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[SNPC/Reishi] Sagara Minoru

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[SNPC/Reishi] Sagara Minoru Empty [SNPC/Reishi] Sagara Minoru

Post  Accelerator Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:51 pm

FULL NAME: Sagara Minoru
AGE: 17

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A tall, powerfully built young man. His dark hair is styled up in short quills that emphasises his angular facial features. He typically wears a plain t-shirt and jeans with a distinctive white jacket and red headband. True to his nature Minoru often wears a foolish grin while working.

INFORMATION: A Reishi and member of the Nine Dragons. Minoru is headstrong and determined. Little will dissuade him from pursuing his goals. A strong ox of a fighter, he prefers brute force solutions to strategy and will approach all obstacles with violence when given the option.

Minoru has often been said to possess a temperament befitting a flame-based art such as the Crimson Flame sect. However, he was inducted instead into the Heavenly Tremor school whose techniques rely on rigid control of one's entire body. Despite his personality being incompatible with the schools art and its teachers Minoru excelled, applying himself with unyielding concentration to his training. Though he will never be able to master the style's most advanced techniques he remains a useful tool for the organisation.

Through countless battles and dangerous missions Minoru has proven himself an effective, if crude operative. His missions rarely end with anything less than bloodshed as he eradicates anyone in his path without a care for bystanders or collateral damage. For this reason he is often sent alone into situations that require little in the way of subtlety.

ABILITIES: The Heavenly Wave school utilises the practitioners Chi to control the molecules around them, exciting them to vibrate or still based on the will of the user. The applications for such an ability are vast, and as with most other Spirit Arts schools its practitioners focus on a handful of potential techniques. Due to the strenuous training methods employed, practitioners of the Heavenly Wave display superhuman physical durability. Their bodies, used to receiving the feedback from their abilities, are able to withstand tremendous punishment that has been mistaken for invulnerability.

Mountain Splitting Wave:
Minoru's technique focuses primarily on the direct application of force to his surroundings. Through contact with an object, Minoru can excite its molecules to cause internal damage and even structural collapse. The technique is imprecise, owing more to Minoru's brute strength than his skill.

Sky Dragon's Roar:
The second of Minoru's favoured techniques causes vibrations within the air molecules in his surroundings. The initial tremors are harmless to others. However, once the vibrations have reached their peak the air around Minoru will explode outwards in a powerful concussive blast which, at its highest output can shred metal and pulverise solid stone.

Thunder Cannon:
Minoru's primary means of long range combat. The Thunder Cannon is a simple technique that uses a sudden, low frequency wave to produce powerful, focussed concussive blast from its practitioners fists. The attack can only travel in a straight line and will naturally dissipate with distance or interference from another source. Power can be sacrificed for speed, with the resulting blasts being little more than long range punches.

FACE CLAIM: Sagara Sanosuke, Rurouni Kenshin
Level 5 Vector Change

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