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[Esper] Kerri McKinley

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[Esper] Kerri McKinley Empty [Esper] Kerri McKinley

Post  Kerri McKinley Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:01 am

Kerri McKinley

Level 2: Volt Streamer

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"No one does things for the sake of good or evil, it’s all about desires and necessities."

FULL NAME: Kerri McKinley
OTHER ALIAS: ‘Razormouth’, ‘Silencer’
OCCUPATION: Judgement, occasionally running jobs as a courier deep seeded in Academy Cities dark side.
SCHOOL: A Certain Unnamed High School (though he hasn't attended it in years)

APPEARANCE: Kerri is a tall individual with dark skin and large, blank eyes. His eyes look abnormally empty, and he usually wears black jeans and a dark gray sweatshirt with a weird smiley face logo on it. His nose is small and sharp. His hair is purple and is always is the same fashion, with it pushed down. His teeth seem to have some sort of sharp look to them, almost as if they were each razor sharp. He trains at home, and runs, so underneath his clothes, he is actually very toned despite his tin frame. His muscles are just compact.
HEIGHT: 234 cm/7’2”
WEIGHT: 175 lbs
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: He always carries around a golden cross with him on a necklace from his brother, though the gems are fake, but the gold is real. He’s got a few scars on his body, such as a large one on his stomach, a few going in a straight line on his back, a few on his knees, and one that shows up on both sides of his hand, as if something went through it.

Act out of necessity-
Has a belief in the saying, ‘the end justifies the means’ which he applies to his work
Loves to tease people and mess with them to get on their nerves. It’s a lot of fun for him.
He likes to randomly act bizarre as well, doing things like rambling, going off on short tangents in conversation, violating people’s personal space, mainly so people don’t take him too seriously. It’s used as a way to bug people, something else he loves doing.
Fun Lover-
Just loves fun, taking preference to shirking on less important work unless he actually does something, as opposed to menial things like paper work. Something physically, or even mentally taxing on occasion, he sees as fun, or at least keep him busy.
Most wouldn’t guess what’s usually going on in his head. He may not act like it except in more serious situations (mostly) but he is actually a very careful thinker. He’s not smart, so much as he is practical, always doing his best to throw out his emotions and address a task at hand. He usually spends time getting to know people around him in the case that he would ever have to fight them. This isn’t out of paranoia, for him this is common sense.
He believes that a person should know when to pick ‘fight or flight’ and wants to be sure that he has his options open with either. Spends at least an hour each day on daily runs dashing around certain parts of the city, even taking trains to different places, to look out for routes he may need to use.
Many don’t know it, but his wellspring of mercy is small for any opposition to him, and always runs dry for people he believes are not doing things without good reason, or are in the way of his current objective. He doesn’t hide it, and would outright offer to finish someone off, providing his own reasons that the person shouldn’t exist.

Exercise, he’s taken a guilty pleasure in fighting, making bizarre statements to people, messing with people, ice cream, meeting with old friends, sleeping on flat hard surfaces, dancing at an arcade and playing video games
Preachers about morals, the Roman Catholic Church, getting involved in his friends less then friendly antics, difficult people, anyone who sees all people who live in Academy City’s dark side as scum, emphasis on ‘all’, alcohol or smoking,
Bugging people, weirding them out, keeping an eye out for threats, fighting, running, gathering information, delivering packages through any necessary means, keeping thoughts to himself. Knows the dark side of Academy city better than most being a part of it for several years.
He is usually very difficult with people’s decisions in real life situations, he has become very cynical about people and what they are capable of doing, he’s also got a bad habit of being a pessimist, and for some reason he’s afraid of any girl flirting with him. Not that he’s afraid of girl’s, but in Academy City, most of the population is made up High School girls, and he’d just find any situation, awkward, though he knows it probably isn’t possible. Not really a major concern of his. Also, he may take some time to grow on people with his... unique personality.

HISTORY: Kerri grew up in America as a relatively normal kid. His house was large and his family was well off. His father was actually a priest for the Roman Catholic Church and spent a lot of time in his office. He typically had several meeting with people every day, each of them constantly coming in and out of the house in order to pick up and deliver papers. He kept all sorts of religious ornaments around the house, and even a select few in the attic which he insisted he would pass onto his sons. Him and his mother tended to push their religious teachings onto their sons. Neither of them were very interested in religion, reluctantly learning a few things about it. Neither were interested in succeeding there father, joining the church like he had. Kerri’s brother was solely interested in becoming a normal person with a normal job. A teacher, since he enjoyed helping other people with their work. Kerri’s ambitions were much different.

Their parents themselves weren’t bad people necessarily, just a bit forceful. Kerri’s father, Walter, was a polite person who just constantly brought up scriptures because of how often he studied them. Despite this, his sons still cared about him deeply. He bugged them, but the two found his constant mentioning of what was written in the bible to be something they could get past. He was still a kind and caring man, only wanting his children’s happiness. Their mother was more forceful, constantly trying to force all sorts of information on the two of them. She’s the one who has been keeping them home, homeschooled, and the two were always barely able to get out. Kerri grew a distaste of the Roman Catholic Church they were a part of, mainly because it was a major annoyance in his daily life. When they did, Kerri and his older brother Ryan always did it together. The two were always close, each being the only other person who would be willing to hear out the other’s dream. They were inseperable, and Kerri looked up to his brother a lot. The two of them always had each other’s back through escapes, in arguments with their mother everything. Each would do anything for the other, because of how close the two of them were. When the two left the house, Kerri’s brother Ryan would help Kerri get out of the occasional jam, even taking on an entire group of bullies and getting beaten up just so his brother could hide and not get injured. Kerri saw it all, but only grew to admire his brother even more.

Kerri had always dreamed of heading to Academy City since he was little. Not for science, but for the chance to get his own esper ability. Kerri’s parents were very adverse to the idea, simply giving Kerri vague explanations that never explained anything about why he shouldn’t go. This didn’t dissuade them, nor did his parents attempts to control either of them. The two would constantly escape from the house to avoid their daily home schooling, and Kerri would always mock the two of them simply to be spiteful. The two of them had become more and more clever with their escapes, having to go though some trial and errors after their parents kept adding new security measures.

His days were simple for a while, and Kerri never stopped hoping for a chance to head to Academy City. One day, Kerri’s father had received a few strange visitors from the Roman Catholic Church who needed to speak with him about something serious. Kerri tried eavesdropping on the conversation, but could only catch a single word, uttered louder than the rest. He also happened to notice the one saying this was also showing his father something. His father was shown a silver cross, and the man was saying the word ‘Necessarius’. To this day, Kerri never did find out what ‘Necessarius’ meant, all he did know was that his father had started becoming unnerved after that. Whenever the whole family came together, such as during meals, one of the only times he would ever leave his office, he would always be caught mumbling to himself about something, and seemed to be in his own world, worried about something. Eventually his mother showed those signs of fear, and even Kerri’s brother Ryan was freaked out, leaving Kerri in the dark.

After a few days of fruitless questioning, Kerri’s family gave him an answer: they had all been nervous because the three of them were planning to send Kerri to Academy City. Kerri was ecstatic to learn about this, and had packed his things up immediately, he was finally going to become an esper. He was a bit afraid of heading away at the young age of fourteen, but that didn’t stop Kerri. He flew all the way to Academy City without a second thought, only pausing because he would really miss his brother. His brother insisted he go, and practically solved him onto the plain, making sure to give Kerri some sort of special good luck charm. It was a golden cross, decorated with fake jewels, according to his brother. Kerri didn’t believe that it would do much, but he trusted his brother and decided to take it anyway, promising to keep it on all the time.

Kerri’s school life started out fairly normally. He had friends to hang out with, plenty of work to do, and had started off as a Level Zero in the power curriculum. He worked like crazy for the next two years, and eventually managed to increase his skill with his power. Academically, he was average, but managed to keep up. His progress was slow, but eventually he had reached Level Two by the time he started his last year of High School, but at this time, something would happen to turn him to his new job.

Kerri had received a letter from his brother. He hadn’t gotten one from him in over two years, and was excited when he did receive one. However, inside was no happy news. Kerri had read the letter, discovering that both of his parents had been killed. His brother Ryan hadn’t mentioned that the death was some sort of fire that had burned their house down. Ryan had been left with nothing, and needed Kerri’s help. Ryan never specified, he just said that it was ‘to keep him out of trouble’ which Kerri thought meant that his brother had taken money from loan sharks. He only received a small amount of money from the school he was going to, and it was barely enough for himself, so he needed more.

Kerri went to find a job without a second thought, he spent an entire day searching around the city and had been out until it had gotten dark. He kept wandering around, trying to find his way home, not realizing that the streets were so dangerous at night. He had been passed by a few dangerous folks, and was trying to ask around for directions. One teen took a swing at him, and just as he was about o start pummeling him, an old man a had a big guy working for him use intimidation to stop the thug from beating him up, threatening to tell people about what he was doing one day. This was really embarrassing for him apparently, so he left the two alone. Kerri tried thanking the man, who said he didn’t want his thanks, he just felt like performing a random act of kindness. He decided to do one more, by offering the boy a way home, but Kerri, thinking the person new a lot, asked him if he could earn some money quick. As it turned out, the two of them were able to help each other.

The man introduced himself as Damon, a person who worked in information. This included information about certain packages being made nonexistent. In other words, he had several people working for him as couriers, who delivered packages to people who wanted them to remain secret. Damon had a few speculations, but never let his curiosity get the better of him. He had managed to become the go to guy for learning who was where and doing what, and information is a valuable thing.

Kerri was offered a job as a courier which he accepted immediately, and begged Damon to get him started. Damon, not wanting to lose profit, started Kerri off on very safe routes, nearly devoid of gang activity. Kerri managed to make the delivery without an issue, and even ran back, begging for another job. Damon gave him two more simple ones and paid Kerri in cash, and Kerri was very grateful to him. Kerri’s career in the darkness had begun on a good start, giving him an optimistic view on how it would be in the future.

Sadly, he discovered rather quickly how wrong he was.

Kerri was quickly drawn into the darkness of Academy City, being forced to stop going to school in order to work his job as a courier. Kerri’s jobs would sometimes be only slightly dangerous, to very dangerous depending on where he went and who he encountered. Apparently, rival factions had a habit of sending espers and thugs to attack couriers either to claim packages for their own, or just mess up anyone they were competing with. He had taken several precautions, such as buying some equipment and exercising, practicing to fight in his own apartment. Money was always an issue, since he lost regular pay after not attending Power Curriculum for a while. Sadly, some more dangerous individuals and constant harassers after some more valuable contents he had been carrying forced his hand, and his methods of getting rid of them earned him the nickname of ‘Silencer’.

In that time, Kerri’s brother Ryan kept sending letter about how he was doing, and they were constantly riddled with apologies and thanks for all that Kerri was doing for him, stating that he felt bad for all of the work he had been doing. Kerri would always respond with how it wasn’t a big deal, when in reality he was downsizing all that he had been through. Kerri didn’t care as long as he had his brother’s back, just like always. One thing Kerri noticed was that Ryan constantly stressed that his brother wear the golden cross that he had given him, only explaining that it was once something of their father’s. Along with that, most of the letters were thoroughly detailed “thank you’s” going into detail about his situation, how much money he still needed, and always riddled with apologies.

After a few years, Ryan stated that Kerri had no need to send over money, though Kerri sent some more over in the last few envelopes just in case. He had been sending his brother envelopes of himself and how he and progressed in life. Kerri was always so happy to see his brother go far in life, having attained his dream of being a teacher, and even getting married. Kerri felt that there was no reason that he should stop being a courier, since it had just become something he had become used to, and honestly didn’t think he deserved to do anything else. He didn’t feel guilty, but he had grown used to being in Academy City’s darkness and didn’t see much of a point trying out for anything else since he had no interest in returning to school and no skills for any other jobs. At least until the latest photo his brother sent him.

It was an image of him and his wife, and they were both really happy. The letter said to guess why, and it took Kerri a moment to realize what his brother meant. Ryan’s wife had become pregnant. He was going to have a son, and Kerri was going to have a nephew, or a niece.

Kerri felt happy, but that happiness was quickly replaced by despair. He wanted to meet his brother’s child. He wanted to meet his brother’s wife. He wanted to meet his brother’s friends. He wanted to, but he didn’t want anyone to see what he had become. Kerri never considered what other people would think about his actions, he just focused on his brother’s situation, and he realized that he didn’t want his brother to see him as he was. To see what he had become.

This was when Kerri had decided to turn over a new leaf. Kerri had gained plenty of money, and never needed much in terms of luxury, so he was financially secure enough to quit his job and go to volunteer to Anti-Skill he didn’t have any official record, and any information on what he did only amounted to rumors.

He just wants to become someone that his brother can be proud of.

RANK: None, but is a veteran, and is well respected by his piers both out of respect and fear in his line of business.
(ABILITY NAME): Volt Streamer

Kerri’s ability is the ability to manipulate the flow of electricity. A common mistake is that it is similar to an Electromaster ability, when it is actually very different. Kerri isn’t capable of producing his own electricity, unlike many other electricity-based espers. He is able to control electricity, but it needs to already be charged into something, like a wire. Kerri is capable of controlling where it would charge, and when he dropped out of the Power Curriculum program, he had shown that he could absorb electricity into his own body, though to a very limited degree, harming himself if he absorbed too much.

Also, it has shown to have other unique traits about it. Unlike an Electromasters ability, he is unable to produce his own electricity, only manipulate it when it is inside of something he has touched, or electricity he has absorbed, according to the last recorded examinations on him. He has also shown an ability to prevent himself from getting shocked by keeping electrons away from his body. He's also only able to use his abilities on things he physically touches.

However, these are only the abilities he has shown for a mandatory test when he tries out for Anti-Skill. He has a few other tricks up his sleeve, along with more development then he shows, but doesn’t feel the need to showcase them…

OTHER ABILITIES: Any other talents or non supernatural abilities or equipment used by your character.
Firearms skill: Kerri has no professional training, but has had plenty of practice and guidance from others skilled, and has become an ace shot. Unfortunately, this only counts with handguns, and using them is going to be difficult. He’s hoping to do things the legal way, and guns aren’t allowed to anyone other than Anti-Skill, making this a skill he’ll have to use sparsely.

Running: Kerri has been running around Academy city for years, exploring, and memorizing areas, not to mention doing jobs. He’s got plenty of speed and stamina.

Fighting: Kerri has been in tons of street fights and sparring with other people around him, and has become a seriously strong brawler, skilled in his own way. He doesn’t have a technique, but has made this work, by making himself able to adapt to other peoples fighting style on the fly.

Endurance: He has had his ass handed to him in every conceivable manner ever over the years, and has gained an endurance to physical pain.

Antagonist: Has never tried it before, and decides that he’ll become a talker in battle in order to keep opponents angry, keep them from thinking and focusing, and get them angry.

Weapon skill: While it may seem unconventional, he chooses to use a metal pole as his weapon if he needs to. He chose them because the type he’s used to are used in buildings all over Academy City, and he can get a new one from any building, given that he’s able to cut it off with a proper tool. Usually uses it like a sword.

Pessimism: In combat, it’s served him well. It keeps him from speaking, because he always assumes that even the slightest hint will leave him dead. When an opponent is beaten, he is always cautious and assumes that the opponent was only toying with him. It’s given him a sense of cynicism, which has actually saved his life a few times.

Test Post:

In Academy City, Darkness has engulfed the technologically advanced isle, in ore ways then one. This darkness refers to both the void of light, and the darker side of the city itself. With all sorts of crimes taking place at night, gangs running around, espers running amuck, people being hurt or worse, and some of these incidents being coordinated by seemingly legitimate businesses spread throughout the entire city, in some places being worse than others. District 11 of Academy City is no exception.

The delivery sector of Academy City was riddled with crime that will have disappeared with sun’s rise, and has already shown signs of receding. Many less then achieving citizens of the city were starting to leave, going back to their daily lives, ignoring any sins they’ve committed for the sake of their own self-satisfaction. The streets weren’t completely safe, but that didn’t stop a single individual from walking through the still dim streets.

This person’s face was indiscernible, hidden under a grey hoodie he was wearing with his head towards the ground avoiding eye contact. It was a plain looking dark grey one, coupled with a pair of black jeans. Nothing else stood out about him save the locked black chest on wheels he was pulling with a bungie. He presented no signs of hostility, and had been listlessly walking through the sector for about an hour. With the lack of some sort of mark, or notable trait to be heard of in any rumors, most would simply peg him as an easy mark. At least that’s what a trio of thugs had decided to do.

The three had been lazing about, very bored, discussing how they had beaten down some business guy and stolen his cash when the mysterious person walked by. They looked at him with little interest, but then looked at the chest he was wheeling. The idea of a lock on it translated to something worth stealing in it. While they were right about the contents, they were very wrong about the carrier.

The trio had stood up and walked towards the man, with amused grins on their faces, thinking about all of the different ways they could beat him down. The two thugs took positions at the mans left and right flank, about three feet behind him each. The de facto leader purposely bumped into the man, promptly spinning around to get in his face and say, “Hey, watch it buddy!” He said, sneering, “Who the Hell do you think you are!? You can’t just bump into people whenever you feel like it.” He said in a tone indicating that he was more excited than upset. “Agh! Dammit, my arm! It hurts like Hell because of you!” The ‘upset’ face of the man turned to a sneer. “And you’re gonna have to compensate for it.” An obvious lie even the most naïve of people could see through,

The man remained silent, backing away a few steps. Despite the three impending threats around him, he showed no signs of emotion. “What? Cat got your tongue?” The thug in front of the man after the lack of a reaction,

“I think you just scared him a bit too much, dude,” the thug behind the man to his left said, “Listen Hoodie, you just seriously injured my buddy, and he’ll need to head into the hospital. He ain’t got the cash to pay for that, so he’ll need a little money to get through the bills… or a lot, we ain’t doctors or nothin’.” He said, walking towards the man’s case,

After making his step, the man seemed to hear it and stated, “I’m going to say this once. Leave me alone. If you don’t, I can’t promise you won’t end up in a hospital for actual injuries,” He stated, lifting his head slightly, revealing a bizarre, white eye sticking out from the shadows of his hood obscuring the rest of his face. The thug leader looked put off by this reaction, but then decided to have a good laugh, with his two followers joining in,

After having his laugh, he looked at the man, enraged, but smiling at the thought of the payback,

“So, you really think that you can talk to me like that. Guys!” The man shouted, taking out a switchblade, “it’s time to show this clown a lesson! Remember, this’ll happen to either of you if you piss me off!”

The thug dashed forward, intent on doing serious harm to the hooded man, and was barely able to express his surprise when instead of backing up into his fellow thugs like he had expected, the man rushed forward, grabbing his right wrist with his left hand. The thug leaders momentum was stopped by the first of three strong punches aim in the same area, his ribs. The first blow left a nasty bruise, the second fractured some of his bones, and the last completely broke three ribs.

“Boss!” The two lackies yelled in unison, drawing the man’s attention as the boss went down, neither of his lackeys noticing the lack of a knife in his hand. One charged at him without thinking, the other too shocked to think of what to do next.

“Eat this!” The thug yelled, as his hand glowed. He was an esper with some sort of heat ability, and the man saw that this was only concentrated in his one hand, lifted up and prepared to swing down.

However, instead of going hitting, as he was intended to do, he misses completely. The man stepped forward quickly, ducking down to launch a harsh punch in the thugs rather large gut, punching upwards, lifting him off his feet for a second. The blow was made even more damaging by the switchblade the man punched with, holding the blade of it between his fingers, gripping the lower handle with his clenched fist. This man had passed out, and all that was left was the shaking form of the last thug.

The man made the decision to fight, starting with lifting his arm up to use some sort of ability of his. Sadly, this was made too late, as the hooded man had closed in and knocked him out with a swift uppercut to the chin.

I’m very lucky they were just idiots,

The three had been knocked out in just a few minutes, and the hooded man just grabbed his chest and, after wiping down the knife still lodged in the second thugs gut to remove finger prints, getting a little on the sleeve he was wiping it with but not enough to really be noticed, he calmly but quickly moved to the other side of the sidewalk. He kept taking glances at the men as he stepped away, wary of how unconscious they really were.

Continuing his trek in the same direction as he was going, after reaching the other sidewalk, he stopped sighed loudly when he had gotten a few feet away, “Right, a new leaf.” He said,

He pulled out a key from his pocket to unlock the chest. There were several tools in it, nothing particularly special or dangerous. He took out one of several disposable cell phones with several number on speed dial and called one of them as he took out a voice distorter.

After a single ring, someone picked up, “Hello, Academy City Paramedics, what’s your situation” a male voice came out, crisp and to the point.

The hooded man yanked out the voice modifier and spoke trough it in the voice of a young boy, “hello, mister!? Thank goodness, I-I was just wandering around a-and these three guys were on the ground and passed out and… they look hurt! Please hurry!” The man closed the phone, and put the voice recorder back in the chest, locking it up and pocketing the key.

Should I have tried to act harder? … no, bad actor or not, I’m sure that they’ll at least send someone to investigate. And if anything happens to those guys, it’s the Medic’s fault, not mine. Anyway, it may not be the best one, but it’s a start to changing myself.

After thinking this, he started walking again and looked at the phone he had decided to leave out, with his head held back down towards the ground. He walked onward for a few blocks, breaking the phone in half and wiping his prints from the screen of it with his non-bloodied sleeve, before dropping it into a garbage bin.

He walked several more blocks before reaching his location, a very normal looking delivery firm. It was one of several owned by one of the entrepreneurs or outside businesses which essentially worked for academy city to coordinate deliveries is several specific parts of different areas. In an alleyway near the store, the man noticed a dumpster in the alley which had been filled,


Unlike most cities, all sorts of things have been advanced by thirty years including dumpsters. They automatically dent a signal out to garbage companies to send truck to that location and take everything to be disposed of. The hooded man wiped the phones other half of his fingerprints with the same sleeve he used with the first half, and placed it in, taking full advances of the cities advances.

After this, he walked out of the alley and into the delivery building.

It was early, and only a few people in there new him, the earliest people.

An old man with a hat and a cane, a thirteen year old kind bundled in clothes, with just his eyes visible, a large, bald, thuggish looking young man, a handsome boy about seventeen who carried himself like royalty, and a goth looking girl just in her twenties with several pins around her face and heavy make up.

All seemed to have been rather lethargic a moment ago, but they had all stopped as soon as the hooded man had walked in. There was a moment of silence before the old man spoke out first,

“Well, well, well, the man of the hour finally arrives. How’re you doing Kerri?” The hooded man, known as Kerri, lifts his head up and yanks down the hood with his right hand, which has a noticeable scar on it, going vertically on his hand,

The man under the hood had a unique look to him to say the least. His hair was flattened and spiking downward, slightly rounded on one side, and more jagged on the right side, though it wasn’t very noticeable, nor was his sharp nose. His mouth was in a wide grin, with him showing his teeth. While this was in a friendly manner, it might have spooked those who didn’t know him as well. They were as sharp as sharks teeth, but that wasn’t the most bizarre part.

His eyes appeared to be white. Opaque pools that one wouldn’t believe existed if they hadn’t seen it for themselves. It wasn’t a surprise to the few around here who did know him, as these eyes were a daily sight for them.

The five dropped their work and gathered around him, four of them trying to converse with him,

“Hey! Hey Kerri! How’s it going? You fight any punks today? Huh? Was that what you were doing yesterday? You were out, and I wanted to tell you the news! Level Three baby!” The thirteen year old asked,

“It’s good to see you, normally you aren’t this early Kerri. Have you decided to take my advice of having that disgusting apartment redone? I have the number for someone who’s very cheap. The supplies he uses have a questionable origin, but I’m not complaining,” The prince like boy stated,

“…’Sup yo…?” The goth girl had stated simply,

“Where have you been you idiot…? I had to take your delivery, I was just lucky it was an easy job… by the way,” the bald person held out a check, “You better pay me back for doing your work,”

As the four of them crowded around the man, all excited, with Kerri trying to address all of them at once, the older gentleman called out to all of them,

“Now, now, that’s enough, give the young man some room to breathe, and get back to work!” He said, with authority in his tone, but he still had a friendly demeanor. All three were hesitant, except for the goth girl, to leave the man alone, but complied.

“Haruka, get back to managing the schedule and organizing,” he said to the goth girl,

“Yoshiko,” he said to the small child, “You and Junko,” he said referring to the princely young man, “get back to organizing everything else. We have quite a few packages today, and I want them all set up, or at least started until more workers come in. We never know when an order will change, and having all of the packages in laid out in back makes it easier to take out and add in any surprise orders,”

“Kyou,” he said to the large young man, “Get to guarding the door, you complain about never having anything to do, but you’ve got no idea how quickly that can change”

And with that, everyone had finished their tasks

The old man walked up to Kerri and asked him a question,

“What happened to you yesterday Kerri m’boy? You never came in and didn’t even call. We were worried that something happened to you,”

“Yeah,” Yoshiko shouted, but wa pretty much ignored.

Kerri’s smile faltered and he looked away,

“Damon,” he said to the old man, “Listen… it’s been rough, but this job has helped me out and all. I can’t thank you enough, and the rest of the guys,” he said, referring to his co-workers and friends, “Have been great to me but…”

“Oh boy, this doesn’t sound good,” Damon pulls his hat over his head solemnly,

“I’m resigning,” Kerri said with a straight face, though he had trouble looking Damon in the eyes

Damon himself wasn’t surprised, but he was curious, as was everyone else, as soon as everyone started yelling about why Kerri had suddenly decided this, Damon harshly told them to,

“Shut up!” and asked Kerri, after a pause “Alright, what brought this up? Is it money? Are you in trouble with the Anti-Skill? Is your conscious finally catching up to you?” The man said sternly,

Kerri only nodded numbly,

“Well, what is it then! Spit it out!” Kerri looked at Damon, and glanced around the room and everyone around him,

“I told you all why I took this job, right?” He asked, very serious, “Well, I’m quitting,” He pulls out a picture from his pocket, “for the same reason,”

Kerri showed Damon a picture of a person Kerri mentioned quite a bit, his brother Ryan, looking just like his brother, but with cool, brown colored irises. Kerri cared deeply for his brother, and entered this business for his sake, because of some sort of money issue. Damon looked at the woman at Ryan’s side, who he assumed was his wife, and noticed what was written on the photo,

Guess what’s strange about this picture? Damon only took a second to look around to see the oddity, and it was in fact with the woman,

She was pregnant, her stomach bulging out noticeably.

“I’ve done a lot wrong, and I realized that I’ve become something… that my brother wouldn't want me to be. Something my brother would never accept. Nor would his wife… or his child.” He says, sadly, slipping the picture back into his pocket. He pulls the trunk forwards as everyone else gawks at him,

“Here’s all of my equipment. I’m not gonna need it. I’m gonna do the kind of thing my brother would be proud of… I just want him to be happy,”

Kerri turned around and walked briskly to the door, but not before being stopped by Damon, who put his hand on Kerri’s shoulder,

“Kerri… listen… once you’re in the darkness, you’ll always be a part of it,” he said gravely, “You’re my best employees, and you’ve done a lot for me over the years, so, I’ll hold on to this stuff in case you need it, and promise not to tell anyone about who you are. You know what you need to do in return, right?” Kerri nodded, and stated,

“Keep info on you guys secret. I’m not stupid, I know how information is only worth more information, just like a lack of it is valued in the same way. Thanks Damon… and everyone else,” Kerri says,

“Take care, Silencer.” Damon mumbles inaudibly as Kerri steps out of the store, his hood down, and the sunlight shining on his face. He starts walking away and remember the dumpster from before, and the small amount of blood on his sweatshirt. He tossed his shirt into the dumpster, and runs to his apartment to get another one, thinking of wearing the one he never did, the sweatshirt with the smiley face on it,

As he does, he thinks about what today will hold,

Today, this is the start of me turning over my new leaf… I only hope this leads to a life my brother can be proud of,

As he takes a second to stretch and run off to his apartment, to get his sweatshirt and then head to Anti-Skill two Districts over to be recruited,

CHARACTER THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nNsmuTuIjc



PLAYER'S NAME: Kerri McKinley
RATING: M for mature
FACE CLAIM: Kerri McKinley, Original Character
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