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[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako

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[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako Empty [Esper] Hisakawa Miyako

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:24 am

Hisakawa Miyako

Level 3 Temporal Hack

[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako Xm6ai7y

"Let's get this rolling, shall we ☆ ?"

FULL NAME: Hisakawa Miyako
CURRENT AGE: 21 years old.
GENDER: Female.
OCCUPATION: Researcher in search of a job.

APPEARANCE: Miyako has waist-length brown hair, and green eyes. Unless required otherwise, she always wear a self-made uniform, and sometimes with a white lab coat over it. Most often she wears earphones when she's outside depending on what she has to do

HEIGHT: 168cm.
WEIGHT:  45kg.



She often has her head in the clouds, and almost every time, someone needs to call her back on Earth.


She can be an unexploded nuclear warhead when bored, she is also the type that if you leave her alone somewhere, instead of calmly waiting, she'll run off elsewhere.


She does what she does carefully, and rarely ever makes a mistake doing it.


Being the leader of a faction, she is usually the one who constitutes plans for her missions.
As such she uses her brain more than her body.


She is quite assertive, and is a natural leader in whatever she does


She acts quite often as a child when not working, which can easily bother others if they don't know her well

Failed Love Life

She often falls in love with guys whom she thinks are cool.
She has already set her eyes on dozens and dozens of guys... Unfortunately, she's the definition of Unrequited Love itself, as she has never dated even a single person she wanted to.


She's pretty athletic, and fond of sports, she also like having sport competitions with others.

She loves having fun, and play with anything that falls under her hands, whether it's video games, or mobile ones

Out of all things she likes to do, cooking is the first one on the list since when she cooks, she can let her imagination fly away. She does have a preference for cooking rather than baking.


She hates adultery, and doesn't understand why so much girls nowadays are into it.

Even though she spent a lot of time alone when she was a kid, she now rarely spends time alone when not working, and when she does, she tries to find someone to talk to, or something to do.

And being half-Russian, half-Japanese, the sight of a racist person makes her want to punch that person in the face. Hard.


Having travelled over the world, she can speak multiple languages, such as French, English, Russian, German, Arabic and others...

Trickery is her mastery, as such she is skilled in the art lying and tricking people into doing what she wants them to do.


She loves listening to music, though she sucks horribly at making it, so much that people actually avoid handing her an instrument. She also sucks at driving, she got her driver's licence on the 15th try, and she is still considered a public danger.

Other facts that can be noticed is that she is quite impulsive, tends to overreact to certain things, and is a natural airhead.

HISTORY: Miyako was born in Russia, but is half-Japanese. Her family moved back to Japan when she was five years old due to her mother being pregnant of her little brother. Her parents having a particular way of upbringing, they sent Miyako to Academy City, a city where she could live on her own like anyone else, to take care of her little brother. Her feeling of rejection showed itself through her lack of any social interactions. Her life was focused on studying and researching anything she could, making her a top-student and a child prodigy.

As she entered highschool, her family asked her to move back to Russia with them as they thought they brought up her little brother enough to be able to take care of both now, she felt mocked while wondering why they gave birth to two children instead of just one if it was bothering them. She refused, generating an argument between her and her family who then decided to force her out of Academy City. As Miyako was a child prodigy who could turn out to be useful, Academy City was against the retrieving. Giving not a single damn for the following weeks, she was informed by one of her teachers that her family was reported to be 'dead'.

Overwhelmed with regret, she was however never told how they died, raising her suspicion and curiosity concerning the matter. As a way to prevent herself to take out her frustration and loneliness on others, she slowly made herself more social and upon entering Dangai University she finally made friends. She spent the following years of her life seeking an answer to her question of whenever what she was told about her family was true, but as she delved herself deeper into the darkness of Academy City she realized how much of a horrible city it was. After graduating, she managed to leave the city on a pretext of 'needed vacations' and only returned a year or so later.


LEVEL: Level 3

Temporal Hack: Allows her to manipulate the perception of time, how they see time flow by, of anyone within a perimeter of ten feet.

She uses Temporal Hack to trick people into thinking they suddenly slowed down, or got faster, thus confusing them. Being the only one who can predict the change in the perception of time, she can freely attack, or let someone else attack during the period of the perception change.

Temporal Hack only allows her to change the perception of time for people in a ten feet perimeter, so she uses it more as a support ability



She is greatly skilled in the art of swords from learning Kendo as a... pretty radical way of self-defence in her highschool years.


Guns aren't her favourite weapons for battles, but she decided that some skill in shooting would be needed. She however is fairly average at it, so she rather lets any shooting matter to Natsumi and Akira.

Street Fighting

From fighting her members in order to train them, she has a fair amount of experience in street fighting, though she isn't fond of it.


Her ability's origin makes her mainly work in pair with someone else, she however always have Akira or Natsumi by her side as she fights due to her dislike of getting adapted with another person's fighting style. She only does it when required.


From a need to feel self-sufficient, she learned how to forge her own weapons by a Blacksmith on one of her travels. She requires a lot of concentration to do so as she can easily screw something up if her mind is elsewhere.


Miyako's Theme

Everyday Theme

Melancholic Theme

Battle Theme

Sad Theme

PLAYER'S NAME: Hujisaka Natsumi
FACE CLAIM: Segawa Misato (Edited) - Shirobako
OTHER CHARACTERS: Hujisaka Natsumi

Last edited by Hujisaka Natsumi on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:10 pm; edited 15 times in total (Reason for editing : Rewritten and Excluded some parts out.)
Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
Level 4 Ignikinesis

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[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Hisakawa Miyako

Post  Hujisaka Natsumi Sat Jun 08, 2013 7:19 pm

Sigh, I almost forgot the test post, stupid me.

Anyways, thanks to Kerri for helping me out with Miyako's power! Here's the test post!

Text in dark blue is Miyako.
Text in green is talking characters.
Text in dark red is phone contacts.
This time, text in blue is Akira.

Understroke is spoken in a different language, in this case, French.

(Dark blue brackets are Miyako's thoughts)

This post contains swearing.


"You're an idiot, you know that?"

"Is that any way to talk to your guardian?"

"You're an idiot, I can't help it."

Miyako sighed. This had the be the tenth time of the day she was called an idiot.

"How was I supposed to know he was actually trying to protect her?!"

"Get your facts right next time, you freaking idiot?! Because of your overwhelming stupidity I had to break curfew, now the dorm mistress is going to kill me!"

"That setting was just too perfect! Besides, had the girl not mentioned she wasn't being kidnapped, nobody would've realized, how could've I had?!"

"Be the first one!!"

Miyako got into an argument with a girl on the phone.

A few hours ago, she had tried to 'rescue a kidnapped girl', but found out that the kidnapper actually took her away from her family, who beat her.

She sighed, and noticed the phone wasn't in her hand anymore. Nobuyuki Akira, one of her recruits had taken it from her to talk with the girl on the phone.

"Now, now, Natsumi. Calm down. She didn't have a way to know about what was going on, and the press reported it as a kidnapping, don't blame it on her. I'll pay for the extra work, okay?"

"Fine. But next time she's losing her head."

Natsumi hung up, and Akira turned towards Miyako.

"Now now, everything's well that ends well, let's go back."


Miyako said with a depressed voice and stared at the alley she was in.

Yeah, let's. We shouldn't stay out for too long with what happened.

She started walking, then bumped into a man.

"Hey, watch where you're going you bitch!"

While Miyako massaged her forehead, she stared at the man in front of her.

"Arent'cha gonna apologize, bitch?!"

Second time. That man seemed to have a liking for the word 'bitch'.

"I'm an esper from Academy City! Now get on your knees and beg for mercy, and I'll consider letting you off!

"Right .... So can you move aside?"

"What'd you say?!"

"Move. Aside. I'm in a hurry here..."

"Boss, you shouldn't provoke him..."

"What? He's the one that came biting."

"You bitch ... Get ready to regret your words! I'm a Level 2 Hand Blast, and I'm going to blast you away!"

(...Was the pun needed? ... Anyway, Level 2, huh, I don't think it'll be that hard to deal with him...)

She stared at Akira, and muttered "The usual". Akira nodded and ran away

Miyako turned to face the esper and sighed

"Fine, I'll fight you, consider this a gift from Miyako-chan~"

"Don't get cocky! You don't have a single chance against me!"

"Attack me first, want to see how good you are~"

"Fine, your comrade ran away so you don't have anything to protect yourself with! Here I go!"

The man raised his hand, and an energy ball formed. When he lowered his hand, the energy ball flew in a straight line, and towards Miyako

Miyako being in an alley, she didn't have that much space to run, as the energy ball went in a straight line, she threw herself in a wall to dodge it.

(It doesn't seem like his attack is very powerful, he must've barely passed Level 2, and thought that he became super strong or something, he doesn't even have full control on the energy ball, it puts him at a disadvantage if he can only send it in a straight line ... Long live idiots.)

"That's nice and all, and if you mastered your power, it could be very useful, but right now it's useless. You shouldn't have left Academy City with the kind of mindset you currently have~"

Miyako sang the last sentence, and got in front of the man.

"Now, shall I show you what an esper power is?"

"How could you! You're not even an esper!"

"Of course I am. I'm from Academy City too you know, Hisakawa Miyako. 'Tis a pleasure to meet you~!"

"Hah! Then, what is your esper power?"

"No, no, no, spoiling it wouldn't be fun, it'd kill all the suspens~ I wonder if Akira is ready ... Anyway, let's get this rolling, shall we ☆ ?"

Miyano concentrated.

"Now now, you'll be as pleased as to throw another one~"

"Don't mock me, bitch!"

"...You'll be as pleased as to calm down on the 'bitch' too."

While the man prepared his energy ball, suddenly, the world slowed down.

"What? What's going on?!"

Everything he saw was moving slowly, as if he was in a movie. His own body was moving slowly, and he struggled in an attempt to go faster

"Why am I so slow?! Don't tell me ... You can manipulate time?!"

Miyako was observing the situation, and prepared herself.

"I wish, though that isn't quite it. I won't do you the pleasure of explaining my ability to you, unfortunately."

Miyako herself was moving slowly, she jumped to the side, in a wall. Suddenly the world accelerated.

Not comprehending what was going on, the man accidentally released his energy ball that went faster than the previous one, Miyako accelerated into the wall and dodged.

Then the world slowed down again, even slower than before.

The man barely managed to move his body since it was so slow.

Time went back to normal, and Miyako turned to the end of the alley.

There was Akira, on a building roof that gave a clear view on the alley, next to him was a Barrett M99, a single-shot sniper rifle.

The sniper rifle was positioned to fire down in the alley, and Akira was ready to fire.

Miyako took her cellphone out and spoke into the mouthpiece.

"Let's get firing~!"

Akira nodded and fired. The man who was still confused from the changes of his perception of time, didn't have the time to react.

He took the bullet in the stomach, and collapsed to the ground.

Seeing this, Miyako got next to him, and squatted down.

"If you promise not to pick on others again, to go back to Academy City to continue your curriculum, and that you won't tell anyone about whom shot you, I'm willing to call an ambulance for you ♪"

"And if you lie, I'll shot you in the head next time ♥"

After the man agreed due to the threat, he lost consciousness, and Miyako called an ambulance. She ran out of the alley, phone in hand, and called Akira.

"Akira~ Nice job there, precision is at maximum as always~"

She sang into the mouthpiece of the cellphone.

"God, was shooting him really necessary?"

"If not, he would have thought that as an esper, he can defend against anything."

"You were doing that out of consideration?"

"Of course. An esper needs to learn how to defend themselves without their power! That's the problem of Academy City's espers. Well, later, Akira~"

She hung up, and stretched

"Nooww~ Guess I'll hit a convenience store on the way back ♪"

Hujisaka Natsumi
Hujisaka Natsumi
Level 4 Ignikinesis

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[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Hisakawa Miyako

Post  Accelerator Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:06 am

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[Esper] Hisakawa Miyako Empty Re: [Esper] Hisakawa Miyako

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