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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Empty [Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

Post  Fuyuki Chisa Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:10 pm

Fuyuki Chisa

Electromaster Level 3

[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Yu

"My, My... Excuse me, but don't you know who's standing right in front of you? … What?! NO! IT'S NOT THE 'DWARF OF TOKIWADAI'!"

FULL NAME: Fuyyuki Chisa
OTHER ALIAS: “Dwarf of Tokiwadai”
CURRENT AGE: 14 years
GENDER: Female
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School
FACTION: Judgemen/177th branch

APPEARANCE: Chisa is a middle-schooler, but obviously smaller than average-sized girls in her age.  She is jokingly called “The dwarf of Tokiwadai” as she is possibly the smallest girl in her school. Her hair is blond and tied together to two, long pigtails most of the time. Her eyes are golden. She always wears her school-uniform and looks rather delicate and petite.

HEIGHT: 142 cm
WEIGHT:  34 Kg


The Ojou
Chisa often acts like a typical “Ojou”. Trying to be to be considered as a proper, young lady, she talks pretty politely and gentle most of the time. Thus, she can come off as quite friendly and well-mannered at the beginning. However, her true self is quite different...

Ill-tempered dwarf
Actually she has a rather bad temper and a somewhat snappish personality. She is headstrong, bossy and sometimes just outright obnoxious. She is known for her feisty demeanor. Chisa is also pretty sharp-tongued and sarcastic at times.

Caring Onee-san
Although she can be pretty harsh, she actually cares for the good of other people. She doesn't turn down people in distress, showing a great amount of courage and solicitude. She is loyal and always tries to be helpful towards the people close to her. If one gets to know her, she sometimes lets her guard down and shows a rather warm and friendly side.

Mean but honest
Chisa tends to always speak her mind. She is quick to point out the mistakes and flaws of others and doesn't seem to care whether she irritates the people around her.

+ Spending money
+ Fancy restaurants and shops
+ Trying out new hobbies
+ Going on walks
+ Ice cream
+ Konyak Jelly
+ Video games
+ Shounen Manga
+ Dogs
+ Sitting on Gou-sans shoulders

- Injustice
- Being mocked because of her height
- Spicy curry
- Orange Juice
- High places
- Dirty places
- Fast Food

+ Bravery
+ “Puppy eyes”-look
+ Snarky comments
+ Nimble and swift
+ Judgement-Training
+ Loyalty

- Spoiled
- Mischievous and irritating
- Crude
- Short-tempered
- Prideful
- Stubborn

HISTORY: Chisa was born into a wealthy, rich family and had a sheltered childhood. A little bit too “sheltered” maybe: She used to get everything she wanted, so Chisa developed into a rather spoiled and greedy child. However, she also felt lonely most of the time: Her parents were rarely at home and busy with their company. She was left with an uptight nanny.

Eventually, she decided to participate in the Power Curriculum Program to develop powers. (Mainly to boast about it...) She entered an elementary school in Academy City. Chisa obtained the power to manipulate electricity; The girl started off as a Level 1.

One time, as elementary-schooler, she witnessed a crime on an other girl. She wanted to help her, but she was quickly beaten up by the thugs, because of her lack in actual combat and her low-level power back then. Because she wanted to help people and not be defenseless any more, she decided to join Judgement. She received special training and was also able to shift her ability through the Power Curriculum. She became a member of the 177th branch, where she met Furuhasi Gou, her partner (and friend... she wouldn't admit that, though.)

She entered Tokiwadai after she graduated from elementary school.


Electromaster: Her ability is known as “Electromaster”. Chisa is able to  generate and use Electricity up to 100000 Volts and can sense, detect and manipulate electromagnetic fields and other electrical phenomena. However, she isn't able to see magnetic field lines and electron beams with her eyes, unlike the “Railgun” Misaka Mikoto.

She can emit electromagnetic waves and sense them, allowing her to locate objects, hindrances and electronic gear without her sight. This makes her to a “living radar”. She has to concentrate to locate certain objects, though. She needs 3 seconds to pick up the wave length she needs to. Her radar sense is limited to a radius of 65 meters.


Judgement training
After joining Judgement, Chisa had to underwent special training. This included hand-to-hand-combat, dealing with criminals and usual office work.  

CHARACTER THEME: – (I'm going to add some themes later.)

RATING: M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
FACE CLAIM: Suzu Hagimura – Seitokai Yakuindomo

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Fuyuki Chisa
Fuyuki Chisa
Level 3 Electromaster

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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Empty Re: [Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

Post  Fuyuki Chisa Thu Apr 17, 2014 3:14 pm


“Back off! Or I have to hit ya'!” a scream from a dead-end in district 7. A male voice, threatening. The sound of slow steps echoed in the small passage. It was evening.

“Arara~ I can't just 'back off', I'm afraid! Beating up other students and shop-lifting are still crimes, you know, Onii-san~?” answered the other voice. It sounded rather feminine and high, but also had a sharp undertone.

The boy, who squeezed his whole body against the wall behind him, clenched his teeth. Then, when the small silhouette with the feminine voice stepped into the light of the weak street lamp, he saw her: A little girl, wearing a Tokiwadai-Uniform. Blond hair, big eyes...

He wanted to laugh, because she seemed so innocent and harmless... But then he remembered something; Tokiwadai Middle School... This fancy school, were a certain ability level was required? He stared in her face. The little girl grinned impish.

“Yamasaku Takeru-san... You're arrested for physical injury and thievery. Please refrain from further...-” She couldn't end her sentence and the older boy started to rise from the ground with a big grin on his face. “Levitation?!” Chisa looked surprised, as the boy floated over the wall and disappeared in the passage on the other side.

The blond girl sighted and flipped her pigtail. “My... That's unfortunate.... Well, whatever. Let's get this done.” She said to herself, raised her hand, where she started to release sparkles with a crackling sound...

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Fuyuki Chisa
Fuyuki Chisa
Level 3 Electromaster

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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Empty Re: [Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

Post  [Old] Index Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:16 am

There isn't much to question since everything seems to be in order but I do have some suggestions I'd like you to consider.

After reading I got the impression that Chisa isn't someone who is fit to be a field agent. She has abilities that might on hindsight could be useful but in frontlines I can't see it being as practical enough to put her on the field with Kuroko and Gou.

She also gives off the vibes that she would be better utilized as Gou's Operator like Uiharu's role with providing information to Kuroko where and when it's needed. Yes you did mention that she's received some self defense training as part of Judgment but Uiharu went through with it too albeit barely passing.

Sides, as a Ojou type of character I can't picture herself getting her own hands dirty when she already has access to a capable grunt she can order to do her job for her in the form of Gou.


My suggestion, if it's not too intrusive, is to consider putting her into the Operator ranks within Judgment so that she can partner up with Gou and work together in 177th branch.

As for her ability...

I can't see how that works. Protective layer of dust should be about as effective as a pocket of air when trying to defend yourself against a flying bullet. Floating particles in air would be a gaseous element, last I checked iron sand doesn't float. If you got the inspiration for that from Misaka Mikoto's manipulation of iron sand then I think it'd be better to stick with what's already canon, Electromastery. If not as Academy City would see it as a relatively impractical ability I would grade it as a Lv1 Ability.

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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Empty Re: [Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

Post  Fuyuki Chisa Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:18 am

Regarding the “ojou type”: She is just a “ojou” on the outside, but it isn't her whole, real self. I think, she is a bit like Kuroko, Misaka or Kongou with some patterns of that archetype, but still someone, who likes to take action. (To be honest: I don't think a rank as operator would fit with her personality at all.)

I like the idea of her being a Electromaster, though. I see your point about her ability, so I changed it to “upgrade” her to a field worker.
Fuyuki Chisa
Fuyuki Chisa
Level 3 Electromaster

Posts : 18
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[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Empty Re: [Esper] Fuyuki Chisa

Post  [Old] Index Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:37 am

[Esper] Fuyuki Chisa Approved_zps72d2138d


Lv3 Electromaster
You are slightly stronger and refined than the Misaka Clones but still far weaker when compared next to a Misaka Worst. This should give you enough room to develop her as a frontline field agent utilizing not only her Esper abilities but also engaging in melee where it's needed.
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