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[Esper] Keima Naoki

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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty [Esper] Keima Naoki

Post  Naoki Keima Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:45 am

Keima Naoki

Level 3 – Echo Over

[Esper] Keima Naoki Anime-art-boy-headphone-Favimcom-316902_zpsee8e34bc

"This aint a B rated blockbuster movie! So stop messing around! hmmm.... thats worth some ten good points..."

FULL NAME: Keima Naoki
OCCUPATION: Student / Mercenary
SCHOOL: Nagatenjouki Academy
FACTION: For Hire (Will join through RP the Dawn of Darkness Faction)


Youthful looking, Keima is a young man in his mid teens with a bitter expression. He has hazel nut eyes and dark brown hair of short length, although its long enough that it can conceal his eyes at times. His expressions can be better described as bitter or bored looking in the scale of things. He is of a small size and average build, neither toned nor athletic just average in build for his age. Keima  is the type that generally wears a sweater over any outfit he has. He is also one of those people who is always plugged in with his earphones and listening to music while trying to drown the noises around him.

HEIGHT: five feet six inches
WEIGHT:  Sixty one kilos


Not Socially Inclined

The defining trait of Keima is his general hostility. He can be called a bitter person that is not exactly easy to approach. He is the type that puts an act to ward off people, he isn't really aggressive but rather rude and tries very hard to be unapproachable. He can be defined as someone with a bully temper and classical personality but lacking the actual intention of bothering or hurting people.


Keima is a sober minded person for his age. He can be called stuck up and generally not fun in general. That is not to say he doesn't have a sense of humor or that he can't have fun but in general its very hard to see past his seriousness. His sense in humor in particular is weird and as its rather hard to understand it, as it is self demeaning and arrogant at the same time. His serious trait can be defined as a no nonsense personality that only acknowledges his humor.

I wanted a normal life

As a child error and as a test subject for an experiment Keima was deprived of a normal life or normal childhood. He doesn't actively wishes for a normal life and has mostly forgotten that desire as he entered the dark side, but unconsciously and very rarely consciously Keima desires to have a normal life.

D-D-Don't get close to me!!

Yes if one gets past his bitter, angry and no nonsense personality one would discover certain degrees of tsunderism in his personality. Keima keeps a strong facade of maturity and bitterness to conceal the softer part of himself, he is also too proud to admit doing things for others sake. To those he likes Keima can become protective but awkward yet will never admit that he likes them. In that regard Keima is a tsundere in male form.


Classical Music
Peace and quiet
Being Unnoticed
Sakura trees
Bitter food


Techno Music
Being the center of attention
Very Sweet things



When it comes to surviving and moving around in the Dark Side of academy city. Keima can be labeled as fit to survive in its environment. Keima is someone both ready to risk his life or take a life at a moment notice. There is no softness or nativity in his thought patterns. He for example has the constant mental exercise of at least finding three ways out of a room.

Musical Protegee

Due to natural talent and his own power, Keima can be called a prodigy when it comes to using musical instruments. He has the uncanny ability to both master them very quickly and to always play music that never losses its harmony.


Not only artistically but practically. Keima is someone who is good at finding “clever” solutions. However, for some reason they tend to seem cheap and unimaginative or at times overly complex and convoluted.



Keima is the type of person that holds grudges close to his heart, both small and big grudges tend to remain with him for long periods of time. He never forgets and while he may forgive Keima will never truly forget past grievances.

Easily Depressed

Despite his general personality Keima's self esteem is quite low. He tends to be the type that gets easily discourage by obstacles or his failures, tending to dwell on them a bit more than it should be healthy.


Keima's twistedness can only be truly appreciated in the face of a Skill Out. Keima becomes cruel, angry and demeaning when he encounters a level zero. While his hatred is special for Anti Skills his prejudice can be sometimes seen toward Level Zeroes and normal people.


Keima's birth was a natural one, he had both a father and a mother. His parents were both researchers in Academy City although both never had any status or importance in the scheme of things. However, at the age of four Keima's parents perished in a traffic accident. With no close relatives he was put in an orphanage and as there was no one to care for him, the powers that be quietly moved Keima to a Power Curriculum plan with several other children in order to create a special group for the Dark Side. At the age of five Keima became a Child Error and quickly displayed his Esper power. He was trained in his power, taught how to handle fire arms and of the nature of the world.

Growing in a lab was not a nice experience and the nature of the experiments as well weren't very pleasant. Still Keima managed to live in the underworld of the Science World along side several other children, in particular Keima grew attached to a younger girl named Hikari and the two Child Errors developed a big brother and little sister relationship. Hikari befitting her name was the light of the group of orphans and despite being the only level zero in the group while the others ranked higher. Hikari's disposal was an obvious eventuality for all even to the young Child Errors, so they proposed a bargain. “We'll give everything to you but let Hikari back into the world” the researchers complied and moved Hikari back into the “light” while the others remained in the “Darkness” By the time Keima was twelve of the ten children only four remained. The rest had either not survived the experimentation or had found salvation and freedom. Keima's first job involved the removal of a group of Skill Outs who were interfering with the execution of another experiments.

The elimination of the level zero's was quick. However, things did not go as expected and one level zero escaped by bike and Keima was forced to pursue. The chance went out of control and exposed the situation and it ended with the Skill Out crashing into a bus, by mere misfortune among the victims of the crash was Hikari herself. Keima was arrested, the project came close to be exposed and was therefore canceled. Keima was sent to a detention facility. However, his trail and imprisonment was never to be. Seeing him as a valuable addition to its school program the  Nagatenjouki Academy board interceded and freed him. Keima was put in the care of Takashi Kouya an Anti-Skill officer. However, Keima's links with the dark side did not end. He was black mailed into jobs by his own academy and even came to realize that his own caretaker was tied to the dark side. Keima continued his growth in Nagatenjouki, part timing between a "normal" albeit sad school life and mercenary work for various factions and groups that hired him. The only thing that gave him some piece from his life and from the remorse of being the one that took the light from Hikari was finding solace in playing music.

RANK: N/A (Grunt for DoD)


Echo Over: The ability of Keima falls under the category of sonokinesis. Essentially Keima is capable of manipulating sound waves, frequencies, pitch, tones and direction of sound. It is a highly versatile power with many possible applications. At his level Keima is capable of amplifying noises, changing its direction, muting sounds, manipulating sound vibrations and in general being capable of manipulating it within four meters of him. Keima can increase the loudness or strength of a sound by sixty times and decreasing it to a 1/85th of its original value, he can for example make the sound of a firecracker exploding having the same strength a tank round would have or silence a gun by muffling its sound. He is also capable of mimicking sounds with a 84% of accuracy. Mostly what Keima can do offensively is too stun people with a sufficiently powerful sound.

However with proper equipment Keima can overcome several limitations that his body places on his power. With his equipment he becomes able to hear sub sonic and ultra sonic sounds that a human wouldn't normally be able to hear, this can allow for greater versatility in his power. He can fine tune  sounds to affect the sense of balance or vowel movements as well as produce sound hallucinations. Keima also becomes able to use a sonar like sense to read his surroundings via sound. He can decipher radio frequencies and even act as a short range radio With a sufficiently powerful sound source Keima is capable of producing actual shock waves and sonic booms to cause physical destruction.



Or rather known as the Hearing Headpiece Enhancement Device. Its a device created to augment and overcome some of the limitations Keima has over his power, such as lacking the ability to process sounds and frequencies the human ear is unable to process. The H.H.E.D takes the appearance of a bulky headphones. It essentially allows Keima to obtain the equivalent hearings to process higher end and lower end frequencies to become enable to manipulate them. With the H.H.E.D Keima can use a echo-sonar ability, produce and alter radio signals as well as have a greater range of sounds to work with. It has a battery life of eight minutes.  The H.H.E.D Also allows him to record sounds.


Portable Long Range Acoustic Gun is a dark side invention made especially for Keima. It is a sonic weapon designed to produce focused beams of sounds. It has a small effective range of twenty meters. Its normal functions can produce a 'soundless' sound that induces powerful headaches, nausea and within ten meters it becomes capable of rupturing eardrums, staying inside the beam can be quite painful. However, with his power Keima can produce actual shock-waves similar in strength to a moderate concussion. The weapon has battery clips that roughly last five minutes each.

Firearm training

Keima has learned how to operate guns, he can be called better than an amateur but a far cry from a professional. Keima can use pistols, submachine guns and machine guns an at equal level. He dislikes shotguns but can handle them and has a basic training in the use of snipers. Knows how to handle grenades.


RATING: M for Mature
FACE CLAIM: Original Art

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Naoki Keima
Naoki Keima
Level 3 Echo Over

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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty Re: [Esper] Keima Naoki

Post  Naoki Keima Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:00 am






Purposely Keima allowed his steps to sound stronger as he walked down the corridor adding an ominous feeling to the dark corridor. He yawned then hissed in an annoyed manner, as several clicks of weapons being loaded could be heard.

“There is still a few left... what a drag” He whispers, adjusting his earphones and swapping the clip of his Uzi for a newer one. He closed his eyes for a second as he stopped his slow ominous walk and listened.

“Just around the corner... six meters... three heartbeats...” He states to no one in particular. Although technically the range of his power didn't go beyond four meters, he could still listen well beyond his actual range. Sound did move around and while he could only interact with it within four meters he could increase the volume of sounds that got within his range. That allowed him to perceive sounds beyond his normal range.

“Good thing I still have one more cool liner” the fifteen year old teenager says, his tone almost sounding bored and nonchalant as he resumed his walk down the dark corridor, then he gently pressed himself against the wall. It was dark, dark enough that without nightvision goggles it would be hard to see beyond three meters. He stomped the ground twice and “copied” the sound and began to reproduce it, each time it was to sound closer toward his hidden assailants.

They opened fire...

The steps continued and so they continued firing...

“Heh, this feels like a B rated horror movie”

“Hmm thats a good one, eight points? Yeah eight points I'll save it for later” He thinks quietly, rating his own one liners.

Using the cover of darkness he moves silently by having his footsteps sound in a different location, causing his target to fire instead at that location. He presses himself up against a pillar that on the other side is one of Skill Outs is taking cover. Keima smirks, and with his free hand pulls out a curious pistol with a wide barrel.

"I am feeling evil today... guess I'll make you suffer for a while... trash"

He peeks with the gun and pulls the trigger. No sound is heard other than the poor level zero falling to the ground, twitching and rolling in pain as he is assaulted by an invisible force. His ears bleeding and the paining numbing his throat and lungs so he could not scream, just gasp.

"I'll give you the time of your lives pieces of trash..." He smiles wickedly.

Naoki Keima
Naoki Keima
Level 3 Echo Over

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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty Re: [Esper] Keima Naoki

Post  Guy Li Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:15 pm

I can't see any major problems with the profile as a whole. As far as his ability goes I'm thinking as he's written up he's somewhere between level 2 or 3. I'm thinking that an ability like his could be more interesting as a level 3, since it seems his offensive capabilities are largely limited to stunning or disabling enemies but his 'support' abilities like sonar etc are probably powerful enough to warrant the higher level. 

The ability to use 'sufficiently powerful sound' to cause serious damage also works well as a relatively rare occurrence, requiring something unusually loud to use rather than a regular technique in his arsenal.

In that vein I think the P.I.R.A.G. would work better as a close range support device by reducing its range a little more and making the damage fairly low. More in the range of causing extreme pain or medium concussive damage (equivalent to a heavy punch).
Guy Li
Guy Li
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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty Re: [Esper] Keima Naoki

Post  Naoki Keima Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:15 am

Alright took the liberty and made him a Level 3 if that is fine with you.

Edited the P.I.R.A.G. to lower range and punch people haha. Can't find songs for his theme, so I'll add them later ):
Naoki Keima
Naoki Keima
Level 3 Echo Over

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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty Re: [Esper] Keima Naoki

Post  Guy Li Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:35 pm

Guy Li
Guy Li
A Certain Mysterious Teacher

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[Esper] Keima Naoki Empty Re: [Esper] Keima Naoki

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