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[Esper] Ishida Gina

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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Sun Aug 03, 2014 12:42 am

Ishida Gina

Level 4 Graviton

[Esper] Ishida Gina W7ogfl

"You all speak as if breaking the rules will put you above them... like if you were passing a glass ceiling. Unfortunately, that will not happen as long as I am around! I will make sure that the Light will continue to shine upon Academy City, and you will all bow down before it! That... is your sole purpose!"

FULL NAME: Ishida Gina
OTHER ALIAS: The Graviton, The Silver Queen
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Third Year Student
SCHOOL: Nagatenjouki Academy


Gina appears as a teenage girl with magenta irises and long flowing white hair that reaches all the way past her waist, her fringe cut bangs hanging down her forehead. Her hair appears as silver if it is under lighting. She also has quite a large bust size. Gina wears a pink headband. Most commonly, she wears her Nagatenjouki Academy uniform, consisting of a white dress t-shirt with a dark blue vest and a white sailor-styled collar over it, a dark blue skirt, white panties underneath, a black ribbon tied around her collar with white stripes across the ribbon, dark blue thigh-length socks and small brown leather shoes with small heels. Her Nagatenjouki badge is worn on the front of her sailor-styled collar on the very right bottom corner right above her right breast.

HEIGHT: 5'6.5" or 169 cm
WEIGHT: 54 kg or 120 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: White hair that appears as silver under lighting


As part of her quest to become a refined lady, Gina has shown excessive pride in herself as an upper-class woman, nearly to the point of royalty, as well as a dutiful citizen of Academy City.

As part of her elegant nature, Gina has shown to be polite to friends, rivals and enemies alike.

Once she sets her mind to it, Gina is determined to accomplish whatever goal or task she has set out to do.

In the direst of situations, Gina would admit her own naivety, inexperience and ignorance, and would use that as her determination to overcome those weaknesses through personal learning and asking her seniors for guidance.

Gina has shown to be making a lot of jokes and displaying erotic fetishism in the most of situations.

Despite her intelligence and perceptiveness, Gina is quite oblivious to the things that revolve around her, especially people setting up pranks and harmless traps for her.

Gina is well versed in lying and bluffing. She has learned it from a certain someone within her year at the academy.

Gina is quite curious about many things in life, and would not hesitate to spend some of her time learning these subjects, even if it requires her to go out of the way of her daily life.

Gina has a firm, almost twisted sense of justice, upholding the Light Side of Academy City with the belief that all espers are to contribute to the city to promote peace and unity among one another.

To ensure everything is going her way, Gina has shown to be quite a demanding and dominating person, expecting the best out of everyone so that what she wanted to happen will happen.

When she finds herself alone, Gina reverts to her depressive mood, crying while staring at the moon and pitying herself for making artificial relationships.


  • Children/Baby Shows
  • Stage Shows
  • Playing with Children
  • Ramen (Specifically the Broth)
  • Squishing Meat Buns
  • Playing the Piano
  • Practicing Ballet
  • History
  • Astronomy
  • Stargazing


  • Snakes
  • Being Alone
  • Being Betrayed
  • Getting her appearance ruined (especially her hair)
  • Having her spotlight being taken away from her
  • Things not going her way
  • Delinquents
  • People involved with the Dark Side of Academy City


  • Feigning apathy/putting up a very good poker face
  • Perceiving lies, whether simple or complex
  • Intelligent in various subjects, especially history and astronomy
  • Knowledgeable about Academy City and the world in general
  • Understanding the meaning of life
  • Persuading other people that they have a purpose in life
  • Deceiving other people for a variety of purposes, but usually for entertainment purposes
  • Playing the Piano
  • Singing


  • Hand-to-hand Combat
  • Lack of Endurance and Stamina
  • Overestimating her opponents and foes, especially delinquent-type people
  • Inability to cope with the loss of her own popularity
  • Easily susceptible to pranks and harmless traps intended for her
  • Lack of self-control when severely provoked
  • Lack of self-esteem; always trying to satisfy herself in anyway possible
  • A twisted sense of justice and a twisted outlook of the Light Side of Academy City clouding her judgment


Ishida Gina was born in central Tokyo. She did not know who her parents were. She was only informed they had passed away shortly after she was born for reasons unknown to her when she was old enough to understand; she always assumed it was a secret kept away from her. Back then, Gina was adopted by the Ishida family a day after her parents' passing. They raised the girl with the greatest love and care, which would affect Gina later on in her life in terms of showing how appreciative she was to her adoptive parents. It gave her a positive outlook on life, full of meaning and purpose as she was not abandoned from the very beginning. She knew that even if everything is stripped away from her, there is still a chance to be given something, where she would then develop a meaning or purpose out of that something. When she was old enough to enroll into school, her adoptive parents sent Gina to Academy City. They had planned for her to receive the best education she could receive from the Academia-based city. They also wanted her to find her latent potential by enrolling her into the Power Curriculum Program. They heard of many great things about the program and how espers contributed to the city, and they would have no greater honor than having their daughter grow up into a fine lady with the assistance of the best research institutions and education system. Excited at the prospect of becoming an esper, Gina wholeheartedly agree to study at Academy City.

The researchers and experimenters of the Power Curriculum Program started to analyze her brain when she was admitted into the program. They performed various procedures to unlock Gina's Personal Reality, and have performed literally everything they have in their curriculum. Then, after another experiment where the staff did not have a lot of expectations, they realized what happened: a phenomenon that shocked everyone in the building. Everything around Gina was induced with a heavy gravitational field. The researchers and experimenters were forced onto their knees, then soon onto all fours, and finally when they couldn't take it anymore, they were forced to bow their heads to the silver-haired girl.

Gina herself was aware of what was happening, and she was shocked beyond belief. What was happening to her? Is this her esper ability? Seeing everything around her forced onto the ground, especially the people unintentionally bowing down to her. It made her excited. It brought up a side of her that wanted control and dominance... As if they were all her slaves and servants! She wasn't able to control it, but she didn't care. She could let it go on and on, and she would like every second of it, her face making such a crazed expression, eyes widened and mouth watering. Suddenly, the girl coughed out a chunk of blood, and the gravity field immediately stopped. She coughed in a fit as some of the researchers and experimenters went up to check on her, the others still astonished on the spot. Using her hand to cover her mouth, Gina then looked at her blood-stained trembling hands, and her eyes widened. Her lips turned into a wicked smile. She had an epiphany to uphold what's good in Academy City and destroy what's evil. She had the power to contribute to the city and control the people with an iron fist if she wanted to.

Many years afterwards well into her teenage life, Gina had rented out a small apartment for herself, isolating herself from the world as a recluse. She wanted to live a simple life, despite all the money she was receiving from the researches and experiments she was involved in. To maintain that income, all she had to do is continue to subject herself to these research and experiments. The researchers and experimenters by now know the nature of Gina's esper ability. They dubbed it 'The Graviton', the power to manipulate gravity. Currently, they are studying how her powers interact with the Earth's gravitational field, as well as her own AIM dispersion field that has yet to be fully understood in relation to her esper ability.

As for herself, Gina enrolled into the prestigious Nagatenjouki Academy. She remembered her adoptive parents every single day, and she wanted to honor them. She developed a refined nature, upholding the appearance of herself so that she is viewed favorably by the public and would become a good role model to all those admiring her. At Nagatenjouki, she became famous for her silver hair and her elegant nature, being dubbed the Silver Queen. Students within the academy were coming to her to befriend the girl, and Gina was able to gather followers for her own personal social group, just for the sole purpose of not being alone. She wanted to have friends, and she wanted to have fun with them, even if they just wanted to be with her because of her reputation and popularity.

But overshrouding that, Gina was even more famous within Nagatenjouki for her unique esper ability, the Graviton, and how there were rumors that she was a vigilante, upholding dominance and control over the delinquents she comes across. It was her secret in doing her hidden agenda. She was targeting delinquents, wanting to force them to reform and make themselves useful to Academy City with their esper abilities, even if they are level 0s. And if they resist, she would merely make them bow down: not only to her, but also to the "Light of Academy City". Eventually, she would want to combat the members of Skill-Out, then the people that are aligned with the Dark Side. But for now, delinquents would do just fine for her. She would be the vigilante of the Light, fighting in the night, and bidding her time until it was her time to fight the darkness lurking within this city.

GRAVITON: 重力破裂 - "Jūryoku Haretsu"; lit. Gravitational Burst

Graviton is the name given to the esper ability of Ishida Gina. An active ability that requires Gina to consciously use as well as specific limb positions to produce different applications, it is a power that manipulates the gravity of the Earth and even around the user. Because of the ability extending to the influence of her AIM dispersion field, people around Gina would notice that the gravity is a bit heavier, but not heavy enough that it would impair any movements they would make around the girl.

Gina can use her Graviton ability to attract or repel everything around her current position in a 360 degree surrounding. Gina can attract everything around her and pull them all towards her location by crossing her arms while outstretched. She can narrow down what she wants to attract by using a hand or feet and directing it in the direction she wants to affect. She has enough control to accurately pull what she wants to pull with her limb, such as an object on a table rather than a person who is sitting by that table. On the other hand, Gina can repel everything around her current location by outstretching her arms in opposite directions. Like with the use of attraction, Gina can use her hand or feet and direct it towards an area she wants to affect. By using two limbs in the same direction, the repulsive force will be doubled so that the affected objects will be repelled a further distance away than if she would have done it with only one hand. Whether it is attracting or repelling, the maximum range Gina can affect in an area is 16 meters, increasing to 40 meters with limb-direction applications. For limb-direction applications, those at 40 meters would barely feel any push or pull on their body. Meanwhile, those 1 meter away from Gina would suffer the strongest repelling or attracting force. For area of effect applications, the strength is consistent within the entire affected area. These applications of Graviton uses her own AIM dispersion field as the focal point.

Gina can also use her Graviton ability to increase or decrease the gravity around her. For increasing the gravity, which is done by pointing both her outstretched arms towards the ground, her favorite use of this application is forcing people to bow down before her on all fours with their forehead forced onto the ground. When she is decreasing the gravity, which is done by lifting her outstretched arms towards the sky, she can make the gravity zero, where people would float in mid-air should they be displaced within the affected field. Like with the use of Graviton's attracting and repelling force, the maximum range Gina can affect in an area with the increase or decrease of gravity is 16 meters, the strength of which is consistent throughout the entire area, while the range is increased to 40 meters when using limb-direction applications. People at 40 meters away from Gina will notice the gravitational difference, but would suffer the weakest of the effect, making them move very slightly heavier or lighter depending on the use of the ability. Likewise, those 1 meter away from Gina will suffer its strongest effect, either being unable to move from the ground or moving around as if they were in space once displaced. Also, Gina can use her limbs to pinpoint the area of effect to a specific target as small as a 1 meter radius circular area that outputs Graviton's strongest effect. These applications of Graviton uses the Earth's gravity as the basis.

Whenever the area of effect application is used, there is a 1 meter circular radius around Gina that is unaffected by the gravity manipulation. Also, when using either attraction, repulsion, gravitational increase or decrease, only one of the application can be used at a time. Anytime Gina uses one of these four applications, she can only affect one area at a time (with the exception of using more than one limb, where Gina can only affect a maximum of two targets at the same time by using one limb for each target). Using the area of effect application also requires her to remain stationary while retaining a consistent concentration. There are varying intervals between each use of the same application, switching to a different application, and switching between the limb-direction and area of effect applications.


Casual: Drifting Clouds of Solitude - Toshihiko Sahashi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn OST)
In Combat: Hibari Kyoya's Theme - Toshihiko Sahashi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn OST)

PLAYER'S NAME: Ishida Gina

Specific Graviton Ability Limits & Restrictions

Limb-Directed Gravity Application

Maximum Push/Pull Limit: 2000 kg (forces heavy strain to the limb used)
Normal Push/Pull Force: 1000 kg
Maximum Gravity Increase Effect: Can force 1500 kg objects down onto the ground instantly with the smallest affected area that can be possibly made (1 meter circular radius)
Minimum Gravity Increase Effect: Can force 15 kg objects down onto the ground instantly with the largest affected area (40 x 2 rectangular area)
Range: 40 meters (maximum strength at 1 meter away from the user)
Area: Rectangular 40 x 2 area in front of the limb; can target specific objects; can make affected area as small as a circle with a 1 meter radius

Interval (to use the same application):
- 4 seconds (using 1-500 kg of force) with 0.8 cast time
- 8 seconds (using 501-1000 kg of force) with 1.6 second cast time
- 20 seconds (using 1001-1500 kg of force) with 4 second cast time
- 40 seconds (using 1501-2000 kg of force) with 8 second cast time
- to use a different application: 1 second
- to switch to an area of effect version: 5 seconds

Area of Effect Gravity Application

Maximum Push/Pull Limit: 1200 kg (at 800 kg of force: puts heavy strain on the entire body; at 1200 kg of force: can make Gina cough up blood from the massive strain put on the body)
Normal Push/Pull Force: 400 kg
Maximum Gravity Increase Effect: Can force 600 kg objects down onto the ground instantly throughout the entire area (puts heavy strain on the entire body)
Minimum Gravity Increase Effect: Can force 85 kg objects down onto the ground instantly throughout the entire area
Range: 16 meters (with a 1 meter unaffected 'safe zone' from user; actual affected range between 1.1-16 meters or 14.9 meters)

Interval: 1 minute
- to use a different application: 45 seconds
- to switch to a limb-directed version: 15 seconds

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Ishida Gina
Ishida Gina
Level 4 Graviton

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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Sun Aug 03, 2014 8:34 am

Sample Post


Walking down the streets. The heels of her leather shoes clacking against the concrete sidewalk. It was an eerily quiet night.

Much of the stores around the street are starting to close down for the day. Except for one: the convenience store that is always open 24/7. It is a haven to those who are trying to save money. To those who cannot sleep and are looking to buy something to eat or drink. To those who would need a place to hang out at during the night. And even to those who are of royalty and high class. Never once did she consider this place to be serviced to lowlifes. Even an 'oujo-sama' like Ishida Gina herself would go to this place and delight in the riches of what it has to offer.

As the silver-haired girl approached the entrance, the automatic doors slid open to make way for her form. Walking in, she breathed in a new air, feeling the air-conditioned atmosphere running over her delicate skin. Her waving hair drifted within the small winds, as she put up her right index finger against her lips, trying to think of what to buy for tonight.

"Chips, pop, bubble gum~"

Onward she went to look for the items, cheerfully skipping down the aisle, looking around for what she wanted.

"Chips, pop, bubble gum~"

Humming those same three items over and over again, as if it was a segmented part of a song on repeat, she found the large bag of ketchup chips she wanted and snatched it from the shelf, before snatching a large bottle of coke that was conveniently on the other shelf. It was where all the junk food is sorted into after all.

"Oh bubble gum, where are you bubble gum?~"

Walking towards the checkout, where all the candies and chocolate bars were stationed, would surely be the bubble gum too! So she hurriedly rush over, her large breasts wobbling within the confines of her uniform, until she quickly snatched a mint flavored pack from the shelf. Quickly she looked back at the clock. It was 10:22 PM.

"2 minutes, yes! I can still make it in time!"

Hurriedly, she put the items onto the counter. The cashier checked it out efficiently, and Gina quickly gave him a bill that is way over the price of the items. "You can keep the change." She said softly with a simple smile. The cashier was adored by that facial expression, almost as if it was an angel smiling at him. "Y-Yes! Thank you very much!"

Gina was such a polite woman. Everyone loved her at school for her welcoming attitude. They adored her smile. They just simply have an enlightenment hanging out with the Silver Queen. But when she is all alone... Well, she doesn't become depressed just with a switch of a button. In fact, she used to be like that. But she tries to change everyday, and with each passing day, she becomes a bit more unstable... in a good way! So energetic, and so bubbly, she even makes fun of herself sometimes!

After that was done, Gina exited the store with a plastic bag carrying all of her brought items. She looked down at the bag, her lips smiling ever so widely, like she was ready to open a Christmas present. "Now... I should-AHHH!"

The girl stumbled forward, dropping the bag of her goodies, with the items spilling out of its confines. Turning around grumbling, her eyes narrowed when she saw who were in front of her. A couple of older looking teenage boys. One was holding a knife. Quite a sharp one that is.

"Hey missie. I saw you coughing up a pricey bill to the cashier inside. And you didn't even take back the change!" One of the guy said with a cocky grin. "Why don't you give us all your cash and we'll let you off scoot free." The other guy said with an after giggle, thinking that they have this in the bag.

But Gina merely smiled back with her eyes closed. "Poor boys... Are you two lost? And what dirty mouths you have! Perhaps I should put you two in your proper place!" Her eyes slowly opened back to see the reaction she expected from the two foes, taking small but unnoticeable steps back to increase the distance between herself and the boys.

The Silver Queen didn't say much. But that was enough to strike a nerve on both delinquents. "Why you!-" The two started to lunge towards the girl, but Gina immediately put out her right hand in front, and a heavy gravitational field formed on where the boys were standing, immediately crashing them down straight onto the ground. "C-Crap! An e-esper!?"

"You know, I can keep you two there all day. But if you apologize, and promise to never do this again, I'll let you go! However, if I see you two do continue your wicked acts... well, let's say it won't be good for you at all." Gina said with a devilish grin, almost speaking in a condescending manner.

"W-We're sorry! We really are! We promise to never do this again!"

With that said, the gravity field was released. Slowly, the delinquents stood up, terrified at the power she had shown, before they immediately ran away, screaming for their lives. Gina slowly turned to her bag of goods, and started to pick them up and put it back into the bag. "Sheesh... And they didn't bother fixing the mess they have made." She pouted to herself.

After that is done, Gina started to head off straight to her destination, a full moon shining in the sky in front of her. "I'm going to be late to the children's late night show now..." Letting out a deep sigh, she started to run, the bag shaking wildly and making that plastic rustling sound, while her breasts bounced up and down. "Awwwww!~ I'm gonna be so tired after this!!" She complained as she tried to hurry.

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Ishida Gina
Ishida Gina
Level 4 Graviton

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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Furuhashi Gou Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:45 pm

Alright. Since I’m the person Index gave responsibility for evaluating Espers, I’m the one to take care of you.

Before I start my evaluation, though, I need to state that I may not look too deep into minor details for this first eval, simply because I believe that there are things of greater importance for your character as whole.

1. Appearance

It’s not rare for me to comment on that stuff, but this time I consider it important. You’re decribing her school uniform, however what you’ve been describing isn’t the Nagatenjouki Academy uniform. So please change that.

2. Ability&History

Time for the real thing. I usually like to divide those points, however, in this case it’s actually necessary to put them together.

The first thing that came to my mind when I read was the word “Level 5”. Really, I would instantly give its user that level. And that’s the problem. This board does not allow anyone to start as a Level 5, leaving the canon characters as the only exception.
Also I would say its power would go way beyond anything those 7 could perform.

The second thought I had, lead me to comparing it with Imagine Breaker. I don’t really need to explain why, right?
However I’d consider Imagine Breaker as something “weaker”, since there are many limits and rules to it. I mean, it can negate things, yet only up to a certain extent, while only being one part of the user’s body.
That strong resemblance is already a very good reason to deny it, again.

Next my mind went on, thinking about how Academy City would handle her. There aren’t that many options. Number one would be locking her away, so that she would never be able to cause any problems, trying to find a way which would allow them to use her. Second would simply be killing her, for the sake of the big plan. Third would be breaking her mind in an attempt to turn her into an obedient dog, following all the orders of the higher ups, erasing any danger she could cause. If that doesn’t work, then option 2 would happen.
So yeah, her life wouldn’t be bright at all~

So my final thought on her ability is quite simple: I can’t approve of it.
It’s just too strong and too dangerous, while the influence of her ability on the storyline of the RP would be far too big.
Ok, she may not be someone skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but she would be able to easily erase the existence of beings like Kazakiri Hyouka, able to simply neutralise attacks like Meltdowner Beams or Railguns on touch, granting her some kind of ultimate defense.

In the end, it would be the best to find a whole new ability, instead of trying to fix the problems I named. There are other options to dissolve objects after all.
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:39 pm

I edited the appearance and abilities. The rest of the profile will be changed with minor adjustments to reflect the changes made.
Ishida Gina
Ishida Gina
Level 4 Graviton

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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Furuhashi Gou Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:23 am

Back to it.

1. Edits

Upon reading it again, I only realised that you did a few edits, like changing your ability and your character’s appearance text. Of course the rest, like the story, are still the same. Please edit that, to fit your new ability.

2. Ability

That one is much better, I’d say.
But this wouldn’t be an eval, without nerfing.

The problem I can currently see, is the fact that she can simply use her ability 360° around her, without focusing too much etc. She would simply be able to push and pull everything around her while not really caring.
That’s pretty tough, because you cannot predict it or find a proper way of defending against it, as everything is affected. Her safe area doesn’t cut it for me, either.

What I’d prefer, is focusing more on her hands. Like making everything depend on them. Once she gives the signal gravity will happen in the direction she is targeting. It’s fair, it can be predicted and it can be dodged, so it would be playable. Of course you could keep the ability to move while using your power, then.

Next on the nerfing list would be the maxima. I can assume that her maximum force is always the one that would make normal people kneel on the ground before her, right? I’d like examples for that on her other applications of usage, just to see what would pierce through her defenses and what not.
Would it actually be possible to move, once pressured from above?

Another thing. Once you turn gravity to zero it wouldn’t mean that people are levitating. You would need to push them or something, to make them actually levitate. Pushing one away, using the same principle like in your ordinary pushing ability, would be too dangerous, though.
Simply because you are affecting Earth’s gravity in that case, which would send people flying instantly. And that may lead to instantly killing characters, looking at your limits.

Also, is there some kind of time limit? Or will her pushing and pulling continue on for an infinite amount of time until she loses focus?
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
Level 4 Tremor Touch

Posts : 130
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Age : 26


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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Mon Aug 04, 2014 9:20 pm

I already edited everything in the profile to fit the changes, including the story. You can read it over again if you think it needs more changes.

I'll start from the bottom up regarding your concerns for the ability.

There is no time limit for an increase or decrease of gravity. She can make the gravity heavy or zero as long as she wants to as long as she doesn't move a single step or lose focus. There's no duration for pushing or pulling. Compare it to a shockwave. You will only feel one wave, that's all there is. If she wants to keep pushing or pulling, she will have to do it at 1 second intervals (I may have to increase the time intervals then). Going back to the increase or decrease of gravity, it can be stronger at the cost of performing a "shockwave" rather than doing an indefinite duration.

It's impossible for Gina to do such a combination. Remember she can only use one application at a time. So she can't make the gravity zero AND apply a repulsive force at the same time. Even if you meant she makes the gravity zero and once that ends, immediately push everyone back, then it won't send them flying like you would believe (there's a time interval anyways if she switches application).

The maximum she can send something crashing down from the air would be around the size of a helicopter. Of course, that helicopter would have to be in 50 meters for it to be affected. The maximum she can push or pull away can be something as heavy as a tank. This is an instant application (like the shockwave example I explained). The maximum for the indefinite duration would be making someone bow down on their heads.

If you want that to happen, then you also allow her to use her feet and remove the safe zone. There can still be an interval if she wants to use the SAME application, but if she wants to push someone back then immediately increase the gravity, there will be no time limit for that switch since you want her limbs to be the focal point.

For the 360 degree, it's always had been her trump card if she can't deal with the current situation. I'd prefer if she keeps it. Then, if she uses it, the maximum range can be lowered to 25 meters or even lower (as long as its reasonable). Since it uses all her power for such an attack, then the interval to use another 360 degree would be higher than ones used by the limbs. If you want it to be predictable, then she can use both her arms and raise it in the air (for decreasing gravity), pointing both her hands towards the ground by her sides (increasing gravity), arms outstretched to the side pointing opposite directions (pushing) and arms crossing each other while outstretched (pulling). This can still keep a safe area so it rewards people who gets into her vulnerable range before she uses this move. 1 meter is more than enough to fit some people cuddling around her, so it can act as a group defense.

So in short, there's benefits to using AoE vs limb-directed attacks.

+ 360 degrees
- Lower maximum affected range
- Longer interval before using any other move (whether AoE or limb-directed)
- A "safe zone" for foes to abuse

+ Higher maximum affected range
+ Shorter interval before using any other move (whether AoE or limb-directed)
+ No "safe zone"
+ Can focus on more specific targets rather than the entire area of direction
- Dependent on direction of limb for affected area

Also note, Gina isn't a war machine. She's an esper who wants to contribute to Academy City. If she uses her power mindlessly, of course she'll cause a lot of damage, and she doesn't want that. The only way I see her using it if it's a desperate situation or she's been severely provoked. Using the AoE moves consistently doesn't mean she's harder to be dealt with. She needs to be smart when to use it. Would she use her gravity powers inside Nagatenjouki and cause damage? I would surely say she won't. She'll just use it strong enough to make someone immobile but the pressure won't be hard enough to damage the floors.
Ishida Gina
Ishida Gina
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Furuhashi Gou Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:11 am

1. History

So the moment her abilities showed up for the first time, she already had full control over it? I doubt it. She would probably be able to cause an uncontrolled increase of gravity at that time, but she wouldn’t be able to use the calculations necessary to already move things by the motion of her limbs.
After all it must have taken her lots of time to reach where she is today~

How long did the researchers take to dub her ability? It sounded to me like it took quite a long time for them to understand it and come up with a title…

I also need to warn you (don’t worry, that’s nothing to edit): Don’t underestimate Skill-Out. They’re not just cannon fodder. Some of them can turn into pretty dangerous enemies~

She surely has potential as a villain~

2. Ability

You got me wrong~ I was only trying to say that you can’t make people fly instantly without adding another impact, like them attempting to move.

The maximum force for pushing something back, sounds quite strong. Hitting a human with a force strong enough to even knock back a tank sounds lethal to me. I know that that would be the maximum and she wouldn’t really use it, however it is still too strong in my eyes. You may be able to launch normal cars, 1 to 2 tons heavy, if they are really close and you’re using full strength.

Indefinitely stunning a person sounds somewhat powerful. It somewhat represents crushing an enemy, in my eyes. I mean, it doesn’t sound like you can escape it, which makes it quite some instant K.O. attack. As long as you haven’t got anything like Imagine Breaker, or maybe Teleport you really wouldn’t be able to escape. Most likely Teleport wouldn’t even cut it, since it requires one to concentrate.
Also you’re contradicting. A force strong enough to bring down a helicopter sounds much more powerful than a force to bring people to their knees. After all both seem like an increase of gravity to me.

Alright. I still don’t believe that relying on a movement like swinging your hand, would make things more difficult. After all it would somewhat resemble Musujime’s way of aiming.
People at least would be able to tell where you are aiming and could evade your attacks. There would always be a little delay, like the time the movement takes or even the calculations you need to do before making use of it.

So after adding all those disadvantages to the 360° application, it feels easier to handle. So please define the interval and how often she would be able to use it in a fight.

I wonder: does it still apply that the farther away within that 50m of range, the weaker the force?

I’d like to point out that I’m going by the standards of normal Espers outside of Level 5. Those usually do have lots of limits to them and are forced to use their abilities in the smartest way possible to make up for it.
Looking at abilities I can’t simply go by and judge them taking the user’s personality into consideration. People change, situations can force them to do things they usually wouldn’t and Espers do have their boundaries.
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Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:39 pm

No of course not. Perhaps I just haven't portray that better. I'll fix that soon.

The history section is a form of story telling. I don't literally type the point in time the scientist dubbed the ability. You put it in when it's necessary, and I feel it was necessary to put it in during the present age where the audience is wondering what was the aftermath of her uncontrolled powers during the time she first got it.

That's what I expect. Otherwise, I didn't put Gina overestimating her foes (especially delinquent-type people) for no reason.

Uhhh maybe Smile

I've included specific ability details under misc. information. It is not overbearing and there are some costs to using stronger applications (damage to body, longer time to concentrate).
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Ishida Gina
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Furuhashi Gou Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:49 pm

1. History

Hope you will make that edit about her ability’s first appearance I talked about in my last post~

The rest is what I wanted to hear Smile
I just had to make sure etc.

Edit: Alright, after bringing up in the chat, I need to actually ask further questions here. If she knows about the Dark Side, the experiments surrounding the Level 5s etc., where did she get all that information? It's classified stuff after all. And I'd like you to explain how much she knows in the profile.

2. Ability

Ok. To shorten things and save you a possible nerfing chaos, I’m going to discuss Gina’s Esper level with Index. That would help to properly do the rest of the ability evaluation, by preventing any sudden ability changes.
I'm sorry for the in
Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  Ishida Gina Wed Aug 06, 2014 12:27 am


She doesn't know the specific experiments, she just knows that the researchers and experimenters are involved with the level 5s on some illegal experiments. That is part of her secret which I'll give to the mod.
Ishida Gina
Ishida Gina
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[Esper] Ishida Gina Empty Re: [Esper] Ishida Gina

Post  [Old] Index Fri Aug 08, 2014 2:09 am

Hey Gina. So I'm back and had a look through the profile and discussed with Gou in regards to what Level she should be. You will most likely be approved sometime today and while I can do that now I'll leave the honors to Gou since he did an excellent job covering for my absence.
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Post  Furuhashi Gou Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:29 am

Ok, now that you’ve removed her secret, there is nothing more to discuss.

I’m happy to say it:


From know on you shall be known as the rather strong

Furuhashi Gou
Furuhashi Gou
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