make the rebellious youth follow his will.

But when he came of age, Kazuma set off on his own, rejecting offers to stay and advance his status. He travelled freely through the world, living off his skills as a fighter in underground matches and the occasional contract through the Nine Dragons' contacts but always maintaining his loyalty to the Head of the Four Winds. When the Head contacted him for his assistance in the Academy City incident, Kazuma hurried to answer the call...

Four Winds School
Kazuma is a practitioner of the Four Winds School. One of the lesser factions within the Nine Dragons, the Four Winds is known primarily for their graceful, swift footwork and remarkable agility. Their art allows them to freely manipulate the weight of their body by manipulating their own personal gravity, allowing them to leap to great heights, balance on the most precarious footing and perform incredible acrobatic feats. Kazuma's signature skill is his Mistral Strike, a technique in which he launches numerous rapid, darting lunges to attack in quick succession, faster than his opponents can keep up with. Using his art he can cancel his momentum and alter his trajectory in the blink of an eye, allowing him to run rings around his opponent and quickly launch his hit and run attacks from seemingly impossible angles.

FACE CLAIM: Reno (Final Fantasy 7)
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