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[SS] Arduous Tasks

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[SS] Arduous Tasks - Page 4 Empty Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Guy Li on Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:38 am

"Well, that hardly seems like enough time." He commented (more as an aside to himself than to Kuroko, as he was well aware that she had little patience to spare him and even less mercy). "Anyone can see that I'm not the one to blame here." He looked to the girl in his arms for some kind of support. "Look, I'm helping! Aren't I?" He didn't bother pleading the same with Natsumi, considering her usual disposition. If he'd had a hand free he might have even moved to stop her from talking.

"Honestly, what have I done to earn this low opinion of yours?" Hadn't he, in the past, displayed only the most chivalrous behaviour? The cast on his arm was testament to his selfless and helping nature.

He forgot the instance where she had caught him attempting to orchestrate a test for the new 'hydrodynamic school swimsuit'. (It had been a micro-bikini.)

Or the time he had acted as the 'drama coach' for the school's production of Romeo and Juliet. (With him filling in as Romeo, of course.)

Even the incident involving the art teacher and a heated debate about the depiction of the human form in renaissance art (In which he had nearly convinced said teacher to strip to prove her point.)

And that was without mentioning the numerous occasions where her official business as a Judgement officer had resulted in their paths crossing, usually while he was in the company of some woman or another.

He could not think for a second where the twin-tailed girl could have gotten her impression of him.
Guy Li
Guy Li
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[SS] Arduous Tasks - Page 4 Empty Re: [SS] Arduous Tasks

Post  Kira Kohaku on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:27 pm

[SS] Arduous Tasks - Page 4 Kuroko10

Guy Li was not a man known for his finesse to Shirai Kuroko. If she had to place his position on some sort of hierarchy, then she would inevitably place him below even the common ape (Especially given the ape could still be gentle creature, even if it was rough around the edges).

It was obvious what would end up happening at this stage if he tried explaining anything to her. The mental filters of a girl like Shirai Kuroko were a sight to behold.

But, the twintailed girl didn’t even attempt to take the plunge. As much as she may have wanted to teleport right above him and give him a solid drop kick to the head, she was unable to do so. After all, there was someone else who he was supporting.

“Calm down, Shirai Kuroko. This isn’t a hostage situation,” the girl muttered as she took a few deep breaths.

Besides, as much as her instincts told her to lash out at him, she knew full well that things could not be that simple when a certain dorm manager (who had placed them all here to begin with) was absolutely looming. She was not entirely devoid of restraint.

“Onee-sama. I think you’re more suited for this.” The girl crossed her arms as she quickly glanced towards Mikoto before resuming her dagger-like glare towards Guy. In the end, first impressions were truly a powerful foundation.
Kira Kohaku
Kira Kohaku
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