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[Magician] Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Leivinia Birdway Empty [Magician] Leivinia Birdway

Post  Leivinia Birdway Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:55 am

Leivinia Birdway

『Regnum771 ✯ The One who will seize the Core of the World』

[Magician] Leivinia Birdway O6ihdmpe
"Don’t tell me you think I would be defeated by some woman with huge tits?
All she can do in battle is please men as they bounce around."

FULL NAME: Leivinia Birdway.
CURRENT AGE: 12 years.
GENDER: Female.
OCCUPATION: Professional Magician.
FACTION: The Dawn-Coloured Sunlight.

APPEARANCE: A little angel, so to say; her hair blonde like gold, her eyes as blue as sapphires and her body’s form befitting of the maiden’s young age. Leivinia Birdway is in more than just one way comparable to a little princess. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders, with bangs covering her forehead down until her eyes, all cut in a very exact manner, mostly lacking originality, leading her overall appearance to seem quite calculated. Even her style of clothing – which isn’t unusual for a Magician – appears to have some deeper symbolic meaning behind it, as she is mostly seen wearing an elegant white dress paired up with black stockings, reminding one of a piano’s keys. Long sleeves, yet a short skirt force ones focus to wander towards her legs, while also creating a kind of balance between the two tones of her clothing and the two halves of her body.
Oh and not forgot the last accessory of every noble woman: The white high heeled court shoes she is seen wearing most of the time. The overall image of a princess isn’t too far fetched, isn’t it?
HEIGHT: 137cm.
WEIGHT: 36kg.
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Most people would immediately refer to her clothing as reminding them of a piano’s keys, thus her appearance is actually quite striking.

Wise and Cruel – A Leader’s Perfection
The one above the great mass. As the leader of one of the UK’s leading Magic Cabals, Leivinia Birdway proves to be a fairly charismatic personality. Many would refer to her as the epitome of leadership, as she is wise yet cruel in her actions, represented in her way of leading the Dawn-Coloured Sunlight. She wouldn’t be impressed by most mind games or even budge once faced with great challenge. Absolute leading ability, that’s one of the two reasons such a large and powerful Cabal would decide to follow a girl of such young age. And if that wouldn’t be enough, there’s also her outstanding ability and knowledge as a Magician.
Icecold and Merciless – All for the Plan’s Sake
Indeed, her way of leadership is cruel and free of any mercy. Whatever it would take to accomplish her goal, she would pay the price, human lives included. After all even her underlings are nothing more to her than mere gears of a bigger plan. A terrible truth to learn for those that actually would try to see her as a normal human or even an ally. She would throw them away without showing any hesitation. Even the manipulation of other people is part of her usual game and she has already proven great skill at that. In short: Birdway is a person that would use any of her allies as decoy even if that’d mean putting their lives at risk, as long as she would consider it necessary for achieving her own goals.
Spoiled and Sadistic – Little Tyrant Princess
Just as her appearance may suggest, Leivinia is somewhat similar to a princess, one of tyranny. Most of her underlings would be able to sing a song about how sadistic and egoistic this girl can be at times. She enjoys ordering others around as well as proving that she is superior to anyone below her. At times this kind of attitude makes her even look like a villain from a James Bond movie, especially once she brings out her methods of punishment or her characteristic evil grin she usually is seen wearing once she communicates with someone she doesn’t consider worthy or wishes to scare. Dealing with her can be seen as quite a stressful task.
Arrogant and Calculated – A Reasonable Combination
Self-confidence is part of her nature. She doesn’t seem to fear or carry any worries in her heart. No she even is rather outgoing at any occasion, harassing others or speaking the very truth about her opinion. This can derived from a feeling of superiority she loves to emit, reasoned by her great skill as a Magician and leader and her own personal goals as well. She isn’t too unrealistic, though. Actually Birdway is one of the most calculated and rational people on this world; knowing very well what she is doing and with whom she is dealing. Giving out too much information is nothing this young lady would do, only limiting it to the exact amount necessary. Seeing through her on the other hand is rather difficult, since her ability at covering up her own weak spots is another outstanding thing. So by the end she is a person as arrogant as she can be, but in a very reasonable way.
Passionate and Faithful – The Hard Worker’s Dream
All this girl has achieved in her life is a result of hard work. Just like the ideal Magician, no even the ideal human, everything she is had been achieved through the process of hard work. As one of the most passionate people you will meet in your live Leivinia Birdway is one that would do anything to achieve what she wishes to achieve. Natural talent may even be considered her enemy when looking at the way she handles things. This passion of hers is something so special and unique that is even draws people to respect her as a high ranked individual in society. Even though she is such a cold and seemingly arrogant person, she still is one that can be considered the best example for all of us and probably even the most deserving of her high horse.
Childlike – The Unavoidable Truth
Of course her young age is still a constant fact that shouldn’t be forgotten. Leivinia Birdway is indeed someone that would fit the description of a 12 year old, even to an extent that it could be considered quite shocking. The little girl she is, is one that believes in Santa Claus, can’t sleep without the lights turned on and even loves things every typical child would love. It isn’t rare to see her play a video game and – just like a little child would do – force other adults, preferable her subordinates, to keep her company. Her many childlike traits and interests are of course a usual part of the commands she tends to give out to her subordinates, sometimes even mixing in with her everyday behaviour. It goes without saying that she would still pretend to be more adult than anyone else around her, no matter what the situation, often even covering up those awkward truths.

+ Sweets + Juice + Video games + Her little sister Patricia + Juice + Hard work + Mocking others + Flintlock pistols + The process of loading a flintlock pistol +Success +
– Spicy foods – Academy City – Panties with big rabbits on them – Women with larger chests than hers – Being looked down on – Being betrayed – People standing in her way – Failure – Modern weapons –
Genius Magician – The Magician Leivinia Birdway is considered to be on par with the naturally born Saints. That alone is enough to express just what kind of genius she is. Her ability comes from hard work, not only to achieve skill but also knowledge. She fully understands the workings of Magic and has the skills to use it on a different level from any ordinary Magician, while still falling into that category. Some would even say that she has the potential of becoming a Magic God at some point in her life, if she was to continue the way she was progressing. As a Magician she should have the skill to become one of the most terrifying opponents ever.
Mastermind – Capable of leading one of the world’s largest and most dangerous Magic Cabals Birdway is one who knows how to pull the right strings and which effects to cause by doing so. She is one who knows how to manipulate, how to plot and how to achieve the outcome she has been wishing for, while keeping anyone in the dark about her true intentions. Her way of planning is quite similar to the ones shown by super villains from old spy movies or even classic comic books. After all even her – or rather the cabal’s – goal is to seize control of the world itself.
Predictable – Her way of using Magic follows a certain set of rules, as it consists of the concept of using certain movements as symbols in order to cause a Magic effect, which highly relies on the movement’s accuracy as well as proper routine in executing them. So of course it is possible to predict her attacks once you gain an understanding about the way movements and spells are connected with each other. In this way she is rather easy to predict repeating the exact same movements over and over again, always showing the exact same effects.
Trust – While she is one that would sacrifice others without blinking even once, she is also one that is unable to put trust into those people. Most tasks she wants to be done are taken care of by herself and even if someone would approach her presenting a better solution to a problem at hand, she wouldn’t trust them and force her own way through, not leaving any chance for objection. There are only a few exceptions to this, like her personal assistant Mark Space, whom she knows for a long time already. Everyone else however would remain on the list of distrust for the longest time, until they would manage to prove her wrong.

For generations the Birdway family had been one of great fame and power. They were recognised not for their deeds committed in the Magic World, but for their prowess as politically powerful individuals, was their involvement in the organisation that was The Dawn-Coloured Sunlight quite deep and a center point for the family’s development. In fact neither the organisation, nor the family dyed in the colours of Magic originally, only becoming corrupted over the course of history.

Both Leivinia Birdway and Patricia Birdway were born when there was already no way back to normal. However one of the two sisters managed to escape the clutches of the occult, achieving a life free from its traces. In order to allow for that, her older sister Leivinia had to make use of a varying set of political and strategic skills, to ensure her sibling would not only be prevented from interacting with the secret world, but also remain fully unaware of it.

It was to protect her baby sister and to grasp her ancestors dreams that Leivinia Birdway had worked harder than anyone else, already becoming a true prodigy in her early childhood, until she would have claimed the top spot in the organisation. Her skill as a Magician would remain unparalleled, her ability as a leader unmatched and her tactician mind impossible to surpass.

And while young Leivinia would climb the stairs of the Magic World, her sister would take a deep dive in the ocean of science, turning into a different kind of prodigy, yet still of equal standings.

As both sisters head down their own paths the ways things turn out for either for them both take shapes that could very well alter the fate of the world.

Currently the Dawn-Coloured Sunlight’s activities have been going back drastically over the last few months. With their actions silenced down and them being shrouded by dark shadows, many believe that they are waiting for something great to come, before making their move again.
But what exactly is it that little girl at the top is plotting?

RANK: Leader.
Regnum771: The Dawn Coloured Sunlight is after only one thing and so is Birdway, both goals seem to be the exact same. What leader wouldn’t be interested in their group’s overall longing, anyway? What they wish to accomplish is the perfect formula allowing them to achieve world domination. Looking for the perfect formula of leadership the organisation had been observing the charismatic leaders of the world ever since they were founded a long time ago and since then worked on their great master plan, getting involved with whatever lead this world’s destiny. Hence her Magic Name is a symbol of her wish to accomplish what all her predecessors had been longing for the past hundreds of years, reaching the throne of the world, ruling over everything.

Symbolic Weapon ✯ The Minor Arcana
A Symbolic Weapon is, as the name already suggests, a weapon based on the idea of symbolism representing the four suits of Aleister Crowley’s Minor Arcana Tarot Card set. With each of those four suits standing for one of the four basic elements: earth, wind, fire and water. Birdway’s Symbolic weapon unlike most Minor Arcana Magic is not a set of cards but a wand capable of changing its form leaving the user four forms to choose from: A disc, a sword, a wand or a cup, with the wand being its initial form. Each of the different forms allows Birdway to cast spells based on the respective element or work as a symbol for another kind of spell.
Switching between forms can happen instantly, which allows Birdway to quickly execute spells of different kinds making it even more difficult to deal with her varying offence.

    The Wand ✯ Fire
    The wand is the symbol of fire, the colour red, the right and the archangel Michael. The simple motion of spinning the wand and drawing a circle into the air activates a spell allowing her to summon flames from the wand’s tip, which then turn into a giant wall of flames of about 10 to 20 metres in diameter which can also be launched at a target.

    The Cup ✯ Water
    The cup is the symbol of water, the colour blue, the back and the archangel Gabriel. Once the cup’s spell is activated, a great mass of water will shoot out from it and rise into the sky, resembling a tree with many branches. Emitted from those branches a large number (thousands to tens of thousands) of sharp daggers made from water will rain down on the area surrounding the caster. The spell’s range is about 40 to 50 metres in diameter.

    The Disc ✯ Earth
    The disc is the symbol of earth, the colour green, the left and the archangel Raphael. The disc’s spell allows her to summon pillars of massive rock from the ground within a range of 30 metres as well as a large number of stone daggers (hundreds of them) within the air that can be launched at a target.

    The Sword ✯ Wind
    The sword is the symbol of wind, the colour yellow, the front and the archangel Uriel. When the sword is swung an extremely sharp wind sword is created. It is capable of severing human limbs with a great ease as well as cutting through concrete like paper. The attack’s range can reach up to 20 metres.
Tarot Cards ✯ The Major Arcana
While Birdway’s Wand of Cups and Swords may be a symbolic weapon representing the minor suits of Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, her true trump lies with the classic cards. Her true strength lies with the usage of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana, starting at 0, the Fool, going up to XXI, the Universe.
Each of those 22 cards is a symbolic weapon of itself, however their purpose does not last in creating spells that can be used infinitely, but are only limited to single usage. Therefore she has 22 powerful spells she can use only once, similar to bullets for fire, instead of consecutively useable abilities. The cards’ effects aren’t limit to a single one either, is invoking an effect actually a question of interpretation by the user. For example Birdway could very will misinterpret the meaning of one of the 22 cards to cause an effect different from the expected one.
However the true usage of the Set of Major Arcana is not with the individual spells; the true purpose is to combine the various cards to trigger an even more powerful effect. To do so it is required for Birdway to position them in a similar fashion to how a fortune teller would on a table, only that the whole area around could be seen as such.

    0 ✯ The Fool
    The number 0, nothingness, innocence, possibility, the infinite, the origin.
    In its basic premise The Fool embodies many legends and thus many possibilities. It represents the beginning, that from which the world originated and in a way both father and mother at the same time. Since The Fool represents a lot of concepts it is quite easy to twist its purpose towards a necessary end. Its most important meaning is the position of the Quabalistic Zero and the Negative above the Tree of Life, standing for the origin of all things, the balance of the universe. Drawing an effect from that condition, it is possible to cause an effect of reverting things into their initial state. This can be used to reset a broken object or to reset the positions of people or objects in an enclosed space to the point in time when the caster entered.

    I ✯ The Magician
    The son, Mercury and the one standing in parallel to Mercury: Christ, the son of God. One of the ways to read the Magician is to consider the parallels between the Greek God and Christ, which are evidently strong and easy to connect. Therefore the Magician can be used to resemble the concept of parallels between two individual existences. A way to make use of this symbolism would be to deceive others through enforcing the parallels connecting the individuals, making it impossible to differentiate the two, given there are any things the two have in common. Another usage would be reversing the effect by bringing forth the differences between the paralleling individuals, possibly increasing the strength, if one is weak, the other strong.

    II ✯ The High Priestress
    The light, the body of the light, the truth hidden behind it, its very soul. She embodies the connection between the father and the son and on the other hand fertility, thus through that the mother. In many senses the High Priestress embodies the concept of fertility, femininity, thus the mother. Being that she assumes a role similar to the Fool with its characteristic of possibility, only that it is already at a further more manifested stage.
    Birdway can for example use the symbolism behind the priestess to grasp the true form of something that has grown obscure, impossible to grasp, much like something hidden behind a shroud of light or the manifested form of possibility. Erasing distraction, deception etc. and clearing the manifest truth. If reversed the card can cause the most manifest to appear impossible to grasp.

    III ✯ The Empress
    This card corresponds to the venus and again the woman, representing all of her traits, which are impossible to summarise. She is as fluent as water, impossible to grasp, impossible to put into one category. In a sense the card’s symbolism can be twisted to create a distortion that enables the caster to set themselves or another individual as impossible to perceive in the sense that all their attributes are impossible to be analysed by those looking and instead a broad spectrum of everything is presented before them.

    IV ✯ The Emperor
    The Emperor is a symbol of paternal power, of might, of Mars, of authority. It embodies suddenness and violence, the sun and in a sense fire. Once the emperor remains for too long he is bound to bring upon destruction, burning everything to the ground, or in a more simple sense the characteristics of war.
    By setting up her own domain and placing the emperor as a mark of authority, Birdway can bring misery in form of the flames of war over anything considered hostile towards the set up domain, or simplified cast an ocean of burning fire at anything outside the domain, bringing destruction over the enemy.

    V ✯ The Hierophant
    Unison of microcosm and macrocosm or rather Magic. It’s a crossing of the simple and the beyond. To put it simple the Hierophant could be interpreted as an intersection between the normal and the occult world, normality and absurdity. Gathering both in one individual can be seen as the wisdom of one who has grasped all of the world’s mysteries.
    This card can be understood as a means to bring the everything (representative of macrocosm) at a single point (microcosm), which could be used to create either something like a black hole, sucking all matter from its surroundings in or to achieve an opposite effect from a People Clearing Field, by attracting a large number of humans at a single place.

    VI ✯ The Lovers
    The key concept of The Lovers is the story of creation, highlighting the idea that anything that is created is created with its reverse in an even balance. So to say The Lovers embodies the equal balance of every existence in the universe, giving it a rather strong meaning. A usage of this spell is to take one force and create an absolute opposite for it, like an antithesis to cancel the other out. Basically this would mean, if the caster were to be attacked by a surge of flames, the usage of The Lovers would create a surge of water (the opposite element) cancelling out the original attack in way that leaves both sides unscathed.

    VII ✯ The Chariot
    A symbol for the power of the human will, which can enable humans to reach any of their goals as long as it is truly strong. Therefore it lies close that The Chariot is a symbol for victory itself. The basic usage of such symbolism is aligning it with a strike executed all full force, thus containing all of the attacker’s will. Once this condition is met and the spell used, it is bound to become the equivalent of a critical hit, if it connects.

    XII ✯ The Hanged Man
    Symbolising the death of the Son of God. By misinterpreting the symbol Birdway as a symbol of execution and thereby align it with piercing weapons, like the lance which pierced the Son of God’s body she can cause this card attract any kind of piercing weapon in order to protect her own body, letting the card take the damage instead.

    Combination ✯ The Son of God’s Life
    Assuming each of the 22 cards of the major Arcana symbolises a stage in the life of the Son of God, there is way of aligning all of those cards in a manner to create an ultimate connection. However only if all cards are aligned correctly to resemble the journey of Christ, from birth, over death to his rebirth a truly powerful effect can be caused, namely a reinforcement spell enabling for the caster to grasp the physical characteristics of the Son of God, thus the effect that is usually only bestowed to those born with the Stigma, the less than 20 Saints. Therefore, if this spell is properly executed, Birdway is capable of temporarily acquiring the physical capabilities of a Saint.
(Summoned Explosion)
Usually a Golden style Cabal would rely on temples and ceremonies to bring forth Telesma and give it a form. Birdway however relies on a much more simplified form of this whole process by instinctively making the proper adjustments herself and calculating out everything necessary for the effect she wishes to achieve, which isn’t as easy as it may sound, as must Magicians would simply die from the attempt alone, blowing themselves up recklessly.
The outcome of this spell is a random dome shaped explosion of light than can be created from thin air anywhere in her reach of vision. Of course they can be predicted as they announce themselves by a short flicker of white light showing up a moment before the event of the actual explosion. The explosion’s diameter can go up to 10 metres while its strength is sufficient to kill a human being or even a Magician. And if one shouldn’t be sufficient, then there still is the solution of classic spamming left.
(Lightning Spell)
A spell that allows her to summon lighting which then bounces around similar to a pinball, making it a rather difficult to predict attack.
(Steel Blade Spell)
A spell that summons a large rotating steel blade of about 7 metres length, which can be used as projectile attack.
(Symbolic Motions)
Unlike most Magician’s Birdway doesn’t rely on large ceremonies or any classic trick of casting a spell. Her way of casting spells is rather simple, yet very difficult to see through. She relies on movements to create symbols in order to activate her spells. To fit this kind of style however she needs her movements to be as precise and exact as possible, which needs a lot of training and practise to accomplish. Currently this allows her to instantly cast and combine spells as well as to hide her own weaknesses by perfectly blending the movements into each other.
So in the end truth be told: She isn’t the almighty Magician she always pretends to be, as she actually can’t make spells up from zero that easily, but actually required a lot of practise to master the ones she is capable of using.
(Flintlock Pistol)
There is always this golden quite old flintlock pistol within Birdway’s belongings, created by professional craftsmanship its value appears to be pretty high. However this gun isn’t only a piece of art but an actual weapon that can shoot and kill. Leivinia has a great affection towards this kind of weapon, especially the act of loading the bullets inducing fear into her target during the process. The gun itself is used whenever she feels like it, in most cases for execution or the simple act of scaring another person. Her skill at using the gun could be considered quite average, as she would mostly rely on her magic abilities anyway; using it for killing purposes is still an option, though.

CHARACTER THEME: Iva still no fan of Themes.

RATING: M for mature.
FACE CLAIM: Leivinia Birdway from To Aru Majutsu no Index.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Mugino Shizuri; Kamijou Touko; Edana Callan.
MISC. INFORMATION: Don’t kill me.

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Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Leivinia Birdway Empty Re: [Magician] Leivinia Birdway

Post  Leivinia Birdway Fri Jan 09, 2015 10:33 am

“I see. Very interesting.”


”Quiet, Mark.”

”But Boss…!”

”Didn’t I tell you to stay quiet!?”

Silence fell upon the two remaining in the darkness of a back alley. It didn’t really matter where they stood, back alley or main street, even the city centre itself was clad into a lifeless silence at this very time of the day. It had been long past midnight after all.

”But Boss, we should really...-“

”Mark, would you please be as kind as to finally shut up!?”

The little girl of about twelve years underlined her strong words with an even stronger kick to the man’s shin, allowing him the joys of real pain. What a unique pair those two were. The tall man, above 20 years old clad into a formal black suit and the little girl whose white dress and black stockings were reminiscent of a piano’s keys. Both blonde and both obvious foreigners, most likely from the old parts of Europe.
They currently were standing in a back alley, not really hiding, yet still shrouded by darkness making it rather difficult for one to notice on pure sight. Of course the noises those two had made ruined the appeal of two hidden in the darkness by quite a lot.
Apparently they were watching something…

”…We still should prevent…gaining too much attention…” That girl’s kick seemed to have hit the right spot, as the tall man’s voice was overwhelmed by pain.

”Oh, don’t worry about that~ We were noticed already. See, they finally decided to come greet us~”

”I wasn’t referring to them…”

The scene they were watching was one rather typical for the streets of this certain city. It seemed as if there were a hundred of those cases every night and day, making this something of little uniqueness. However the world didn’t seem like it would ever grow tired of this infinite loop of such scenes occurring.
A group of five tall grunt like boys had spent the last few minutes of this deep night for a classical beating scene where all five of them were letting all their passive aggressions out, beating and kicking a sixth boy who lay on the dirty ground. It wasn’t anything worthwhile to see, the usual late night street scene.
And as they had noticed that there was an actual crowd following their cruel actions they had decided to give those people some kind of special fan service. Not for free, though, as those two individuals appeared to be rather wealthy.

”So Mark, could you please take care of those insects for me? Shouldn’t take you too long, right?”

And then she simply walked past those five muscular delinquents without paying them any heed at all. The looks on their faces? The danger their rising anger could mean? Not even worth the attention. The little girl left it at that, as none of them would ever manage to lay a finger on her, anyway. This wasn’t even like playing in a different league anymore. Even if they would ask her for forgiveness, it was of too little importance.
So while the man called Mark who would most likely complain about it was executing his command, the girl approached the terribly beaten up victim the grunts had left behind, looking down at them wearing an evil grin on her face.

”Hello, down there~ Seems like you are in quite a pinch, aren’t you? Well, you could say you’re now somewhat indebted to me.”

From one second the other her evil grin had grown even more intense.

”And there is actually something I need you to take care of for me…so listen up~”  

And that’s the story of how Leivinia Birdway managed to find herself a free tour guide.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Leivinia Birdway Empty Re: [Magician] Leivinia Birdway

Post  [Old] Index Mon Feb 02, 2015 12:13 pm

Might be a challenge to fit Birdway quite early into the story (We'll work something out don't worry) but other than that I don't see any concerns. As always I would advise to take extra cautions not to stand out too much since a person like Birdway would be on the same level of threat as Vento was if she goes on a rampage. But I trust you'll handle that to high expectations so without further ado.

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[Old] Index

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[Magician] Leivinia Birdway Empty Re: [Magician] Leivinia Birdway

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