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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious

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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Damion Koyoko Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:39 am

Dewain Luxovious
"Brothers and Sisters. That is what humanity is, and what they need to remember."

[Magician] Dewain Luxovious 6g7JUj9

"Hm?..My Hair? It's technically for a form of worship, but it's like this because a colleague of mine told me that the longer one's hair is, the more experience and wisdom they have to offer. It got a bit obnoxious so I tied it up in a pony tail, but even now it's a bit cumbersome, I will admit. That same colleague keeps telling me how empowered I look, so I can't bring myself to cut it...Hm?..A...Joke? I-...Is that so? So does that make me humorous?."

FULL NAME: Dewain Luxovious
OCCUPATION: Servant/Butler
FACTION: Necessarius

APPEARANCE: Dewain appears to have a rather average appearing build, although perhaps a bit skinny by appearance. One would normally find him in appropriate clothing as his job as a butler requires it, or a simple suit and tie on his day off. Rarely is he ever seen in anything considered casual, which has made people question his idea of a day off. His hair a dark green and eyes the color of emeralds, and his hair is extremely long.
HEIGHT: 5'11 or 180.34 cm
WEIGHT: 185 lbs or 83.9 kg
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Outrageously long hair, Celtic Tattoos on his torso.

Dewain will normally never tell a lie, follows a strict code of morality and fairness unless the situation demands he overlooks said things temporarily. He will treat almost anyone with a form of respect and politeness.
Neutral Good
Dewain does not agree, let alone enjoy doing anything that is clearly morally wrong, even if some sort of regulation or rule allows such an immoral acts to be committed. He follows who own sense of righteousness and good when the situation forces him to make a rather difficult decision.
Lite Germaphobe
Dewain isn't necessarily scared of touching surfaces that are unclean, but when it comes to his living quarters, place of work, and attire he wears, he refuses to get comfortable or to do anything unless everything is as clean as he desires it to be. This won't be a problem in dangerous situations, but he may often scold people for not washing their hands publicly, or not using a napkin for their face.
Socially Awkward
Social Norms go way over his head more often then not. Even slang will just go out the other ear at times. While he seems kind, nice, and professional at work and in public, any attempt to make friends with him or have any sort of meaningful relationship, will most likely lead to awkward moments.
His training under Celtic magic and fighting has disciplined his mind, to be calm and studious in even the most extreme situations. While this often makes him seem somewhat emotionless, one can count on him to keep a calm mind, and to mentally endure.

Working (as Servant/Butler)
Celtic Magicians
Those who treat him with Equal Respect and Kindness
Overly Dependent individuals
Those who go out of their way to taunt and insult others for no good reason.
High Endurance
Socially Inept
Really..REALLY long hair
Extremely Gullible

HISTORY: Dewain Luxovious was born in Limerick, Ireland on October 21, 19XX, into a Pagan family of magic users. His family consisted of his mother, father, two brothers and a sister, as well as distant relatives who resided in a fairly large mansion of sorts. He was home schooled by other family members of the Luxovious bloodline through education and combat. However, what they practiced Celtic Paganism, they was one thing that was quite unsettling about his family. The specifically worshiped one of the triple Goddesses, Morrígan, a Goddess of War, Fear, and Death.

The Luxovious family were magicians for a specific reason after all. They specialized in killing other magicians or people they would dare call enemies. A family of assassins. A lot of their original magic involved cursing people, hunting them down and killing them swiftly, or driving an individual mad to the point of killing themselves, or doing something so heinous that the public would do it for them.

However, his older sister Rusha Luxovious, who was in charge of incorporating the youngest brother of their family into a world of killing, went against her family's wishes for Dewain's sake. Instead of Morrígan, or even the Triple Goddesses, she taught him to worship the most ancient Goddess of all, The Mother Goddess Danu. A benevolent Goddess that equally cherishes warriors along with the kindness of people toward all living things. But at the Mother Goddess, she balances the Good and Evil of the world. Creation and Destruction. One side cannot be significantly greater than the other, or all encompassing.

Forbidden teachings were given to the young boy. Mercy. Generosity. Kindness. Respect. Honor. And especially Morality, all things tilting toward the Good end of the divine scale. Before his family found out, an important lesson was given to him from his sister.

"No Matter how awful the individual. No matter their age. Their race. The land they stand on. The water they drink. And beliefs they hold. We're all brothers and sisters, and they must be treated as such. You will be first person in this rotten family to tilt the scales back."

Dewain heard everything that his family had done for personal gain. Even though they were assassins, often contracted to deal with certain individuals, they have their fair share on killing seemingly innocent lives whenever they became obstacles to the families well organized plans. It's best to remove the obstacle rather than risk it ever coming back after all. Not only that, but watching the news, or listening to the radio at times, describing riots, serial killings, corrupt governments, political cold wars, and such, Dewain began to feel the world outside his home was just as rotten as those inside his own family. Who was supposed to fix this? How can things balance out without resorting to the same evils that caused this.

Dewain, eventually, found his answer, remembering his sisters words, and gained the resolve to carve a purpose. Humanity can only be fixed with compassion and tough love, as one would give to their sibling. He viewed the world as children lacking proper guidance and enlightenment, and felt he himself must be weight that brings equilibrium and becoming a full fledged magician. When the Luxovious Family found out about Dewain's deluded sense of conscience and fled the house hold, they decided that he must be eliminated, and was quick to dispatch assassin magicians to hunt him down.

Dewain had no where to go, but to seek outside help. His sister mentioned an organization that could protect him, but that they may not be as different to his own family. But they were probably the only ones who could protect him. Seeking out the Anglican Church, who in turn had a sub organization known as Necessarius, pleaded for his safety, in exchange for working for them. Of course, they didn't just let him in, but had no reason not to accept his offer considering how useful he was, and given he has no other choice. They put him through the process until he became an agent of Necessarius.

While their methods were far from desirable, there was one thing that kept the honorable Dewain from leaving Necessarius. Despite the means, the end was the same. They were working for supposedly the greater good, and Danu herself is not a saint, but a fair Goddess, and some evils must be permitted if the world was to remain in balance. Accepting this reality, Dewain is surprisingly loyal to Necessarius, despite his Neutral Good stand point.

Although..Dewain seems to stay at head quarters more often then not, as complaints about him being gone too long come up when Necessarius' most skilled butler isn't there to tend to the needs of others.

Misericordia287: "Brothers and Sisters. That is what humanity is, and what they need to remember." A lesson Dewain took to heart personally. Due to his practices in religion, in regards to treating all those around him with equal respect, kindness and generosity, this was the mindset he wanted to keep to heart. So when it came time to hurt or even kill someone, it reminds himself that even the enemy is cut from the same cloth as all human beings are, and face them head on knowing this. This was all to help restore the world it it's equal balance, as Danu was a Goddess that is supposed to maintain it. And Dewain believes he was born, or perhaps chosen, to be Danu's tool for this endeavor.

Danu's Blessing: Dewain had forged his life style to center around worshiping the Mother Goddess Danu. She represents the cycle of life, nature itself, human growth, human death, power and peace, and all natural processes that take place. Or in short terms, she is the Earth itself. It is argued that she could potentially be the only true Goddess to the Celts, but she is certainly is the most ancient and the first one, hence the name Mother Goddess. Dewain's form of worship to her was of his days of physical training, generosity toward others, treating others with kindness and respect, serving under people willingly as a form of selflessness, and respects the rules of nature, gardening and feeding animals in some of his spare time.

There are also more in depth rituals, however he had to adapt to be able to use his worship to his advantage. Dewain tends to a special tree in which a mistletoe is grown from. He takes a golden sickle and cuts the mistletoe out of the tree, and they are used to prey to the Mother Goddess for her blessings. However, the mother goddess is a fair mother.

These seemingly normal tasks are all to gain the equal love and respect of the Mother Goddess, who bestows upon him power and wisdom, due to his great devotion to her.  He is granted attributes of the core elements of which his body has tattoos to match each element. Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The components are what not only shaped the planet, but created life itself, and are at the very center of all life.

While most people, including Dewain, ask for things involving the natural processes; fertility, harvests ect. Dewain followed the path of Celtic warriors, who have seen Danu as a Warrior Goddess, as they believe fighting is also part of her equal balance. So they often pray to her to guide their spears, strengthen their blows, grant small advantages during fights, and prey for their recovery. So instead of taking the elemental blessings as they are traditionally used, he uses the basic four elements in the way the Celtic warriors did.

  1. Danu's Earth: The Earth Blessing gives Dewain increased protection against any physical and magical attacks, using a strong barrier that engulf his entire body. While one might say it could be a great defense, his movement is hindered significantly, and becomes slower. It is best used when Dewain knows he'll have to take a blow. The barrier cannot be destroyed with standard firearms (Pistols, SMGs, Rifles) without hitting him consistently. A large enough explosion, like a rocket, can break the barrier, leaving him vulnerable. If the barrier is destroyed, he can't use the blessing for a few hours. The barrier appears almost like glass once it begins to crack and weaken, and gives off a faint green glow. Not only that, but the barrier, given it's high defensive capabilities, drains stamina much more quickly then any other blessing, besides the ultimate one.

  2. Danu's Water: The Water Blessing represents the very essence of life and purity. This blessing can be used to vastly accelerate the healing processes of the body. This blessing requires complete concentration, with no distractions, or an extremely steady mind. While it can be used on himself, the water blessing is unique as it can be used to heal others, so long as Dewain's heart desires it and is in physical contact. He cannot heal himself and another person at the same time. This healing magic cannot heal broken bones, or at least not in a short amount of time, as it would take hours. It obviously cannot be used to revive the dead, or mortal wounds such a destroyed heart, a gaping hole in the torso, or a lethal illness. Basically, it's a slow but potentially life saving healing blessing.

  3. Danu's Fire: The burning heart of a warrior is that of a raging fire. The Fire blessing greatly increases Dewain's strength, and a strong intimidating aura covers his body. His physical attacks become immensely stronger than any human can achieve, sparks and steam coming off his blows with every strike with his punches or kicks as to signify the element, as well as a faint red glowing aura. The strength of these blows are roughly two times his normal strength. Were it the average male,  it wouldn't be that strong compared those with well physical fitness. But Dewain does physical exercise and training regularly.Using this ability, feats of strength would include breaking down concrete or brick walls with ease, and lift upwards of 2000lbs or 1 ton if using both his arms. This gives his punches lethal levels of stopping power, but on most occasions, he'd wouldn't use this blessing when incapacitating enemies, unless told to kill them outright.

  4. Danu's Wind: The Wind Blessing is that of an unstoppable flow that flies in between one's fingers, as no one can hope to stop the passage of air. Dewain's agility and speed increases greatly. Best used for dodging or in dire need of escape. A glowing yellow aura highlights his body when it takes effect. Similarly to the fire blessing, this essentially doubles his reflexes and max speed (sprint speed). For running specifically, Dewain can sprint up to 80mph for a maximum of three minutes if running consistently. In short bursts of speed, such as dodging or merely to get closer to someone, it is far easier to manage for longer periods of time.

The Fair Mother: While the four basic elements were adapted simply to improve his martial arts, the more advanced spells are based on the Earth's natural processes. The Earth Mother is in charge of maintaining balance on the planet, and is said to be in charge of all natural cycles, such as water cycle, erosion, forest fires caused by thunder to pave way for new life, and so fourth.  These spells however follows a rule of equivalent exchange. Example: Should someone ask for fertility and great harvest, they must sacrifice one of their live stock to fertilize the soil. If someone preyed for a good raining season, they have to endure a period without rain, or someone else has to take the brunt of it. While these are extreme examples, those are the rules Dewain has to follow.

  1. Nature's Protection: Dewain can temporarily tap into ancient druid magic, specifically enabling him to pray for Nature's Protection. To activate, Dewain must use a water rune to create seemingly harmless rain, and it must enter some semblance of nearby soil. This will be followed up with the rune shattering on it's own. Based on what he desires in the moment, the related plants, graced with rain, will grow prematurely and quickly and can be used to attack, defend, or ensnare.  He can use up to three actions, and the magic only works where the rain has been touched (Anywhere in a 15M radius), and the plants can reach up to five meters in height or over past the projected soaked soil, such as concrete or dry soil. He must verbally order the plants what to do in order to use them.

  2. Erosion Erosion is a long winded cycle of breaking darn hardened material into a fine sand, and will eventually begin the process of desertification until magma breaks down the sand into rock. To tap into the erosion process, Dewain must trade for the process by smoothing stones into rune stones, and offering them to Danu, by destroying them to dust and in exchange gets to use the spell upon asking for it. Dewain can use erosion to eat away physical material and magical barriers, turning them to rust, crumble to a powder, or decay biological matter. This particular one can only be used for a brief amount of time, enough to do two actions with it before blessing pairing wears off. In terms of how much he can erode away, the max per action would be about the size of a doorway. It will not work well if the thickness of what he's eroding is larger than three inches of thickness, and he can't erode something like diamonds.

  3. Wild Fire: This blessing is a bit more mobile and reusable compared to the others. This fiery blaze requires an offering of dead or dying plants as Danu will not merely burn for the sake of burning, as something must be cleaned by the flame to give it purpose. Dewain will often carry trimmings from the garden he tends in a small pouch, where he can some and hold it in his hand. Upon a brief prayer this ignites one of Dewain's arms, and the offering, which is followed by a blast of fire in the direction he aims his arm in almost a funnel shape. The fire is rather large itself, so he prefers not to use this spell unless absolutely necessary as he can't exactly control how much damage he might cause. The fire can only reach up to 10m in length, with a width and height of 3m.

  4. Pollinated Winds: The wind often carries the powder of the, as well as loose or dead leaves that fly among the sky. By taking extracted pollen from the garden, Dewain can toss the pollen into the air and sudden almost a torrent of leaves from the surrounding area. However, the more urban or barren the environment, the longer these spell takes to aid him. This torrent of dead leaves and brush will aid him for offering pollen to the to spread through the wind. It can be used to absorb heightened falls, act as a distraction against his foe, or even be used for temporary flight and retreating away.

Danu's Ultimate Blessing: This is a trump card, and only a trump card. By activating all four of the standard warrior blessings, Dewain can temporarily use all four elements and become extremely powerful during a fight. Statistically: Dewain's Strength x2, Dewain's Speed x2, Defensive Barrier is on with little draw back, and his wounds will quickly heal when damaged. Activation requires him to pray to Danu for roughly a minute, before devouring the mistle toe in his hair. This also means he can't use magic after the ultimate blessing is over as the mistle toe is requires for all other spells.

All boosts to his body would be in effect, but at the cost at the tremendous strain on his body as he trained his body to handle each blessing with little consequence, but not all four at the same time. It will begin destroying his body overtime the longer it stays in effects until he passes out from pain or exhaustion, or out right dies if he keeps it up for too long. Not only that, Dewain will find himself cut off from his magic from anywhere between days or weeks depending on just how long he has been using it. Death occurs if he is using it for three minutes straight. His body becomes seriously injured at the two minutes mark, if not put unconscious. And after the minute mark, he'll be stuck in bed for a few days before being able to be physically active again.

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Martial Arts Mastery
Dewain followed the path of celtic warriors of the past and followed mimicry trainings that supposedly Scáthach, The Warrior Maid, had given to folk hero Cú Chulainn and many of her other students under her.
Celtic Runestones
Since his main magical art is rather basic and is there to enhance his martial arts skills to inhuman degrees, Dewain recognized that he lacked versatility for situations outside of combat. He carries a pouch of Celtic Runestones that can do small effects that are usually elemental related. What they do depend on the combination used. Can cause explosions to the face if used incorrectly. Can be used as a sacrifice for his erosion spell
S Tier Butler
As a high class butler as his job, Dewain knows how to handle tasks masterfully, such as cooking, cleaning, and even grooming if someone desires. He will handle anything in terms of life quality as classy as possible.
Animal Handler
Dewain can handle most animals, even wild ones if need be due to his respect and knowledge of nature that he acquired from his worshiping practices. Not exactly the most useful skill, but with him around you probably wouldn't need to deal with mountain lion attacks.
Golden sickle
This is not a tool of combat, but a tool of ritual. To communicate to the goddess, he is required to cut a mistletoe off the tree and carry that mistletoe with him.
Pouches of dead plants and pollen
Two small pouches with about two hand fulls of extracted pollen and two hand fulls of plant trimmings from the garden. Used specifically for his more advanced spells.
A mistletoe on his ponytail
Specifically in the area he ties the ponytail up, the mistletoe sits neatly above the ties, attached to it and slightly hidden away in obscurity. Without the mistletoe on his person, Dewain cannot ask for Danu's blessing, and holding it while doing so leaves it exposed. If destroyed, Dewain cannot use any of his magic and would need to use his golden sickle to find a mistletoe to cut. It is a large weakpoint, but also very hard to reach as it involves getting in close proximity to Dewain.

Taking out the trash
Day to Day
Heated Brawl
Danu's Ultimate Blessing
Saving comrades
Final Battle

PLAYER'S NAME: Damion Koyoko
FACE CLAIM: N/A (Original Artwork from Safebooru)
MISC. INFORMATION: This is the best profile ever(?)

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Damion Koyoko
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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Damion Koyoko Tue Oct 23, 2018 4:34 am


A pair of green eyes open up almost immediately, the windows inside the room the man resided in had no sunlight coming through the windows, only the faint glow coming over the nearby distant hills. He didn't hesitate to move his hand over to the small flip phone that was vibrating for his attention, and pressed one small button to silence it.

5:00 AM

Getting up from his bed, his long ponytail reached for toward the floor, as he stepped over to a set of clothes her personally hanged for himself. It was simple sweat pants, hiking shoes and a plain t-shirt, next to it was a butler's uniform. Putting on the former briefly, and making sure his pony tail was mistakenly into his waist band, Dewain began to fall to the floor and do his routine, pushing off the ground over and over with one hand, before switching to the other with every ten pushups.


100 pushups. 100 sit ups. 100 squats., and a 10km Run, every morning. That was to make up his training for the day as he'd be far too busy to do it later. It'd interrupt his work afterall.

6:45 AM

"Miss Cromwell has requested for a Polish-American Breakfast Skillet, Lithuanian Pancake, and as a surprise I'll make a granola parfait with yogurt replacing the ice cream. Madam Stuart said she was sleeping in today, so I'll just prepare a change of clothes and a hot bath for Miss Aquinas when we wakes up. I then need to tend to the garden of course, start the laundry, go grocery shopping, re-evaluate the perimeter of the cathedral, and of course have my own breakfast after. And all of that needs to be done by 10:30 AM. Plenty of time to give myself time to clean everyone's rooms before lunch."

A well tailored black suit, with white under shirt, dress pants and shoes, the suit buttoned up to his chest, with tie well straightened out, and the back flaps for his tuxedo draping downward as he firmly put two clean white gloves over his hands and marched out forward into the hallway to continue his routine, taking out a small pocket watch to double check that it hasn't slowed down compared to his phone, before snugly putting it away into his breast pocket.


Dewain was currently whisking the eggs into the yolk and seasonings were all mixed well into one another, and double checking his watch, he realized he was running low on time and gave a worried glance. "Ah crud, I'm five minutes behind this time. Why am I so slothy today...Hmmm...Well maybe.." Getting an idea, as he looked over to the unchopped vegetables and sausage and nodded to himself as he stepped back for a moment. "Danu's Wind." The air around him briefly lifted the end of his clothes up, including his hair, before a faint green aura surrounded him and he opened his eyes.

Suddenly, Dewain was began completely tasks three times faster, as he seemed to zip between items quickly, chopping the vegetables and slicing the sausage in small chunks, buttering the skillet and preheating until it was nice and hot, mixing said ingredients together with the eggs, and dumping into the large skillet with a nice sizzle and aroma entering the room. While that was cooking, Dewain swiftly checked the fridge for the yogurt and mixed fruit salad he prepared yesterday, and began making the parfaits while the food cooked, before setting them aside back in the fridge so they can be eaten nice and cool once everyone was done eating.

"If I recall, showing magic in public is strictly prohibited...though I feel like some people here have done that all the time, this is technically not a public area, so it is safe to assume that using my magic to this extent is safe and efficient...Ah!" Looking over to the chef's knife he used to chop the vegetables and sausages with, he realised his movements might have been a..little too quick. The knife have obviously dull ends, and grooves from chopping so roughly. Though he was a master at cooking, he never really tried incorporating his blessings before.

"Aaaah~...I messed up...Suppose it wouldn't hurt to pick up another knife to replace the old one. But that was such an amateur mistake!" Dewain pinched the bridge of his nose, scolding himself as he sighed deeply, before continuing to prepare multiple plates for those willing to wake up at the correct time today. Though something came to mind as he was cooking. "...Now that I think about it, was I hired to handle all the chores no one wanted to do, or because I am a magician...It's hard to know which, as I feel like I'm here more tending to everyone than doing any assignments...S-..Should I feel insulted or empowered that everyone needs me here?...Aaaah, what a conundrum!" Dewain grumbled to himself as he finished making the food, calling off the blessing, and went ahead to inform those who are awake that breakfast was waiting for them.
Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Leivinia Birdway Tue Oct 23, 2018 5:50 pm

I’ll take this as the warming up for an actual member wave. Are you ready to rumble?

I. Basics – He’s not a lone wolf is he?

This, I will leave at a simple question for now: Is he with any faction or in any way involved with any? Please elaborate.

II. History – Away from mediocrity

There’s two things about the Magic Name that don’t feel right to me: First, it is clearly not a Latin word you are using here. However, as the doctrine that is canon demands a Magic Name should only be written down in Latin (unless you’re the guy who invented the entire thing). Second, I don’t like its origin and what lead up to him picking it up. It’s just lacking a definite resolution that is placed behind it, giving it the full impact carving such an ideal into one’s own soul has. So, Koyoko, I would ask you to expand upon that in the history section. Blow me away.

III. Magic – Be blessed, my child

It’s good to have Magic that incorporates daily actions flowing into the actual personality of the character using it. This gives some sort of rounded concept, which is really a good thing to do. But Magic shouldn’t just rest in the everyday things and also assume shape in the actions taken during the actual activation, meaning that you should also add aspects of worship to the actual casting of spells related to the blessings. Search for rituals and adapt them to work on the fly during combat situations for example – naturally with some advanced explanations backing the rituals you describe. Reasoning the ideas you use is important for IC purposes after all.

Furthermore, I take significant issue with some of the combined blessings. Ignoring the fact that those generally tend to abstract themselves from the initially described blessings, I do feel like they’re going astray from what your character’s spells should actually be about: He is someone invoking blessings from a goddess through the actions of performing rituals. Blessings are oftentimes perceived to be different in nature, usually applying effects on things that do exist in the physical world. The standard image for that would be asking for a good harvest or the endurance to survive a long and cold winter.

I haven’t looked into what kind of blessings people ask Danu for, but I will soon and I suggest you do that, too. Some research won’t harm in this case. To help me, please provide your sources in your reply. Thanks.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Damion Koyoko Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:45 pm

Edited and hopefully satisfactory~
Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Leivinia Birdway Sun Oct 28, 2018 11:14 pm

With that killer argument behind us we’re back to the character sheet butchering.

II. History – I actually misspelled the word

Call me an idiot, but I overlooked one of the most crucial details in all of history. How does Necessarius bind him? How is he loyal to them in the first place, given that their nature is that of blood-shed only in the name of justice instead of their own desires? Furthermore, it is rather striking that his family – taking into account their clearly bloodthirsty nature – wouldn’t go after him as punishment for his betrayal.

The solution to both would be actually linking them. Necessarius likes having a means to bind their underlings and in Dewain’s case it could be protection from those after him paired with the dangling carrot that is the chance to pursue his goals of performing actual good deeds. I mean he’d still be involved in all of the dirty work, but for a better purpose.

III. Magic – There should be a “The”

Since we did get the elemental reinforcement spells sorted out only halfly, due to my focus being drawn by the lore behind the spells, it is now time to get back to the basics of all ability evaluations: Balancing. As the blessings stand right now there is neither a description on how strong their effects are nor any pointer towards how combining them works – except, of course for, the fact that he could stack all four. Expand upon those two topics a bit, will you?

For the “The Fair Mother” section I will be asking you to do is expand upon the activation rituals of the respective spells. You provided some like in the case of Wild Fire, where he actively sacrifices something to ask for an effect in return. I want to see something like that on the spells that lack a proper activation ritual like “Druidry” and “Erosion”. For example, in the latter case, he could sacrifice one of his rune stones by destroying it himself (instead of having the spell do it) to be granted the wanted effect. Naturally, those spells will also require some sorts of upper limits to their strength. Add these as well.

Beyond the previously mentioned I also need you to do something about the fact that the “Druidry” spell currently consists of random druid magic instead of bearing a specific effect. Settle down on one instead of making it a broad field.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Damion Koyoko Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:32 am


I deliberately made the abilities quite strong, so if they are too strong, we can just riddle it down to what's appropriate and fair. I hope mostly everything is satisfactory
Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Leivinia Birdway Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:07 pm

III. The Magic – BUFFS

OK, we’re reaching the point where this is actually approvable. Just add some sort of signal for what the plants are supposed to do, over having them follow his invisible will. A command of any sort will do.

Furthermore, for the Ulimate Blessing I would like you to adjust the time limit for the healing duration to match the time limit for the full activation phase. This spell only lasts two minutes and seals his capabilities as an after effect, so it does deserve buffs like none other.

Beyond that we should be done, though.
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Damion Koyoko Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:55 pm


Gimme da Mugino approval
Damion Koyoko
Damion Koyoko
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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

Post  Leivinia Birdway Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:13 pm

Tch, expecting a Mugino approval on a Magician profile. What kind of idiot are you?

[Magician] Dewain Luxovious 68oi3ekl

Overall this was an admittedly pretty solid job. Now let's see how long he'll last in the roller coaster that is the Magic Side~
Leivinia Birdway
Leivinia Birdway

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[Magician] Dewain Luxovious Empty Re: [Magician] Dewain Luxovious

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