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[Esper] Damion Koyoko

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[Esper] Damion Koyoko Empty [Esper] Damion Koyoko

Post  Damion Koyoko Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:23 am

Damion Koyoko

Level 2 Aero Hand (Aerokinesis)

[Esper] Damion Koyoko 11ig7rl

"Look here, brat. I have a whole list of problems, so do me a favor and leave me alone so I don't have to add you to that list."

FULL NAME: Damion Koyoko
OTHER ALIAS: John Smith,
OCCUPATION: Unemployed
SCHOOL: Dropout
FACTION: Civilian

APPEARANCE: Damion has longish grey hair, and dim blue eyes. He his light skin and always seems to have a blank or annoyed expression on himself. Usually wears a black coat or a brown jacket depending on the weather, white collared shirt, grey jeans, white sneakers with turquoise decals. He wears a chained necklace with a tiny dagger dangling at the end of it, of course, not actually being real.
HEIGHT: 5'10
WEIGHT:  151lbs

Does seem to travel with anyone other than himself. He keeps his interactions and relationships with other as minimal as he possibly can.
In relation with being distant, he would act harshly toward others in order to push them away, such as ignoring, threatening them with a ominous tone, and at times, actually take action.
Closet Conscience
Although he might seem like a bad guy, he does have a conscious in which he hides when possible. However, if something bad enough were to happen, he would at least turn his attention toward it, whether it would be a glance or actually getting involved.
Lack of showing emotion
He likes to hide his emotions as much as possible, believing showing emotions is a sign of weakness in which could be used against him in the future. The most emotion you would see is annoyance, agitation and curiosity.
Whether or not characters agree, anyone who does get close to him, would experience little jokes and teases he would nonchalantly put off just to aggravate them for his own humor and entertainment. Of course the most you could get out of him is a smug, clueless grin in which he would try to hide.

Sleeping in. Black Tea. Fast food. Cooking. Rainy weather. A double bed all to himself. Various Musical types (Anything to block out noise). Late night walks. Cold temperatures.
Working. Summer and Spring seasons. Holidays. Nosy Kids. Crowds. Early wake up calls. His phone. Most sweets. Random idiotic thugs. Talkative people.
Know's how to take care of himself. Pays attention. Concentration is well enhanced. Tends not to waste time. Possibly able to aid others if it was somewhat life threatening.
Antisocial. Seen as a delinquent at times. Doesn't work well with others. Has no intention to learn anything unless it directly effects his life. At times, not honest with himself.

HISTORY:  Damion was originally born in the Akida, Japan, on the 21st of February. He never really got along with others since his parents always worked and hardly ever taught him out to interact with others, building a shyness. He'd get a 3.5 GPA in his classes, but never really going any higher than that. When his parents worked, he mainly lived at his Uncle's place who, sadly, didn't know much about raising kids and mostly allowed him to do anything he wanted. His mom worked as a genetic engineer in some facility out of country and in the USA, while his father did robotics and programming in none other than academy city. In fact he's part of the dev-team who made the new security bots everyone sees cleaning and patrolling the streets.

However, Damion's father was a prideful man. He loved the idea of making a name of himself and the family, so instead of having Damion simply go through education, he managed to persuade his mother after debating for a couple weeks to move Damion to Academy City and admit him on the Power Curriculum program, which practically forced him to be living there, then and onward. When he was moved, he was put under the Power Curriculum Program, a version for younger toddlers at first, before moving onto a more intense and matured one, transferring to a Certain High school. He found it very uncomfortable to be examined and tested by strangers, putting strange equipment on his body, but he couldn't help it. By the time Damion entered his first year into the Academy, he was made into a level one Esper in Aerokinesis. His father would go on about how wonderful Damion would be, bringing even more pride to the family. That is, if he earned higher levels and became more famous such as the small number of Level 5's.

However, as he go to high school, more matured and more thoughtful about himself, he lacked motivation in education. He did have Esper powers so why not make a career out of that? By his second year, he dropped out purposely. However, he did not run this by his father who was furious with him and would try to send him back, but Damion simply refused, almost threatening him with his Esper abilities. Damion was forced to move out, and when his Mother got the word, a divorce was filed. Sadly, Damion couldn't go to the US, since his mother did not have room for him, and it do to certain circumstances involving his involvement with the Power Curriculum program, he wasn't actually able to leave. His mother would tell him to just stay there until things were sorted out, not that it ever will, but it's been a year since then. On top of helpful finances sent by his mother monthly, he would get a job at a Ramen stand to help pay the rent and time to time was able to by luxury goods. He never found his 'Esper job', and refused to work under Judgement and Anti-skill.

RANK: None
Aero hand: Aero hand is the manipulation of gas/air molecules present at the time. He can control the flow of air, density, pressure and temperature. Each of these helping him craft new attacks and defenses he can use whether it is for fighting or a more practical use. However, he's still a bit limited of what he can do, plus he can only use one move at a time with his power and can't multitask as well or he will strain himself. His ability is very flexible when it comes to other wind flows, and can sometimes aid in his favor, but he can't constantly change his flow or he will also hurt himself in some way. Koyoko can only control the air that is roughly 3-4 meter's from here he stands, but it isn't normally a problem since airflow will enter his space no matter how much he uses.

Damion manage to create several power based uses for himself. One of them being called Pressure Shield. Pressure shield compacts the air molecules tightly around him or a selective target, able to dampen enemy attacks, however, that's only in the case if the shield is covering him entirely, the smaller the area, the stronger it is, to the point where he can soften bullet damage. Another ability called Bladed Gust, where similar to his shield idea, having the molecules pressured tightly, but making it very thin and sharp at the end of the air current, and if concentrated effectively, can go through go through wood, very sharp. He has several other Aero hand attacks and uses, but they are relatively common with several others with a similar if not identical ability as his own.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
He knows how to get around fast in most environments, and can quickly escape a situation if given an opportunity. His Aerokinesis can also be used to quicken his escaped if used properly.
Air Displacement Sixth Sense (another use for Aero hand)
If air flow or air molecules are moved rapidly and change radically, Damion can sense it within a 25 meter range. For instance a car speeding by. Of course, he would need to concentrate a bit, so it's not entirely passive.
Damion has had his share of fights, and can easily deal with thugs without using his power much, however his fighting style does not involve doing permanent damage, but exhausting a target as fast as possible.


Annoyed Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUIdaCm5Ooo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Koyoko's Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loLWOCl7nlk

Reaching the end:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wlrl7_q4w0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Sad theme:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqsNNnVjyyA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Important Conflict: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZA5hE7MYqO8

Fighting theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwDo4Mo-CHU

Chase/Escape theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uM4oJdMtzMY

PLAYER'S NAME: Damion Koyoko
RATING: As High as it goes.
FACE CLAIM: Belarus (M) - Hetalia

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Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
Level 2 Aero Hand

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[Esper] Damion Koyoko Empty Re: [Esper] Damion Koyoko

Post  Damion Koyoko Thu Feb 27, 2014 4:56 am

RP Example (Please note I will act fairly when it comes to actual player's characters):

"What a drag..." Damion let out a discontented sigh as he lifted up a rectangular slip of paper. "As always, no tips. Just the usual check." Knowing very well it was his own fault being a bit unfriendly with the customers. His job is simply to help cook everything, nothing said anything about talking to anyone else. Perhaps, however, he went a bit overboard when some of these girls were talking about him in some girlish love struck fashion. In order to avoid any possible relation with them, he labeled himself to having a sister complex, even though he's an only child. He let out a 'tch' and stuffed it away in his coat pocket.

As he was about to go and have a late night walk, not really wanting to return home yet, he found himself taking an abrupt stop as a guy quickly came out of one of the Alleys, looking like he was in an anxious panic. He quickly turned to Damion.

"P-please you got yo help me! I called the ambulance but they wont get here soon enough! My brother is trapped!" The strange young adult pleaded. Damion couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. What could anyone be trapped by in an alleyway? The fire escapes aren't loose or rusted. There is usually just trash and insects. However, Damion decided not to question in it since it seemed dire. He sighed, roughing the back of his head with his hand before turning toward the alley.

"Show me, before I change my mind."

"T-thank you! This way!" He quickly rushed back, always checking behind him to see Damion at a walking pace, glancing around As he felt the alley walls were more narrow then most alleyways in the district, only able to hold two people shoulder to shoulder with  a couple inches to spare. As he turned the corner, he looked in the distance  to see him moving around another corner. As he would approach he found himself in a squared off section, expanding several feet in all directions, however there was no one in need of help, but there was a group of five sneering thugs, ominous grins showing as they approached slowly.

"...How bothersome." He muttered squinting his eyes slightly in distaste.

"Now now, money boy. Just give us all you got, and we can all go home with smiles on our faces, ah?" One of the slimmer fellas chimed casually, taking out a switch blade and shining the blade with what little sunlight there was. Damion didn't know what part of him gave the impression that he was wealthy but he didn't care at the moment. He just sighed.

"Look, I don't want to hospitalized five more morons who don't know their place. I'll be going now. Cheeers~." He replied in a monotone voice, turning around an gave a lazy wave off. One of the delinquents growled and spat out a threat as he grabbed at his arm. Damion eyes seemed to snap to a more serious alertness as he returned the grip, grasping at his forearm and yanking himself toward him, giving a hard jab to his abdomen. The thug gasp, spitting saliva from the impact and losing air in his lungs as he saw Damion twist around, letting go of his arm and sending the back or his knuckles into his temple, knocking him into a couple of trash cans, incapacitated. "Woops..." He looked over, a lot of the trash had spilled.

"Congrats, you got me angry enough to use 40% own you guys." Damion glared at all of them, waving his hand up and down from hitting the last thugs skull.

"Teme...! I'll kill you!" The scrawny thug with the knife charged right at him, attempting to slice at his chest. Damion quickly leaped back, his coat and jeans lightly flapping as he quickly concentrated on the air around him as the scrawny guy went for a stab. As the knife approached his torso, the knife suddenly stopped and the whisper of air is heard coming from the very tip of the knife that had failed to hit it's target. "Nani?!" He looked down confused and horrified. Damion couldn't help but smile on the inside as he was able to increase the pressure around him like a bubble, the tightly packed molecules acting like a shield. He quickly depressurized his shield, a harsh wind launching the scrawny thug into a hard concrete wall, his knife blade breaking in two upon release. The man struggled to get up and collapsed, striking fear on the youngest looking in the group.

"H-he's an Esper?! Nonono! I don't wanna do this anymore! I don't want to die!" He cried as he hurriedly went back down the alley, breathing in heavy anxiety. Damion watched him go as he turned to the remaining conscious two. Both of them looking more angry than fearful.

"Damn coward!...I guess I'll just have to fry you and scavenge whatevers left!" The red haired thug grinned, igniting a ball of flame in his hands and throwing two of them directly at him. Caught off guard, he quickly tried to bring back his shield, however the first projectiles flames ate up the air molecules used to form it. The second one broke through and Damion quickly shielded himself with his arms, compiling as much oxygen as he could to make a mini barrier in those split seconds. The fire ball explodes against the barrier, however it launched him into backwards skidding against the hard floor, causing scrapes and bruises.  He'd grunt and gasp in pain as he would hit the back wall with his current launch back velocity.

Damion got up slowly, spitting out some blood from his mouth, tasting the iron on his tongue from his gums getting cut. He glared up at the Esper as he laughed menacingly, as he created another fireball in his hand. "I don't like surprises..." Damion growled as he stood up, feeling his body sting from all the scrapes.

"Hahahaha! You still have that uptight attitude of yours, eh?" He smiled wickedly but it soon turn into a raging expression. "Don't look down on me, Urrrraaaaa!" He cried out as he pulled his arm back, but just as he started thrusting it forward, Damion quickly put his hand up and caused the surrounding oxygen of the flame collapse right into the core of the fireball, causing a decently sized explosion, rending the Esper into a dazed state, his clothes completely burned  and some exposed skin slightly darkened or red. Damion thrusted his hand upward, a hard movement of air sending the Esper upward by at least 12 ft. He then thrusted his hand down, plummeting him back to the ground in a tremendous slam. Dust and debris kicks up and Damion scans around slightly alarmed.

"There was one other guy."

As the smoke began to clear, Damion sensed a drastic change in the wind current, through the smoke and quickly threw his hand upward, sending a gush of wind in that direction. The gush started to pressurize into a sharp blade like curve, cutting through the dust exposing the last thug, who was holding a Glock-7.

"Shimat-" Damion was about to curse but the thug already fired a two rounds off. One miraculously hit right at the edge of the bladed wind, the two pieces of led hitting the wall behind Damion, as the current approached the end of the gun, cutting it in half and causing a mini explosion right in his hand, causing him to cry out in agony. The second round however manage to go right for its target, nailing Damion in the shoulder. "Gyyaaaaack!" He cried out he took three steps backwards, grasping at his shoulder shoulder as blood gushed out. He gritted his teeth as he breathed heavily, taking a quick glance up to see the thug had taken off, but left a couple fingers behind, if they even looked like fingers anymore.

"Chikusho..." He cursed again, feeling some sweat coming on as he stepped over an unconscious thug and pulled out his phone, Dialing the emergency number. "...yes, I've been...ghhhh hurt pretty bad...thugs jumped me in an alley at District 15...I could use an ambulance..." He glanced over at all the unconscious thugs. "Two got away, the rest are unconscious, just track my phone and hurry the hell up!" He let out some anger at the end of the call, ending it abruptly. "How can no one hear all the ruckus and not bother checking?...worthless trash." He glanced back toward the unconscious thugs and drew in a breath. "All of you should consider yourselves lucky. If I took this more seriously there would be nothing for Antiskill to take care of." He growled, gripping at his shoulder tightly. He walked back down the alley, beginning retracing his steps as his coat darkened slightly around his wound from blood draining out. "Where's frog face when you need him..."
Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
Level 2 Aero Hand

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[Esper] Damion Koyoko Empty Re: [Esper] Damion Koyoko

Post  Aleister Crowley Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:59 am

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

I don't see any problems. One might question his ability developing at such an early age, but that's something that I feel can be overlooked as a minor detail. Having his parent/s work as researchers in the city may lead to some interesting developments.

I've got no real issue, but I have to ask why everyone seems to enjoy making 'emotionless' characters. By definition it sort of removes a lot of their personality and only makes it more difficult to interact with other characters. (also, I think the word you're looking for is 'conscience' in the 'closet conscious' portion.)

His ability is fine, though I'm wary of the potential for 'invisible/instant takedowns' that are inherent with abilities like control over air (suffocating an enemy from a distance etc). As long as we can agree to keep his ability usage away from those sorts of powers then we should be fine.

I'd also suggest downgrading his shield's ability to defend against 'any form of matter'. Air molecules are quite sparse so condensing them down enough to create a solid object is going to reduce their volume significantly. I'd suggest balancing his shield by forcing him to sacrifice either the size or strength of the shield. E.g. a very strong barrier with a small surface area (maybe around a foot in diameter) or a more fragile one (broken after a couple of punches perhaps?) that can cover his entire body.

If the above were done I'd say he'd be a good Level 2.

Other abilities:
Again, not a requirement but just an aside, what's the deal with every character being proficient in hand to hand combat? Pretty much all the Espers (and a majority of Magicians as well) bar a select few are shown to rely heavily on their abilities over unarmed fighting. And who can blame them? If I could shoot bolts of lightning or abuse the fundamental laws of reality to tear people apart I wouldn't bother getting in fist fights! Anyway, not a major thing just a pet peeve of mine.

On the condition that you balance his ability as mentioned I'll approve this profile.


EDIT: Also, and this is really just a flavour thing, but his ability name should be something more Engrishy than simple 'Aerokinesis'. In fact I recall that abilities like his were labelled 'Aero Hand'.
Aleister Crowley
Aleister Crowley
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[Esper] Damion Koyoko Empty Re: [Esper] Damion Koyoko

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