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[Magician] Charlemagne J. Duvivier

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[Magician] Charlemagne J. Duvivier Empty [Magician] Charlemagne J. Duvivier

Post  Charles Duvivier Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:49 am



[Magician] Charlemagne J. Duvivier 8062574489_275d26756d_z_zps2abb8c40

"You really believe this to be the true me? Haha seems you‘ve fallen for the trap Oni-san~"

FULL NAME: Charlemagne J. Duvivier 
OTHER ALIAS: Charles, 
OCCUPATION: Student, 3rd year…….Spy
SCHOOL: A certain High school
FACTION: Roman Catholic Church

APPEARANCE: He is pale, and that is quite a statement, as his general dislike of light makes him not so happy in the light. Having light blue eyes, that seem to fit in his somewhat calm look to his face. He has a light wave to his hair when it gets wet. Though at it’s ends it seems to curl a bit from the wave that is gradually more apparent based on the length of his hair. Currently his hair passes his shoulders. Over all he is fairly fit, and built so. His muscles to some extent are toned, though one would generally not see this as he wheres the usual school uniform, or jeans and a black t-shirt. He often wears steel toe boots. He wears a Catholic cross around his neck on a silver chain.
WEIGHT:  145lbs 
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: He has a 6 inch scar that goes diagonally on his left wrist, he also has several scars on his sides, and a scar on his upper left shoulder. He also has a tattoo of a cross over his left bicep.

ASPD, Anti Social Personality Disorder 
A form of ASPD, in what many people would few as boarding psychotic. Because of this he has no care about other peoples emotions, feelings or other actions. Not because he chooses not to care, but because he is unable to. Like most patients of ASPD, they are can be literal hypocrites, in which he has no care or understanding of emotion, but may “act out” or play the emotions he has learned. As such he can manipulate, seduce or any other form of control towards people themselves. 
ASPD “Immunity”  
Essentially, because of his ASPD, he is immune to things other people wouldn’t be, this personality trait can be seen in situations of great fear, or situations of great love and happiness. If he doesn’t register these things as actual events that need reaction to. He doesn’t seem to react to them at all, and as such is an emotionless wall.
Like most cases of ASPD, he has his contradictions. To learn he has decided to take on listening to other peoples problems, and listening to the environment. He believes that even in silence there is an answer.
Many times people will find him cold and uncaring, though this isn’t a constant effect (Refer to ASPD) he will often show his true colors the more he knows a person, and that isn’t always the best for the person he knows.
He doesn’t think of anyone as his friend until they are in his eyes worthy enough to trust. As such, he barely tells the full truth. And has no issue with acting.
Artistic Emotional Exchange
This was the only way he was able to get out his “emotions”. Though most of them being a rare occurrence, he still tries his best to be a somewhat  “normal” person. The Church (Roman Catholic) taught him that there was many ways to express his feelings, and though he was a great actor, it would be best he put out his true feelings in a different way. As such, Music, Writing and other things that are said to come from the soul are his only true means of expressing himself.

Music (Generally Metal, Rock, and Goth genres)
Light (it hurts his eyes, and feels annoying on his skin.)
Animal Cruelty (Varies because of ASPD.)
Bad Food
Poor Manners
Bad etiquette 
Determination/Willpower. (Though an conflict with his ASPD, he has quite a high amount of will power.)
Natural Athletic - He is naturally fit. As such he doesn’t need to do as much physical activity as others to achieve the same result.
Naturally Healthy - Has a very strong immune system.
Trusting - he has many issues believing what people say.
Sleeping - He is known to oversleep. No matter how early or late he goes to bed.
Anorexic - Known to not remember to eat. As he doesn’t realize when he is hungry.
No Feelings - If he isn’t aware of what emotion he needs to put out, he doesn’t show any emotion at all, or puts out the wrong one.
HISTORY: Magic runs in the blood, or so they told him when he was young. Left to die in the orphanage when they were killed before him, that was generally the idea behind this world. Yes, leave those you care about behind and let others deal with them. Though, for some reason, even though he was completely dependent on them, he never felt connected. Never felt the need to cry or even bother with seeing their graves. Yes, it was probably a sad moment. But if not for the tears around him, he would have never even bothered shedding a tear. He had no need to. No lament of care to. No… in the end they would be going to a better place. Why should he bother being sad about this.

He was given to an orphanage owned by the Roman Catholic Church. A sort of testing for affiliation center, a place where they would view and study the aspects of each child, and see their potential. Should that need an item to interact or not. He wasn’t so lucky no…he heard the cries of some children as they were often attacked by others, or beat down. But still nothing seemed to trigger his desire to even lift a finger in aid. This was all…merely things that passed, things he couldn’t effectively change.

That was when the fires came. A heretic group focused on taking out the orphans and killing the priests and nuns within. Yes, this was the end. He smelt the smoke and felt the flames as they tore through the church, crackling with it’s sadistic laughter. He looked through the flames, seeing the children who had been working so hard to gain what they had. Trying to set up spells. It didn’t phase him..not as they had their way with the children and women, no, nothing seemed to bother him. He watched the fear, the lustful rage of the men. No, this wasn’t right..it couldn’t have been right. He looked on as a man swung his sword from the shadows, and on instinct he fell to the ground guarding his face with his arms. The blade made contact to his flesh as he rolled in pain on the ground, the gash spilling out blood freely. This was to be his death..he didn’t know what he should feel, happiness? Anger? Hate? Nothing seemed to come to mind as the man walked towards him. He pushed back touching a book, something unknown to him. One of the many books that lay about. Still his blood lay a trail to him, as it hit the book it seemed to illuminate. The Man stopped when he heard the call of his boss who seemed to not care for him. He probably found what he was looking for but this wasn’t interesting to him. As he read the book before him. Yes…the book called to him, begged him to read it. That was…his first step.

An echo, that is the first thing most people would have heard when they were dropped into the project. Yes, orphans that were hated, forgotten like so many others in the world. Left to be used as nothing more then canon fodder in the endless chains of experiments that would be called monstrous, inhumane, unjust. The goal? For true understanding of the limitation of all those under the glory of god. There was always a fine line between inhumane, and discovery. Science had been the for front, the visible truth that was sadly formed by the hidden truths the world choose to ignore. 

They had found what they were looking for, a Cross that was said to allow the darkness in peoples minds be recreated around them. This was the best means for it. It was said the blood of the slave that made the cross was put into it. Creating the aura of it’s seeming fear inducing chemical. It’s essence was to drive the soldiers to fight in front of them, and not turn and hide. Of course they got it on chance as the Roman Catholic Church had just found it after all this time, they just took down the targets that were in the way, and of course had some much extra fun on the side. Moral was indeed important.

Fear, was something that so many would fall do, the darkness, bloodlust murder. They had fallen to a world that was engineered to trigger survival instincts, while keeping with the goals the church wished to implement into the “students” of this experiment. Charles was one of the 25 participants of this long planned out test, evaluation…idealism of this corrupted and twisted section of the church itself. The leader of the heretics was none other then Arnold Larouge, a man that had been able to harass the church so far with it’s random raids. He had decided that by using these 25 orphans of which he managed to line in with fake families, he would be able to push them to the extreme ends. Turn them into his next trained soldiers and weapons. All he had to do was make them understand and live in fear. Making himself seen as their savior when he “returned” them to their already dead parents who were “killed” by the Catholic church.

The general age was 8, this was because they plan was pre-set by volunteers already. The “Parents” were willing to be killed for this cause. So that they would be apart of the group that over threw the Roman Catholic Church. They made the children grow up with these doomed parents and then kidnapped them. However the Roman Catholic Church had already figured this out. And with their new agent of 2 years in training sent him on a mission to take the place of one of the children. Saving that child while replacing him with Charles before the Heretic organization even knew what happened. They take them from their parents at the moment of total dependence then kill the parents putting them in barrels. Placing those barrels around the entire forest like zone they set up for the children to run through. Though they also have a miniature city place. The area was once used for paint balling. The entire test was to see how far they could push the children. Would they offer themselves to learn magic? Maybe even manage to become magicians. Of course unaware to the fact that Charles was already to some extent a magician of significant caliber.

It didn’t take long before the killing occurred. The closed off  “contested” area was riddled with a scream of a female 9 year old as she fell to her knee’s. Her shoulder hand been stabbed from behind as a chain seemed to rip out of the ground as the child whom was in shock muttered some words. With that other chains seemed to appear pulling to wounded child into the abyss. The sounds of decapitation and rending of flesh was echoed off the walls. They hadn’t counted on the Church setting up a trap for them. No, they hadn’t believed that this was going to be the time where they would lose to something so simple as this.

They did however see an opportunity to push the participants even further. Using what they that were means of containment they activated the pre-set traps and terrors. All set to push the children further. But still it seemed they were dropping like flies. Whenever they set something in front of him, the sounds of dragging chains would be heard as they lifted up almost snake like, and proceeded to destroy the targets before him. He didn’t seem to react to anything, nothing seemed to phase him. Almost as if he just didn’t care about the people that were killed, the children he disembowel.

He cut through the building that was in his way, walking through the front door as was the quickest route. Though, he hadn’t noticed the trap the adults had set up for him as they fired off an explosion that for the most part missed him, stabbing loosely into his arm, and sides of his chest. Pain, that was the emotion he would have probably shown if it wasn’t for his disconnection to his own emotional drives. They impaled and tore apart the 2 men before him.

It wasn’t long before the church came, attacking and bringing down this heretic organization. They moved in seeing that Charles was indeed still alive. His chains seeming to lay dead on the ground, back to a more immovable like form, his left wrist dripping blood out of it.

It wasn’t till he was the age of 10, 2 years later while under the training of the Roman Catholic church like he had been, was he entered into the means of being a spy. While still maintaining an active existence outside of the Cathedral. This was so he would learn and understand the meanings of emotions, as was asked multiple times by the nuns and priests. They wished for him to learn and understand the outside world, and for him to become a better person from it. The Church, for the most part seemed to agree, as this would indeed help them boost his growth.

Unlike many members of the church, he wasn’t expected to wear the Catholic Churches uniform. This was because of his need to blend into society, so they wouldn’t have to worry about him sticking out like a sore thumb. He hadn’t known that all this training was so he could function as a member of society when it came down to the people in academy city. So he could blend in with the populous.

At the age of 16, he was being prepared to enter Academy city, learning the language, among other things. When he was asked by one of the nuns about his left wrist, the large 6 inch gash that seemed to have been a scar. He looked and smiled at her. Merely explaining that it was something of a mark of his sin, his last thing he believed that was right that cost him greatly. To lead him forever into the abyss.

He was brought to Academy City as a student. As such he gets his funds from his “parents” who have decided to leave him in the Ciy. His Goal was simple, to both learn how the people react. This was his personal goal, while his mission was to spy and deliver information to the Roman Catholic Church. He was put into the Academy city student area as a level 0 esper. Though for the most part he doesn’t use any esper abilities at all. As, he rather use his own magical abilities then those of Espers. He currently lives in a form of a bachelors like complex, where many students seem to be living. Paying for his food, and of course communicating with the church when able. He works generally every day trying to understand when and where emotions should be placed, while also balancing out his general reports.

He has a tv, computer, game console fridge and other things within his room. Including spare beds.

RANK: Spy/Assassin
(MAGIC NAME): Abyssus963
(ABILITY NAME): Chains of the Abyss, Chains that generally appear or are already on his person. These chains react like snakes, and will move to his every thought and command. They are infinite in length and number. They are connected to the witness who watched an angel descent from the heavens, bearing a key in one hand, and a chain in another that was connected to the Abyss.

If he doesn’t have chains on him he will conjure the chains, though it takes time. Like all spells with preparation. He must bleed, from when he first used the spell. Creating a time limit based on how long his body can last without his blood, or how deep his wound is. As with practice he has managed to increase his time quite a lot. The Chains manifest themselves from the Abyss, of which can be anywhere of which darkness lies. This is generally his use of this ability. The Chains can be used in any way, from acting as barriers to protect him if well timed or a means to trap, decapitated or rend targets. 

The summon phase of these chains is generally called the "Bleeding" it's a time limit for these chains as they are manifested using magical means and essentially hold no metal properties. Because of this, he doesn't use them as a first come move. He generally will keep it as a "last" resort. These chains can come in any form, and any length.

When he has chains around or on him, he can use them as he would the normal "bleeding" version of the spell, but without a time limit. As the chains are merely being manipulated by his own magical ability. Because of this though, the chains maintain all forms of their original properties, such as the metal they are made of, the size and weight. As well as this limits the amount he can use. As heavier chains require more strength and lighter ones less.

The spell is generally activated with the words "Judgement is sometimes granted from the abyss", while if he is using a chain already present then he uses "The Chains of the endless shall judge your soul"

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Hand to Hand Combat 
This was taught to him as he sometimes gets fairly close to his targets. With his natural physic and health, if he isn’t bleeding he will be able to fight quite well against most opponents.
Blessed Dagger 
A dagger/knife that he carries on his person. The blade is only used to activate his bleeding phase of his spell if there isn’t anything around for him to use. (Chains) Other then that, he can use it as a weapon, but it wouldn’t be much of a threat.
As a spy, he needs to be somewhat proficient in hacking and getting around the systems for more information. Thus he learned how to hack many different systems. Though he is only on the information gathering level, and not on the ability to control complicated machines like some other hackers..
If he's going out on a known mission he will carry with him your average thickness chains, wrapped around both of his arms so he can just drop them down and use his ability. This generally means only 2 chains however.
He can use his chains as a means of moving around. Jumping buildings and scaling them (within reason if he is using real world chains). This is generally used to get somewhere quick or impassable, or even escape if need be.
(Your character's ability) 
A brief description of this ability.

CHARACTER THEME: Theme (As a kid growing up) , His current Theme song.

PLAYER'S NAME: Charles Duvivier
RATING: M, though I don’t stray from R, it’s just it’s not allowed on the site soo~
FACE CLAIM: Frankenstein, Noblesse
OTHER CHARACTERS: Other characters you are currently running in this RP.
MISC. INFORMATION: Charles is aware of his ASPD, though it was only through his time at the Roman Catholic Church that he was located in, that he noticed it. As many of the nuns told him so. One of his goals is to better understand human emotion. Something of which he can't hold true. He looks for "friends" or people of whom he can learn more on, regardless of how much he will question most if not all of their moves. By no means is he socially awkward though, he is generally quite intune with the "emotions" he acts out to other people. And matching them quite well. He, will slip up time to time though.

He was able to enter academy city as a non-esper student. This allowed him to bypass most things that could have been an issue. Though he has to keep his abilities on the dl, or off the record as to not be either assumed a magician, or a "hidden" esper.

He hasn't fully mastered his abilities, so over the course of time i probably will ask about different ones. (Such as actually getting the Abyss ability so that it matches his magic name even more so.) As they will "evolve".

His condition can be "cured" as it's still something that isn't impossible to do. Though genetics may be an issue, they say that it's possible to cure it, just very very hard to do so. (Like most people who are on a near psychotic or are psychotic)

RP Sample:

The TV spoke in its normal manner as it displayed the news of Academy City. Some more boring information on the general public or whatever other disaster seemed to take to the streets at this time. This was to say the least yet another part of the endless cycle humans seem to have deemed for life. At least those around the world who decided that action was better off left to those who held the power to do something. Really though there was always that hilarious lack of interest in the back of his mind, they just hounded him to endlessly drop what he was doing for it wasn’t worth the time. But no, this was the best way for him to understand when to be, when to be sad, or terrified. All these things would probably have made the nuns and priest that knew him well back home quite happy.

For him, it was nothing. That is how it always felt. He could pretend and think he enjoyed this couch for example but, even when it came down to it, he really didn’t really care about its general cotton like fabric, or whatever else was on it. He could have slept outside for all he cared. Hell he even suggested this action was useless to do for him as he didn’t care where he was. But they insisted this was the better choice, this was the better action. He had to listen to them, he barely even knew when he was actively going to die. Fear, was something he couldn’t experience, but often saw…it seemed to be some sort of thing that either drove a person forward, or packed them down into a little box and shipped them to their happy place.

He shifted his gaze from the boring news to the black colored walls, the off egg white coloration, just blank. It was to say the least illuminated by the lights above. Which reflected it off to show their color. No, in the end this was just another thing he tried to make himself understand properly, tried to see how he could be. He knew his mind would get bored of this, head back to searching on the web for other things, other important information that maybe some people may have left behind. That was just how it worked. Even with his condition, he still managed to push himself forward, to accomplish, and to act as he was. A nun once commented that if he didn’t have any masks, or didn’t try to be more human that would have scared her more then the fact that even though he has no emotions, he still tries to understand, act and be part of human beings. It was supposedly that, that made him human above all else.

But was that truly the fact? Was he not just born with this merely because of his families neglect? Or maybe he was engineered? Not that it mattered, he was where he was because he agreed to this assignment. Because he was guided by an invisible force that saved him from his death. And because he managed to live, against his own realization. The church had done a lot of him, and he wasn’t going to turn that away. Emotions or not. The books told him, the stories told him, the bible tells him, to honor his promises, to make his keep. So if anything, if not caring was the sole truth in this world, the he could at least try to possible work towards keeping that…or maybe not. No one really cared. He had no connections other then those in that old church. Even they could have forgotten him, it wouldn’t make a difference in his life. In the end like the others, he was merely a machine with powers that could do something in the world. So he took action, and as such is now doing something…what is he wasn’t ever really keen or cared for. He just wanted to better understand something that so many people seem to take advantage of…emotions.

He shifted his weight in the 2 seated couches and looked to the coffee table that had been in front of him this whole time. The old oak like material of it seemed to give off a certain feel to the room. So the delivery man said. On top of it sat his laptop, and beside that a cell phone. Both had a black color to them, with a sort of grey and silver tribal like design, and on the side of it was a cross, hanging by a small chain. He just sighed as he pushed himself up with his abs, and opened the laptop up. The screen lighting up to show the black blank desktop after the small time to boot up the entire system. Opening up a few files he just pulled up some lists of information that had been sent to him. Contacts weren’t impossible, no it was more information he asked from the library a few days ago. They saw him here as a human with no ability. Supposedly that was what was best. He was to go to the school and act like a normal student.

He had decided to research into certain districts, or at least at first see what the public knew about them. Hence the library. If it was anything like back home then it was something quite simple to understand. They allowed only certain information. And with that information they could to some extent control publics, it was how most governments worked. Over glorifying something, to cover up something else. Though he really just used this information to get a better idea of some parts of history of the city. To say the least, to understand what different division’s purposes truly were for. It seemed they enjoyed classifying a lot of their people, though of the 2.8 million people in the city it was to some extent normal. As all places had their rules and regulations, so should this one. Espers, technological people and heretics. No that wasn’t right, ahh yes Scientists. This was all part of his own reading, he needed this knowledge for now. It would seem bad if he couldn’t answer the basic questions whenever he was at school. Let alone if he was asked something on the streets.

In the end, the usefulness of this could come into question. So it would be best if he managed to keep his information on a more balanced form. He was new to the area, so he can release some information. Anything more may draw un-needed attention to himself. Yes….in the end this could prove to be an interesting experiment. Pulling himself up with a sort of grace like form he cracked his back lightly and moved across the soft padded like floor to the tile that was the kitchen. Looking at the schedule that was planned out as it stated it was time for him to eat. He just sighed, he wasn’t one to care about eating. It just never came to him, but he did need to. He gripped the handle lightly and pulled it open. They told him that his hunger wasn’t connected to his genetics, that it was probably something that was somehow activated by his passed. He didn’t really care. With a light grab onto a plate he had already prepared when he first woke in the morning he pulled it out and placed it on the counter. Closing the door behind him with his foot.

He began to eat the rice and beef with his fork while watching the television in the living room. Which quite literally fit its name this time. As it was literally all the other rooms besides his kitchen and bathroom in one. Yes indeed, it may prove to be fairly interesting chapter in his life. If he could even figure out how to strengthen his powers more, it would prove even more beneficial…but for now, he would just have to wait.

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