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[?] A Certain Masked Man

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Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Damion Koyoko on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:27 am

The boy's legs only felt pain when they stopped, as the adrenaline shooting through his body while running along with the strange girl kept flowing, hearing the explosions in the background and seeing smoke rise from over the buildings they were running between. If he stayed there any longer, he would've died whether on accident or on purpose, it made no difference.

“I was thinking "anywhere where those madmen aren't. In hindsight that's probably asking for a little too much, though... Oh well. As long as we're steering clear of Beaming Woman for now.”

So this mysterious heroine who saved Koyoko's life, assumes they won't be getting away that easily. There was no get-away vehicle, there was no easily accessible sewage drain, there wasn't any convenient way for them to get away from those two, assuming they were looking for him and the package still.

"You gotta be kidding me..Damnit!" The esper panted out as he did his best to keep up with the sprinting girl. He still felt the stinging of his arm from the boiling water from before, and realized that it might keep him from using it. He would lower the temperature around it to help with the burns, but he was too concentrated on getting away at this point. Yet, as if on cue, the girl slowed down to almost a walking pace, letting him catch his breath. He didn't waste this opportunity to freeze him arm at a cooler temperature, at least cold enough to deal with the pain. "N-nnngh..!"

“Let me guess, carrier boy; you've got no clue of what it is you almost got killed over." Feeling his other arm being let go, the boy's eyes furrowed for a moment upon her asking such a question. It didn't confirm that she isn't one of the runners, but any courier knew that they were never under any circumstances to know the contents of the packages they hold, unless the rare emergency circumstance would occur. The boy felt tense around his savior, as he felt her goal was the exact same as the other two. However, was he in any condition to fight? Obviously she was an esper with some sort of heat related ability. For all he knew, she could boil him from the inside out. He can only control the air around him and in his body, but nothing he can do can counter such an attack.

"...Of course I don't. Why bother asking something so obvious?" The boy growled as he rolled up his sleeve to look at his arm. This skin was all read and blisters were showing up, and from looks of it, some 2nd degree burns. Boiling water can cool very quickly when outside of a cauldron or heated metal pot, but stay hot long enough to cause damage. Clicking his tongue,
he kept the temperature freezing around his arm.

"Tch...Though unlike all other assignments, this one paid an unusually high amount. On top of that, I've never had anyone try to take it from me. They may be psychopaths back there, but I think it's obvious they are after what's in that parcel." The boy pointed at it, and stayed his tongue from accusing her of trying to obtain it as well, because picking a fight with her was definitely out of the question. "But it begs the question why you bothered to help me, when you could've just snagged the bag, without the idiot who was dumb enough to take this job. Do you intend to use me as bait? As far as they know, I still have it. And you get walk off scot-free." He figured this was the case, and there was nothing he could really do about the situation since this person probably had an ability he couldn't counter.
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Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi on Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:52 pm

The moment he had admitted to his uselessness was the moment she had lost any kind of even remote interest in the boy. It went as far as questioning whether or not she should've actually saved him, but it was good point he brought up.

“Oh, my bad. I did that because I thought you'd be somewhat useful, but I should've left you to die. Don't worry, when those maniacs start pursuing us again I'll make sure you're the first victim whether by collateral or direct damage.” She heartlessly stated with a bored expression unfitting of the condemning words she had spoken, not even bothering to look at Koyoko since he seemed to be pretty ungrateful of this generosity of hers overall.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling, she urgently fought a need to open this bag and check what was inside. It was something she felt like she would have to do anyway since she was already on a hit list, but she currently didn't want to risk opening it in front of someone who could snatch it...

On the other hand, it very well meant that someone could snatch it before she got a chance to even figure out what was inside.

She clicked her tongue at this rock and hard place situation and settled on carefully looking around. It likely wouldn't be much longer until someone arrives to stuff their heads in that bag along the merchandise.
Hujisaka Natsumi
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Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

Post  Damion Koyoko on Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:58 pm

The girl in front of her was practically no different then the two he met before. Condescending, heartless, robotic. To him, any action or thought he put through his mind was based on the need and desire to survive this abnormal set of circumstances, but to the psychopath, beam-beam lady, and now this hooded girl, they might as well be going down a check list. Just another day at work. To them, Koyoko was a liability and a small obstacle that was a matter of tolerating or ignoring long enough before ultimately removing him from the situation.

At her heartless words, the boy sighed. "So you are no different from them..Figures." Why be grateful to this girl? Was it that he had no chance to escape to begin with? He could've figured something out, without burning his arm with boiling water. It was by mere luck that he still had the package at hand and it was easier to get him to cooperate and run, rather than wrestle the parcel from him in a fog.

However, Koyoko soon realised that despite not seeing her face, it was clear she was staring at the parcel in her hand, as if trying to come to terms with something, but ultimately couldn't make a decision. Was it to destroy it? Open it? Forget it? It was probably at least one of those, but at least it gave him a few ideas as to what to do. Coming up toward her, he reached over and grabbed it out of her hand rather quickly, and backed away a bit before she might give a harsh blow.

"Jeez, you pick a fight with some crazy beam bitch, and some clown in a mask, and you can't even decide what to do with this. I'm already screwed at this point, so I rather know what I'm about to die for, so if you'll excuse me.." Koyoko was planning to open it, regardless of the consequences, since the girl made it clear that she was going to leave him to die anyway. At least if he sees what's inside, he can decide if he wished to destroy it or not. Perhaps that might be his only way out of this. Of course, the girl in front of him would be the one to stop him if she was against it.
Damion Koyoko
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Re: [?] A Certain Masked Man

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