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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Empty [Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

Post  Shokuno Misaki Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:05 pm

Shokuhou Misaki

Level 5 Mental Out

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Misakipark_zpsd867ad53


FULL NAME: Shokuhou Misaki
OTHER ALIAS: The Queen of Tokiwadai, Number Five, Mental Out
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Middle School Student
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School
FACTION: Shokuhou Clique

Misaki stands out as an elegant beauty of fair skin and long straight hair of golden color. It's been mentioned amongst the urban rumors of her clique that Misaki inherited her looks from her mother who is British.  Other than that Misaki has a very buxom body (which seems to be the point of jealousy from the other Tokiwadai Level 5, Misaka Mikoto) and tends to flaunt herself despite having been called flat chested a year ago by a certain boy. Misaki almost always wears her stockings and gloves adorned with laze resembling a spider's web and is usually depicted in her school uniform. When in public, she rarely wears flashy clothes that fit her well. She claims that she is a starry-eyed girl and was born that way, sure enough her eyes has a star design on it which makes her stand out even more in a crowd.

HEIGHT: 164cm

WEIGHT:  This particular data had been deleted and it feels like anyone who tries to remember will immediately forget about remembering it, but you can't remember why you would do such a thing...

It's been noted by the Misaka Clique (Which are unknown to the individual herself) that Shokuhou Misaki might not even be 14 year old judging from her outrageous proportions. In Misaki's own words she claims that her feminine charm ability is clearly much more powerful than Misaka san's childish appearance ability.

It should also be noted that Misaki likes the use of the word ability or power as a suffix to certain words, like "Misaka-San's Childish Gekota Fetish-Ability" or "Misaka-San's pitiful chest power".

Lazy and Laid back
Misaki is very lazy and laid back, preferring not to involve herself in anything too troublesome at which she would casually ask one of her followers to take care of such matters as her representative. From early childhood Misaki rarely had to work hard for anything and because of this she often approaches tasks with a very laid back attitude. Likewise she detest at the thought of exhausting her body with unnecessary athletic abilities which is often exhibited by the barbaric Tokiwadai Amazoness (Misaka Mikoto).  

High Facade Ability
She normally exhibits a playful and childish personality. When put together with her cute face and her silly habit of doing cutesy poses (imitated by various people in her clique as well as some outside it like Kumokawa Seria), it's hard to believe she hides a cunning and ruthless nature behind that facade. Her real personality unknown to others possesses a sharp tongue and playful attitude, and often prefers to have fun instead of taking things seriously.

Strong Righteous Justice Power
Though she may at times be seen as a ruthless dictator who would not hesitate to sacrifice those she takes control of, contrary to that belief she cares deeply about anyone affected by her abilities be it friend or foe with the rare exception such as someone like Kihara Gensei. Despite her using powers on other people with or without their permission, she has a personal rule in taking care of the people she takes control of with her powers.

Alarmingly low level of athletic abilities
She would never admit it herself that the Queen of Tokiwadai is in fact very unathletic. Rather than admitting the facts as they stand, she is the type of person who would be seen drowning in a kids pool than to admit such facts. It's believed by the few remaining Misaka factions who have yet to be brainwashed by Misaki, that the reason why Misaki is always in the company of her clique members is to compensate for her pathetic athletic abilties that couldn't even fight off a band of pidgeons stealing her lunch. If all else fails and the truth is brought to the light, Misaki has and will continue to abuse her powers to erase a day's worth of memories from those who've borne witness to her secret level of athletic abilities.

Tea time
Privacy away from public eyes
Tormenting Misaka-san about her chest size
Tormenting Misaka-san about her childish tastes
Tormenting Misaka-san in general
Kamij... huh what was his name again?
Elegant things
Hamburgers and French Fries
Doing cutesy poses
Misaka Mikoto?
Healthy meals using healthy natural ingredients

Athletic Abilities
Scientists in general
Putting her followers in danger
Pool of water
Perverted people


*Though she may not show it outwardly, she is surprisingly very loyal to her friends and members of her clique.

*Even when odds are stacked against her she is strong willed to see things through to the end even going far as to put herself in mortal danger if it means saving those she care for.

*Misaki is deceptively cunning and while she might not be the most athletic person, she perfers to solve her problems with wits and manipulation.

*Her acting ability is quite advanced and even without her Esper abilities she can easily fool and manipulate others through her natural charms.

*Highly intelligent. While there are those who question whether Misaki is a Middle School Student or not based on her physical appearance, there are others who question the same thing based on her intelligence. She hardly needs to try in order to gain good grades in class aside from P.E.


*Misaki is horribly unathletic and detest any chance to sweat be it in P.E classes or in mortal danger where her life (or those she care for) depends on her athletic abilities.

*She is quite anti-social and avoids public eyes which often makes her very unsociable and even though Misaki acknowledges her own miscomings she is helpless to fix this problem of hers due to her own insecurities about individuals whom she can't read with her abilities.  

*Contrary to popular belief, being able to read into the minds of others with the flick of a remote sometimes hurts her when she come across individuals with malicious opinons about her. She also feels that at times

*When mind controlling or reading into the minds of her victims she often play by her self imposed rule which is never to injure her victims no matter what. Against her enemies this could be used to their advantage if it was revealed that Shokuhou Misaki wasn't as ruthless as she'd like her enemies to believe.

*Misaki tends to avoid people because she believes her AIM dispersion creates a situation where others would sacrifice themselves for her sake. All these years she's believed it was her own high level of good fortune ability until it was mentioned by her would be assassins when she was being protected by a certain boy last year...

*She is weak and sentimental when it comes to her best friends and the boy she likes... what was his name again?


[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Misachibi_zpsc561dbdf

When most people start discussing about Shokuhou Misaki's background, they realize most are urban rumors theory crafted by members of her clique. Some speculate she is in fact a princess of a foreign country exiled to live in Academy City due to political reasons while others believe she is somehow connected to a famous Hollywood celebrity. Truth is she is neither of those.

Shokuhou Misaki was born and raised on a farm run by her grand mother in Nara prefecture in Japan. She was born through a scandalous affair between a young upcoming star in the French headline news as the one who became the youngest Minster of Finance recorded in world history and a Japanese competitive figure skating Olympic gold medalist noted for her flexibility, expressive step sequences and quadruple axel jumps. It seemed their love for one another was mutual right until Misaki was born when complicated family matters split up the family in two. Her father was forced to give up the marriage due his family pressuring him to break off his ties with Misaki's mother in order to finalize his engagement to pursue a political marriage.

Custody of Misaki had been transferred over to her mother but due to her busy work schedule she was sent to Nara at her parent's farm to be raised by her grand parents. In all honesty she loved the life at the farm, weary and sometimes frightened of the larger animals but other than that she enjoyed spending her childhood with her grandmother. But those days came to an end when her grand mother fell gravely ill and later hospitalized for further treatment and care. Having lost her only guardian, her parents decided that it would be best to send their child to a boarding school and thus she was sent over to Academy City as she entered Elementary school.

She once believed that if she achieved excellence in every aspect her parents would take notice of her and come back for her.  This naive driving force motivated her to strive for nothing but excellence (except in sports, that was strictly speaking a barbaric territory) and she strived to become more ladylike. All her efforts ultimately went unanswered by her parents but others have taken notice of her in due time as her ability rose at an alarming rate from a Level 1 to Level 4. She was quickly taken notice by Asociacion de Ciencia or Science Society and through their intervention she was able to cultivate her powers beyond Level 4, becoming the 5th Level 5 in Academy City.

It was during these regular meetings with the researchers she became acquainted with the Exterior project and volunteered to help believing by doing so she can contribute her efforts to improving Academy City's advancing medical technologies. The scientists promised her that by creating Exterior they would be able to save the lives of patients with severe brain damage and are in a state of coma. At some stage of the project's development she was requested to brainwash and befriend a girl called Dolly. Overwriting her memories and replacing herself as Dolly's friend who left the institute after discovering the machines implanted on Dolly. Misaki gradually became close friends with the test subject and was heart broken when she found out Dolly's condition was becoming worse eventually leading her closer to death.

With Dolly's death Misaki turned on her researchers and began to investigate deeper into the true nature of both the Exterior project and Dolly, discovering what Exterior was truly meant for along with the plans to have her disposed of once Exterior was completed. By the time she entered Middle School she had successfully brainwashed all the researchers involved with the project and have gone to extensive lengthes to hide away Exterior's existence. In fact, unless she absolutely have no choice but to use it, she has another personal rule never to expose Exterior's powers in public.

While she tried to distance herself from the dark side's clutches there have been several attempts of assassination on her life, some coming very close to meeting their objectives. During her 1st year in Tokiwadai Middle School she was cornered by an organized group of assassins and she was saved by a certain boy. His name was.... huh what was it again~☆? The events that happened last year seems to be shrouded in mystery as she can no longer seems to recall any events nor individuals involved with the incident. At present she is still attending Tokiwadai as a 2nd year student and has control over the largest clique that dwarves Misaka san's.

RANK: Queen
Mental Out: The strongest telepathic ability known throughout Academy City is capable of reading into memories of others and altering them but that's not all. Mental Out allows her to mentally control others to do her bidding and even go as far as to being able to destroy memories as well as create new ones as she fits. Her powers are derived from her control of the secretion of chemicals in the target's brain via the control of blood distribution, cerebrospinal fluid, and others, in the brain so instead of controlling bio-electricity directly, she changes its conductive efficiency by controlling the fluid that acts as a catalyst for the electricity to flow through.

Her ability allows her to temporarily block another Esper's ability to use their powers and even restrict their movement or cancel out their sense of pain. Those inflicted with her mind controlling ability is often seen displaying the same star markings on their eyes which resembles Misaki's and she can control up to 10~14 people at once using her full powers. This however doesn't mean that's her maximum capacity as she can take control of hundreds of people as long as she manipulates them using the most simplest commands.

Not only is she able to extract memories from people, she is also able to extract the last 24 hours worth of memories from inanimate objects by touching the object with her hands.

As one of her personal rules Misaki divided up her esper ability in preset "categories" to make it easier to use. These "categories" are often used for specifics applications or simple commands. Likely to better concentrate and control her powers, Misaki speaks the word "Category" followed by a number and then its corresponding application when using one. Seemingly, a "category" can have more than one corresponding application and targets and conditions can be slightly modified.

Misaki's "categories" include, but are not limited to:

Category 005: Locates a mental ‘bomb’ set in the indicated individual. A Mental Bomb is just as the name implies, a bomb placed inside the targets mind which could be activated when certain conditions are met. Conditions can range from and not restricted to the following, should the target tries to remember something he should have forgotten from a memory wipe or if a telepathy user tried to infiltrate and gain intel from the mind of such individual a bomb would set off that would completely wipe out the target's memories until nothing remains. This puts them in a state where they can no longer function as a normal human being.

Category 011: The indicated individual must answer accurately to all questions. (Misaki uses a television remote for this)

Category 030: Leaves the indicated individual unconscious for twenty-four hours. (Misaki uses a Nintendo Wii remote for this)

Category 044: Extracts the past twenty-four hours'/year’s memories from the object Shokuhou Misaki touches with her bare right hand. (Misaki uses a digital recorder remote for this)

Category 081: Can make the targeted individual believe that Shokuhou Misaki is their target and that she is the person standing next to them, or can designate Shokuhou Misaki as the target's "Direct Superior A". (Misaki uses a television remote for this)

Category 109: The target recognizes Shokuhou Misaki as their ally and immediately eliminates anyone who attacks her. (Misaki uses a television remote for this)

Category 220: The target becomes afraid of sailor uniforms and wants to eliminate said uniforms if any get near them. (Misaki uses a television remote for this)

Category 280: The target becomes afflicted with a powerful dellusion that they could fly with the power of their fart and hover all the way to the nearest convenience store to buy some almond jelly. They then proceed to make attempts to replicate this dellusion for the next 60 minutes. (Misaki uses a Powered Suit remote for this)

Category 330: Prevents the indicated individual from detecting the passage of time for sixty minutes. (Misaki uses an audio set remote and spins the volume dial with her thumb for this)

Category 401: Returns the indicated individual’s mind to its state just before a mental ‘bomb’ activated.

Exterior is a large cultivated brain that greatly boosts Shokuhou Misaki's power. Originally designed with the intention of allowing anyone, be it other Espers or ordinary human beings, to gain access to the ability Mental Out as long as one is validated as a registered user of EXTERIOR. The project started when Misaki was young and naive, believing that by cooperating with the researchers she would be saving many lives of those who were suffering around the world from coma (A story quite similar to yet another Level 5 who thought she'd be saving lives but instead was unknowingly contributing towards a heinous experiment). The research team took a portion of Misaki's cerebral cortex, cultivated it, and enlarged it and they later cut it in half between the two sides to have them arranged into two glass tubes with preserving liquid in it. During the final stages of completion Misaki's friend Dolly gradually died from the chemicals pumped into her and with her death set the stage of Misaki's rebellion. She has since then exterminated all data regarding EXTERIOR's existence and have taken control of the researchers within the facility to become obedient to her command only. EXTERIOR's extent of power allows Misaki to boost her ability tremendously.

Her normal abilities can disregard distance and it allows her to control thousands as long as the commands are simple commands. It's within possibility that she is theoretically able to mind control other Level 5's with the aid of EXTERIOR as it greatly boosts her ability's parameters to something Misaka Mikoto has once stated as a power that far surpasses the abilities that a level five should be able to use potentially indicating in the realms close to a Level 6. The most celebrated example of this is Misaki's powers being used against Misaka Mikoto, the 3rd-ranked Level 5. Her electromagnetic barrier surrounding her body prevents Misaki from using her powers on her. Despite this, Misaki can force her powers through the Electromaster's defenses by raising her power by using Exterior or having a higher power level than her target.


High Intellect Stats
This is best reflected by her seemingly flawless grades but also best reflected on her abilities to strategize as a tactician. She is easily able to tell how a large number of people will react and create a counter measure and use them to her advantage.

Haptic Memory
She's able to easily tell apart the various remote controllers she keeps inside her handbag by touch alone.

Unknown to all but her grandparents who raised Misaki from childhood, she is surprisingly good at things that doesn't fit in with her public image. Among them is what most people would call a peasant's job hardly befitting of a Queen. She is both good at fishing as well as gutting it, her grandmother taught her well.

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Misaki%20fish_zpsznsdsupw


FACE CLAIM: Shokuhou Misaki / To Aru Majutsu no Index
OTHER CHARACTERS: Index, Sasha Kreutzev
MISC. INFORMATION: Her memories regarding the events of last year is hazy as if it's been affected by something ( like plot). For the balancing of the RP I will not be utilizing Exterior unless it's related to the plot.
Shokuno Misaki
Shokuno Misaki
Level 5 Mental Out

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Post  Shokuno Misaki Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:56 am

Test Post wrote:Even though it's bound to be still relatively fresh in the memory lanes let's go over a not so distant past one more time.

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Highschool_zps93uqrmrx

Everything about the place could only be described as the epitome of average-ness. From the structure of the school buildings, class materials, recreation facilities and school cafeteria all could only be evaluated with a C+ passing grade in the eyes of someone who was attending one of the most prestigious schools ranked in the top 5 of Academy City. Almost as if you were playing a computer game from the highest graphic settings, attending this particular high school almost felt as if she was setting the graphic settings to the lowest possible in order to meet the bare minimum standards required. Even the summer uniforms here felt somewhat lacking and she couldn't help but feel that the B parameter of the BWH settings on this High School uniform felt a little tight which made her wonder if she was wearing the standard High School uniform issued to the female students of a certain High School.

She thought to herself for the first time, 'How nice it must be for Misaka-san, with her childish bust ability fitting into this tight fitting uniform would have been no problem at all!' as she silently sat in a class full of students too busy chatting away with the absence of their homeroom teacher.

It was through a thorough investigation she found out that there was supposed to have been a high platform of a wooden crate located upside down right behind the teacher's lecturer table. It was originally meant for the homeroom teacher to use the platform in class but instead it was revealed that the crate was a convenient hiding place meant to stockpile a stack of secret indecent photographs taken by a hidden camera located inside the girls changing room.

Espers were people with supernatural abilities and due to their abilities it was possible to take such indecent photographs in a creative way by turning the camera invisible for starters, and then operating the camera using telekinetic powers. It would require 2 Espers at the very least to pull it off but the Indecent Club possessed members from both inside the school and outside, an alliance of indecent people spread across Academy City.

The stash of photos were supposedly the property of this Indecent Club where the chairman of the club, Aogami Pierce, would hold a weekly auction of such vanity items on top of the school building every Thursday after school.

It was these contents that were discovered an hour ago by one of the girls with clairvoyance and the crate was soon tossed into the school incinerator by the unofficial class rep, Fukiyose Seiri. The official class rep still lay twitching in the cold hallway grounds with bubbles of frothing out of his mouth. Unconscious but still barely breathing from his punishment.

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Komoe%20sensei_zpsk1cjbi23
"Erm everyone? Everyone? Class began 10 minutes ago..." said a quiet squeaky voice behind the lecture table.

In fact it was too quiet for anyone to hear it, especially when it was being drowned in the sea of student chatter. The absence of the platform came at a high cost as nobody, not even the diligent Fukiyose, could hear the voice of their homeroom teacher who was physically smaller than the lecture table clearly designed for teachers with a tall structure like Yomikawa sensei from the class next door.

Even with tiptoes, Komoe sensei's head remained hidden behind the tyranny of the lecture table standing tall before her and given her best efforts to grab her classroom's attention her efforts went unnoticed.

Was she cut out for teaching? Does my class hate me? these were the private thoughts that belonged to the fun sized teacher which could only be heard by Shokuhou Misaki the transfer student infiltrating the Certain High School for personal reasons.

Infiltration was easy for the Queen of Tokiwadai that specialized in rewriting memories with the flick of a button. It was her first day here yet the students in this classroom remembered her as a transfer student with an amazing style who enrolled 3 months ago. If there was one person who would be startled by her appearance, it would be the person rumored to be the source of much misfortunes. Only a handful of people could defend themselves against her manipulative abilities, including the Ace of Tokiwadai, the Strongest Level 5, and a random Level 0 who Misaki has grown affection for.

Even though there was one person in this classroom who belonged in the three mentioned just now, she deliberately infiltrated to find additional information on her love interests. What kind of person was he? What would please him the most? etc etc there were simply numerous questions with no answers.

She pried into the minds of several people in class and the most re-occurring thoughts found in his classmates was that. She narrowed her search and in the mind of one Tsuchimikado Motoharu she was able to find the identity of that by going through some of his past dialogues with a third party.

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Tsuchimikado_zpsgc0kx30c

"Nee-chin, if you truly felt gratitude towards Kami-yan for saving you not once but twice and still counting, isn't it time you show him gratitude for his heroic actions by doing what he truly desires? Ta-dah! I've prepared the most suitable reward you can give to Kami-yan. The Fallen Angel Ero Maid costume!"

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Kanzaki%20maid_zpsrib7k3cp

"E-Erotic Fallen Angel Maid Costume…!! W..What a indecent costume it is!" Misaki exclaimed as she examined the clothes prepared by Motoharu in his past. This revelation was silently ignored however seeing as the recipient was a girl who seemingly owed her prince a gratitude and unlike Misaka-san's pathetic chest ability, this woman could theoretically wear this horrifying weapon with relative ease. Embarrassment and shame seemed to be what was preventing this mysterious rival from executing the perfect plan... did Misaki have the luxury to overlook the devil's bargain? With that in mind she took notes to find and order a costume through eBay later but was stopped when she came across a very vivid imaginations of the fallen Class Rep.

Among everyone she has encountered in her life time, Aogami Pierce had no rivals in terms of imagining lewd thoughts and among them was a wild imaginations of The Queen of Tokiwadai herself in yet another lewd cosplay that would in BLAU's mind, tickle Kami-yan's fancy.

[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Misaki%20maid_zpsm1oyatyg

Laser Tech Ero Bunny Maid Costume....

As the prince of her dreams entered the classroom she froze her memory lapse, confirming the memory deterioration inside her current mind mismatching with what was stored as backup.

"Category 017: Encrypt and protect restored memories with highest priority from future mental bombing attacks, Category 042: Log out of Mental Model Serial 02FX1272C1S."

As she chanted those words while waving the garage gate remote control against her own head, she came back from sitting in the classroom of year 1 Class 7 of that boy's high school and back into the reality of Tokiwadai dormitory where she lay in bed with one hand tightly grabbing a cheap white whistle, a memento from her personal hero. Now she was certain, someone had tampered with her memories and of all memories they tried to make her forget about the person she treasured the most. They will pay dearly... this she swore. The Queen of Tokiwadai swore to take revenge even if the enemy turned out to be the Superintendent of the Windowless Building.
Shokuno Misaki
Shokuno Misaki
Level 5 Mental Out

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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Empty Re: [Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

Post  Mugino Shizuri Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:57 pm

The Fifth Level Five being the fifth Level Five to be approved (most likely). Such coincidence.

Introduction: Check.
Actual Eval: Next!

1. Distinguishing Features
Starting off with something that can’t really be considered a real part of the eval, because I’m just questioning your intentions here – a good sign. I’m pretty much going to ask: Why didn’t you mention her starry eyes as something distinguishing her from the masses?
To me personally it feels like her overall trademark.

2. Ability
I doubt that many would understand, hence I’m asking you to explain what a “mental bomb” is.

3. Exterior
Well, it’s part of her character and ability set, therefore I feel like the poor thing deserves a little more attention. Even if you won’t make use of it except for plot reasons I need to ask you at least put it somewhere in the Ability or Other Abilities section, simply for its great importance.
Plus I prefer things like that to be explained properly~

4. Her Clique
I’m actually approaching you with a little suggestion?
How about adding her Clique to her Other Abilities? I mean they are pretty much something similar to an ability in her case; can she use their network as an ideal source of information or ask for their helping hands on any occasion – which she repeatedly did in the series. Basically I feel like that’s enough for something to qualify as an actual skill.
I hope you’re getting what I’m trying to say here.

And that’s it.

Last edited by Mugino Shizuri on Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:23 pm; edited 1 time in total
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Empty Re: [Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

Post  [Old] Index Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:02 pm

1. I've already mentioned that her starry eyes makes her stand out in the Appearance section. It seems unnecessary to repeat that just below it.

4. Problem is that it's too vague to count as an actual ability. She has hundred of high end Espers at her disposal and could more or less do what Kiyama did as a Multiskill cept she has a private army of Espers. I felt that since it's not her own abilities but belongs to others it wouldn't count as an actual ability which is to mind control people (this is already listed). I feel like it's quite similar to asking me to list the grimoires at Index's disposal in John's Pen Mode, all 10300 magical texts.
[Old] Index
[Old] Index

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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Empty Re: [Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

Post  Mugino Shizuri Tue Mar 03, 2015 10:34 am

Mhh, I don’t really see their fighting strength as their most important factor, rather their information network and the fact that they’d serve her for any purpose, the ideal pawns that wouldn’t even require her to control their minds.
However I still can see your point and therefore leave it at that~

With that comment, there’s nothing else left for me to mention or highlight. Therefore:


[Level 5 Mental Out]

Now be nice and torment our beloved Misaka-san to your fullest~
Mugino Shizuri
Mugino Shizuri
Level 5 Meltdowner

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[Esper] Shokuhou Misaki Empty Re: [Esper] Shokuhou Misaki

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