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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Empty [Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

Post  Matsuyama Miyako Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:36 pm

(Matsuyama Miyako)

(Level 3: Gravitational Dilution)

[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Matsuyama_Miyako_20210106194152

"Tokiwadai Middle School.... transferring here, it’s a dream come true!."

FULL NAME: Matsuyama Miyako
OTHER ALIAS: Mimi, formerly Matsuyama Hideo
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School, transferred from Sakugawa Academy upon reaching Level 3

APPEARANCE: Miyako is a short, petit girl with golden eyes and medium-length, choppy dark hair with pink highlights. She wears red, circular glasses that accent her eyes and is always seen wearing either the Tokiwadai uniform or some variation of filly dresses or skirts. In regards to her physique, she can be described as a 'late bloomer.'
HEIGHT: 157.5cm (5’2’’)
WEIGHT:  53kg (117lbs)
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Miyako’s most distinguishing features are her glasses and hair. While she used to wear contacts when she attended Sakugawa academy, she always thought glasses were incredibly fashionable and an underrated part of one’s wardrobe. Upon her transfer, she decided to switch to them to add to her new image, and dubbed her pair of choice as her ‘big dumb circles. Additionally, near the end of her time at Sakugawa she started to grow her hair out. While not ready to commit to completely dying it, her pink highlights are a step toward the person she’s always wanted to be.

Miyako is an outwardly shy girl. If caught alone or in passing on the street, she always seems to be in her own little world. She avoids eye contact with strangers if possible, and isn’t the best when it comes to large gatherings or meeting new people. Her normal speaking voice is reserved and breathy, and a lot of the time doesn’t know what to say in social situations. She’s at her best when quietly daydreaming or playing games, where she can just focus on enjoying herself without outside influence.
Besides her shy demeanor, Miyako can also be very skittish when caught off guard. She’s quick to scare, especially when it comes to unknown locations, unexpected encounters with people, and loud noises. If startled, she’ll often hide behind someone whom she trusts or will bury herself in her bed. Depending on the severity, a scare has the potential to put her into a dangerously immobile state which can take hours of time and outside support to coax her out of.
Miyako is an optimist. Even if something may not be comfortable for her, she’s willing to try new things and always sees the world through rose-colored glasses. Since getting into Tokiwadai her future has never looked brighter, and when she’s in a comfortable spot with her friends she’s always a bit brighter than her day-to-day self.
Easily Excitable
To add to her optimism, Miyako is passionate about her hobbies and interests. Cute things, new games, the latest fashion trends, even unusual insects, if something grabs her interest she’ll latch onto it with puppy-like enthusiasm, and won’t hesitate to share everything she knows on the subject. Along those lines, if one of her interests sets a goal for her, there’s almost nothing in the world that can sway her determination in achieving it.
Anger Point
A part of Miyako that is buried deep, deep in her subconscious. In certain situations of stress, if she or the people she cares about are put under enough duress or mistreatment, she has the capability to snap and experience a near 180 in personality. She becomes loud, arrogant, and unafraid to stand up for herself and those she cares for. If faced with a life or death situation, the shift becomes primal in nature and sends Miyako into a state where she is completely unaware of her surroundings and acts on pure, furious instinct. While she is unafraid to hold back in this state, she gets drained easily and often forgets what’s happened after her episode is over. Additionally, her outbursts aren't strangers to friendly fire.

- Cute Things
- Plushies
- Frilly Clothes/Cosplay
- Sweet Dreams
- Cleaning
- Hot Baths
- Bugs
- Sea Creatures
- Video Games

- Bigoted People
- Guns
- Loud Noises
- Hot/Humid Weather
- Thunderstorms
- Bland Fashion
- Needles
- Her old self

- Athletic: Miyako is deceptively strong given her petite stature. Since her Gravitational Dilution places unusual stress on her body, she maintains physical fitness in order to use it to its fullest and to prevent muscle atrophy. While not the most talented, she’s a solid participant on the track team and performs well in sprinting, shotput, and javelin.
- Motivated: When Miyako sets her sights on a goal, almost nothing in her path can stop her. Even her near impossible dream of attending Tokiwadai and being a part of the Garden of Learning was no match for her, as with her hard work, research, and help from her parents, she was able to make her dream come true.
- Studious: Mikayo’s motivation also lends itself to her studies. Besides the issues of her gender at birth, getting into Tokiwadai also required good grades and a diligent maintenance of her Esper power. Thanks to her good studies, she’s skilled at research, memorization, and generally obtaining information.
- Gaming: A good portion of her youth was spent at the arcade playing various fighting games. One of her fonder memories before her transition to Tokiwadai, she’s built up skills at numerous titles and can hold her own even with the most skilled players. One can often find her sill frequenting the arcade on her days off, showing the ropes to her new friends from Tokiwadai.

- Shy: Miyako’s timid nature can make it hard for her to meet new people. While she has a strong sense of who she is and who she wants to be, she can’t help but feel intimidated when put in a new situation with people who might judge her.
- Revealing Situations: Miyako was assigned male at birth. While she’s on puberty blockers, has her legal documents changed and has plans for more medication in the future, there are certain social situations that put her at risk of being discovered. Going to the beach, swimming, public baths, and hot springs are very dangerous activities for her as there are some parts of her that can’t be hidden well in those situations.
- Loud Noises: When Miyako was younger, a traumatic experience left her with a severe phobia of guns and loud, gun-like noises along with it. Whether it’s fireworks, thunderstorms, or just the odd bang here or there, hearing anything like this can send her into the aforementioned immobilized state, which can take quite a bit of time and effort to ease her out of.
- Anger Point: While useful for sticking up to herself and defending herself in dire situations, her anger point also acts as a double-edged sword. In social situations or at school, it can get her in trouble if she’s loud and unruly enough. As for the instinct state, her reckless abandon also comes at the cost of her friends, whom she may unwillingly harm while attempting to fight back and protect them.

HISTORY:  Assigned male at birth, Miyako lived a majority of her life as a boy named Matsuyama Hideo. Born as the single child to a well-off family, greatness was always expected of Hideo. Be it scholarly achievements in Academy City or the development of Esper powers, the Matsuyama family always had their at-the-time son strive for only the best. And while Hideo deeply cared for his parents and worked hard to fit their image, something always felt missing from his life. A missing piece to a puzzle that would allow everything to make sense once it fell into place.

Hideo was always the odd one out. It wasn’t easy to make friends at school and he was consistently teased for his interests in plushies, the color pink, and traditionally cute things. Their jeers and snickering left him with an empty, sinking feeling… “Why can I just like what I like? Why can’t people just let me be me?” As time went on and Hideo continued with studying, he manifested an Esper power to the delight of his parents and was admitted into Sakugawa Academy when he was 13. There, he remained a quiet loner, forgoing social interaction for the focus of academics, maintaining physical fitness, and developing his Esper power. It didn’t come without a deep sense of longing though - the void in his heart sank deeper and deeper as time went on. He would walk to school alone, and wistfully gaze through shop windows at the frilly skirts and dresses, wondering how it must feel to be able to don such cuteness. He would doodle cute sea creatures and cosplays of the ladies from the games he played in his notebook during class. Most of all, he would see groups of girls off in the Garden of Learning, laughing and talking and enjoying their time together as girls are wont to do. And during all of this, Hideo felt an aching deep in his soul - a deep desire to have what they did - the girls in the Garden of Learning, of Tokiwadai Middle School - that sense of camaraderie and ability to show the world who they are without fear of judgement. Perhaps that was why he kept working so hard to improve his level - that if he made it to Level three and showed enough dedication - that Academy City could make an exception… and let him into Tokiwadai.

As his first year passed at Sakugawa, Hideo’s dedication allowed him to reach Level 2 as an Esper. But, despite his best efforts, Hideo fell into a rut trying to clear the gap up to Level 3 in his second year. He could manipulate the Microgravity of the objects he touched, but struggled to use the ability on himself. Something felt... inherently wrong about trying to manipulate his own Microgravity, like there was something deep-rooted preventing himself from progressing further. His far-fetched dream began to fade, as someone below Level 3, much less a boy, would have zero chance of getting into Tokiwadai. As depression welled within him and his motivation sank even further into the abyss, Hideo wondered if he would ever find the missing piece of the puzzle that would make him feel complete.

And then it came in a dream on the eve of Hideo’s 15th birthday. A sunny, warm morning. A fresh, homemade breakfast alongside the smiling, approving faces of the Hideo’s parents. A feeling of being whole for the first time as Hideo, donned in the Tokiwadai Middle School’s uniform, waved goodbye to her parents as they wished their daughter luck on her first day at her new school…

Hideo woke with tears in her eyes. That’s what was missing - the piece that had eluded her for so long. The courage to unabashedly be herself, to be the girl that she always was inside. In a moment of profound clarity, Hideo went out to the shops she had so wistfully passed on her way to school and bought one of the frilly nightgowns that had caught her eye. She returned to her dorm room, donned an old pair of cute glasses that she had long discarded for contacts, and put on the nightgown. When she looked in the mirror, before her stood not the miserable boy she had felt like for most of her life, but a cute girl with unbridled potential. For the first time in her life, she felt like she was truly looking at herself. As tears streamed down face in joy, her feet slowly drifted off the ground as microgravity enveloped her and a new chapter in her life began. No longer was she drowning in self-doubt and questioning, but now floating in a newfound sense of self. She was Hideo no longer, but instead the self she was always meant to be. Miyako.

Miyako told her parents almost as soon as she had her epiphany. While there was undoubtedly a shred of doubt as to whether or not her parents would approve of her, a newfound sense of determination and clarity overwhelmed any fears she had. The call went better than Miyako could have ever hoped for. Not only were they supportive of her decision, they admitted they always kind of knew that Miyako wanted to be a girl. At the end of the day she was still their special child, and no matter what they’ll always love and support her. Miyako explained her dream of enrolling in Tokiwadai and her parents quickly jumped on board, willing to help her however she needed in order for her dream to become a reality.

There was, however, one final snag in her dream of becoming a Tokiwadai student. While Miyako identified as a girl, she was still legally 'Matsuyama Hideo,' and there was no way Tokiwadai would let someone 'biologically male' enroll there. She was starting to make plans for the future regarding a full transition, but that would take time, and she only had one year left of middle school before her opportunity of joining Tokiwadai was forever out of her reach. Her only option was to make sure her enrollment was airtight - that all of her documentation within Academy City's database matched her identity. And while her parents were well-off enough to get her birth certificate and legal identification changed, there was still the matter of Academy City's extensive database that would need to be altered. Accessing that would be it's own task, as it would require someone extremely high in Academy City's hierarchy or an incredibly gifted hacker to make the detailed record changes.

As fate would have it, such a person was closer than Miyako expected. During her time at Sakugawa, Miyako had heard rumors that one of her classmates - Uihari Kazari - was immensely adept at computers and hacking - the tales going so far as to credit her for for being able to hack into even the most state-of-the-art security systems that Academy city had to offer. While the two hadn't spoken much during their time at Sakugawa, Miyako took a leap of faith and decided to plead her case. To her elation, Uiharu was moved by what she was trying to do, and agreed to assist in ensuring that all of Academy City's records only knew her as Matsuyama Miyako.

Over the next few weeks Miyako worked fervently with Uiharu and her parents to re-write her history. As her legal documentation and birth certificate were updated with the help of her parents and Uiharu to match her new name and gender identity, Miyako started taking puberty blockers in preparation for future medication in the coming years. Her wardrobe was reinvented, she dyed her hair pink and began growing it out. Her hard work and determination all came to fruition when, during the last system scan of her second year at Sakugawa Academy, her levelling hurdle was cleared and she was declared Level 3. After reviewing her new documentation with the heads of Sakugawa and Tokiwadai, Miyako’s excellent grades and promise as an Esper secured her a spot at Tokiwadai as a third-year transfer.

With her acceptance into Tokiwadai, a new chapter of Miyako’s life began to unfold. The old, sad life of Hideo was rapidly becoming a hazy memory, a bad dream that was finally ending. While there are certainly new hurdles to clear in order to keep her past self a secret during her time in Tokiwadai, things never looked brighter for her.

Gravitational Dilution: Miyako’s Gravitational Dilution allows her to create fields of Microgravity on herself and objects/people she is touching. This allows her to render these objects seemingly weightless and to almost completely negate the pull of Earth’s gravity on them. While it’s impossible to completely nullify the state of gravity on an object due to the very nature of gravity itself, Miyako is able to reduce it enough to place the focus of her power in any range between normal gravity and free-floating. When in this state, the object can be lifted, pushed, pulled, or thrown with little effort. Once she is no longer touching an object the original gravity will return but any forces applied to it will remain. While able to reduce the gravity on herself and the objects she touches, she is unable to increase it in any significant way. At any given point she is able to affect approximately 275 kilograms (606lbs) of mass with her ability, which includes her own mass. She can affect up to three objects at once with total mass less than her mass limitation. Moving any mass below and around 20% of her capacity is virtually unnoticeable and she can keep the effect up across the span of a normal day before needing rest. 40-50% causes minor fatigue and can only be kept up for about an hour, and anything higher than 85% can only be affected for a few minutes before exhausting her. If used on herself for an extended period of time, her sense of balance, speed, and spatial awareness can be hindered once she returns to normal gravity.

Gravitational Dilution can be used in a multitude of ways. The ability gives her pseudo-super-strength, allowing her to lift, maneuver, and throw objects that even the strongest of bodybuilders would struggle with. Additionally, it grants her almost unparalleled agility and mobility, as reducing the effect on herself allows her to jump great heights, launch herself off of surfaces, cling to walls and ceilings, and descend from high places without fear of hurting herself. She is also able to change when objects are affected by the Microgravity field on the fly -  for example, using the ability on herself and a heavy object, jumping high into the air, and returning the object to normal gravity to keep herself safe while the object drops onto any adversaries below.

Even with the ability to nearly fully negate the pull of gravity on objects, those objects still retain their high mass, and as such can be tricky to maneuver. Thanks to being a part of the track team, Miyako has kept in shape to be able to lift more than the average girl her age even without the aid of Microgravity fields. Her Athleticism also allows her to combat the muscle atrophy that comes with frequently using her Microgravity fields on herself.
Miyako is able to think on the fly and make the most of any given situation. If in a rough spot, anything heavy can become an improvised weapon if thrown fast enough or swung heard enough. Additionally, being able to move freely in space lets her access hard to reach places that most people may have trouble getting to.
Fire Extinguisher
Miyako has a few tools to assist in amplifying her powers. She keeps a mini fire-extinguisher in her bag at all times in case she needs to use Gravitational Dilution on herself and doesn’t have the resources needed to control which direction she’s moving in. It’s a rudimentary form of movement and isn;t terribly accurate, but it can also help slow her momentum if she’s moving too fast in any given direction.
Grappling Hook
She also carries a small, foldable grappling hook that can be used to tether her to locations and reel herself in from tight situations. While in some instances she is able to just ease the microgravity off herself to get down from high places, having the ability to pull herself into a location or to help with stopping wayward momentum is always appreciated.


Casual Theme
Upbeat Theme
Curious/Mischief Theme
Daily Theme
Wistful/Melancholy Theme
Sad Theme
Fight Theme
Furious Theme

FACE CLAIM: Original Art

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Matsuyama Miyako
Matsuyama Miyako

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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

Post  Matsuyama Miyako Sun Jan 10, 2021 9:04 pm

"...and the final rule: no boys into the dormitory. Do I make myself clear?"

Miyako stared up at the Tokiwadai Dorm Mistress. the woman's stern eyes attempting to glean any weakness or dishonesty from her. Miyako held strong, her excitement far outweighing the twinge of unease the final rule gave her.

"Absolutely, ma'am! I'll follow each and every rule to the dot, so don't worry about me causing any trouble!"

The Dorm Mistress squinted, the hint of a scowl creeping across her face as she peered down at Miyako through her spectacles. After a moment, the glare faded and her posture lightened as she motioned behind her.

"Very well. You'll find the movers with your belongings at the base of the main stairwell. You're free to help them carry the boxes to your room - 217 to be exact, on the second floor."

Miyako nodded as she shoved the packet of Tokiwadai Dormitory etiquette she had been tightly gripping into her bag. With an energetic "Thank you!" she skipped off down the entryway to assist the movers.

Today was the day that Miyako had been dreaming of her whole life - the day she would begin her life as a Tokiwadai student. She couldn't have asked for a better time, either. While she had missed the first few weeks of school due to some last minute documentation issues, getting set up now was an ideal opportunity. Spring break had just started, and throughout the dorm the other students were cheerily chatting and lounging about. Outside, the shops and cafes bustled as groups of Tokiwadai girls spent time with their friends and peers. The Garden of Learning was flourishing, and this week would be the perfect opportunity to learn the lay of the land and meet new people.

Just as the Dorm Mistress had said, Miyako found the movers at the base of the main stairwell with a small mountain of her belongings. Most were tightly packed into cardboard boxes, the likes of which were already being moved upstairs by a small number of movers. Miyako couldn't help but notice one woman in particular struggling to lift one of the largest boxes of the bunch. Quickly recognizing it to be her PC setup, she walked over to lend a hand.

"It looks like you're struggling a bit there. Want me to lend a hand... - Oh! I'm Miyako, by the way, so this is my stuff. Definately one of the heavier boxes in the bunch."

Through heavy breaths the mover looked over to Miyako, sweat already rolling down her face. After a brief scan of her, Miyako knew exactly what the woman wanted to say.

"Oh, don't worry about me! I may be small, but I'm actually a lot stronger than I look. Watch!"

She stepped up to the box and placed a hand on either side and applied a Microgravity field. With the negated weight and a quick heave, she hoisted up the box as if were just a large piece of Styrofoam. The mover looked at Miyako, mouth slightly agape at the unexpected feat she was witnessing. Without a word, she let out a sigh and picked up one of the smaller boxes and started up the stairs.

Miyako giggled to herself. Despite being told that Esper powers were prohibited in the dorm, she figured she could make a minor exception. The mover was really struggling, and to any onlookers it just looked like she was lifting large cardboard box. Nobody had to knew how heavy it actually was. She began up the stairs towards her room when a voice called out behind her.


She stumbled as the Microgravity field weakend with the sudden call. Catching herself and retaining her grip on the box, she turned around to the see the Dorm Mistress at the bottom of the stairs looking up to her.

"Glad to catch you. I almost forgot to let you know that there was a bit of a mishap with the rooming situation. We were shorter on space than we expected, so your request for a solo room had to be declined."

Miyako nearly dropped the box again as the Microgravity field faltered. She was wondering why the room number the Dorm Mistress told her was different than what was written in her documents. Trying to remain calm, she steadied herself and tried to rectify the situation.

"S..surely there must have been a mistake! I could have sworn that I had specifically requested a single room-"

The Dorm Mistress cut her off. "That you did, Matsuyama-san, which we mentioned would be provided should we already have the available space. As it stands all of the single rooms have already been filled, and as I mentioned earlier, one of our rules is that evicting someone of rooms without their permission is strictly prohibited."

Miyako stammered, knowing full well her odds of hiding her past self were severely decreased if she had to share a room with another student. "B..but this isn't a matter of personal preference! I have... medical conditions that require me to have a room to myself!"

The Dorm mistress sighed. "Matsuyama-san, we understand that this was a special request, but we only found out today that we had less solo-rooms available than we previously anticipated. We can speak with some of the other students to see if they would be willing to swap, but until we get that okay you'll have to make-do with a shared room."

She pulled out a clipboard and squinted down at it. "I believe your roommate's name is... Aoki Aiko. A third year like yourself. Do try and get along for the time being."

Without another word she turned and left, leaving Miyako standing alone on the stairwell. A seed of dread sprouted in her heart as she absentmindedly helped the movers get the rest of the boxes upstairs. What if her roommate found out about her past? What if the rest of the school found out that she used to be a boy? That she still hadn't received transitional medication and surgical treatment? Would they treat her differently? Shun her like her old peers had? Would they demand she be expelled for not being a traditional 'girl' in the eyes of Tokiwadai?

As her thoughts swirled she looked up and realized the movers had all left. Before her was the boxes of her belongings stacked in front of room 217. Below the gold number plate on the door, a handmade plaque listed two names - her own, and Aoki Aiko.

Miyako took a deep breath as she placed her hand on the doorknob and turned it. It's okay, Mimi. You've got this. She doesn't need to find out, and if you're careful enough, she never will. Soon enough you'll get a room to yourself and you won't need to worry about it any more. Besides, this Aoki girl could be your first friend here at Tokiwadai! Think of that! Maybe you'll share a lot of interests and get along perfectl.... oh god why is it so messy?"

As she pushed the door open the first thing Miyako noticed was how little of dorm 217's floor could be seen. A small path of floorspace had been carved out of the ocean of plushies cascading down from the right-side bed, just barely leaving room to access the empty left bed, the bathroom, and the closet. The closet door itself was ajar and unkept, unhung clothes spilled out to mix with the river of plushies. She couldn't be sure, but it almost looked as if there were at least ten different school uniforms in the mix alongside a slew of wrinkled casualwear. On one of the desks sat a large sewing machine with it's own heap of fabrics and stuffing flowing into the plushie ocean.

Before Miyako could gather her thoughts, the plushie mountain on the rightmost bed rustled as a head poked up from under them. It belonged to a girl with pale skin, dark, medium-length hair and mysterious inky black eyes. A mischievous grin slowly crept up on the girl's face.

Matsuyama Miyako
Matsuyama Miyako

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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

Post  Shokuhou Misaki Fri Jan 15, 2021 8:42 am

You asked for an evaluation, you’ll get an evaluation ☆

Nitpicks – Basic Measures

Not everyone here is an American. Therefore, I would kindly ask you to also provide all measures for heights and weights in metres and kilograms.

The History – Complicated Matters

Overall, I really like the idea of a trans character attempting to fulfil their dream of becoming a Tokiwadai ojou. However, it does feel a little easy to be honest. The School Garden and especially Tokiwadai Middle School are pretty extreme institutions in all of their actions. Overall, no genetically male individual (there is one exception on the forum) is allowed to enter the place’s premises, which is handled by pretty strict security measures (something that is actually underlined by scenes in the novels, where some of the students there haven’t even encountered a boy in their life lol). In face of that, only the act of faking some documents and somehow rewriting the most secure databases in the entire world sound a little bit lacking in explanation on first sight. What I am getting at is that it would require the help of someone with the right skills to help her achieve her goal. Of course, there would be some options to reach that end (a certain genius hacker or someone with the ability to manipulate the right people maybe).

Secondly, I would like to point out the potential plot considerations stemming from that.

Japan as a pretty conservative society and that school as an even more conservative wing (hell, technically, but not really on this forum, you aren’t even allowed to wear make up, any clothes other than your school uniform or jewellery when enrolled there), would make for some really interesting circumstances to have her unfold as a character. The danger of being found out or confronted with these stern faced world views could be an interesting adversary for her.

The Ability – Limitations

Let’s make this quick and short: Please specify a number in metres for her maximum range, a number of objects she can affect at the same time and an approximate maximum time limit for her  ability’s continuous use. Depending on these numbers there might be further adjustments to the ability’s limitations coming.
Shokuhou Misaki
Shokuhou Misaki
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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

Post  Matsuyama Miyako Fri Jan 15, 2021 3:52 pm

Just put in my updates based on what you outlined above! Miyako now has updated metrics, some listed time and range limitations, as well as details in her backstory that lend herself to an easier transition into Tokiwadai.

(Also I considered the social challenges that this experience will provide her and I think it will be an excellent adversary for her as well as a fantastic outlet for character drama/growth).
Matsuyama Miyako
Matsuyama Miyako

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[Esper] Matsuyama Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Matsuyama Miyako

Post  Aleister Crowley Mon Jan 18, 2021 8:10 pm

Before I banished Iva to the depths of productivity he gave me his final verdict on this profile. Which is nice because it saves me from having to do any real work in this case.

I don't have a fancy approval stamp, so I'll just make it simple.


Level 3 Gravitational Dilution
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