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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi Empty [Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Mon May 06, 2013 6:50 pm

Hujisaka Natsumi

Level 4 Ignikinesis

[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi 271451Natsumi

"The amount of time I'm losing here is proportional to the amount of time I'll spend cursing you out for it afterwards, so maybe it's just me – or maybe you're simply a M – but I'd think it'd be beneficial for both of us if you'd let me go now."

FULL NAME: Hujisaka Natsumi
OTHER ALIAS: “Firestarter”.
CURRENT AGE: 15 years old.
GENDER: Female.
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School.
FACTION: Freelance agent from the dark side, not associated with any specific faction.

APPEARANCE: A girl of quite average and regular body proportions, if a bit taller than other girls her age, Natsumi's most redeeming features due to the forced policy of wearing her Tokiwadai uniform and overall strictness regarding appearances are her almost knee-length brown hair and amber-coloured eyes. When not forced in her uniform, though, Natsumi has a variety of clothing styles going from all kinds of casual to formal depending on the situation; though often just falls back on a simple over-shoulder lavender-coloured shirt over a purple t-shirt along with simple jeans and baskets.
HEIGHT: 159cm.
WEIGHT:  45kg.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES:  She has a set of two purple strapped charm that have a small grey cat head and a bell at their end that she quite likes. They're always found attached to both her phone and her school bag.


While she isn't a nasty person per se, Natsumi is someone who is very difficult to get along with simply because of the sheer difference in wavelengths between other people and herself. That is also due to a personal dislike of being approached by people she hasn't flagged as either acceptable or interesting, making her a rather condescending person despite her young age.

Definitely not someone even remotely close to optimistic, pessimistic could be her middle name. Though she doesn't hold the stance that life itself was damnation from the moment it started, she has a distinct problem with not automatically turning towards the worst outcomes of a potential situation whereas a normal person would rather keep themselves going based on the possibly positive outcomes. She can sometimes be pushed to act for the sake of favourable outcomes but that isn't without being the annoying voice of negativity all throughout.

Frankly, annoyingly honest.
Due to a lack of any sort of decent socialisation, though perhaps also precisely to ward it off, Natsumi isn't someone who holds back any punches and words often leave her mouth before her brain processes them unless she's in a situation where she should know better. At the very least, you wouldn't be able to blame her for being fake and dishonest, but it takes quite a bit of work to know when to pay attention to her words and when to simply ignore them since she herself will only rarely know which is which on the moment.

Decently reliable.
Though she is a person who mostly approaches others out of interest rather than any sort of good will, which in itself pushes people away, assuming they do actually manage to befriend this highly annoying individual, Natsumi can be a close and reliable friend. Not the type who'll throw themselves in the way of an attack, but rather someone who'll either advise them against getting in that line of attack in the first place or at least make it worth it.

Either in a spout of mature rationality or simply disinterest in everything, Natsumi isn't someone who acts a whole lot unless forced to do so or finding some personal interest in it. Sometimes she finds herself going against this trait for reasons even she has issues figuring out, but the general rule for her is to not get involved until there's a reason or gain in getting involved; she very much acts like what is unfolding in front of her like a spectacle.

Conflicted Individual.
Bearing a rather heavy sets of beliefs for both sides of one coin, Natsumi is very basically someone who doesn't really know what she wants and wings it as she goes. Sometimes she may take an action, and other times she may take its very opposite; making her a rather hypocritical individual to her own painful awareness but alas it is not something she has learnt to control fully in anything but a life endangering situation.

+ Anything sugary from having an awfully sweet tooth.
+ Activities that she can get engrossed into for multiple hours while shunning out the rest of the world; this can be anything from games to music depending on her moods.
+ Rational and down-to-earth people who don't dream too much for anyone's good.
+ People who are at least refreshingly honest about being idiots if they're being idiots.
+ Things that are slightly out there and not exactly common, therefore not boring, giving her a decent interest in hearing about random urban legends on the internet.
+ Having some enjoyable relaxation time undisturbed.

- People who believe heroes that can always stand for justice are real and that they can become one.
- Liars who genuinely think they're fooling people just because they don't have a shred of honesty in them.
- She is one herself and has full awareness of it, but she can't stop herself from classifying hypocrites very high up there in things she hates.
- Dealing with old technology when travelling outside of Academy City due to how used she is to the “modern” technology ahead of 20 years.
- How difficult it is to get out of that goddamn city in the first place and the abnormal amount of procedures that surround doing anything in the city.


Jack of All Trades, Master of None – Though Natsumi has never had a very stable hobby that actually made her focus and master a single thing, as a result of trying to quell a sense of constant boredom since she enrolled in Tokiwadai, she has picked up very low-level miscellaneous skills from coding to cooking amongst various other things.

Maturity Beyond Her Age, Yet Not – Put her cynicism aside, Natsumi is also someone with high values of maturity and a small yet existent sense of morality she hasn't realised she has yet to give up, but even she falls prey to bits of complete and utter childishness when at her most relaxed.

The Determinator – If she's not going to put her entire mind to it, she won't do it. No matter how much she complains or doubts, she'll ultimately see the things she started through no matter the cost, perhaps a reason why she involves herself in so little in the first place.


Horribly Sore Loser – Being someone who's spent decent amounts of time alone, time where she also had a fairly strong belief of being more performing than others, she isn't an inherently competitive person, but she is someone who despises losing in any given situation and can grow quite sour and bitter about it for days.

Good Luck with Her Stubbornness – Much like an old person who had trouble transitioning into the new century, it takes quite a bit of time and attempts to convince Natsumi of anything and she's even less receptive to trying things out. Luck can only be wished for those who hope to get something through to her who is very set in her own ways.

Rules Apply to Everyone but Her – Born from her social status and the reason behind it, Natsumi grants herself the exception of not abiding by her school's rules of constantly wearing uniforms whenever she can get away with it away from the eyes of an authority figure from Tokiwadai or simply someone she doesn't acknowledge to be that, and will simply not pay for things she feels like she shouldn't have to pay, putting her (sometimes very wrongful) opinion well above any sense of authority at times.

HISTORY: Born in Kyoto to a family of six, the parents being the founders of a to-this-day extremely popular and successful fashion house, Natsumi is a middle child and the oldest of a once close pair of twins that spent most if not all of their early lives travelling to various continents and countries for their company's sake; requiring first-handed insight on and knowledge of new cultures and their respective fashion styles, while leaving the administrative matters to relatives and employees. From Asia to America and through Europe, though she honestly only barely has memories of the low amount of times she spent in each country, she still has a good grasp on the simple fact that her family had a heavy sense of wanderlust even if work motivated a lot of their moving.

However, in one of those work-induced travels occurred a traffic accident where their car was rammed into by a drunk driver and rolled off a cliff. The accident left her parents dead and the twins hospitalised in a comatose state for weeks, and with Natsumi's twin sister suffering from heavy trauma after finally waking up, slowly but surely the close relationship the two once had broke. In the confining atmosphere of the mourning house of their aunt where she and all of her siblings had been taken in, Natsumi eventually could no longer take the constant reminders of the accident and grim atmosphere, as well as the responsibility of taking care of her younger siblings, that had brought down her enjoyment of life quite a lot.

Therefore, at the age of seven she enrolled for the first time in a primary school within Academy City after months' worth of constant nagging and insistence for the relatives who were originally reluctant to send her off, not wanting to break the twins apart lest the younger one took it as harshly as their parents' death, though finally relented at one point. Having only been briefly in any given school in the past, Natsumi originally had a hard time fitting in but eventually found some place in her classrooms along with a very peculiar and noisy girl who openly contradicted her name and was very athletic.

Though leading a pretty lonely life trying her best to quell any boredom due to numerous incidents that followed her arrival in Academy City, Natsumi spent her final year in primary working her ass off regardless of all that to enroll in Tokiwadai Middle School on her family's condition that she could only live in Academy City as long as she always aimed for excellence as a child of higher social status. In that heavy year filled with studying and naught else as a very asocial person, she met a slightly odd older woman who as she would spend quite a fair bit of time with her also made her do a lot of favours that eventually grew more and more bizarre.

Though Natsumi rarely openly questioned it, knowing better than to think she'd gain a decent and acceptable answer from the woman's part, and in any cases she had found herself at least appreciating the decent contrast between those jobs and her life filled with studying sessions. To this day, Natsumi still works under that dark side which she was unwillingly dragged into, though for much more grim jobs than her younger self, eventually finding a twisted sense of pleasure and amusement in it – ones she honestly can't even explain herself at this point – while still living the side-life of a normal if unsociable middle school student.

RANK: Freelance agent within the dark side who simply picks up any job coming her way sometimes via Miyako, and sometimes via other liaisons.
Ignikinesis: At Level 4, her ability allows her to control both heat and fire by manipulating thermal energy. Natsumi can cause combustions either from thin-air or force inflammable items to combust without requiring physical touch or manipulation. If an object can't combust but can be heated, Natsumi will be able raise its temperature considerably though only if she comes in contact with it.  Her maximum range is of 25~30 metres though the closer the flames are and go, the more accuracy Natsumi will have; beyond that range, she simply loses control of the flames and they eventually dissipate into thin air if they haven't hit anything.


She can make items heat over a very small period of time which can be exploited in many ways but she mostly uses to create boiling steam out of water.

Flame Aura
Not an aura per se, but Natsumi constantly keeps a hot field around her both for the purpose of getting rid of unwanted elements in her eyes and to stay constantly used to high temperatures no matter how unpleasant.

A matter of preference, she has learnt how to proficiently use guns with both hands though pistols are the only thing she can effectively used; she struggles with any other sort of firearms.

Both from her heavy childhood travels and her time at elite schools, Natsumi is fluent in English, French, German and Russian while having a decent grasp on Chinese though she still struggles a fair bit with it.


Theme: A World is Born – Little Busters! Original Soundtrack

Neutral Theme: The Afternoon Streets (Twilight Town ~ Sora) – Kingdom Hearts II OST

Fighting Theme: watch out! – Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo Original Soundtrack

Sad Theme: Till The End of Time – Stefan Grossmann

RATING: M for Mature.
FACE CLAIM: Original Character.
MISC. INFORMATION: This is the 28th revision. I'll never be satisfied.

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Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
Level 4 Ignikinesis

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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi Empty Test Post

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Mon May 06, 2013 7:32 pm

Hm, I hope I'm good with the character application...

Anyways, here's my test-post!


It was the dead of the night, normally, students would already be fast asleep by now.

A boy was running around the Switchyard of the 17th District, he has been running for 10 minutes now, he was being pursued.

"Can you not make me lose my time? I'm going to catch up with you anyway, so just give up already.." The pursuer said, while peacefully walking.

The pursuer had a feminine voice, so the boy guessed that she was a girl, she didn't sound old either..

The girl did not need to raise her voice that much for him to hear what she was saying, aside from the footsteps, there was no noise in the Switchyard.

The boy turned to face his pursuer.
She held a gun in her right hand, and looked bored to no end.

He decided to face her, as he thought that if he continued running away, he would get tired eventually, and she would catch up with him.

"D-Don't underestimate me, I am a Level 3 Cryokinetic!" The boy yelled, hoping to scare the girl away.
But the only thing she answered was "Oh, really..".
He assumed she thought he was bluffing, so he gathered his hands together.

"Haha ... You really shouldn't underestimate me." He had regained confidence due to a belief.
He then put his hands in front of him, as if pushing something.
An ice tiger leaped from his hands.

"..What, a Cryokinetic Construction.." She sighed.
The tiger was running towards her, but she didn't budge an inch, she was ready to face it on.

As the tiger leaped on her..
That's when the boy's belief was shattered
He had believed that she was a Level 0 since most Espers would have already used their powers, they wouldn't even consider holding a gun.

The girl took the gun in her left hand, as she was right-handed, she would have more accuracy with her right one.
She extended her palm, and from it, a fireball flew out and headed for the tiger, destroying it.

The fire had created light for a moment, so the boy was able to see her during that moment.
He couldn't before, as he was running away, and it was too dark to see something.
The girl had past-waist brown hair, and honey-colored eyes.
And the uniform she was wearing was the Tokiwadai Middle School's uniform.

(..Wait, wasn't Tokiwadai an elite all-girls school? I heard they only took Espers from Level 3 and higher, and it even caused an international incident when they refused to admit a girl from a royal family.... Don't tell me that girl is actually damn strong?!!)

The boy was paralyzed at the fact that his ice tiger had been destroyed.

(W-why ... is she after me..?)
He considered asking her, but he assumed that she would not answer.

"Hey.." The girl called out.

"Can we finish this now..?"

She took her gun back in her right hand, and started raising it, pointing the gun towards the boy.

"W-wait!! I don't understand why you're after me!!" The boy shouted in despair as he tried to save himself

"Orders. It's not as if I actually had fun doing this, you know..." She answered back coldly.

The girl figured that if he had to die, he could at least know why, even if it was quite a stupid reason...

"Well ... I guess this ends it."


She pulled the trigger.


The girl sighed, this was the seventh time of the week she had to do something like this.

"Talk about extra work ... Why the hell should I do that woman's dirty work.." She complained.

The extra work she was talking about referred to a 'Mission' as the person who gave it to her would call it.
She had received a message earlier that day, saying that there was someone who had to be eliminated this night.

(I've been having those nighttime mission a lot lately ... I haven't gone back to the dorm for four days ... The Dorm Supervisor is so gonna kill me...)

The girl was deep in thought at how to deal with her supervisor

Abruptly, her phone rang, she took the phone out of her jacket's pocket and stared at the displayed number

(..What ... What does she want now ...)

As much as she didn't want to take the call, she had to.

As soon as she put her ear to the phone, a voice could be heard.

"My, thanks for your extra work, Natsumi-chan."

It was an older woman's voice.

"I thought I told you not to call me that, also, if you recruited some new girls to do your dirty work, why'd you send me out?"

"Well, they are new recruits, so they wouldn't understand what to do yet ... Besides, you are the only recruit in Japan, Natsumi-chan."

"Then, could you consider recruiting Japanese persons? I'm not gonna take care of every single one of your missions in Japan.."

"That's what makes you unique, Natsumi-chan!"

The woman on the other side of the line was named Hisakawa Miyako.

What she had meant by 'recruits' was that she would go around the world, looking for young people to 'recruit' and fight against what she called "darkness".

She had claimed that to fight darkness, you needed darkness.

After she had met her first recruit, Natsumi, she got her enrolled in Academy City, and left.
The only way to reach her, was by phone.

Natsumi had never met the other recruits, as they were in different countries, and since enrolling into the Academy City, she had never left Japan.

Natsumi sighed, it didn't seem like Hisakawa would give up on the "-chan" any time soon.

"Now, can you explain to me what was that?"

"What was what?" Hisakawa feigned ignorance.

"That 'intruder', didn't seem like anyone suspicious, why'd you tell me to get rid of him?"

"Oh my, have you gotten soft-hearted?"

"No way in hell, now hurry up and tell me, if I don't get back to the dorm tonight, I'm going to lose my neck here."

"Aah~ Youth, such a good period in life, reminds me of whe-"

"I'm hanging up."

"Okay, okay ... I'll tell you, but before that, what do you think my reason was? I'm curious."

"Let's see.... Randomly picking people to kill? Either that or you thought he was suspicious, there aren't really any criteria to 'suspicious' for you."

"Why so cold~ It breaks my heart you know~" Hisakawa faked a crying voice

"If you don't hurry up and tell me, I'll come and find you to burn to ashes the remaining pieces of your damned heart."

"Let's say, I just had a bad feeling about it ... My sources, too."

"Your sources are really something ... What's the next step? Burning down a house that brought ugliness to the scenery in your opinion?"

Natsumi was fed up, literally.

Over the course of the week she had taken at least seven missions.

Four of them were during nighttime, and kept her outside the whole night.

Three of them were during daytime, where she had to skip classes.

All of which she didn't understand the purpose.

"Maybe. Well, it's time for me to go and train the new recruits, I'll call you soon ♥"

"You don't need to, actually I'd jump in joy if you told me you'd never call back."
After saying that, Natsumi hung up, she had arrived in front of the Tokiwadai Middle School's Dormitory.

When she thought about it, there was no way the Dorm Supervisor would let her off the hook...
She felt like she was definitely going to lose some bones...

With a sigh, she entered the dormitory.

There! I hope it's good enough, it's my first time writing something like this so..
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
Level 4 Ignikinesis

Posts : 695
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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi Empty Re: [Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

Post  Accelerator Fri May 10, 2013 1:45 am

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[Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi Empty Re: [Esper] Hujisaka Natsumi

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