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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo

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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

Post  Masaki Chiyo Fri Dec 25, 2020 1:57 pm

Masaki Chiyo

(Level: 3 - Synchronous Presence)

[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Kururi-and-Mairu-Orihara-759x1024

"Look, I only have so much free time so which one of us is going to throw the first punch?"

FULL NAME: Masaki Chiyo
OTHER ALIAS: The Twins, Masaki Mio
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Test Subject
SCHOOL: Private Shidarezakura Academy
FACTION: Utagawashi Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory

APPEARANCE: Due to the side effects of using her ability, the specifics of Chiyo's appearance are inconsistant, however the broad strokes remain the same. Chiyo is a girl of unremarkable height about 5'1", and the average weight for someone of her size. She generally appears to have brown hair that falls around neck length but sometime longer. She also generally has brown eyes and glasses that sit just in front of them. When not attending classes, she is likely to be found wearing comfortable clothes like hoodies and skirts, but is also a fan of t-shirts for when the weather gets hot. She is almost never seen in a dress of any kind.
HEIGHT: 5'1" / 158cm
WEIGHT:  115lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: The color of her eyes and length of her hair seem to change frequently, among other features of hers.  

Chiyo isn't one to play pranks on people, but she enjoys unwinding with friends. Though when she meets someone new she likes to introduce her copy as her sister Mio when they person isn't already aware of her ability. This has lead to many people actually believing she has a twin sister named Mio.
Quick Tempered  
There aren't a lot of things that get Chiyo mad, but the things that do, like people from the dark side or those that break promises, send her from 0 to 100 in an instant.
Despite being a time bomb for things that piss her off, most of the time Chiyo is a fairly relaxed person that enjoys slow activities like reading a book or sitting back and listening to music.
Chiyo spent a lot of her time with very little freedom so she likes enjoying each moment of free time she has, and that means being stuck in a tiny room listening to lectures is exactly not what she wants to be doing. Chiyo tends to cut classes a lot and often times associates with people from crowds that do the same. Thanks to her ability though, her attendance record is remarkably good.
Chiyo hates people that break promises and tries her best to never be like that. For the few friends that she has, she tries to always be there when needed and always have their back.

- Listening to Music
- Cutting Class
- Track & Field
- High Places
- Reading
- The Dark Side
- Insects
- Spicy Foods
- Rain
- People Who Break Promises

Speed: Chiyo is a member of the track team at her school and is very confident in her ability to run quickly.
Multi-tasking: Learning to use multiple sets of senses at once required her to get much better at concentrating on multiple things at once to the point where she can easily hold two different conversations at the same time or perform other activities simultaneously.  
High Pain Tolerance: Do to the experiments she is a part of, she needs to be able to maintain concentration on her ability through extreme amounts of pain.
Musical Talent: Chiyo has a good ear for music and has written a few pieces herself, but tends to enjoy just listening to other peoples music more. She also has a bit of practice on the piano, but isn't overly competent.
Punchy: Do to her quick temper, Chiyo when angered, can often lash out at the person acting as the source of her anger which has gotten her in trouble a number of times.
Reckless: Do to her ability allowing her to remain safe as long as one of her is safe, she has a tendency to act in dangerous and self destructive ways relying on her ability to keep her safe.
Poor Vision: Chiyo was born with poor vision that needs glasses to correct. Even with the glasses her vision is still a bit worse than the average person's.

HISTORY:  Masaki Chiyo's earliest memories are as a child error living at one of the orphanages in the city. She has no memories of her parents and despite asking on multiple occasions she has been unable to learn anything about them from the researchers in the city. Chiyo assumes there is information on them though, as her full name is in the system so they at least know who her family is. She spent a number of uneventful years in the orphanage, studying and learning to use her ability before some of the city's researchers took note of her ability and its potential for their experiments. At around age 11 she was taken from the orphanage and brought to a research facility where she was mentored on how to use her ability.

By the time Chiyo was around 13 years old she was able to manifest a full second version of herself and maintain it for an extended period of time without the extra senses causing sensory overload. She still had trouble physically controlling both at once though and could only move one at a time. Regardless, now that she was able to create this second her, the researchers revealed their true intentions for taking her from the orphanage. Her ability to make a full copy of herself would be useful to them in their experiments as a live human test subject that could be used again and again without worrying about her dying or needing to replace her. They're experiments hit another roadblock when they realized that regardless of what version of her they were we experimenting on, Chiyo could still feel the pain and it would shatter her concentration causing the one they were experimenting on to vanish. The scientists determined that if they were going to continue, they needed Chiyo to be able to maintain her concentration during the experiments despite feeling the things that were happening so over the next couple years, they slowly build up her tolerance to pain until she was able to maintain her concentration throughout the experiments.

For the entirety of that time, Chiyo was confined to the lab and allowed to leave only on rare special occasioned or when being moved to another building. When she was 15 Chiyo was finally allowed a measure of freedom and was enrolled in the Private Shidarezakura Academy within the school garden. She was granted time outside of the facility after she successfully escaped, hiding out in the city until she was captured and brought back. The researchers then offered her an agreement, she would be allowed to spend free time not undergoing experiments outside the facility as long as she returned for the experiments, lived in the student dorms, checked in regularly, and provided them assistance with certain tasks that were not befitting of an upstanding pharmaceuticals company. Though she loathes the facility, she accepted those conditions and was granted an amount of autonomy she'd not had her whole life. Given such a huge amount of freedom, Chiyo hated the idea of being stuck in a classroom for so much of each day and began cutting class to enjoy herself whenever she could. Though technically cutting class, she often leaves her other self back in the classroom giving her an almost spotless attendance record. Because of the frequency with which she hangs out outside of the classroom, she often runs with some of the crowds that also tend to cut classes. It's rare for Chiyo to have consistent time to herself after school ends, but when she does she enjoys participating in the track team.

RANK: Research Assistant (Test Subject)
Synchronous Presence: As its name implies, Synchronous Presence allows Chiyo to force herself into a state of quantum superposition allowing her to exist in two places simultaneously. Unlike a traditional copy or clone, the two are not separate people, but the same consciousness in two places. As such Chiyo has to manually control both her physical forms. While active, she can control both versions of herself independently of the other, though she has the senses of both at all times. As such, Chiyo feels any pain experienced by either of the two. Despite this, any damage sustained by one is not shared with the other. Also of note is that since Chiyo is in both places at once, there is no original version of her since both are the real one. As such, when she stops using her ability, the one of her that remains can be either of the two. Because of this, if one of her is heavily injured but the other is fine, when ending the ability, Chiyo can chose the uninjured version to remain. If Chiyo has any injuries when activating her ability though, both version will still have that injury. Chiyo is only able to make a copy of herself, anything she is carrying won't be copied by the ability, though her clothes in her personal reality are seen as an extension of herself and are also copied.

Currently Chiyo is only able to reliably make one copy of herself. Though she has successfully made a second copy, the increase in stimuli from a third set of senses was too much for her to handle and broke her concentration. With more practice, she may be able to eventually create a second copy. When activating the ability the duplicate is created in a spot she can actively see within 15 meters. While actually forcing the superposition to create the double doesn't actually take too much energy or time, for a few moments after their creation Chiyo gets a bit dizzy as well as a small headache as she is suddenly bombarded with a second set of senses. These affects fade relatively quickly over the next few seconds as Chiyo adjusts. Rapid use of her ability can result in migraines and nausea to the point of vomiting. Additionally, it becomes more difficult to maintain both versions of herthe further apart they get. Within line of sight, it takes almost no effort to maintain them. When they get more than a mile apart, it becomes difficult to maintain while doing any other kind of distracting activity. At two miles apart, it is almost impossible to maintain both and even a slight distraction could cause the ability to end. Additionally, Chiyo can feel the relative distance between her two selves, for example "About 200 meters northwest".  If her copy is near here, it's very easy to maintain the connection so she can maintain the two from sun up to sundown without needing to stop. At her max separation distance of 2 miles, She could most likely keep the connection up for an hour at most with how taxing it becomes, though that's only if nothing interrupts her concentration before that which is likely.  Despite there being two of her, she is still only one consciousness and as such can only gain the mental benefits of sleep like anyone else. If she is truly asleep, she will no longer be concentrating on her ability and one of the two will vanish. A notable side effect of her power is that, due to the laws of quantum mechanics, it is impossible for the second her that is made to be exactly the same as the original. Having practiced forcing these discrepancies into relatively harmless areas, this usually manifests as her copy having longer or shorter hair, different colored hair, or different eye color though other changes are possible though more risky.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Physically Competent
Chiyo's time on the track and field team has given her decent ability in it's related activities such as sprinting, jumping, and throwing.  
A Good Punch
Though not particularly strong, Chiyo has a bit of muscle from doing track, and has gotten into quite a few fights while running with the class cutting crowd.
Fixes poor eyesight. Expensive to replace. Unbeknownst to Chiyo, the researchers have a tracking device built into the glasses which they use to monitor her and as insurance in case she tries to flee again.

CHARACTER THEME: A selection of musical tracks to act as your character's motif or background music. Can include as many or as few tracks as you wish.

Casual Theme
Upbeat Theme
Chase Theme
Fight Theme
Mysterious Theme
Sad Theme

DISCORD NAME: Evelynn (I hug you, then I kill you!)
FACE CLAIM: Mairu & Kururi (Durarara)
MISC. INFORMATION: Any other important information regarding this profile.

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Masaki Chiyo
Masaki Chiyo

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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty Re: [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

Post  Masaki Chiyo Sun Dec 27, 2020 3:39 pm

A small breeze tussled Chiyo's hair as she walked down the streets of district 15's shopping centers. In a rare opportunity, she had no experiments scheduled for the day as well as no track and field practice leaving her completely free to hang out with some friends. These opportunities weren't frequent so Chiyo liked to make the best of them.  

Where do you two want to head next? Karaoke? Maybe stop by that new ice-cream place that just opened up near 7th Mist?

"Well, someone's in a rush today. What's up?"

"I've just been getting the feeling that something is going to interrupt us..."

At that moment, a subtle sense of dread washed over Chiyo as her phone began to ring. She had a separate ringtone for when the facility called her so she immediately knew what was coming before answering the phone. The only reason they ever called her on a day off was to encroach on that time. Chiyo slipped the phone out of her pocket and answered the call. As much as she would have loved to ignore it, she know they would just call until she answered. If she didn't they would pick her up themselves.

"What do you want? Today is supposed to be my day off."

"The testing schedule has been moved up. We need you to return to the lab immediately."

"You could at least pretend that you're sorry. Fine, I'll be there in a few minutes, Mio is nearby already anyway. I had a feeling you might pull something like this. It's not the first time."

The call then disconnected without even a reply from the other end. Chiyo turned to her friend letting out a long sigh.

"Was that work?"

"Yeah, sorry I have to bale now. They said they needed me over there asap. Promise me next time we'll hit up that ice-cream shop."

With that, Chiyo stopped using her ability and her form with her friends vanished. The other her got up from the bench she was sitting on and closed the book she'd been reading. Looking up at the large building in front of her she let out another sigh as she slipped the book into her bag and walked through the front doors. She wasn't sure how, but somehow, some way, she would tear this whole place down and be able to just live a normal life.
Masaki Chiyo
Masaki Chiyo

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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty Re: [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:17 am

Quick evaluation incoming ☆

The Ability – Q&A

The only thing I was able to pick up on after my initial three read-throughs were two questions regarding the limitations of her ability: For long can she sustain her second self before needing a break? And, what happens when she sleeps at night?

Answer these and we should actually be good ☆
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty Re: [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

Post  Masaki Chiyo Sat Jan 02, 2021 2:29 pm

Alright, Answers to questions:

1. If her copy is near here, it's very easy to maintain the connection so she could probably go from sun up to sundown without needing to stop. At her max separation distance of 2 miles, She could maybe keep it up for an hour at most with how taxing it becomes, though that's only if nothing interrupts her concentration before that which is likely.

2. For her to sleep and actually gain any mental benefits from sleep she needs to be unconscious just like everyone else and can't concentrate on her ability during unconsciousness. If she is actually asleep, there will only be one of her.

My Profile ^_^

Chiyo Text | Mio Text
Masaki Chiyo
Masaki Chiyo

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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty Re: [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Sun Jan 03, 2021 7:00 pm

I somehow feel nagged…time to delay approval…

Not yet.

Nope. Not yet.

I still feel nagged!!

OK, fine ☆

[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Shokuh13

[Level 3 Synchronous Presence]

Now let me sleep!
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[Esper] Masaki Chiyo Empty Re: [Esper] Masaki Chiyo

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