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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko

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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Empty [Esper] Shirai Kuroko

Post  [OLD] Shirai Kuroko Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:33 pm

Shirai Kuroko

Lv.4 Teleporter

[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Kurowho_zps22ebf420

"D-Don't tell me... Onee-sama is out on an evening date with that monkey bastard?! DAMN IT!!! He's got good taste, I'll give him that; asking her out to see the rain this evening. There's no choice. It is my duty to protect Onee-sama's chastity!"

FULL NAME: Shirai Kuroko
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Student/Judgment
SCHOOL: Tokiwadai Middle School

Kuroko is a girl with auburn hair tied into two curly pigtails; the rest of her hair is left to hang as two rows of fringes divided in the middle. Her pigtails are tied in place by a red bow each. As per ruling of both Academy City and Judgment, she wears the uniform of Tokiwadai Middle School and the Judgment armband. On her thighs, she secures a pair of black straps where she stores the metal spikes used to secure criminals.

HEIGHT:  152cm
WEIGHT:  40kg

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Seen wearing her armband while on Judgement duties.


Girl Living in the Future 
She is your stereotypical citizen of Academy City, having been born and raised in a city where technology is 30 years more advanced than the conventional technology used outside Academy City. She is quite ignorant to the customs and festivals that present day Japan still practice. Likewise she is not religious and seems to possess little to no knowledge of religion at all. 

Kuroko is usually blunt when it comes to giving personal opinions and her words can sometimes sting and hurt those close to her. As much as she is blunt, Kuroko never lies and therefore she hardly if ever sugar coats her words which has usually been a trait that caused her to be at odds with Uiharu. 

She feels that it goes hand in hand with her strong sense of justice and something inside her drives her to seek justice even if it comes with a risk, more so if she is out there to seek justice for the sake of her beloved friends she will stop at nothing and risk herself to do the right thing. 

Laid back 
While Kuroko is dedicated and carries out her duties well, she likes to take it easy and hang out with her friends on her days off. 


Misaka Mikoto, She values Misaka as a irreplaceable friend and in return she is regarded as a important friend to Misaka. If there was a minor problem with her relationship with Misaka it would be that Kuroko tends to take her friendship to a whole new level...

Friends, while it can be said that Misaka san is regarded as her best friend, it goes without saying that Kuroko is very loyal to her other friends as well. Those who are Kuroko's friends would safely argue that it's much better to be her friend than Misaka-san... at least when they look at the obsessive love Misaka-san is showered with. 

Protecting the weak, She takes her job very seriously as a member of Judgement and uses her abilities to try and give as much back to the community by contributing her efforts in helping the helpless. 

Embarassing Misaka. Well it really comes with the bad habit of sexually harassing Mikoto.

Misaka's fondness of childish things
Anyone hitting on Onee-sama
Putting her friends in danger
Bad people who disobey the law
Irresponsible people who use their Esper abilities for self gains

*She is very loyal to her friends even going as far as to risking herself to protect them

*She is proud and confident in the face of adversaries that could potentially be much stronger than her. 

*Has a very clear understanding of right and wrong. Likewise she has a very strong sense of justice. 

*Her power of deduction is spot on, perhaps due to her line of work as a member of Judgement, she is sharp and quick to piece the clues to find a sound solution to solve the mystery or to find the prime suspect. 

*Kuroko had underwent special training since she joined Judgement and is very agile and nimble in close quarter combat. Ever since that eventful day where her recklessness almost cost the life of her partner, Uiharu Kazari, she has steeled herself to train harder. Kuroko is a expert in hand to hand combat, specialized in grappling holds and kicks. 

*She can sometimes be very reckless when it concerns her friends, keeping her silence and acting on her own behind the scenes to try and resolve things by herself without relying on her friends. 


Unknown even to Kuroko herself, she is the Academy City's Anti-Skill Commissioner's daughter. She was separated from her father early in her childhood as her parents divorced, splitting the family register but otherwise she led a ordinary life within Academy City as a promising Esper in her own right. She never learned who her father was and never questioned his reason for divorcing her mother as she has never brought up the topic. She grew up clinging to her strong sense of justice following her father's footsteps without even realizing it as she stood up for shy and quiet kids in her neighborhood against the older bullies. Contrary to Ojou-sama image she likes to gives off now days, back in her early childhood she was a reckless tomboy who usually came home with bruises and other injuries, a minor price she paid in order to uphold justice and protect the weak.   

It really didn't take long before the strong willed daughter of Anti-Skill's commissioner, started to take active roles in continuing her role as a peace keeper in Academy City by joining Judgment, Academy City's student-based disciplinary committee composed of students of varying grade levels and power. Primarily tasked to maintain peace-and-order within the school system she was one of the youngest recruits to join Judgment along with her designated partner at the time, Uiharu Kazari who was also an elementary student back then. 

During her earlier days within Judgment there was a time when Kuroko's stubborn recklessness almost cost innocent lives including her partner, Uiharu. It was here that she first encountered the strongest Electromaster and her future best friend Misaka Mikoto as she voluntarily lent a helping hand in arresting the bank robbers. After the incident she decided and vowed together with Uiharu to become excellent members of Judgment and started to truly trust and rely on her partner as they rose in ranks as one of the most promising duos within Judgment. To this day Kuroko has never considered the possibility of working with another partner other than Uiharu. 

As she entered Tokiwadai Middle School, Kuroko has reunited with Mikoto and since her entrance ceremony, stopped at nothing to try and close the distance between herself and Mikoto whom she has decided to call her Onee-sama. Even going as far as to "legally" driving Mikoto's previous roommate out of the room in order to share rooms with Mikoto. 


RANK: Member of Judgment 177 Branch Office
Teleporter: Her ability is instant teleportation.
Kuroko's ability allows her to teleport herself and anything in her possession a certain distance in the blink of an eye. More specifically Kuroko is able to transport a total weight of 130.7 kilograms, to a distance of 81.5 meters from herself. Kuroko is able to teleport objects inside designated targets, allowing her to "throw" the darts she carries on her thighs with perfect accuracy. One disadvantage of her power is that she has to concentrate on where she, the object(s), and/or person she holds will be teleported to, while working out the spacial co-ordinates of jumping between 3-dimensional and 11-dimensional space, so any disturbance in her concentration will render her powers useless

Martial Arts 
Aside from her powers, Kuroko mainly relies on her Martial Arts abilities, which emphasizes throws and take-downs that compensate for her small size. Kuroko specifically focuses on drop kicks especially.

Sexual Harassment
Her perverseness is boundless when it comes to her Onee-sama. Funnily enough, like her daughter Mikoto, Misaka Misuzu is the target of the sincere but excessive "affections" of Shirai Kuroko, due to resemblance to Mikoto as her mother.


RATING: R13 -lol?-
FACE CLAIM: Shirai Kuroko -To Aru-
MISC. INFORMATION: Judgement Time Desu No!

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[OLD] Shirai Kuroko
[OLD] Shirai Kuroko
Level 4 Teleporter

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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Empty Re: [Esper] Shirai Kuroko

Post  [OLD] Shirai Kuroko Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:02 pm

Test Post

OST: To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OST 07 Onee-Sama...


Silence and stillness became her accomplice on this historic moment.

Only the sound of soft breathing on the other side could be heard in the still room gently lit by the full moon as Kuroko stealthily stepped out of her bed without making a sound in order to prevent alerting the other girl from her slumber. Kuroko's eyes studied the sleeping figure resting on the other side of the room, starting from observing her unladylike posture as she slept and commenting on the childish choice of pajamas she wore. Her eyes fixed themselves on the Ace of Tokiwadai with crazed obsession that would have scared ordinary people away in a heartbeat. 

Recollection of the perverse discussion replayed themselves before Kuroko's mind. 

It was an old urban legend foretold by a close friend of Uiharu during last year's valentines day. She spoke of an ancient twisted demonic? voodoo ritual that could seize the heart of the ones they hold dear if performed correctly on the 1st hour on a night of full moon. 

[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Saten2_zps21e37751

Unbeknownst to most Kuroko did in fact, carried some pride in her abilities honed from hellish training she went through as a upstanding member of Judgment. But as highly trained as she was, it took every ounce of her cautious patience to hold herself in one piece as she approached ever so closer to her sleeping Onee-sama. It took everything on her part, to keep her hands from raising the death flag as the temptation of touching her vulnerable Onee-sama grew steadily before Kuroko's hands now as close as they can be before she would normally pounce on Onee-sama. 

An evil wide grin, from one ear to another, she could barely hold back the desires to ditch the voodoo ritual and dive in for her just reward. Yet Kuroko was well trained and she was disciplined enough to keep it together as she mounted on top of her beloved Onee-sama without giving away her presence. In some ways she was like a slithering snake, snuggling on top of her prey without them suspecting anything or anyone for that matter. If she uploaded the stealthy scene as it was unfolding onto youtube (or any other social media for that matter) she was certain she would immediately be scouted for the next upcoming season of action movie, Mission: Unpossible 22. But enough of the idle banter, she had a voodoo ritual to carry out or her name was not Shirai Kuroko. 

Everything was in place now. 

The full moon lit up the room brightly as though if it was giving Kuroko a divine sign to proceed with her dark ritual spurned by unrivaled love. 

Kuroko grinned, unable to contain a drop of drool from escaping the corner of her mouth. 

[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Bedscene_zpse9323085

Everything was set and the next stage of her sexual harassme- I mean holy ritual was to strip Onee-sama's pajamas and replace it with what Kuroko was wearing, reminded Kuroko as she was really starting to lose it. 

First she had to undo the rebellious buttons on the childish Gekota printed pajamas that defiantly covered the soft welcoming skin that awaited Kuroko's dark embrace. Ah yes... soon she will be able to get a glimpse of Onee-sama's... Onee-samas.....!!!

A fine trickle of blood ran down Kuroko's nose and before the scarlet liquid made contact with the face of the goddess below her, it vanished as though it never existed in the first place.

No... it didn't actually vanish.

What happened was due to the power of the Lv4 Teleporter as she swiftly dealt with the crisis before sounding the alarms of her untimely demise!

Before her nosebleed made contact with Misaka Mikoto's sleeping face, Kuroko's mind instantly switched on, to run a through complex array of calculations and before anyone can say Doh! the drop of blood disappeared from sight, appearing outside the window as it trickled down against the moonlight that illuminated the scene as it unfolded. 

A close one... perhaps too close for comfort even for Shirai Kuroko. But this was nothing compared to the reward that awaited her on the other side of this ritual. 

As she thought about the sweet future, Kuroko's careful hands removed one of the buttons that dared to hide Onee-sama's soft flesh from Kuroko's hungry eyes. But just as she made an attempt to remove the second button...! the eyes of the goddess jarred open at the cold breezy tummy she now had exposed before Kuroko. 

A moment of silence... 

Everything was going so perfectly so where did it go all wrong? The gentleness in the eyes of the goddess below her quickly turned into an inquisitive stare and it didn't take long before that stare turned into a death glare that foretold Kuroko of a certain familiar doom. 


A spark of crackling electric current responded to Misaka's threatening wrath. 

"A-Ah I can explain! Onee-sama! Th- Th- This is..."


Her vision turned blue as the room suddenly blazed brightly by the color of Onee-sama's wrath and for an instance it felt as though the room was engulfed inside a personal lighting storm as Kuroko lost her consciousness.

As her vision started to fail her she screamed 

[OLD] Shirai Kuroko
[OLD] Shirai Kuroko
Level 4 Teleporter

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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Empty Re: [Esper] Shirai Kuroko

Post  Misaka Mikoto Thu Jun 13, 2013 9:48 pm

The Mikoto within me is cringing with despair... XDD
But I am happy to say, this character has been:
Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Empty Re: [Esper] Shirai Kuroko

Post  New Old Kuroko Sun May 10, 2015 3:46 am

Adoption Notification

I will be adopting the current Kuroko if the staff approves.

The Teleporter disguised herself in the shadows of a dark alleyway, scouting the other side of the street for her most beloved Onee-sama, waiting for her to give Kuroko an opening to strike.

She had been stalki- following Mikoto since she had left the dormitories, always hiding and waiting for the perfect chance. She had nearly failed to remain hidden several times, as she would have loved to walk beside her much more than having to do this, but today's mission required her to stay stealthy, which pained her heart.

Seeing her goddess approach the devious vending machine, made her heart beat faster and her eyes widened when Mikoto spun around to gain momentum, thus revealing....
Those god-forsaken shorts had once again blocked the sight Kuroko had been pursuing all day.
She grimaced, clenching her fist, reaffirming her resolve. Today would be the day to rid her of those childish and un-ladylike abominations.

Meanwhile, a loud, metallic whacking sound emitted from the park, signalling that the vending machine had suffered another loss and had been forced to spill it's contents once again. As Mikoto reached down to retrieve her reward, Kuroko's mind was racing through a variety of complex calculations, before letting her enter the 11th dimension and spitting her back out into the 3rd just behind Mikoto.

Steaming with excitement, she reached out to grab hold of the shorts, imagining what might be covered by them, producing a nosebleed in the process, while once again letting her mind race through the calculations and the second her fingers made contact with the hated piece of clothing, it was catapulted into another dimension and returned to the 3rd in a tree a good 50 meters away. Kuroko's interest however had been captured by the now exposed underwear in front of her, but her excitement quickly dissipated and was replaced by disappointment at the sight of Gekota grinning at her from beneath Mikoto's skirt.
"Really, wearing such childish things at your age is completely unbefitting of a lady, Onee-....sa..ma..."

Her expression froze at the sound of crackling electricity and the feeling of imminent danger when Mikoto slowly righted herself before turning around slowly, emanating a deadly stare.
Cold sweat had formed on Kuroko's skin as she slowly made to retreat. "I-I c-can explain... I j-just wanted t-to... I t-thought I c-could..."
She never get to finish her stammering, as her beloved unleashed a powerful bolt of electricity at her, frying every electric device in the vicinity plus Kuroko, who could only bring forth "Onee-samaaaaa...", before collapsing to the ground unconscious.

"Haah~ Really, why does she always have to do this.... And where are my shorts?!"

[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Qvefz179tnw4
Credits go to FSDragonXG

New Old Kuroko
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[Esper] Shirai Kuroko Empty Re: [Esper] Shirai Kuroko

Post  Misaka Mikoto Sun May 10, 2015 4:14 pm

Time is quite funny, at times: The new Kuroko getting evaluated by the new Mikoto.

Your test post is giving me the chills, but since it's Kuroko we're talking about I'm going to assume that's a good thing, lol.


Level 4 Teleporter

However, please bear in mind that as you are not the one to have written the profile, I will have to keep an eye on things as you start out to make sure everything goes smoothly. I hope you'll have fun regardless!


"Mikoto speaks"
'Mikoto thinks'

Misaka Mikoto
Misaka Mikoto
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