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[Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus

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[Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus Empty [Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus

Post  Cornelius Carolus Tue May 12, 2015 12:09 pm

Cornelius F. Carolus

Trochus271- "With enough effort even the talentless can rise!"

[Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus 1q87Kbi

"Even though I am talentless and may be kicked down, I will always stand back up. If I'm kicked down again then I'll stand up again. That is my peerless ambition!"

FULL NAME: Cornelius Frederik Carolus
OTHER ALIAS: C.C, Freddy, Carlos Jones
FACTION: N/A, will be taking Necessarius Entrance Exam

APPEARANCE: Cornelius stands at six foot, five inches. He has brown unkempt hair and part of his bang shoot outwards in spikes. Cornelius has broad shoulders and a powerful build consisting of a highly toned muscles. He has sharp light blue eyes and fair skin. He likes to wear a variety of clothing but one thing that he usually wears is the scarf that his father gave him before he had died.

HEIGHT: 6'5" (1.9812 Meters or 198.12 Cm)
WEIGHT: 214 pounds (97 Kg)

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: For one his physique is a noteworthy feature of Cornelius. He has spent years developing a body that he can be proud of and he is proud of it. It represents all the hard work he had put into changing himself. Another noteworthy thing about him is his hair. His hair seems to be a little unkempt, another thing that drives Cornelius crazy. Yet he does like the odd way his bang is spiked out.


Cornelius feels that he is inferiority to people who are regarded as 'people who have talent'. Even though he may appear flamboyant on the outside he is insecure about himself. All his life he was somebody that was said to be talentless, being unable to do things as well as other people. Even for a while he took his anger out of others, even now he does this by disliking Espers. He knows that Espers are people who are lucky enough to have talent but what about those who don't have talent? They are a constant reminder to Cornelius about his no talent and for that he dislikes them.

Cornelius is full of vigor and enthusiasm. He radiates with confidence and it seems as if nothing will bring down his spirits. Of course, his confidence is more of a facade, something he puts up to hide his inferiority. He knows that with enough effort he can do certain things but he can't help but feel below others. Those people who are regarded as geniuses and others. Cornelius at times over reacts to certain things but he isn't in capable of being serious, he gets serious when the mood calls for it. He likes to lighten the mood and that's what he usually does. He makes his presence known and even makes outrageous statements to do so.

Peerless Ambition
Cornelius all his life has been regarded as having no talent. He was even bullied for a while, people saying that even God didn't bless him with a appearance even decent. This was because for a while he was overweight with an unkempt face. Cornelius after losing his father decided to turn his life around with his father's words. At a young age this inspired him to work out and to try his best. Proving that even without talent he can do it if he puts in three times the effort. Though he is still deeply effected by his no talent he doesn't let it get to him as much as it used to.

Cornelius isn't one to be serious. He only becomes serious when the situation at hand calls for it. He much rather prefers to keep the mood light hearted which is why he dislikes being serious. During fights his face goes into a poker face, this is one noticeable thing that happens when he gets serious.

Cornelius is an empathic person, this makes him a little easier to manipulate by people who are experienced in manipulating. He isn't naive but he does feel sorry for people who have led hard lives, making it easier for others to earn his empathy. He is one that can be easily moved to tears and tends to get friendly with people pretty fast(at least he acts like friends).

Cornelius is a talkative person this goes hand in hand with his flamboyant side. He likes to keep the conversation going even if it means switching topics or even bringing up things that don't even relate to the previous topic. Cornelius isn't dense and knows when to stop talking but he generally likes to talk.

Cornelius likes to play jokes on people as much as the next person. He loves to tease people often calling them names like 'shrimp', 'baldy', etc. Even if his jokes can get out of hand from time to time he still loves to pull them regardlessly.

Power Hungry
Cornelius loves magic. He loves studying it and using it, he loves gaining more control of magic. He believes that with magic he will be able to overcome those who are born with talent, Espers. With magic he will be able to be on top. He seeks power and hungers for it. He strives to gain more power, to reach the top. He believes that once he reaches the top then he'll be above everything for once in his life he'll be the best at something. Seeking power is a way for him to try to break away from the chains that confine him.

Cornelius puts himself and his words out there. He makes sure he has a say so in most things. Cornelius knows when it's time to keep his mouth shut but when it's not that time he's sure to be loud and make sure that people knows what he's thinking.

To See The Bigger Picture
Cornelius had the ability to see the bigger picture. This makes him capable of doing cruel things in the name of progressing towards a better goal. He does everything for this reason. This makes him seem cruel for thinking of things like necessary sacrifices even if they were the people that he considered his friends.


  • Organization&Cleanliness- Cornelius prefers for everything to be organized and cleaned. He likes to know the place of everything and to know that everything is clean. This goes to even to the point where he cannot stand wrinkles in his clothing.

  • His scarf- He loves his scarf, he always makes sure it's kept clean and makes sure he knows where it is. Simply because it was a departing from his deceased father, it was the gift he gave him when he left his life changing words onto Cornelius.

  • Magic&Alchemy- He loves magic and alchemy, and using it. After all it is how he's going to surpass everyone with it and prove that even the talentless can do anything if they put their minds to it. Proving the dying words of his father to be right.


  • Dirt- Cornelius hates dirt, he hates getting his clothing dirty or his room being unkept. It likes to keep things organized and clean and dislikes any dirty places.

  • Espers- People who have the talent that Cornelius yearns to have. He envies them and also dislikes them. He comes off more aggressive towards Espers, openly displaying his dislike towards them.

  • His Name- He dislikes his name thinking it sounds nerdy and lame. He greatly prefers to be called C.C or even Freddy for that matter, something more normal sounding. As such he dislikes it whenever somebody calls him by his real name and states his name is C.C to people he meet.

  • Being Ignored- Even if he isn't a spotlight hog he hates to be ignored. This strikes up his inferiority complex thinking that the other party regards him as somebody lesser. Even if he knows that they aren't serious this can easily set him off.


  • Peerless Ambition- When Cornelius puts his mind to it he can accomplish a multitude of things but he has to put in more effort.

  • Quick Thinking- Even though Cornelius isn't the smartest person he is a quick thinker, helping him get out of a battle alive.

  • Great Physique- From working out a lot Cornelius developed a great physique. He's gifted with great endurance enabling him to last longer in battle and he naturally boasts great strength and agility.

  • To See The Bigger Picture: Cornelius from years of being the leader and having to live in a cruel environment he tends to see the bigger picture. This is what makes him cruel being able to see the bigger picture. For the bigger picture he is willing to make sacrifices, rather they are hard or easy, he will be willing to make them.


  • Intelligence- Cornelius certainly isn't the smartest person in the world but he isn't the dumbest. He isn't really knowledge on magic or esper abilities leading to him having a hard time figuring out his opponent's powers.

  • Slow Leaner- Cornelius has a difficult time learning anything new and it takes him longer than most people to learn certain things.

Cornelius Frederik Carolus was born in the Netherlands in 1991 to a wealthy family. His father was a banker and his mother was a nurse. They were both full Dutch, with a family member living in England. People had high expectations for him since he came from a family that was better off than most. He wasn't a natural born genius, he struggled to get decent grades all because he wasn't fond on studying and even when he studied, he could barely get good grades. As a child he was always a little bit of pudgy but that pudge grew as Cornelius did. Soon enough Cornelius was overweight. He was considered dumb, overweight, and talentless. The only people who showed him kindness were his parents. His parents always comforted him telling him that no matter what he will always be special. Cornelius was so set on trying to prove that he had one talent, one talent was all that he needed. He had tried a variety of things, football, horseback riding, music, dancing, karate but to no avail. He wasn't good at any of those things. Nothing 'clicked' for him.

Cornelius was getting bullied at school at a young age. People calling him useless, a disgrace to his very family the Carolus. This had caused him to develop a severe inferiority complex that he hides. He was scared, he was a coward. He was terrified that the bullies would beat him till he was about to die from the threats they were making he thought they actually would. He was terrified what they could do to his parents, they were just normal people. He couldn't take his anger out on people so he took his anger out towards the people who was said to be the ones with talent. Espers, this caused him to develop a dislike towards them. Those people who are said to be above others, those people who are above himself. To him they seemed like the very bullies that he had to deal with.

Tragedy struck Cornelius when he was ten years old, his father had been involved in a car wreck. It was in the middle of winter and his father was returning from work when the sleet still covered the road. The curves of the road made it hard to stay on the road with a layer of sleet on top. Luckily Cornelius' father was still alive but in a horrible condition. Cornelius and his mother rushed to the hospital to visit his father. When getting there Cornelius was in shock, to see his father hooked up to so many machines, beat up and broken. Cornelius rushed to his father tears already spilling from his eyes.

Cornelius' father was conscious, beat up, broken, but still conscious. Cornelius' father looked his son in the eyes. His beloved son, the one who was regarded as the talentless boy. He told him with a raspy voice that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. Disregard what people tell him, if he puts his mind to it then he could be the best at whatever he wants to. Even if the words were short and simple Cornelius was touched that his father was using what was considered his dying words. His father didn't know if he would make it to see tomorrow or even the few minutes that lay ahead. He needed to tell his son this. He needed his son to grow. Cornelius couldn't see his father clearly due to the tears that were in his eyes. All he had heard was the sound of the machine's rhythm starting to speed up. The nurse that was beside them told them to leave the room as the doctors had started to rush in.

Cornelius and his mother waited outside the hospital. A few hours later they had came to tell them both that the father had past away. Cornelius and his mother mourned that whole night. After returning home and waking up the next morning Cornelius stayed out of school. Cornelius spent the whole day thinking about his father and his last words. His father had used his last words to tell Cornelius to improve himself. To take his own fate in his own hands. If he was pathetic at doing everything then why not try and try again till he becomes proficient in it? Cornelius always shy'd away when he saw failure, his father and mother took notice of that. They had tried to get Cornelius to try a variety of things but it only proved to make him even sadder. So they simply gave up on it in hopes of Cornelius getting out of that phase of his. His father's words had snapped him out of it. In amidst his thoughts Cornelius' mother came into his room and presented him with a gift his father was going to give him. It was a scarf, a scarf that looked a little too big for him. His mother had told him that his father had picked it out so that Cornelius could wear it when he was older as well since they had noticed he was admiring the scarf when they were out shopping one day. Cornelius embraced the scarf resolving to change. To change himself and put more effort into what he does. He'll put in effort to make up for his talentless self!

He decided to take a boxing class with the determination to stay in there and succeed. He was a slow leaner, having to be taught the moves again and again. The other students kept their mouth shut in front of the instructor but he could feel their gazes. Cornelius even practiced at home getting his stance down and mimicking the move he saw his instructor do. He certainly wasn't the best or even near the top. But he was making progress and that's what mattered to him. Along with boxing he start to lift weights on the days he wasn't boxing. He was working out a lot but Cornelius was going to change his body like his father wanted him to. Alas, Cornelius grades didn't improve but he was at least keeping them at a decent level. When Cornelius went back to school a year later he was a changed person. His physique had definitely slimmed down and he was starting to grow. Now he was oddly tall for eleven year old and he stood up to his bullies. Of course they weren't going to take any crap from the talentless Cornelius but before they could get the jump on him Cornelius attacked first. The fight had happened in the middle of lunch so teachers and other students had broken up the fight. Cornelius had made sure that he had gotten a few hits on the other kid. Cornelius stated himself, saying that he wouldn't take any more abuse from them laying down, and this was all they needed.

Cornelius continued to take several other sports and continued to grow. He became more popular as he got older but he still never could overcome the serve inferiority complex that he has. He just managed to hide it from others. Cornelius' life took another turn for the worse when he had became the age of thirteen , just three years after the death of his father. His mother had a heart attack and had to be sent to the hospital. It happened when she was out to dinner with Cornelius. He was shocked that tragedy had struck him again. First his father and now his mother? Cornelius' mother's condition stabilized by the night and Cornelius went to visit her in the morning. Cornelius spent the whole day by his mother's side and when night came he went back home. During the night the house phone rang and Cornelius picked it up with the worst guesses coming to mind. His guess had proven to be true, his mother had entered critical condition. Cornelius not being of age to drive had to run to the hospital that was miles away. True his physique was good but he was still human. He pushed his body to the limit running, his breathing labored and the soles of his feet burning. Alas, he was too late, his mother had past away. Cornelius cursed his fate once more, why must he have been born underneath such a cursed star? Cornelius wept that night as he walked back home. He knew that he would have to go live underneath a legal guardian but who would take him in? Eventually it was decided that he would go live with his aunt in England.

Cornelius went to go stay with his aunt but he carried a large inheritance. Yet because he was underage he couldn't receive the inheritance. His aunt was one of the known relatives he had and was one of the few. His aunt was living in the slums of England where everything was hell. Gang violence was high, prostitution was common, you couldn't leave your door unlock and expect to come home to see everything in place. The law enforcement extorted money from people and abused their power. Cornelius knew that this was only the beginning of hell for him. Education was impossible to get where Cornelius was now living. The aunt's husband was abusive to both Cornelius and his aunt. This only made Cornelius' inferiority complex more serve. He thought that he was useless again, couldn't do nothing against his uncle in law. It was a constant reminder to both Cornelius and his aunt about his strength and their weak selves. Cornelius past the time making a name for himself out in the streets. He fought in one of the most notorious places that people could go, Fight club. Fight club was a place where people could go to prove themselves using their bare fists. The place had rules and even had a profit to it. People could beat on who they thought would win and the fighters would have to place a fighting fee before fighting. The gang, Yellow Daises, ran Fight Club. Yellow Daises were a fairly big gang which helped keep the order of Fight Club. A portion of the money from Fight Club went to the police to keep them from involving themselves. Of course Cornelius took what money he could get his hands on namely by stealing to enter Fight Club as a fighter. Cornelius knew that he couldn't survive out here by acting with morals. He wanted to survive and grow stronger. He couldn't die out in the slums because he wouldn't steal and fight. So he tried to make a profit and a name for himself by fighting.

Cornelius eventually decided to run away after three months of living with them. His uncle was furious, there went the money he was supposed to receive from keeping Cornelius. All his efforts gone to waste. Cornelius was off using his name to try to bring people together to start up a gang. Even though Cornelius was only thirteen he looked as if he was late teenage years. The gang was called 'Pink Silvers' and when it started it only had five other members. They armed themselves with simple weapons like bats and pipes. They avoided the bigger gangs and when they weren't off fighting other gangs for a variety of things they were operating what was a brothel. They offered the prostitutes protection and a place to operate while they took some of the money they earned. Where did this money go? Of course it went into Fight Club. When they won they in return used the money to upgrade their small brothel. They got better beds, better lighting, exotic clothing for the girls. Cornelius was doing a surprisingly good job. He was making a name for himself while earning some money to feed himself. Life was going smooth for Cornelius. They were extremely lucky that they managed to avoid the bigger gangs, they knew that they would get dominated by them if they didn't appeal to them.

Years had past and Lady Luck has been great to Cornelius and the Pink Silvers. The Pink Silvers now ran a great brothel and the Fight Club. The battle of getting the Fight Club was tough and merciless. They had lost some precious members but they made sure that no members of Yellow Daises were left alive. This had gained them some reputation as being known as a cruel gang. Running the Pink Silvers had made the immature child that Cornelius was mature at a frightening rate. He was capable of making tough choices all for the bigger picture. Luck wasn't always going to be on the side of Cornelius and the Pink Silvers. While they were basking in their hard work the world wasn't going to stop for them. A group of gangs decided to claim the territory of the arrogant Pink Silvers. Sure they had the equipment but they could catch them off guard. When it was the birthday of Cornelius they decided to attack them. The attack was swift and effective, in moments the friends that Cornelius laughed alongside with were dead. The sounds of the guns filling Cornelius' friends with holes were all that he could hear. Cornelius knew that he was under attack. He got some ground and got a weapon. Alas, the Pink Silvers couldn't hold up against the attack group of gangs. That day the Pink Silvers fell, but Cornelius had managed to run. Even though he was the leader he wasn't going to die fighting a futile battle. He did make sure that all the others were dead before escaping at least wounded. But Cornelius himself was injured, bleeding against the wall of an alleyway. He smirked with the blood flowing from his mouth, was all his hard work for naught? Was everything he wanted, he yearned, he worked for going to be thrown away? His father's words echoed in his mind, 'You can do anything if you put your mind to it'. Those words weren't going to save his life and they certainly weren't meaning anything now. Cornelius found his eyes getting heavy as the surroundings grew darker.

Yet Cornelius found himself awake, breathing, his body in pain. Pain? If he was in pain then that meant he was alive. Cornelius jumped up with a startle, he was alive. He looked around and saw a aged man sitting beside him. The aged man had brown hair that hung to his shoulders with a large bald spot on top of his head. Cornelius was surprised by the man's appearance but he insisted for Cornelius to calm down. The man had said to Cornelius that he was Joshua and he had healed Cornelius. Cornelius questioned the man and he had told Cornelius through magic that he had healed him. It turns out that about a week ago Joshua's son Abraham was walking down the streets of slums trying to lose his virginity to a prostitute. It may seem crazy but Abraham being twenty five was tired of being picked on for being a virgin by his few friends. So he went to the slums to lose his virginity when he encountered two gangsters. They had asked for his money and when Abraham insisted that he didn't have none they intimidated him by pulling out a knife. Abraham truthfully was saving up the money he had for the prostitute so he didn't want to give it to the thugs before him. But when he was about to get mugged there came Cornelius. Cornelius had told the guys to beat it but they refused to do so. Cornelius had told Abraham to run along while he dealt with the gangsters. Truthfully Cornelius was going to try to rob the finely dressed wimpy looking kid but when he tried to look for him after dealing with the other two he couldn't find him. Thus Abraham had a great time with a woman and Cornelius went home without extorting money from him.

Abraham being an honor bound being wanted to repay Cornelius but couldn't find him later that day. He decided that he would come some back soon which brought him to stumble upon Cornelius who was dying in an alley. Abraham went with his father, Joshua, to find the man who had saved them and thank him. To their surprise they found a trail of blood and drove to find Cornelius laying in an alley. They decided to take Cornelius and heal him, they didn't want to see a person die in front of their eyes without doing anything. So Joshua called his wife, Mary, and told her to prepare a healing ceremony while Abraham held the bleeding back. Soon enough they reached their house and Cornelius was healed, but he barely made it. So brings us to the scene at hand. Cornelius didn't know what to do any more. He had more pressing matters, where would he go? With the Pink Silvers gone he had no life line, he couldn't do anything. He was as useless as before. Everything was against him and he was below everything. He could be manipulated by everyone and be thrown away by everyone. Something looked to Joshua who was still sitting beside him and asked about magic.

Years had past a Cornelius had gotten adjusted to his new life. The person known as Cornelius Frederik Carolus had disappeared and he was now C.C, or Carlos Jones. He was living with Joshua, Abraham, and Mary happily studying magic. Cornelius didn't go back to school since he found no more use for it. He knew the basics which was all that he needed so instead he devoted his time to magic and sports. He eve studied alchemy alongside his magic. Soon enough Cornelius turned nineteen, and him and Abraham were talking about magic cabals at hand. Magic cabals seemed to be a great way of gaining power and researching so Cornelius considered joining one. After looking over some he thought about joining Necessarius but when bringing it out to Abraham he disliked the idea. Necessarius was a secretive and dangerous magic cabal. Joining it was like a marriage, but if you get out you die. After some consideration and resolving himself Cornelius eventually decided to join it and left the Jones' residence. Of course it was a touching scene the Jones were like his family. He went to go start another new life as C.C, a Necessarius Magician.


Trochus271: "With enough effort even the talentless can rise!"

Guardian Of The Forest[Humbaba]: This item is made to symbolize the guardian of Cedar Forest, Humbaba, in the Gilgamesh Epic. Cornelius has a lion earring that is made to symbolize the guardian Humbaba. He wears the lion earring on his left ear, symbolizing the Guardian of the forest Humbaba, himself. When a person looks at Cornelius while he is wearing this earring they have a sense of fear momentarily come over them, Cornelius' very appearance intimidates people. People can easily overcome this sense of momentary fear but they will be more wary of Cornelius. This is because Enlil, the lord of the storm, has assigned Humbaba as a terror to human beings. Cornelius wears the lion earring to represent Humbaba himself and his physical qualities.

The lion earring gifts Cornelius with enhanced strength representing 'the grip of a lion'. The lion earrings also gift Cornelius with enhanced hearing representing another ability that Humbaba has which is the ability to hear a hundred leagues away. He has durability exceeding that of the average human thanks to Humbaba's thorny scales.  He has yet to obtain this Item.

Cacao Tea: A fairly simple ritual that mimics the ancient ritual in how the Aztecs made chocolate beverages. These beverages have been said to give the drinker strength, this was mostly used to boost people's strength during times of war. Cornelius uses tea and brews it with cacao beans using a bit of alchemy in the process. Cornelius makes the tea and then puts it in vials that he carries on him. Drinking the vials grants him enhanced strength and agility. He strongly dislikes the bitter taste that comes with it.


  • Great Physique
    From working out a lot Cornelius developed a great physique. He's gifted with great endurance enabling him to last longer in battle and he naturally boasts great strength and agility.

  • Multilingual
    Cornelius speaks three languages being: Dutch(his native language), English, and Japanese. He is fluent in Dutch and English. His Japanese could be better.

  • Housework
    From years of cleaning the house Cornelius has become rather adept in performing household chores, like cleaning the dishes, washing clothes, dusting, and a variety of other things.

  • Hand to Hand Proficiency
    He took several material art classes in order to lose weight and defend himself from his bullies, he is fairly experienced in hand to hand combat. He is surely no masters of any styles and he isn't really experienced with any weapons.

  • Alchemy
    He is fairly experienced in alchemy having to use it often to make his tea.

  • Leadership
    He is a great leader from years of leading the Pink Silvers. He is capable of making tough decisions and having the confidence of a leader.

  • Intimidation
    He is capable of intimidating people fairly well from his years on the street. He had to develop this skill from intimidating others and even his own lackeys. To make others follow you, you must make them know that you're stronger than them.


  • Scarf
    He keeps the scarf that his deceased father had given him on hand. He makes sure that he keeps the scarf clean and avoids getting it rip or torn.

  • Vials
    He carries on him vials that are filled with his tea that he uses to do a ritual which increases his strength and agility. He carries on him seven vials.


RATING:  M for mature (Violent or suggestive content such as 'Ecchi' or 'fanservice' scenes.)
FACE CLAIM: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Joseph Joestar.

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[Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus Empty Test Post

Post  Cornelius Carolus Thu May 14, 2015 4:32 pm

Test Post:
"Hello~, anybody in here? Open up Abraham before I knock this door down!" Cornelius shouted, lifting up his hefty foot to lightly kick the door. Cornelius wore a black t-shirt that clung to his powerfully built body, blue jeans and hefty black boots. On his neck he wore a purple scarf, the scarf was lined with greenish stripes. This was the same scarf that his father had gotten him. On his hand he wore a black glove with a candle keychain. He grabbed his scarf with his right hand and threw it off his body. In an instance the scarf faded away in golden particles.

"Uh, who is it? If you're a telemarketer I don't want any." A voice commented from behind the door.

"You idiot, I just called your name. Now open it! I'm going to go to the gym in a few more hours." Cornelius said giving another kick to the door.

Locks could be heard clicking and unlocking. Soon enough Abraham opened the door allowing Cornelius entry. The house looked fairly average on the inside. The interior wallpaper was tan with the door leading to the living room. The living room had a couch at the end of the room and a TV on the other end. There was a coffee table in front of the couch with a cup of water resting on it. "Oh, I see you've been cleaning up. Say, did you clean up the basement as well?" Cornelius asked his lips curling into a smirk. Cornelius knew very well how much of a pain it was to clean up the basement so he teased Abraham about how unkempt it was. Of course Cornelius went back and cleaned up everything. He disliked untidy places.

"O-of course I did!" Abraham commented from behind Cornelius. Abraham was the opposite of Cornelius. He was shy and reserved, afraid of putting his word out there. He was sickly pale and was skin and bones. He had messy, unkept, shaggy black hair and thick glasses.

Cornelius pushed open the door to Abraham's basement and started to descend down the steps. The clicks of Cornelius' boots echoed throughout the desolate basement. "Oh, you cleaned it huh? Why didn't you dust it then?" Cornelius said his sharp eyes resting onto a group of dust that rested on the oak wooden handrails.

"B-because of reasons, okay!?" Abraham commented from behind Cornelius. Cornelius jumped off the last stepped and landed on the floor.

"Time to get started, right Abraham?" Cornelius asked, looking back at his cousin.

"O-okay!" Abraham commented with a light nod of the head. 
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[Magician] Cornelius Frederik Carolus Empty Edits Done

Post  Cornelius Carolus Sun May 17, 2015 5:34 am

Update here to say that I'm finished with the edits.
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